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NFL Quarterback Draft Class Showdown: 2006 vs 2005

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  • NFL Quarterback Draft Class Showdown: 2006 vs 2005

    Enjoyed the debate that ensued from the 2004/2003 comparison. Here's the next showdown in the series.

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    Overall the 05 class is better


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      It's still a bit early for this comparison, only Cutler has been a starter long enough for an adequate judgement to be passed.

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        05 hands down


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          Cutler's the best QB in either draft, but Rogers isn't far off IMO and '05 has way more depth.


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            Jay Cutler is by far and away the best of the 2 drafts, but in terms of how big the busts were, the 2006 Draft might go down as a bigger QB bust draft then the Carr/Harrington or Couch/Smith drafts. Young and Leinart are two of the biggest busts in recent memory and Young will go down as probably the biggest hype job ever put out by the NCAA and its homer media.

            Young and Cutler are proof that playing for some big college program doesn't mean squat if you don't have the arm strength, accuracy and OMG the mechanics. Cutler should have been the #3 overall pick that year, and if it hadn't been for Drew Brees he sould have gone #2 overall. Young has busted in the worst way, his bust has been public, while Leinarts bust has been low key. Don't get me wrong, knowledgable football fans like us know that Leinart is a huge dissapointment, but most of the casual NFL doesn't. But they do know that Young is a bust.

            Alez Smith though was a pick that has haunted the 49ers ever since the 2005 Draft. They should have taken Braylon Edwards, even though he isn't a phenom, he at least is as good if not better than Keyshawn Johnson so his pick could have been justified, especially with the 49ers being so bad they could have had a shot at Leinart or Cutler the very next year, and both would have been much better than Smith, and Cutler would have turned that horrid franchise into a legit contender within 2 years. Now they are being linked to Mark Sanchez, no more than 4 seasons after the disgraced spread QB Smith.

            Aaron Rogers to me is one of the more under rated QBs in the NFL, but I don't think he would have fared any better had he been thrown to the wolves like Smith was. Rogers followed the Carson Palmer path to success and has been very good last year and when he spot started for Brett Favre in the past. Rogers may never be an elite QB, but I can definitly see him being that Boomer Eisison (spelling?) or Phil Simms type QB. A QB that has the tools and intangibles to be very successful when placed with the right team.

            But as far as the overall draft goes the 2005 draft was better, but if your were to compare elite QBs to come out of those 2 drafts only Jay Cutler is an elite talent who is already widely considered one of the top 5-7 QBs in the league and that is capable of being a perennial Pro-Bowl caliber year in and year out.



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