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  • Who would YOU have picked?

    If you ran your teams draft, of the players left on the board who would you have picked?
    Either allow or ignore any trades they made.


    James Laurinaitis, Rey Maualuga or Eben Britton in the 1st. Would have loved Alex Mack here but since he is gone it would be between these guys, probably Laurinaitis.

    Jarron Gilbert instead of trading out of the 2nd.

    Keenan Lewis was a good fit in the 3rd.

    Duke Robinson or Herman Johnson in the 4th.

    James Davis and Brannan Southerland in the 5th.

    Sammie Stroughter in the 6th.

    A.Q. Shipley and Gerald Cadogan in the 7th.

    I would love to say Mitch King in there somewhere but he doesn't fit the 3-4 at all.
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    1. Eugene Monroe
    3. Jarron Gilbert
    4. Lawrence Sidbury
    5. Johnny Knox
    6. Myron Pryor
    7a. AQ Shipley
    7b. Cameron Morrah
    7c. Frantz Joseph

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      1st: Eben Britton, the Steelers staff are content with Willie Colon. I'm definitely not sold.

      2nd: Jarron Gilbert, need D-Line help now that we passed Hood.

      3rd: Keenan Lewis, I've liked this guy for awhile, good pick.

      4th: Macho Harris, Great value I thought. Can return.

      5th: AQ Shipley, he fell but I would have picked him here.

      5th: Frank Summers, BEAST.

      6th: Sammie Stroughter, need WR depth, waited too long.

      7th: Chris Baker, DL depth, would have taken him too.

      7th: Antonio Appleby, We gonna cut Foote, need depth.

      I think I'll just leave it too the experts.


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        1. Hakeem Nicks
        2. Clint Sintim (I might've pulled the trigger on William Moore or Connor Barwin, but probably not over sintim)
        2. William Beatty
        3. Ramses Barden
        3. Chip Vaughn
        4. Andre Brown
        5. James Casey
        6. AQ Shipley
        7. Graham Gano


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          I'm only going into the Ravens first pick, but I would have done the exact same thing lol. Oher FTW!


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            1. Beastree
            2. Darius Butler
            3. Andre Brown
            4. Jonathon Luigs
            5. Marcus Freeman
            6. Brandon Gibson
            7. Mike Mickens
            7. Cornelius Lewis
            7. Gerald Cadogan
            7. Darry Beckwith

            I would definitely still want to send that second round pick to Denver for their 1st next year though. This was assuming we kept all of our picks.
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              Crabtree or Monroe in the 1st
              Everette Brown in the 2nd
              DT in the 3rd
              Chip Vaughn in the 4th

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                For the Falcons at the time of the picks I liked...

                1: Everette Brown
                2: William Moore
                3: DJ Moore
                4: Lawrence Sidbury

                The bolded ones actually happened.

                I don't remember who I wanted at the time of the pick past round four.
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                  Originally posted by Scott Wright
                  Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
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                  do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                    Trade up for Raji and take ayers at 18

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                      1. Chris Wells
                      2. Cody Brown
                      3. Rashad Johnson
                      4. Duke Robinson
                      5. Coye Francies
                      6. A.Q. Shipley
                      7. Chris Baker
                      7. Trevor Canfield

                      I liked most of Arizona's picks. I wanted to change Brown out, but there wasn't really any good 3-4 OLB's left on the board that went anywhere close to him and I didn't feel like switching out Johnson or Robinson. I loved the Rashad Johnson pick in the 3rd, so I'll stay with that.



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                        Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan View Post
                        isnt this trolling or post-whoring of some sort?

                        Also, I would still take Crabtree.

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                          1. (10) Michael Crabtree - WR - Texas Tech
                          2. (43) Lawrence Sidbury - DE - Richmond
                          3. (74) TJ Lang - OT - Eastern Michigan
                          4. (111) Andre Brown - RB - North Carolina State
                          5. (146) Scott McKillop - ILB - Pittsburgh
                          5. (171) Nate Davis - QB - Ball State
                          6. (184) Bear Pascoe - TE - Fresno State
                          7. (219) Mike Mickens - CB - Cincinnati
                          7. (244) Frantz Joseph - LB - Florida Atlantic

                          What Scot McCloughan did with his acquisition of a #1 pick next season as well as the UDFA signings of Pannel Egboh, Kory Sheets, and Brandon Long makes his alot better than mine.


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                            #19. Alphonso Smith, CB Wake Forest

                            With Buchanon gone and Ronde declining, Talib is our only legit starting CB that we can depend on past this year. Elbert Mack looks like a good sleeper, but probably better suited to play nickel. Alphonso was one of my favorite prospects from this draft. I think him, Aqib, Tanard, and possibly Sabby would have made up a great secondary with game changing potential for the next decade. I'm warming up to the Freeman pick, but I'd still rather Alphonso.
                            #81. Roy Miller, DT Texas

                            I liked this pick and would stick with it. Our DT rotation is very poor right now and I like the attitude Roy brings with him. Hard worker that seems like he's got a chip on his shoulder because of his knocks on his athleticism and he feels like he's got something to prove. I would've also considered Mike Wallace.
                            #120. Lawrence Sidbury, DE Richmond

                            I like the Moore pick, but I really like Sidbury's potential and value at this point. Our pass rush was pretty poor last season as Stylez G. White's production really dropped off and Gaines still hasn't had that breakout season (it's coming). Also would've considered Kyle Moore still, Jarret Dillard, Brandon Williams and Austin Collie.
                            #155. Jamon Meredith, OT South Carolina

                            He suffered a pretty bad drop on draft day and their most be more to it than what the general public knows, but I would've taken a chance on his potential this late in the draft. We need depth on the OL and he fits the new ZBS system we'll be using. Also would consider Macho Harris, Brooks Foster, and Nate Davis.
                            #191. Demetrius Byrd, WR Louisiana State

                            Brings some potential to our receiving corps. Could develop into a nice compliment to what we have there right now.
                            #217. Trevor Canfield, OG Cincinnati
                            More OL depth that fits the ZBS, and great value.
                            #229. Sammie Stroughter, WR Oregon State
                            I'd keep this pick. I really like Stroughter, especially this late in the draft.
                            #233. Emmanuel Cook, S South Carolina
                            We need depth at safety, and I've always liked Cook as a prospect.

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                              I am content with the Pats draft because we got very nice depth and some nice talents while saving some money and adding two second rounders for next year. We could have had added a lot of top talent at positions of need if we wanted to:

                              1. Michael Oher OT
                              2a. Rey Maualuga ILB
                              2b. Connor Barwin OLB
                              2c. Sean Smith DB
                              3a. Kraig Urbrik OG
                              3b. Sammie Lee Hill NT
                              4. Lawrence Sidbury OLB
                              5. Trevor Canfield OL
                              6a. Brandon Gibson WR
                              6b. John Phillips TE
                              7. Courtney Greene DB

                              Again, I like the way the Pats draft worked out but this is another way it could've happened with the picks we had. It never would happen though.



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