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Q&A with Ohio St. WR Braxton Miller


Interview Question #5

Scott Wright: It must have been difficult to make the move to wide receiver as a senior after enjoying so much success at quarterback.  How did the position change come about and what was your initial reaction to the idea?

Braxton Miller: I spent eight months recovering (from a shoulder injury) to get ready to play quarterback and after eight months I couldn’t throw the ball over 45 yards and I decided to change my positions.  I gave myself enough time to perfect my craft at my new position.  If I couldn’t throw over 45 yards I knew I couldn’t be an every down quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes.  I thought it was the smartest move for me and my future as a football player and in the best interest of my teammates and coaches.

Interview Question #4

Scott Wright: I was struck by how comfortable you looked at wide receiver right out of the gate.  That impression seems to have been validated by the surprising level of polish that you displayed at the Senior Bowl.  Why do you think you’ve been able to make such a seamless transition and what has been the toughest part?

Braxton Miller: I put in the time, effort and determination to be as great of a wide receiver as I did at the quarterback position.  The toughest part about my transition was how to take care of my body and to take care of my legs to be fresh for every practice.  Going from 215 to 204 is also a big difference.  Toughest part was how my legs felt after practice playing both positions.

Interview Question #1

Scott Wright: Have you been in touch with any other players who have made a similar position change?  Is there a specific wideout that you have tried to emulate or pattern your game after?

Braxton Miller:  No i have not been in contact with any other players that have made a position change.  I just really try to go out there and perfect my game as much as I can.  I don’t really watch too many other wideouts.

Interview Question #2

Scott Wright: The Senior Bowl is essentially an NFL environment and an invaluable learning experience.  You were clearly one of this year’s standouts.  What were the main things that you took away from the experience, both on and off the field?

Braxton Miller: It was nice to learn how to prepare ourselves as pros and to prepare at a high level at all times.  The best experience of the Senior Bowl was meeting the players from different teams and getting the chance to work with the Dallas Cowboys staff.

Interview Question #1

Scott Wright: The 2016 NFL Draft is absolutely loaded with prospects from THE Ohio State University, including nine underclassmen.  If you could only choose one of your former teammates to play with in the NFL, who would it be and why?

Braxton Miller: If I could play with another OSU player, I would chose to play with Mike Thomas.  He is like my little brother.  We have a lot of history together and we are going through the NFL Draft process together right now.