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Why Duane Brown was a great draft pick

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  • Why Duane Brown was a great draft pick

    Duane Brown was a great example of where team need, system, and situation coincided to make what seems like a horrendous reach to be a terrific pick. Here's why:

    1. The Texans have a ZBS scheme. Read the scouting report that the venerable Scott Wright wrote on D. Brown for an example of why draft gurus knew before the draft started. That the dude had potential but needed to be in a ZBS scheme to maximize his potential.

    2. Alex Gibbs is the founding father of the ZBS scheme and is the new O-Line coach for the Texans this year. Read this verbiage below taken from the Houston Texans website to find out what Alex Gibbs thought of D. Brown going into the draft.

    3. Sorry but I'm going to trust Alex Gibbs judgment on D. Brown's value as a ZBS Left Tackle in the NFL over my judgment, Mel Kiper's judgment, people on this board, and anybody else for that matter.

    4. Bottom-line, the Texans wanted to move down in the 1st round and still be very confident of getting their man. They moved down to 26th and picked up a 3d & 6th round pick in the process. Trading down and still getting your man. Can't ask for more than that.

    Of course, you can tell by my ID that I'm biased (I am a Texans fan) And I'm not going to claim that the Texans had the best draft. I like many others think the Chiefs had the best draft. They started out with the best picks, then got lucky and then executed by filling team needs with incredible value.

    But under the circumstances, I would put the Texans in the top 10 best drafts this year. I think they got three starters in D. Brown, Molden, and Adibi. And two of those three starters are where the greatest needs were (i.e. CB and OT) Plus got a potential late round gem in Okam. Although the track record of lazy guys in college is that they are generally lazy in the NFL. So this Longhorn alum thinks that Okam will be an NFL dud. But it's the 5th round so I'm okay with the pick.

    That's all. I rarely post but often read. I think the people on this draft board are generally the most intelligent NFL Draft Forum on the net.

    Entering the first round, the Texans were committed to getting a left tackle who could excel in assistant head coach Alex Gibbs’ zone blocking scheme.

    “We have really been in love with this kid (Brown) for a long time. He fits what we want to do.” - Gary KubiakThe Texans had been targeting Boise State's Ryan Clady, Vanderbilt's Chris Williams, Virginia's Branden Albert and Brown. The first three were off the board by the team’s 18th pick.

    Smith then took a gamble and traded back with Baltimore, getting the Ravens’ 26th spot and their third- and sixth-round picks. The gamble paid off, as Houston acquired the extra picks and still was able to select Brown near the end of the first round.

    “There were some very good offensive linemen in this draft, obviously, as you saw them go throughout the first round,” head coach Gary Kubiak said. “We have really been in love with this kid (Brown) for a long time. He fits what we want to do.”

    Brown comes to the Texans with only one year of experience at left tackle, but he brings a tremendous upside with his athleticism. Brown played tight end, like right tackle Eric Winston, and right tackle before moving to left tackle last season.

    “We love his athletic ability,” Kubiak said of Brown. “You know, you watch this guy work out at Indianapolis, the type of feet that he has, and to sit there and to see Alex (Gibbs) talk about a player like he talked about this kid over the course of the last six weeks and for us to find a way to get him at 26, job well done.”

    Brown was the fastest player at his position at the combine, running the 40-yard dash in 5.08 seconds. Gibbs’ blocking scheme requires offensive linemen with the quickness and athleticism to run-block and cut-block.

    Brown used a similar zone scheme in his four years as a Hokie and looks forward to working with Gibbs when the Texans begin their mini-camps in May.

    The Texans hope that Brown will be a long-term solution to the franchise’s woes at left tackle. Brown hopes to earn a starting job.

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    you are a texans fan.

    The Texans hope that Brown will be a long-term solution to the franchise’s woes at left tackle. Brown hopes to earn a starting job.

    Hope is a good thing maybe the best of things...and no good thing ever dies.

    That is also true with homerism.
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      Wow . . . biggest all text sig ever?

      Duane Brown wasn't a tremendous reach. He was likely the next best OT left and Scott even had him going in round 1.
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        Lot's of things with that pick, and nice sig.
        Dallas was smart and aggressive when they traded up for Mike Jenkins at 25. He was a good value at that spot.
        No one anticipated that Atlanta would trade up for (and reach for IMO) Sam Baker.
        This was plan C for Houston, but it can work out because Brown is a good fit for that scheme. Just as long as he gets his technique down and becomes more consistent, he will be the solution.


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          I didnt see it as a reach. I saw it as a pretty good pick. Granted, I wish they wouldve taken Mendenhall when they had the chance, but whatever. In the spot that they were at, and with all the tackles being drafted (Baker would be been amazing for you guys if we didnt trade up for him) it was no surprise to see you guys get the athletic ZBS fitting Duane Brown.

          He is still very raw, but he is athletic enough to play in the ZBS and protect Schaub's blindside. I would say with the situation at hand, it was a very good pick actually.

          "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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            They picked Charles Spencer a few years ago and he was a bust. Spencer was a bad player in college drafted for his measurables, as was Brown. Bad pick.


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              I saw it as a good pick. Granted they got screwed out of drafting a RB

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                Actually, i'm a fan of the Duane Brown pick. Drafting is also about tactical decisions, and I think they made the right one there. Simply put, they needed a tackle. For all the love on this tackle class, everyone knew that it was top loaded. They lacked a 2nd round pick. The tackle options in the 3rd simply put, were not anywhere near Duane Brown's level, whereas the DB options in the 3rd were close to what was available in the first in value (and in Molden, they got a guy who arguably has a higher upside than many of the CB's ahead of him, and may also be more ready than several CB's ahead. Furthermore, if Dunta comes back fine, they suddenly have a stud FS option in Molden, another area of concern).

                If they had a 2nd round pick, maybe I would be a bit more negative towards this move. That said, he was their 4th LT on their board (well, 5th, but Jake was already signed). But they lacked a 2nd, and thus made the right tactical decision.


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                  Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
                  Wow . . . biggest all text sig ever?
                  He doesn't even have a sig...


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                    Originally posted by bored of education View Post
                    you are a texans fan.

                    The Texans hope that Brown will be a long-term solution to the franchise’s woes at left tackle. Brown hopes to earn a starting job.

                    Hope is a good thing maybe the best of things...and no good thing ever dies.

                    That is also true with homerism.
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                      The pick was fine with me. Brown was one of my favorite prospects in the draft.


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                        the Texans had a very good draft...I liked all of their picks....


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                          I really like the Texans draft. They got a LT that did have decent value... Brown would have been the next lineman off the board for sure, and at worst taken very early 2nd. Molden, Adibi, and Slaton all fit as well. They got quite a bit of value for their picks and may have found themselves several starters.


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                            I dont think Molden will start immediately, but he could be a starter in a year or two.

                            I dont think it was a bad pick looking back, at the time i didnt think the value was right, but fitting into the scheme really takes some of the lost value back.

                            I agree that its not as bad as some people think, but its not as good as you think. Yes he may be a great fit for a ZBS, but no he may not be that answer to the LT position. He has the potential to do so, but potential doesnt play on sundays.


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                              In Alex Gibbs we trust, if he is ok to take you in the first round you know he thinks you can be a special player.... we all remember how angry he was with the George Foster pick a few years back in Denver.



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