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  • Spillers VS. Best

    I wanted to do a comparison on these two, as I think my opinion on them is different than most. I would like to see what everyone thinks of my thoughts.

    So for the teams looking at a ball carrier...

    I see two very different players. Many think they are simmilar, but I disagree.

    One on one in a tackling drill, Spillers would win out. He has got great moves, and is really hard to tackle one-on-one. Best can make you miss, for sure. But Spillers can break ankles. It makes for cool highlights. But what scares me about Spillers at the pro level is that players tackle better and are alot faster. I am unsure how much "Shake and bake" from college applies to the pros. Once again, fun to watch. But in the pros you cant spend much time faking out one player because the pursuit from the rest of the defense is alot quicker.

    Catching? I think both are real good. But I would give a nod to Spillers. He could probably play WR if needed. The boy can catch anything.

    Speed? Both are plenty fast to be good pros. But I thing Best has better game speed. On the forty yard dash, they may be close (I predict Best is faster, but who knows?) But during the game, Best looks fast to me. Probably an overrated category, because both players can fly. But I see Best as faster with people chasing him from behind.

    Heart? I would lean towards Spillers. He is a warrior, and doesnt give up. Not to say Best is a coward. He isn't. But Spillers tries hard every play.

    Blocking? I really don't have a lot to go with on this, as I just haven't seen either one called on to block alot. I would go with Spillers on this one-but it is a moot point really, as I am basing my grade on the one amazing block that Spillers has been heralded for. For the most part, I have no idea on this area.

    Vision. Now here is where there is a big difference. When Felix Jones was a prospect, I was the first person to mention his vision that I know of. Felix would see an opening that other runningbacks didn't. I thought that is what seperated him from the pack. He wasn't as fast in the forty yard dash as some thought he would be. But it didn't matter at the NFL level becasue he ran where the defenders weren't. Well...I see similar vision in Best. Spillers has great phisical ability. But Best seems to see holes open before they open. The guy always seems to run where there are no defenders. This is something that I don't think most scouts give enough credit to. And I don't see it as even a close race. Best has great vision. Spillers has good vision. Best seems to just take off, where Spillers seems to "shake and bake." There is a time and place for putting moves on people. But I perfer a running back that gets up field. This is what makes Chris Johnson so good. He "Gets gone." Best is a runaway leader in this category.

    Health? This is also a moot point, IMO. Any RB in the NFL is one injury away from ending his career. You can be considered injury free as a prospect and get destroyed early in your career (there are many examples), or you can be injury prone in college and have good luck in the pros as far as injuries go. Now-to clarify-if either one of these guys had several bad injuries in college-that would be a red flag for me. But I am not sure there is any way that either RB is more likely to be injured in the NFL.

    Durability in-game. Neither of these guys are 20 carries guys, IMO. They should be drafted to add spice to an offense. If you need a 20 carry guy, draft someone else. If you want to add a new demension to your offense, both of these guys can do it.

    In general, both are good prospects. If I was looking for a runningback, I go Best all the way. Not to say I would be upset if my team took Spillers. He has plenty of skills. But I want a guy who gets up field, and fast. Best does that. Watch some of his highlights, and I think you will see what I mean. Don't fall in love with all the broken ankles that Spillers has left in his wake on his highlights. He may not be able to replicate those moves in the NFL. But a runningback that is running down field where there are no defenders will always get big chunks of yards. And that is exactly why Best does Best.
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    The fact that you didn't even spell one of the guys' names right pretty much exposes your bias, sorry.


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      Wow. Great point. I have to admit I screwed that up. I admit you are correct, sir. Not sure how that happened. I am sorry.

      But it doesn't change my thoughts. I am not a fan of either one. I root for Texas, all things being equal. I was just trying to compare two players abilities. I don't think I favor one over the other. This was just my thoughts after watching two great college players. I didn't mean to offend anyone.
      I published my first book. Available in ebook or paperback! Check it out!!!


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        I liked Best quite a bit bit that severe concussion has scared me away

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          You forgot to include "Break Tackles". Spiller may not be a bulldozer but he can still run through arm tackles near the line of scrimmage where Best goes down if hes touched with one hand.



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