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  • LB Brian Toal, BC

    LB Brian Toal will likely redshirt this upcoming season. He had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder, and apparently it will hinder him enough to take the year off. He was one of the top 08 OLB prospects.


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    Horrible news. He shouldn't have played much last season :( He's a tough guy. Hopefully he gets well for next year..

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      Completly expected, this has been a likely scenario for a while. Too bad, BC's defense looks to be absolutely amazing and he could have been a key part of it. Still, there are solid players behind him and his spot will likely be filled by Robert Francois or Mark Herzlich.

      Toal is a great athlete, but he hasn't been a great college LB since his super freshman year at BC. Hopefully he recovers and has a great season next year, and he lives up to that five star rating he earned a few years back.


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        kind of off topic but this is for any BC fan: how is Alex Albright doing up there? kind of cool that both your DE's are from the same school in cincinnati that we play sometimes.

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          what about jolan dunbar? whats he doing? I like him alot but I havent heard about him.


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            albright should start at weakside defensive end. dunbar is definitely the unquestioned leader on the defense even though toal, raji, and tribble get a lot more hype. i watched every minute of every game last year and i can definitely say that he was our best LB last year even but he's probably a late round prospect for the NFL at best... most likely a UDFA. he's a little undersized and his speed is only adequate. he's got intangibles though and i think that gives him a little bit of a shot.

            herzlich is an absolute beast though... i really think he will be a star on that defense either this year or next year.
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              This is terrible. I loved Toal and he was unarguably my favorite college player since the days of Dusty Dvoracek. I have no doubts Toal will recover and regain his freshman year form.

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                Tough break for a kid I was friends with back in high school. It has been getting worse each year and one has to wonder if this will prohibit him from ever getting to that next level.
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