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Where does John Jerry go?

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  • Where does John Jerry go?

    Where do you see John Jerry going in this draft?

    Jerry has a unique blend of size [6'5" 328lbs] he has been an All-SEC player, he was very good at the Senior Bowl and looked good at the combine.

    The questions seemed to be about conditioning and weight, but he has dropped weight and looked good.

    Is the 2nd round out of the question?

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    Not at all. Jerry's a good blocker, should go in the mid-late 3rd, yet some team could take a look at him in the 2nd.


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      i think mid 3rd round to early 4th is where i see him going.

      can he only play guard in the nfl or does he have any chance to play right tackle ?


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        I see him as a late 2nd to mid 3rd guy. Perfect fit for a power blocking scheme oline at RG

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          Just pullin it out my ass but how do him and Justin Blalock as a prospect compare?
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            I would love this guy in Minnesota, either with our late-2nd or late-3rd round pick. He's the type of mauler that the Vikings love on their offensive line and he'd be a major upgrade over the pedestrian Anthony Herrera at right guard. Minnesota struggled with a push in the run game last year (partly due to Hutchinson's injury)...Jerry would give us more power in the run game.


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              Originally posted by JHasley10 View Post
              i think mid 3rd round to early 4th is where i see him going.

              can he only play guard in the nfl or does he have any chance to play right tackle ?
              It'd probably be best to keep him inside. He just doesn't have the athletecism to match up against the elite pass rushers, especially OLBs in the 3-4.
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                He's my 3rd ranked Guard prospect behind Mike Iupati and Maurkice Pouncey. I'd put him behind Saffold and Ducasse if they were moved inside. I could definitely see him going 45-75.


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                  Cleveland in round 3.

                  After we get Ducasse in round 2.


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                    I think he's going to drop to the 3rd day.

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                      Originally posted by DeepThreat View Post
                      I think he's going to drop to the 3rd day.
                      You know, it's strange....

                      glowing review
                      glowing review
                      3rd round
                      2nd round
                      glowing review
                      ....negative comment...

                      care to explain what everyone else in the thread is missing?


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                        If Pittsburgh does not go with Iupati in round one then I could definitely see them eying him in round 2 and will probably sprint to the podium to take him in round 3 if he's available. Teams like San Fran, Jacksonville, Seattle, Chicago et al could also use him.

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                          He played RT for most of his career and was moved to RG the second half of this year and was dominant. He was a very good RT for us but he was an absolute beast of a right guard and I think he has huge NFL potential there, he struggled a bit with speed rushers at RT but wasn't a terrible pass blocker. He is a devastating run blocker who won't need to face the Robert Mathis' of the world inside at guard, I think he could be a potentially dominant RG. Great size, natural strength, super run blocker, and a great athlete for his size.

                          I see him coming off the board late second-early third but it isn't just the homer in me saying he could be a potential pro bowler.


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                            Mid 3rd round.

                            He's a good fit for a power man blocking team.


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                              I think he's a second round pick and a wonderful pure guard prospect. He could be a little quicker but if that where the case he'd be a RG/RT prospect.


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