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OT James Brewer [Indiana]

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  • OT James Brewer [Indiana]

    So far in the Senior Bowl week I came away the most impressed with James Brewer from Indiana.

    -He has dominant size at 6'6" 323lbs. and was listed as carrying it really well.

    -He was dominant at RT winning back to back 1 on 1s.

    -Of all the OTs that have moved inside to OG he looked the most comfortable and was the most physical.

    -I have heard that the coaches have been raving about him during the pratice time.

    What is his position in the pros?

    Where does a strong week at the Senior Bowl move him in the draft?

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    i havent seen much, but hows his initial contact and punch?...he seriously looked like he lacked any power for such a massive man at indiana


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      I think he'll have to kick inside and prove he can do it. I'm not impressed with his footwork and hand use. Coaches have singled him out as much as any linemen at the practices from what I've seen. Let's people get inside of him waaay too easy. Not a real big fan to be honest with you.

      R.I.P. Junior Seau


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        He's a right tackle, but could be a very good one.



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