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    Let me just start by saying that I listen to your podcast and it amazed me of the bias attitude your taking between the two QBs. It seems as though you just flat out don't like Mallett for some reason. First of all, you talk about Mallett not being accurate because I'm assuming that the 55% completion rate as a sophmore which is understandable. But you failed to mentioned that Locker also is a 55%-58% completion rate himself. So what does that make him? You guys also mentioned that the guy has yet to make any NFL throws this season!!!! Are you kidding me!! The guy has over 40 completions of 30 or more yards over the past 2 seasons.
    I thought that you guys were supposed to be objective in your scouting, it has become quite obvious that you guys are gonna take this Jake Locker hype train to the grave no matter what. It's inexcusable when a suppose #1 overall pick and John Elway and Steve Young clone goes 4/20 and you are saying that you are not impressed with Ryan Mallett against the bulldogs. You fail to give this guy any credit and he threw for 380 yards with no ints. Who cares if the throws were easy, he can not help if the DBs from Georgia can't cover. His job is to get the ball to his playmakers which he has done so well this season.
    As I continued to listen to your discussion, you and Shane continued to make excuse after excuse for the guy by saying that his supporting cast is weak and all the other excuses you guys can create. Fact of the matter is the guy is not all cracked up to how you guys are hyping him. Scott it amazes me that you talk about Mallett making bad throws but what are you seeing out of Jake Elway. At least Mallett has shown improvement from a year ago and he is playing in a very tough conference.
    I guess the moral of the story is that you guys are very bias and one-sided in your assessment of the 2 QBs that it's becoming quite comical and you may lose the respect of others on this site. By that I mean they may not take your assessment as serious anymore. Ryan Mallett is just a better player that the overhyped Jake Locker and he will go #1 overall. Mr. Locker is a media creation that you guys have bought into for whatever reason. I hope that this post doesn't upset you, but you always looking for constructive criticism, so there you go.

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    the rhetoric is quite eloquent in this argument


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      I'm looking forward to a response to this. Get your popcorn ready.


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        Itt; box scores.

        R.I.P. Junior Seau


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          I don't think they are being bias as much as they are simply pointing out the facts and being opinionated.

          Neither Scott or Shane are die hard Arkansas Razorback fans. So I don't see how they are "bias".


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            There were a couple throws from Mallett that bounced right off the hands of Georgia DBs


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              This thread title kills me. Somebody change it to biased, it's like my top pet peeve.

              Also lolz at the post itself.


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                All your bias are belong to us.
                The Brian Sabean sig is no more. I disagreed with you on so many levels. And then you went out and built a dynasty. I am lame.


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                    Originally posted by Borat View Post
                    All your bias are belong to us.
                    Thats why we american football.


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                      I love when people can't even properly capitalize words.


                      Originally posted by JordanTaber
            's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                        The OP is right that people are too critical of Mallett but is wrong about Locker. I'd take Mallett over Locker, but both will be in the top 10. If for nothing else, they can play in cold weather cities and run any offense you would want, unlike Colt McCoy - who can't seem to run any offense.
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                            I didn't listen to the whole thing and once the podcast became repetitive, I just stopped it, but the OP has a point... to a degree (his mild retardation aside). He, like the podcast, just didn't do a great job of explaining his points.

                            Basically, all I heard, was 20 minutes of excuses for Locker scattered throughout. Then John Elway was brought up, and I heard one of those, "Well John Elway never had a winning record at Stanford. How was his NFL career?"

                            Then I heard 20 minutes of Mallet bashing scattered throughout where he was called dumb (his redneck stereotype was then pussyfooted around), his accuracy was brought under speculation and his scheme was questioned. Then he was compared or referenced to JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf.

                            It's perfectly valid to question the guys ability, but it's juvenile and poorly articulated to just compare one guy to, maybe, the greatest player of all-time and then compare the next guy to two of the biggest busts in NFL history. It's a weak argument for both players.

                            There were rarely any specifics brought up for both players (unless I fast forwarded over them, which is possible). I heard box scores, box scores and more talk about box scores. I figured with how long the bantar went on for, that specifics would be brought up from each game.

                            His first INT was just atrocious (it was alluded to in the podcast). It was an awful decision. The next series he had a 3rd & 2. On a bootleg, he had a man wide open in the flat, but because he failed to get rid of the ball in a timely manner, he gave Hagg (defender) the opportunity to close on the ball and break up the pass. If he doesn't make the bad decision, then you can 1 INT away and 1 incompletion. If he has better timing on his 3rd down attempt, then he has another completion, 1 less incompletion and he moves the chains, controls the ball and sustains a drive. I could go on and on. His poise in the pocket is not good. He looked like he was distracted by the pass rush and failed to keep his eyes down field. Maybe I'll just get lazy now and call him Trent Edwards.

                            Anyway, people are constantly saying, "4-for-20. That was ******* awful."

                            How about 3-for-19... for 26 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs? Because he was a blown coverage away from having those atrocious numbers.

                            Basically, the guys on the podcast were right to a degree, but, as the OP pointed out, they also failed to pressure, question or critique Locker the same way they did Mallet. Locker deserves some responsibility for the bad game. All of it? No.
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                            Originally posted by Scott Wright
                            I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
                            Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
                            I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
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                            iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
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                            I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
                            Originally posted by GoRavens
                            Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.


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                              Scott is going to defend his guy and point out reasons why he believes Locker is the #1 QB. He should stay with his guy and if Locker goes on to bust in the NFL then we can start threads like this. Would it be smart for Scott to completely re-evaluate Locker off of one game? In the podcast Scott said he would most likely put Mallett in the top ten if he was making a mock today. Its not like he is disrespecting the guy.
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