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    Ok ladies and gents give me three players that you hands down, would put your stamp of approval on. Also give me three players that you hate and if your team drafted you would call a bum if you were driving your car down the street and saw them walking.

    1.Stephen Paea- The one DT that everyone loves not to talk about.
    2.Ryan Kerrigan- Blue collar, just knows how to get to the QB.
    3.Jerrel Jernigan- The next best player from Troy!

    1.Cameron Heyward- Not worth where he'll be drafted.
    2.Jake Locker- Just don't see what other people do.
    3.Dont'a Hightower- People said he was better than McClain... nope.

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    1.) Andrew Luck - Favorite QB prospect since I began following the draft
    2.) AJ Green - I think he's the most polished WR to enter since Larry Fitz
    3.) Patrick Peterson - I think he's going to be an animal, even if it is at safety

    Not Big Fans Of (Hate is a little too strong)
    1.) Anthony Castonzo - Every time I've watched him, he hasn't impressed me. Seems to have too heavy of feet for an NFL LT, and he got bull rushed successfully by smaller guys like Steven Friday too much for me to like him at RT.
    2.) Mark Ingram - Great all around RB, but not an all world talent. I wouldn't touch him in the first 25 picks since RBs are easy to find much, much later.
    3.) Rodney Hudson - If he really is only 6'2 280, he better hope Mike Shanahan drafts him, because I sure as hell wouldn't.


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      1 QB Andrew Luck: How could you not? I expect him to be similar to Matt Ryan right now

      2 DE Adrian Clayborn: He hasnt had the great senior year like we expected but is still playing at a high level. A for sure starter in my eyes, he makes an impact on the pass and run plays

      3 QB Cameron Newton: I am a believer. The kid is simply the best athlete in this draft and probably at his age. 6'6 250lbs 4.5 speed, big arm, SEC experience. He will be a top 10 pick

      Hate/Not Like:
      1 WR AJ Green: He is a great prospect, but for some reason I see him not living up to his potential. Wont be a bust, but wont be the Randy Moss type guy some are making him out to be.

      2 C/G Mike Pouncey: From what Ive seen from him this year, I havent been really impressed. He's not a 1st round type center/guard but will be solid offensive linemen for somebody

      3 DL Marcell Dareus: Similar to Pouncey, he has really caught my eye when I watch them play. He is going to be a top 15 pick but will play like a last 1st

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        Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
        2.) AJ Green - I think he's the most polished WR to enter since Larry Fitz
        Calvin Johnson says hi


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          You sniped a few of mine. I'm also really high on Paea and Jernigan. I love both of them. I do however like Jake Locker.


          1. Cam Jordan - Love the motor, love the versatility
          2. Michael Floyd - If he's healthy, he's going to be a very good #1 WR
          3. Demarco Murray - I think he's going to be a steal in the second/third
          4. Adrian Clayborn - He's going to be a monster in the NFL


          1. Jonathon Baldwin - Good luck getting off the jam in the NFL
          2. Ras-I Dowling - Too slow, too small, too sloppy
          3. Marvin Austin - Still living off high school hype
          4. Cam Newton - Cant believe I left him off. C'Mon, man...
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          Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
          The APS is strong in this one.
          Originally posted by killxswitch
          Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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            Originally posted by JaxJag_1 View Post
            Calvin Johnson says hi
            Any polish applied to Calvin would have been done by Reggie Ball, and would have been best forgotten.


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              Originally posted by JaxJag_1 View Post
              Calvin Johnson says hi
              AJ Green is a far more polished receiver then Calvin Johnson was coming out, I dont think there is any debate about that.
              Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
              The APS is strong in this one.
              Originally posted by killxswitch
              Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                1. Colin Kaepernick - Everything about this guy is just awesome.
                2. Jerrel Jernigan - Very, very underrated. DeSean Jackson 2.0?
                3. Marcus Cannon - One of the best OL prospects I've ever seen.


                1. Cameron Newton - Doesn't deserve all the hype.
                2. Jake Locker - Not a 1st round talent anymore, sorry.
                3. Nah, I don't think there's anyone.


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                  1. RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma - Supremely talented and would be a beast in a committee, getting touches out of the shotgun formation and especially on draws. Very explosive.
                  2. OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College - Has over 50 starts in a row at left tackle, very smart, great technique, should be a pretty safe pick for a team in the first round this year.
                  3. DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue - Has a non-stop motor and is always working to get better. The kind of guy that coaches will love and has versatility in both 3-4 and 4-3 defenses.


                  1. RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech - Everyone blames his poor season on blocking, etc., but it didn't prevent all of the other runners on the team from averaging significantly higher YPC. Goes down way too easily.
                  2. WR Jon Baldwin, Pittsburgh - The comments he made at the end of the season are a forecast of what's to come once a team decides to draft this diva in the first round.
                  3. DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio St. - Has looked mediocre this year and is severely overhyped. I'd consider him somewhere in the second round but he's nowhere near the legitimate first-round talent people consider him.


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                    DeMarco Murray - Having watched so much OU football here in Big 12 country, I am a fan.
                    Andrew Luck - How could one not love him?
                    Colin Kaepernick - I think he's got serious upside

                    Mark Ingram - I don't see the big deal.
                    Cam Newton - IT'S A TRAP!
                    Allen Bailey - He looks stiff

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                      1. Stephen Paea NT, Oregon State (Pure animal with the strength to match just about any DT in the draft, and uses leverage as good as any prospect i've ever seen. Immediat starter at NT or as a 1 Tech in a 4-3)
                      2. Cam Jordan DE/DT, Cal (IMO he's a sure thing as a 3-4 DE. He's experienced at that spot and has the perfect build for it. He's really strong, and as you saw, or didn't see, can completely shut a run game down, all but by himself, ala vs, Oregon.
                      3. Jeremy Beal OLB, Oklahoma (He's a surefire 3-4 OLB. Has consistantly been a great pass rusher the last 3.5 years and is very athletic. He does a LOT of things at Oklahoma, and does a great job in coverage and rushing in the 3 pt stance. He's a ready made 10 sack a year guy without a doubt IMO)

                      1. Jonathan Baldwin WR, Pitt (Just a player that i really dont like. He looked slow and unwilling to do anything this year, and doesn't get seperation, and then when asked if he's gonna leave, he does nothing but bash the team. I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.)
                      2. Von Miller OLB, Texas A&M (He's a one trick pony who will have to do a LOT more to be anything at all in the NFL. All he does is speed rush, and if you watch the film, smart teams just run the ball right under him, and run it for big games. Pretty much a pass rush specialist at best at the next level. No better than Antwan Barnes IMO.)
                      3. Marvin Austin DE/DT, UNC (He's a bum. Terrible work ethic, although he's not lazy on the field. He's a flat out underachiever, who couldn't use leverage to save his live. And now he cant play any more college ball. He's all but taken off my board till the 3rd or 4th round at absolute best.)


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                        1) Andrew Luck-Best QB prospect IMO since Peyton Manning. Polish AND athletic ability. Still, is he good enough to save a rudderless franchise? That is the million dollar question for every player coming out.
                        2) Ryan Kerrigan-Great motor, good burst, plays both sides.. and very productive... I hope we get to see him at the Senior Bowl.
                        3)DE/LB Dontay Moch-Everytime I watch Nevada I tune in to see him and even when he goes sackless I come away impressed. Great speed around the edge, can really run a tight arc, is very versatilie (lining up everywhere), and is stronger than people think,,, jacks OGs backwards when going 1-on-1 with them. Most people see his workout numbers and don't think he is nearly productive enough, I see a terror on the field that offenses have to locate on every play to get two guys on. 1st round might be a bit too soon, but I like Moch in round 2 and as a RDE Dwight Freeney 2.0 type player.

                        almost forgot who I don't like:

                        1) Jake Locker-I want to like him, but right now he reminds me of Akili Smith. All athletic ability, no quarterbacking ability. This rematch against Nebraska will be a huge test and indicator if he has learned and can rebound from his dreadful performance.
                        2) Marvin Austin-I watched DTs all last season and saw Austin far too many times. Far too many times I saw him getting pushed 10 yards off the ball, get no penetration, pretty much do nothing for 60 minutes.. despite playing with Quinn, EJ Wilson, and Alaric Mullins as well as potential 1st round LBs behind him. Just plain terrible.
                        3a)Adrian Clayborn, I just don't see the quick twitch from him... he could be a good LDE, but as a RDE I just don't see him being a difference maker.
                        3b) Ras-I Dowling-I wanted him to do well... but he's just a guy. Somebody said he was "too small"... I don't see that at all, too slow, probably, not quick enough, definitely... hurt too often, absolutely. He could be a pretty good FS if he can stay healthy.
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                          Stefen Wisniewski - Very under-rated athleticism. Not saying he's an elite athlete but he's VERY good at pulling and got better and better as the season progressed.
                          J.J. Watt - For my money, he's the best 34DE prospect I've seen (since 2003) but his skills translate well to the 4-3 as well as he can play all across the line effectively.
                          Jaiquawn Jarrett - He may not have elite speed but he's a strong tackler in run support, has good ball skills, and has gotten better in coverage every year. In a weak safety class, he's trending upwards as opposed to many other guys that were considered 'top guys' that are trending down.

                          Not so High on (which turned into my list of players who should stay in school)
                          Aaron Williams - Williams had an absolutely awful season. He was outplayed by both Curtis and Chykie Brown (prior to his injury) and both of them saw their stock drop based on poor play. Williams still has the size and athleticism that makes teams drool but his play dropped off enough that I would have trouble taking him in the top 2 rounds.
                          Don'ta Hightower - After being granted a medical redshirt and only being a sophomore this season, there really is no rush for him to declare early but he was vastly outplayed by his running mate, Courtney Upshaw, and just looked like a totally different player than his pre-injury form. He began to come back a bit towards the end of the season but not enough to make me ignore the lack of speed and playmaking ability from the rest of the season. He needs to go back and rebuild his stock.
                          Akeem Ayers - Ayers is a man without a position. He has really poor hand placement and his pass rush repertoire is lacking so he's not a good fit at 34OLB. He struggles mightily to get off blocks so he's not the best fit at 34ILB. I think he needs to get into a 43 rushbacker type of role a la LaVar Arrington or Clint Sintim but even then I consider him a project because, while he has elite athleticism and speed, he struggles in coverage and isn't really a sound tackler.

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                            Subject to change :D

                            High on:

                            Greg Little - Best yac WR in this class

                            Rashad "Rock" Carmichael - Ball skills and a solid, physical tackler despite size

                            DJ Williams - Not just a great receiving TE

                            Down on:

                            Michael Floyd - could show up slow and lacking in his expected biggest strength. (jump ball ability) Basically another Crabtree. (yac ability)

                            Justin Houston - looks much less explosive to me than he's being touted as

                            Andrew Luck - Because his stock is so high. Might have a fast mind but is slow with his mechanics.

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                              Love : Luck, Herzlich, Paea

                              Don't hate anybody but I don't see Cam Newton being any good as an NFL QB.



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