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Donovan Warren as a safety?

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  • Donovan Warren as a safety?

    I been seeing some talk coming up around about Warren being a safety prospect. How do you guys view Warren as a safety? Would he make a good coverage type safety and is he physical enough for the position?

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    Warren is still running his 40 at the combine, when he is done I will then make a judgement as to which position he will play at the next level.
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      he's not slow, he's just lazy. he's purely a CB at the next level.
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        Warren is kind of soft. I wouldn't want him at safety. I think he's probably strictly a cover 2 corner at the next level because he excels in zone coverage.


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          Originally posted by Michigan View Post
          he's not slow, he's just lazy. he's purely a CB at the next level.
          Oh okay that's much better.

          Anyway, Warren has the unfortunate position of coming from a almost purely man-cover role at Michigan to being labeled by some as too slow to do the same in the NFL. He's not terribly physical, but some team that asks its corners to participate in Cover 2 should give him a look after in the 4th round or later. He's tumbled down in terms of draft stock though, no doubt about that.



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