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My way-too-early 2011 Rankings

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  • My way-too-early 2011 Rankings

    If there are any big omissions, I apologize. I have not scouted 2011 prospects nearly as much as some of you guys have. This is pretty much just the top guys who stood out to me on tape when scouting 2010 guys. I left out special teams, fullback, tight end, and interior offensive line. I don't have enough information on those positions, but I wanted to get thoughts on the rankings I do have.

    1. Jake Locker | SR | Washington
    2. Andrew Luck | SO | Stanford
    3. Ryan Mallett | JR | Arkansas
    4. Christian Ponder | SR | Florida State
    5. Jerrod Johnson | SR | Texas A&M

    Running back
    1. Ryan Williams | SO | Virginia Tech
    2. Mark Ingram | JR | Alabama
    3. DeMarco Murray | SR | Oklahoma
    4. Evan Royster | SR | Penn State
    5. Noel Devine | SR | West Virginia

    Wide Receiver
    1. A.J. Green | JR | Georgia
    2. Michael Floyd | JR | Notre Dame
    3. Julio Jones | JR | Alabama
    4. Jonathan Baldwin | JR | Pittsburgh
    5. Ryan Broyles | JR | Oklahoma

    Offensive Tackle
    1. Gabe Carimi | SR | Wisconsin
    2. Anthony Castonzo | SR | Boston College
    3. Joseph Barksdale | SR | LSU
    4. Lee Ziemba | SR | Auburn
    5. Jason Pinkston | SR | Pittsburgh

    Defensive End (4-3)
    1. Adrian Clayborn | SR | Iowa
    2. Robert Quinn | JR | North Carolina
    3. Greg Romeus | SR | Pittsburgh
    4. Jeremy Beal | SR | Oklahoma
    5. DaQuan Bowers | JR | Clemson

    Defensive End (3-4)
    1. Marcell Dareus | JR | Alabama
    2. Cameron Heyward | SR | Ohio State
    3. Allen Bailey | SR | Miami

    Defensive Tackle
    1. Marvin Austin | SR | North Carolina
    2. Stephen Paea | SR | Oregon State
    3. Jared Crick | JR | Nebraska
    4. Jerrell Powe | SR | Ole Miss
    5. Jurrell Casey | JR | USC

    Outside Linebacker (4-3)
    1. Bruce Carter | SR | North Carolina
    2. Travis Lewis | JR | Oklahoma
    3. Quan Sturdivant | SR | North Carolina
    4. Mark Herzlich | SR | Boston College
    5. Michael Morgan | SR | USC

    Outside Linebacker (3-4)
    1. Von Miller | SR | Texas A&M
    2. Akeem Ayers | JR | UCLA
    3. Jack Crawford | SR | Penn State

    Inside Linebacker

    1. Dont'a Hightower | JR | Alabama
    2. Chris Galippo | JR | USC
    3. Greg Jones | SR | Mchigan State
    4. Kelvin Sheppard | SR | LSU
    5. Josh Bynes | SR | Auburn

    1. Patrick Peterson | JR | LSU
    2. Prince Amukamara | SR | Nebraska
    3. Aaron Williams | JR | Texas
    4. Brandon Harris | JR | Miami
    5. Ras-I Dowling | SR | Virginia

    1. Rahim Moore | JR | UCLA
    2. Will Hill | JR | Florida
    3. DeAndre McDaniel | SR | Clemson
    4. Deunta Williams | SR | North Carolina
    5. Chris Culliver | SR | South Carolina

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    I see a lack of Matt Reynolds, T BYU.
    You're higher on Beal than I am.
    I love how high you have Paea.
    You have Will Hill ranked way high in comparison. At this point, he's not even close to the second best safety but he could come out in the top three when it's said and done.


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      Pretty much agree with or have very similar rankings to you

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        definitely agree with most of your rankings. I like where you have Michael Floyd. I think he is either 1.b with Green or number 2. For some reason i love the guy....even though i should be hating ND guys.

        Originally posted by 49erNation85
        I wouldn't be sir prized if he passed McCoy on the depth chart. I think he might have a better arm and accurate arm then him from the highlights I thought. He also got some wheels too help us prepare for QB's as Wilson , RG3 and other runners etc.


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          Top 10 prospects P-L?

          I agree with tj, you need some Matt Reynolds love in your life...he's my Top tackle.

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            Excellent rankings... My only complaint would be that there is not a single prospect from a non-BCS conference in your rankings. 9 players were drafted in the first 2 rounds last year from non-BCS conferences, and I think there are plenty of prospects outside the BCS that deserve consideration for pre-season rankings.

            Most of the national scouting services do the same thing, and it is just something that frustrates me every year.

            I mean, there are 2 non-BCS schools in the top 5-7 pre-season, and not one prospect from either Boise or TCU are in anyone's top 50? I think most are overlooking some of the most talented players in the country while they are right under their noses.
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              I'll admit, I saw almost no BYU last year and the only non-BCS school I saw with any regularity is Boise State. The guy from Boise that I'm most impressed with is Austin Pettis (who I'd probably have put at #7), but wide receiver is just so deep.


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                Loving the 3-4 rankings, good stuff overall.

                That is correct comahan
                I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                <3 dg


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                  Call me crazy all you want... but I like guys like Ben Chappell and Greg McElroy better as NFL quarterback prospects than guys like Jerrod Johnson...Terrell Pryor...etc...

                  I like Allen Bradford, Quizz Rodgers, and Daniel Thomas at RB... along with Ingram and Williams....

                  Stephen Paea is a beast....probably my favorite DT in the country...


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                    I like McElroy too. He's definitely not going to be a franchise caliber quarterback but I can see him as a possible game manager, journeyman type player at the next level.

                    I haven't seen enough of Chappel to rank him that high, but guys like McElroy and Mike Hartline from Kentucky are intriguing prospects.

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                      holy crap that is a lot of talent on UNC.

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                        Will Hill as the #2 safety is ridiculous.


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                          Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
                          Will Hill as the #2 safety is ridiculous.
                          No its not. It's a projection. Will Hill may be the most physically gifted safety in this draft. DeAndre McDaniel and Rahim Moore both put up incredible seasons statistically but their physical tools are not special. If their production drops off, which with teams now game planning around them and avoiding throwing at them is likely to happen, it would not be surprising to see those guys drop. Hill hasn't produced like the other guys but if he can breakout this year the way some are expecting, than its not unreasonable at all to think he'll end up being the #2 safety.


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                            I have Gabe Carimi as my #1 OT as well but I feel that he'll be passed up and land somewhere between 3-7. He's a solid player who can project to LT but hedoesn't do anything great and isn't the greatest athlete in the world.

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                              Hill and Williams over Barron is kinda crazy, though I love Hill's ridiculous potential.

                              The homer in me wants to see Sash in there, too.



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