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  • Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick

    What's his draft stock and what is his position? As we all know he is the only player in NCAA history to ever have 3 straight 2,000 yard passing and 1,000 yard rushing seasons. IMO I think when all is said and done he will be a solid third or fourth round prospect most likely as an athlete. At 6-6" 225 his long stride reminds me a lot of Brad Smith who is doing well in the NFL. Obviously Colin is much skinnier and we don't know if he can catch but he's a very crafty runner. At the same token while he may never be a starting QB in the NFL I don't see why he can't be developed into a good backup like Troy Smith. Don't think he has the arm velocity to make the necessary throws but as a backup fill in I think he has potential. Overall I think much like Joe Webb a team will draft him maybe not even knowing when they draft him if he will be a QB for them or a WR/gadget player. Regardless you can't overlook a guy who will end up having 10,000 yards passing+81 TD's, and 4000 yards rushing+56 TD's no matter the offensive system.

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    Not sure if he has much of an NFL future but thanks for changing the subject in here.


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      he was a non prospect to me prior to the boise game. apparently he's changed his throwing motion this year. it is still extremely awkward looking but it is improved. i dont think he's got a very good shot but someone will see the tools and take a chance late

      if I were advising him I'd tell him to play baseball


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        I think that he would be a great developmental prospect. Taken in the 5th, this guy could be a starter in 2-3 years. He just needs to land with a proper coach. Like Gruden or someone like that.

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          I think folks are severely underestimating Kaepernick's ability to play QB in the NFL.
          I obviously haven't watched all of Nevada's games, but from what little I've seen, he's an accurate QB and has touch on his deep ball. His arm is beast, despite reports to the contrary, ( kid throws a 95mph fastball), although he's had to re-jigger his sidearm baseball throwing motion in college.

          Kaepernick is a prospect who's gotten better every year he's been in college and I think he could play his way into the 2nd round during predraft allstar games and NFL testing.

          The announcers at the Boise State game said Kaepernick was 230# so IMO his weight is okay.
          He's kind of Vince Young lite, but if Colin has a better head on his shoulders and has the work ethic needed to improve as a QB in the NFL, he could be a major steal for some team.

          Kaepernick early in his college career looked like an athlete playing QB, but now I'd say he's more an athletic QB who looks to throw even when scrambling outside the pocket.

          As a developmental prospect, Kaepernick's best value is the 3rd round or later, but I could see some team overdrafting him because of his potential.

          I really like him and could see SHanahan maneuvering to select Kaepernick in April.


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            I love watching him play, but he's at best a project. Elongated release, limited in his reads and vision. Still needs to bulk up, IMO. Dennis Dixon a few years ago was similar but ahead of Kaepernick as far as polish in the passing game.
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              Watching the Boise game, I was actually reasonably impressed with his arm. He seemed to have good zip on the ball. I wouldn't be too surprised to see him find some success in the nfl in the right situation.

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                I'd love to see Kaepernick as a 3rd string/developmental QB on the Browns, but I think he's going to go as high as maybe day 2.

                Nevada rarely throws and you watch Kaepernick and you just wonder why


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                  his arm strength is ridiculous, i dont know where people got that it wasnt. someone was probably thinking about a different player when he said that

                  if anything I think he guns the ball too much. if you throw the ball 90mph to a RB in the flats good luck with your comp%

                  he has a LOT of kinks to work out but also a LOT of potential. I would say Kaepernick:Newton::Dennis Dixon:Vince Young

                  i still think he would be better off signing w/ an mlb team. if jeff samardzjia can get 5 million or whatever from the cubs...


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                    I was impressed with Kaepernick's ability to make plays when his team needed him. He made some of them running, but he made a bunch of them passing too which was obviously what we were all looking for. His throwing motion needs to be cleaned up some but he has a strong arm, he has good zip on his passes, he seems to be pretty accurate... he just needs time to develop for a couple of years in my opinion. Will he ever be a quality NFL starter? I don't know, but I like how he played late in that Boise State game which was a HUGE game not only for him but that entire program. I love players that show up in games like that, especially at critical moments in those games, and Kaepernick didn't just show up he won the game for them with that touchdown pass that forced OT.

                    I don't think he has a lot of pocket poise and he obviously doesn't have a lot of experience going through progressions and reads in that offense, but he seems like a potentially smart enough guy to be able to learn that stuff if he gets brought along as a developmental guy at first. I definitely think he has it in him to be a back-up QB in the NFL. I'd say he's a 4th round pick right now.


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                      Very late 2nd Day prospects. I wouldn't doubt if he went undrafted. Definitely no future as an NFL starting QB.


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                        Originally posted by wonderbredd24 View Post
                        I'd love to see Kaepernick as a 3rd string/developmental QB on the Browns, but I think he's going to go as high as maybe day 2.

                        Nevada rarely throws and you watch Kaepernick and you just wonder why
                        Because surprisingly the run game is better, and that's the staple of the pistol offense they're running. It makes no sense to keep throwing it when you are getting just under 7 yards a clip from some of your running backs.

                        That being said, I'm a huge fan of Kaepernick. This kid has a legit arm, legit athleticism and some great intangibles, touch, size, everything. He needs to be coached up a fair bit but I don't see any reason why you couldn't make this kid a starter in three or four years.


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                          Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
                          Very late 2nd Day prospects. I wouldn't doubt if he went undrafted. Definitely no future as an NFL starting QB.
                          I'm confused... so the obscene physical tools Cam Newton has could potentially land him in the top 5 of the draft, but Colin Kaepernick, with a ton of physical ability of his own could go undrafted?

                          And Kaepernick is a really good kid as well as a great leader in the huddle.


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                            Kaepernick is a rare physical specimen at QB but just so thin and small (not height wise, I know he's 6'6). He will need a lot of coaching and time to adjust from the WAC to the NFL, but in 3-4 years of proper coaching he could be an effective starting QB. I think too many people think because you can't immediately contribute you have no future in the NFL, but at the QB position this couldn't be further from the truth. I would have him going in the 3rd-4th Round right now and with a good Senior Bowl and Combine he could definitely sneak into the bottom of Round 2.


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                              The most underrated QB in the upcoming draft. This kid has a cannon, despite other posts to the contrary. He is an awesome physical specimen that will fill out and his intangibles (i.q., heart, willingness to compete) are top notch. Someone's gonna get a steal of a deal on him.



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