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  • Your teams needs and top 3 choices

    Post your teams top 3 needs and top 2 choices in the draft!

    My team-KC Chiefs

    Top 3 Needs


    Top 2 choices in the draft

    1.Sam Baker OT USC-Long will be gone by the time KC picks
    2.Michael Oher G/OT Ole Miss-Amazing athlete with great footwork. Best player on the board
    3.Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College-Great rep from his school and he has made a big difference in his teams performance.


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    Houston Texans


    1. Reggie Smith
    2. Jonathan Stewart
    3. Ryan Clady


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      Buffalo Bills


      #1 Glen Dorsey
      #2 Justin King/Jack ikegewouno(spelling)
      #3 Malcolm Kelly/Adarious Bowman

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        Tampa Bay Bucs

        1.Ryan Clady
        2. Mike Jenkins
        3. Manningham


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          1) DE
          2) OT
          3) DT/CB/WR

          First of all my dream is Chris Long but that's just a dream, he will most likely be gone by the time we pick.

          Top choices for draft:
          1) Malcolm Jenkins-Would give us a #1 CB opposite of Carlos Rogers.
          2) Gosder Cherilus-Would be the eventual replacement after Jon Jansen and Todd Wade
          3) Sedrick Ellis-Big guy to anchor our d-line, however I do love the young talent we have at DT.
          4) Frank Okam-Same as Ellis
          5) Kendal Langford-Huge guy, local guy from Hampton, would make the perfect opposite end from undersized Andre Carter, though he needs development.
          6) Limas Sweed-Huge wideout threat a real redzone threat and would allow El to play the slot. Could be had later because of his injury.
          7) Adarius Bowman-Same has Sweed.

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            Originally posted by Tampa 2 4 life View Post
            Tampa Bay Bucs

            1.Ryan Clady
            2. Mike Jenkins
            3. Manningham
            1. WR: DeSean Jackson, Harry Douglas (tie)
            2. CB: Brandon Flowers/Mike Jenkins (tie again)
            3. LT: Phil Loadholt - I'd feel very dominant if I had a Loadholt Bucs jersey. The name and his presence.

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              Giants needs: Safety(Gibril is more suited at SS and would move back with a decent FS), CB, OLB

              Keith Rivers
              Antoine Cason
              Courtney Greene
              We ALL bleed scarlet
              New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
              UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
              Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                Cleveland Browns

                1. DL (34 DE or NT)
                2. RB (someone to split carries with Jamal and eventually take over)
                3. WR (Behind Braylon and JJ we have NO ONE)

                Players (hard to say cause our first pick isnt til our 2nd rounder):
                1. Dre Moore (can possibly play DE or NT in a 34)
                2. James Davis RB Clemson
                3. Andre Caldwell Florida


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                  CB round 1
                  TE round 2
                  RB round 3

                  1. Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
                  2. Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri
                  3. King Dunlap, OT, Auburn

                  being real with what we can get and what rounds.


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                    Reggie Smith/Courtney Greene
                    Keenan Burton
                    Gosder Cherilus


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                      Green Bay Packers

                      Tight End
                      Outside Linebacker

                      Too early to comment on which exact prospects...


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                        Miami Dolphins


                        Wanted: Having such a high pick I think we will have pretty much our choice of who we want. I'm hoping we end up with the #1 pick, and can trade down with Dallas for there pick and clevelands pick. So for who we want i would have to say.

                        LT - Jake Long (even if he is better suited for RT, Carey has been doing a fine job @ the LT), Sam Baker, Gosder Cherilus, or Phil Loadholt.

                        CB - Antoine Cason, Mike Jenkins or Malcom Jenkins

                        DT - Glen Dorsey (Tractor Traylor is aging, and Dorsey could be Very similar to Warren Sapp)

                        The phins have major needs all over the place. The D is aging, but has some pieces to build around in Crowder, Roth, and Travis Daniels. The offense has actually been fairly solid in the running game this year, and has some players. With Ronnie Brown, John Beck, Ted Ginn as solid skill players, and a solid core of OL with Carey, Hadnot, and Satele all under 26 we just need an anchor along the line. In a dream world the Dolphins would end up with the #1 pick.Trade down with Dallas for clevelands top 5 pick, and a late 20's pick, and acuire another second rounder. Then the Phins draft would hopefully look like this:

                        Round1 : Via Dallas via Cleveland (Top LT in the draft)
                        Round1: Via Dallas (Reggie Smith or Antoine Cason)
                        Round 2: DT - Red Bryant or BJ Raji
                        Round 2: Via Dallas ( BAP)
                        Trade down from the #9 spot Miami


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                          Arizona Cardinals

                          1. 3-4 OLB(Harvey or Groves if they are gone then go with #2 first)
                          2. CB
                          3. O-Line Depth
                          4. FS
                          5. 3-4 ILB
                          6. WR
                          7. QB


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                            Originally posted by Moses View Post
                            Green Bay Packers

                            Tight End
                            Outside Linebacker

                            Too early to comment on which exact prospects...

                            Your right about it being too early, but just for fun....if we were to pick those positions in that order I'd go

                            Draft Countdown Forums - Reply to Topicst round: Jack Ikegwuonu CB Wisconsin...I'm a homer what can I say...but if he doesn't leave early let's go with Zachary Bowman CB Nebraska

                            2nd round: Fred Davis TE'd be nice to have a playmaker out there, we'll keep Bubba for blocking and Donald Lee is pretty solid as a receiver to start for us until Davis is ready.

                            3rd round: Ali Highsmith OLB LSU or Robert Killebrew OLB Texas...both LB's that attack and have great names to boot!

                            If we avoid RB on the first day I'd assume we pick up a Michael Turner or Chris Brown up in free agency or Jackson/Morency/Wynn really pick it up from here on out...if that isn't the case then I'd like to strongly consider Rashard Mendenhall, Steve Slaton, or James Davis if any leave for the draft...I hate the Senior RB prospects this year...


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                              The only legit player on our secondary, Kenoy Kennedy, is drastically out of his element in the Cover-2. Our other starts are either terrible, injured 3/4 of the time, or both. It's usually both.
                              Damien Woody hasn't been very good and I have no idea who is starting on the other side.
                              Paris Lenon, Boss Bailey, and Teddy Lehman. Again, they're either bad, always
                              injured, or both.

                              Anyways, my wish list...
                              -Dan Connor
                              -Antoine Cason
                              -Shawn Crable (ok, maybe in the second round?)

                              I don't even know how Crable would fit at SOLB in the Cover 2 but I'm a Michigan homer so I have to mention him.



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