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Jason Phillips has torn meniscus in left knee

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  • Jason Phillips has torn meniscus in left knee

    TCU linebacker Jason Phillips revealed Friday that he has a torn ACL in his left knee.

    Phillips, rated the third best inside linebacker prospect by NFL Network's Mike Mayock, believes he suffered the injury at the Combine last month.
    Really tough break for Jason.

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    thats really not good for him, will drop him down to the 6th or 7th round, maybe even undrafted


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      Pretty lame news.


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        Thats a burn....worst possible time for that to happen to anyone.


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          That sucks pretty bad.


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            could be a great UDFA pick up!
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              Originally posted by bored of education View Post
              could be a great UDFA pick up!
              Sign him, stash him on IR right away, have him for next year I suppose.


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                wow that sucks.

                im sure he'll be a productive player some team smart enough to sign him, but what a bummer.
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                  I bet a few teams with compensatory 7th round picks might spend one of him. The question is, who might risk a 6th on him.


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                    Sucky news. He was one of my favorite LB prospects. Erin Henderson pt. 2 here we come.

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                      I really liked him. That's too bad.
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                        God damn Mayock messed up but, that's actually a good thing.

                        Updating a previous item, TCU inside linebacker Jason Phillips suffered a torn left meniscus -- not a torn ACL.

                        Phillips will be on crutches for eight weeks with another four weeks of rehab. Though he'll miss minicamps, he should be healthy in time for training camp. Phillips was impressive at the Combine before suffering the injury.

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                          Good news M.O.T.H.

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                            Man, words wouldn't explain how pissed I'd be if they misreported an injury that significant about me in that situation.

                            RIP ST


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                              Originally posted by etk View Post
                              Sucky news. He was one of my favorite LB prospects. Erin Henderson pt. 2 here we come.
                              I thought Erin Henderson just didn't have an ACL. Something crazy like that. Jack Ikegwounu was drafted after a torn ACL in the fourth a year ago. I thought Henderson's was something a bit crazier.

                              The meniscus tear is good news for his stock. This doesn't help Jason Phillips though, who will likely be looking at a 5th-7th slot instead of 3rd-4th any more. Tough break for Phillips, as he will no longer be able to privately work out for teams, but it's no Brian Mandeville story. Still a very draftable prospect that should be plenty ready for training camp or at the worst, preseason.
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