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    Is this guy going pro???? I like Notre Dame But havent watched games this year because of how bad they are, and I remember him being awesome 2 last 2 years. I know hes a boxer, so is he going pro?? Does anyone know??? Also if he does what round would you project him to be?

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    Wrong forum


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      Put in the NFL Draft Forum Section

      Baltimore: 7-4


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        Dang, Sorry I thought I put it in the draft forum then all of a sudden I was there and couldnt find it. Is there people on this site that can move it???


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          hes a senior. therefore going pro

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            Zbikowski has had some bad fortune. He was a major liability in coverage while Notre Dame was winning games, and this past season when he showed fairly significantly improved coverage skills the rest of the team just fell apart.

            Much has been made about his boxing backround, and perhaps he could choose that as a career path, but it's a more violent sport that has less national exposure and pays about the same (depending on how well he did of course).

            He's not much of a hitter on the football field, but he's a nice special team player (both returning and chasing down), and with a strong offseason showing he could probably propel himself into the bottom of the 1st day.


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              He might be a decent fit as a Cover 2 OLB


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                The combine could do wonders for Zbikowski, he should run well and lift well. It wont hurt to get him out of that Notre Dame environment. I happen to think he's a good punt returner and that may help him get into round 3 in my opinion.



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