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Jevan Snead going pro

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  • Jevan Snead going pro

    All of the Rivals and Scout beat writers for the program just received messages about it. So an official declaration should be forthcoming.


    Mississippi quarterback Jevan Snead will forgo his senior season to enter the NFL draft, sources told's Chris Low.

    An official announcement is expected later Thursday.
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    Wow if this real then it's a dumb move.

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      2nd round at best. had a terrible terrible junior season but i guess hes thinking he should leave before the rookie pay scale.


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        Not so bad for a team with some time to sit him. I know he had a terrible year but I still think he can be an NFL starter.


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          A move that could cost him 10-20 million dollars. It may not be the smartest move now, but I feel he will still be the best pro out of the QB class.
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          i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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            I imagine it has less to do with the rookie pay scale and more to do with the fact that he'd be on a real short leash next season if he came back.

            scenarios he had to choose from

            a) go pro after a crappy junior season and be a 2nd or 3rd (maybe later) round pick. You'll be on an NFL team but won't have the mega bucks.

            b) stay at Ole Miss and be awesome and bump yourself back up into the 1st round. sign the mega millions contract.

            c) stay at Ole Miss and continue to suck and get benched. No NFL, no bucks. Destination: Canada.


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              dumb dumb dumb dumb. at least for him it is. i wouldnt mind the vikes spending a second rounder on him.


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    's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                  i can definitely see snead getting some consideration from shanahan at the top of rd 2. he seems like a shanahan type of qb. big arm, very mobile, tons of potential. although i still think thats a bit early for him.


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                    Terrible decison but I have a feeling he is going to be one of those guy's who have a better pro career than college career.
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                      It's a dumb move, but he is still the fourth best quarterback in the class (w/o Mallet).

                      I wouldn't be surprised to see some team trade up in the first round to pick him up though.

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                        He's the Vikings next QB! They'll get him at the end of Round One.


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                          As a prospect how good is he? Can he sneak into the bottom of the first round?

                          Can he beat out the bunch of system qbs we have this year. There are two qbs to take in the top of hte round and one comes from a spread system.

                          After that its a toss up of who u like better and when u want to pick them.


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                            at least we know he can take an NFL quality lick:

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                              Big mistake, especially if Ryan Mallett declares. There's some decent underclassmen talent here and some seniors that figure to find a place fairly early (Tebow, McCoy, Pike.) With Snead in, a few successful college QBs who will get a shot, and a couple sleepers (Levi Brown, John Skelton, Dan LeFevour).. this QB class is easily the most interesting in years. Very deep, and very talented in the 3rd-5th Round. The Combine will be extremely interesting to watch.

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