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List 3 under the radar draft prospects from your favorite team

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  • List 3 under the radar draft prospects from your favorite team

    I post a few threads like this throughout the year to get to learn more about prospects that aren't being talked about as much.

    Texas Sr. LT Kyle Hix

    Hix is a MOUNTAIN at 6'7.5" 325 lbs. Hix has started 28 games at RT so far and is sliding over to LT for next season. Hix is a pretty good run blocker and I'm excited to see how does at LT(I think Hix can play LT at a high level.). This may not be the best comparison, but Eric Winston comes to mind.

    We will see. Hix does need to work on being more consistent and getting stronger in my opinion, but I like his potential.

    Right now, I'll guess 3rd or 4th round, but I could see him moving up into the lower 2nd round if he has a really strong season.

    Texas Jr. OLB Keenan Robinson

    Robinson is listed at 6'3 239 lbs. Big, strong, fast and can hit like a truck. Keenan was 3rd on Texas team last season on tackles with (74). I've also heard that Robinson looks noticeably bigger/stronger in the summer workouts. I think Robinson steps up in a big way at Texas this season.

    If he came out after Jr. season, right now I'd guess 4th round. If Robinson has a really good season and comes out, then I could see 2nd round. If Robinson stays for his Sr. season then I could see him as a 1st round pick.

    Texas Jr. S Blake Gideon

    I'm higher on Gideon's upside than some Texas fans. Gideon is listed at 6'1 and 205. I also think Gideon is faster and more athletic than he is given credit for. I think Gideon is healthy and good to go for next season. Gideon had (62) tackles and (6) ints. last season for Texas. Gideon has also started 27 games at Texas.

    I think Gideon needs to get stronger and improve on tackling, but I'll guess 4th round for Gideon if he stays for his Sr. season.

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    Eric Hagg CB Nebraska Good CB along with Prince and also another good Prospect Gomes.
    Roy Helu RB Did not look that great last year but with Rex Burkhead he will not be asked to do as much and stay Healthy
    Niles Paul WR I think he could be ones of those Speedy WR's that are physical Like Steve Smith,Percy Harvin,Golden Tate.


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      For the Ducks it would have to be.

      Kenny Rowe OLB/Pass rusher (He's too small to have his hand in the dirt (6'3" 235) but the guy plays like a monster and is a VERY good pass rusher, who doesn't really get any credit.)

      Jeffrey Mahel WR (He's a smaller, slot type guy who isn't especially fast, but he is a great rout runner and barely ever drops a pass.)

      Javes Lewis CB (He's the next in line to a group of very good DB's with Jairus Byrd, Patrick Chung and TJ Ward (all 2nd round picks) He looks like hes going to be a very good player.)


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        James Carpenter - OT (will be interesting to see how he does this year without Mike Johnson next to him at LG... but Carpenter replaced Andre Smith at LT and the offense never missed a beat... guy can flat out get after people)

        Marquis Maze - WR (averaged better than 16 YPC last year.... Maze is a burner with exceptional hands and surprises opponents with his blocking)

        Darius Hanks - WR (also averaged better than 16 YPC... excellent route runner but still a little on the thin side for me)


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          T. Homer, good thread, and with teams reporting to camp I like the idea, + rep.

          For L.S.U. my three to watch in no particular order..

          Lazarius Levingston - Former DE, who appears to be playing Left D.T. for them through the spring and into summer practice. The guy plays the game hard and with passion IMO, not taking plays off. Very solid Junior year coming off a knee injury showing good speed, ability to pursue, and penetration ability, he makes plays in the backfield. At 6'4" and about 270 lbs (maybe 280...) he needs to add some bulk, and get stronger to hold up at the point of attack in the NFL. I see him as a 3-4 DE (probably 3 tech with some bulk due to his shorter arms (32" I believe, but do not quote me)) and possibly a late round pick.

          Josh Jasper - K/P/K.O.S. I know he's a kicker and not the sexiest choice. However, he is a kick off specialist, who's accurate, can hit outside of 50 yards, including nailing a 55+ yarder in a spring game, can pooch punt and put the ball inside the 10 or 20 yard line. Any improvement upon his numbers could get him drafted in the 7th round. For me he is the Brian Moorman of field goal kickers in terms of his diversity.

          Drake Nevis - DT who started to show how good he can be last year. He had about 50 total tackles, 4 sacks and did not start a game. He has rock solid technique, and very good motor, and is as strong as an Ox. Not exactly under the radar, and with fewer teams playing a 4-3 his draft status could slip. However if he improves, and has a great year, I could see him going as high as the third round.

          Bonus - With lots of talk about Tolliver, and Barksdale, I for the life of me can not understand the lack of chatter about Kelvin Sheppard, more nationally than in LSU circles. He is bigger and just as fast as Jones and Sturdivant who most believe are better, the guy is a leader and heart and soul of the defense type. Emotional leader, who is a tackling machine with outstanding instincts and football IQ. He can run sideline to sideline, and play coverage, IMO a rock solid second rounder and the type who could fit any scheme.
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            Georgia Tech

            Josh Nesbitt QB/RB: We won't play QB in the NFL, but he has shown he can take a beating as a running back. His size, at 6-0 214 is more than adequate. He isn't a burner, but he probably has 4.5 speed. Would be a great replacement for Ricky Williams in Miami.

            Jason Peters DE: He has been outshined by Michael Johnson and Derrick Morgan throughout his career, but he should break out this year in the new 3-4 defense the Jackets are implementing. He doesn't have the speed to be a great edge rusher, but if he can add about 20 pounds, he would make a very good 34 end or a DT for a team like the Colts.

            Anthony Barnes LB: He hasn't been a star yet, but he has a great chance to showcase his speed in the 34 defense. At only about 240, he is a little too small to play OLB in the 34.

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              for the gators...

              1. john brantley -- not really under the radar in the college world, but he's got all of the makings of an nfl qb and is draft eligible, yet i see him on no draft boards (because of the lack of experience, i know). by the season's end, i'd be willing to bet that he'll be in the upper echelon of 2011 draft qb's.

              2. jaye howard -- almost every bit of news out of spring practices that i've heard/read includes a rave review of jaye howard. he's gonna play d-tackle for florida this year, but looks to be a serious disruptive force this year, especially against the pass. could be a 3-4 defensive end.

              3. olb's -- a.j. jones and brandon hicks probably will both be ignored for the most part, but florida has a decent history of late producing solid lb's from the later rounds. both of these guys have a lot of speed and playmaking ability, but aren't your typical 4-3 outside backers. they could surprise some people come training camp, though.


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                DT Mike Martin
                DE Ryan Van Bergen
                CB Troy Woolfolk


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                  For NC State:

                  OT Jake Vermiglio - 6'5" 325lb - While not nible enough to be a LT at the next level, I believe Jake could be a very good RT in a zone blocking scheme. He's one to watch this year leading up to the draft.

                  WR Owen Spencer - 6'3" 185lb - I have no idea why Owen gets no love anywhere. With a yard per catch average of 23.2 for his career, Owen is an excellent deep threat. He is the career yardage leader for current players in the ACC while ranking 7th in receptions. He makes those receptions count as he is currently in 2nd place amongst active ACC players in TD receptions, behind teammate Jarvis Williams. Give this man his due!

                  LB Nate Irving - 6'1" 235 - After a horrific car accident sidelined him for all of last year, The Predator is back. Excellent sideline-to-sideline skills and a knack for making plays on the ball, Nate is a great all-around linebacker. He is probably best suited for OLB in a Tampa 2 type defense. Watch for him to breakout this year.

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                    Texas Tech:

                    DT Colby Whitlock, WR Detron Lewis, OLB Brian Duncan.


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                      has anyone else heard of Bruce Miller?

                      Hes a DE for UCF, not my team, but he looks like a hell of a player and no one seems to be talking about him. From what I saw and have heard, hes like a smaller Orakpo, just beastly strong and can run to, could be a great rush LB in the future. relentless motor with good moves and solid against the run, he looks like a real player in the next draft.
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                      Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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                        DE Quinton Coples, DT Tydreke Powell, OLB Zach Brown.


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                          Justin Houston DE/OLB

                          Brandon Boykin CB/returner

                          Cordy Glenn OG

                          Maybe not totally unknowns, but not exactly widely know names.


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                            Hmm, talked about his on another thread today. Anyway, here it goes:


                            DE Ryan Kerrigan
                            WR Keith Smith
                            RB Ralph Bolden

                            They happen to be Purdue's best players as well, so I guess you could say they aren't that much under the radar. Similar to what Halsey said above me. Unfortunately, Bolden is out for the season with a ligament injury. Smith and Kerrigan are great players but very mediocre athletes. If either of them were better athletes, they'd be much better prospects.

                            But sadly, they aren't. Still good college players though.

                            Props to clover_jeez!


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                              Originally posted by hockey619 View Post
                              has anyone else heard of Bruce Miller?

                              Hes a DE for UCF, not my team, but he looks like a hell of a player and no one seems to be talking about him. From what I saw and have heard, hes like a smaller Orakpo, just beastly strong and can run to, could be a great rush LB in the future. relentless motor with good moves and solid against the run, he looks like a real player in the next draft.
                              I think Bruce Miller has the potential to be an Elvis Dumervil type

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