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Is Clausen the Draft's Most Underrated Prospect?

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  • Is Clausen the Draft's Most Underrated Prospect?

    I'd say so, and I echo the sentiment expressed by Mel Kiper -- can anyone give me a really decent reason why he's getting knocked?

    Pretty much the only thing you hear is that he's cocky, and thus the suspicion that he won't be a good leader. (But supposedly everyone with knowledge of the ND program says that's not true.) He might be not be the humblest guy, but his guys always rallied behind him. Actually, the fact that's he cocky, combined with his dedication to playing the game and watching film, is encouraging if anything. That's the kind of guy you want on your team.

    Probably the most troubling of all is this sentiment that "his ceiling is limited." The guy plays quarterback, not wide receiver. Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, don't you think their "ceilings were limited"? And how did JaMarcus Russell and his fellow strong-armed workout warriors fare, contrarily? It's been shown time and time again that the two most important qualities in a top-rate QB are accuracy and a good mind for the game, yet this is incessantly overlooked.

    You've got a guy playing for an extremely mediocre program throwing 28 TDs and 4 INTs, carrying the team on his back despite a nagging injury. That's insane, particularly within the context of a pro style offense as opposed to the spread. Three years within a pro style offense (compared to Mark Sanchez who only had one and was a damn good prospect at that) under the tutelage of Weis. Very accurate, with an arm that's more than sufficient if you ask me.

    I should mention that I don't even care at all for ND or Clausen; as you can tell by my name, I traditionally root for SC. But, as a draft enthusiast, I find his draft evaluation befuddling.

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    theres a difference from being cocky and having a swagger.... want your QB to have that swagger, that look that shows you this QB has it. Clausen just thinks hes the ****, and everyone who pays attention knows that he had great weapons to throw to and hes a whiney little girl.

    While i dont like his personality and i dont like the type of person he seems to be, i do think that he has tools. While they may be tools that have topped out, they are good enough to play QB with at the next level.

    I believe he will go in the top 10. Probably to the Bills, but i still dont like his personality.

    Originally posted by 49erNation85
    I wouldn't be sir prized if he passed McCoy on the depth chart. I think he might have a better arm and accurate arm then him from the highlights I thought. He also got some wheels too help us prepare for QB's as Wilson , RG3 and other runners etc.


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      Id say yes in a way. I believe he will never be the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady ect type of all pro QB but what QB is? I just cant see him being a bad QB in the league and should be a solid top 10 QB for a long time. Eli Manning?

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        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
        Id say yes in a way. I believe he will never be the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady ect type of all pro QB but what QB is? I just cant see him being a bad QB in the league and should be a solid top 10 QB for a long time. Eli Manning?
        I think Clausen is both more accurate and smarter with the ball than Eli. I think he's also more ballsy, so to speak, than Eli, who is one of the less assertive guys you'll see at QB.


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          I'm completely with you, original poster.

          It really is crazy how underrated he is.

          Here's my guess:

          NFL people evaluate QBs different from other positions. They want their franchise QB to be not only a good player (which Clausen clearly is) - but a face of the franchise, a guy who will not have problems with his teammates or coaches, a guy that is likeable - someone community and organization will love and adore.

          Plus, everyone knows the bust rate for QBs - even guys who have looked almost or in some cases just as good as Clausen has in college.

          (I'd counter to ^ by pointing to exactly what he did - statistically, improvement-wise, USC tape, etc., and point to how it was all done in a pro-style offense) In other words, he's a far better bet than other highly rated QBs that have failed in the past.

          For whatever reason, Clausen is viewed as a douchebag. Whether that is fair or not, I don't know, but I have never heard someone say they liked the kid's personality.

          I just think it's stupid because when he brings some bad team (Buffalo?) back to relevance by being a legit franchise QB, his cockiness and propensity to be an asshole will be overshadowed and forgotten by his play.

          Plus, no one will care about cockiness and Clausen will probably be a lot more amiable when he's enjoying success in the NFL (what he dealt with at Notre Dame was a frustrated fan base and media frenzy because his defense sucked and his coach couldn't meet expectations).
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            Everything I don't like about him has to do with his ability. I like his swagger.
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              What has Clausen done to convince everyone he is such a ****?

              He seems alright to me, and he was voted captain by his teammates.


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                If he goes Top 10? No.

                If he drops to late Round One? Yes.

                BTW, I firmly believe people still hold the limo thing against him.

                The perception has become reality when it comes to Clausen.
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                  I hope he makes some teams seriously sorry for passing up on him

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                    Why is this such an issue?

                    I mean I don't like the kid. But Phillip Rivers is one of the biggest douchebags in football. If not the biggest. And nobody does ever hold that against him.

                    I bet a lot of other pro athletes are giant douchebags, too.

                    It doesn't matter as long as they are playing good. This is professionall football and not the "BFFs forever" club.


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                      All I know is I was very impressed to see Clausen go across the field to hug and compliment Wolverine Tate Forcier afer he beat the Irish on a last second TD.

                      That was a character move on Clausen's part because he didn't have to do it, I wouldn't have if it were me.

                      Look, I WANT a cocky QB who 'knows' how good he is/can be. I just don't want him to be a jerk, which I have yet to see or read any evidence supporting this position.

                      If Clausen falls out of the top 15, there will be GMs fired in 3 years or less for passing on him.

                      I don't think Carroll can afford to pass on him, he's 10x the QB Whitehurst is, who never impressed me as a 'special QB' at Clemson.


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                        I have him going to the Raiders in my new mock.
                        Every draft the Raiders do something unexpected & they could definitely use a talent like Jimmy Clausen.
                        GO RAVENS


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                          Originally posted by PickedOffTwice View Post
                          Why is this such an issue?

                          I mean I don't like the kid. But Phillip Rivers is one of the biggest douchebags in football. If not the biggest. And nobody does ever hold that against him.
                          Co-sign. Been thinking about the Rivers thing for a while now.
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                            People have a problem with him because of the way he carries himself and the way that he was brought up throughout high school. I don't think he can help the fact that he was basically the LeBron James of football throughout high school. He obviously didn't exceed those expectations, but he is still the best quarterback in this class.

                            I don't find a problem with his attitude. I don't see a problem with a player having the position of quarterback and feeling like he is the ****, why wouldn't you want that.

                            The same thing is said for the wide receiver and cornerback position and they don't get any heat for playing well on the field, in fact, for cornerbacks it's seen as a good trait.

                            Clausen is a Top 5 prospect in the draft and 2-4 years from now, we'll see why he should have been the #1 pick instead of Sam Bradford, who IMO, is a bust waiting to happen.

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                              Some team should take him in the first round, but there are legit reasons to wonder if he's got what it takes between the ears to be an above average starting QB in the NFL.



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