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Craig Steltz - possible OLB?

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  • Craig Steltz - possible OLB?

    Craig Steltz is a solid college safety, but doesn't seem to have the speed or athleticism to play safety in the NFL.

    He is currently around 6-1, 213 lbs; He could likely bulk add 10-20 lbs without losing speed (much like Wesley Woodyard did).

    Steltz is a good tackler and is very good in run support and special teams.

    Could Steltz be a reasonable OLB?

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    I don't see why you would play him there when he's an above average safety prospect. His size is good for a SS. Are you concerned with his speed?


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      Why does every physical SS have to be moved to OLB. No, he should at no point play LB.


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        I actually don't think Steltz's frame can handle that much more good weight.


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          I'd agree that Steltz's frame looks pretty maxed out. I don't really think he's anywhere near as physical as a safety needs to be to make the move a possibility.


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            didn't he run in like the 4.5s?????thats plenty good for an in the box safety


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              He's a safety.

              Steltz is a much better athlete than he is given credit for.
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                I would be surprised if Steltz didn't end up starting for a team in a couple years, IMO he is going to make a very good strong saftey down the line


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                  just because Brian Urlacher got moved there doesn't mean every big safety that runs a slow forty ends up a safety.


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                    I don't really think that Steltz should even be called an in the box safety. Almost all of his plays are made down the field, including the occasional big shot he gets in. He isn't anywhere near the force within ten yards of the LOS that LaRon Landry was at LSU.


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                      He has great instincts out there, and plays with alot of heart...He's the type of guy that wont impress you on paper or at the combines but when he gets in camp he is going to be one of the hardest workers and end up earning himself a starting role...All that other offseason stuff doesnt even matter anymore once camp starts.
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                        if you want to press him in the LB role , why not a WLB in the Cover 2 ? otherwise i do not know a scheme were he best fits


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                          Even then, he's a better Cover-2 SS than Cover-2 WILL.
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                            Originally posted by Abaddon View Post
                            Even then, he's a better Cover-2 SS than Cover-2 WILL.
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                              Originally posted by Scott Wright View Post
                              He's a safety.

                              Steltz is a much better athlete than he is given credit for.
                              Thank you. Steltz is underrated as a safety.




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