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  • Mike Martin | DT | Michigan

    I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin.

    After showing a lot of potential in his freshman and sophomore years, he's really burst onto the scene this year. He's been the lone bright spot on a very poor Michigan defense. As good as Denard Robinson has been, and he's been great, there is no doubt in my mind that Michigan would not be 5-0 right now without Mike Martin. He's been nearly impossible to block one-on-one and teams have been struggling to stop him with two blockers.

    He's 6'2" 300 lbs with excellent strength. Unlike previous Michigan defensive tackles, he's one of the hardest workers on the team and his motor is unmatched on the defensive side of the ball. I'm not sure if he would declare early but if he keeps playing like he has been, he might have to.

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    Indiana tried blocking him one-on-one exactly once. It resulted in the loss of life for their center and the dismemberment of Ben Chappell. I <3 Martin.



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      This dude is going to set the combine record for bench reps. He's so goddamn strong.


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        <3 legit NT prospects with above average height.


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          He's got the right build. That's more the majority of guys can say.

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            Put him late first to the Jets in my last mock. Would like to see him stick around Ann Arbor for Denard's junior year, maybe they can make a run at something.


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              Originally posted by Sniper View Post
              Is he on dat juice?


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                Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
                Is he on dat juice?
                I mean, there's no way to say for sure since I haven't piss-tested him, but according to basically everyone, the guy lives in the weight room when he's not living in Michigan's opponents' backfields. I'd say no.


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                  Do I smell the second coming of Kelly Greg? I know a lot of people do not know a lot about Greg but he has been a Big key(no pun intended) for the Ravens D, low center of gravity, non stop motor, and a lot of power.

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                    First I'd say there has been one other bright spot on Michigan's D in Jonas Mouton (outside of UMass, in which almost the entire team was awful).

                    That said, Martin is a beast. I think he's actually playing out of position at NT however. He's got the strength, certainly. But his quickness, speed and agility would be far better served in a 3 tech, undertackle type role. I think that's where teams will end up looking at him for the draft.

                    I also think there's little chance he'll come out this year, so we'll see how his senior year goes. Still, he's on pace for about 12 TFL's and 5 sacks from the NT position in a 3 man line, so anything's possible.

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                      The Indiana game was the first I've watched of Michigan this year with any kind of interest in NFL prospects. I came away wanting to murder Pam Ward and that silly ****** they put next to her. After I got over that feeling, I was reminded of Brian Price.

                      Now, I don't mean that as a comparison, but in terms of, "Wow, he looks like a top 10 pick" and then the next minute I'm thinking, "Wow, he looks like a late second rounder."

                      I think he's a little inconsistent and he's still raw. Obviously, he loves that swim move and if you listen to Warren Sapp, he says leave the swimming for the pool. Another thing I noticed is that he doesn't keep his shoulders square and he's a one gap defender that will get pushed down the line. He's actually weak against the run and if he were in the NFL tomorrow, he would get mauled in the running game. He also spent a lot of time on the ground (similar to Price) while rushing the passer, but it was one game and I'll have to see if that is as frequent as it was.

                      I think he flashes at you with his burst, leverage, power and strength as a pass rusher (he had about 6 or 7 hits on the QB and faced constant double and triple teams), but then leaves a lot to be desired as a nose guard. I went in expecting a stout player, but saw a guy playing way out of position. He does have a great motor and some real nice physical tools, but the run defense left a lot to be desired.
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                      Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.


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                        Originally posted by BigBanger View Post
                        He's actually weak against the run and if he were in the NFL tomorrow, he would get mauled in the running game.
                        He gets doubled every single play without much else on that DL or behind him at LB. He'd be a monster as a 4-3 UT.


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                          He looks bigger than 300lbs. I know he's not fat, but still... he's a big boy


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                            Originally posted by Sniper View Post
                            He gets doubled every single play without much else on that DL or behind him at LB. He'd be a monster as a 4-3 UT.
                            I actually like him most as a 4-3 NT with his strength and his ability to anchor.


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                              Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
                              I actually like him most as a 4-3 NT with his strength and his ability to anchor.
                              to he it kinda depends on the type of 4-3 you run tbh. some DCords like the smaller DTs in which case he is fine at the nose, he can sort of play both tbh

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