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NFL Quarterback Draft Class Showdown: 2002 vs 2001

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  • NFL Quarterback Draft Class Showdown: 2002 vs 2001

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    Interesting analysis. This is kind of a tough pick for me. While its true that the 02 draft had a ton of flops, at the very least it did produce some reasonably decent backups. I would say arguably that Joey Harrington, while a bust, is a decent back up qb to have. Same story with Carr, McCown,
    O'Sullivan and Ramsey.
    That said, the 01 draft has Rosenfels and Feeley, who are good backups as well. Vick was a good player for a while and Brees is dominant.
    I suppose I to would give the edge to the 01 draft because it produced players who had more of an impact, but like you said not by much.

    BTW, Kurt Kittner was in the league in 2005. He made the Bears roster as a 3rd stringer but was cut in late November.
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      Drew Brees just tips the scales obviously as he has become a Top NFL QB.

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