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Bowers: What Are the Chances He Falls?

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  • Bowers: What Are the Chances He Falls?

    Hey guys, huge Titans fan here.

    I really want DaQuan Bowers in the draft. The Titans pick #8 in this draft, i've seen a couple drafts that have Bowers falling to #8. What do you think the chances are that this actually happens? Very slim probably. Most people have the Titans taking a QB, which I can understand why.. but defense is our biggest need. Our corners are average, or SS sucks, our LBs are weak, and our DL is ok at best. Plus the only DEs we have under contract are Derrick Morgan and William Hayes. I'm hoping we do not resign Babin, he'll probably want $$$ and he's overrated. He excelled in our system because he lined up 5 yards off the tackle every time, now that Washburn (our DLINE coach) is gone, he'll be horrible. If the Titans could land Bowers we could have a dominate DL for a while.

    Maybe if something like this happen:
    Panthers - Fairley
    Broncos - Peterson
    Buffalo - Von Miller
    Bengals - AJ Green
    Cardinals - Gabbert
    Cleveland - Robert Quinn or Dareus
    49ers - Amukamara
    Titans - Bowers

    The big Q is Cleveland, i'm pretty sure they'd take him if he fell. What do you guys think?

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    He could fall, everyone has that chance. That said, I doubt he gets drafted outside the top 5. If there are no trades in the top 7 picks he could fall to the Titans, but if a few top teams passed on him I think someone would trade up and get him. Because of the number of 3-4 teams dratfing high along with some teams who might grab a QB there is a chance. Bowers might not be an ideal fit for a 3-4 team, although there will be varying opinions on that topic.


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      He could fall, but I think it's about as safe a bet as you can make that he goes in the top 6 for certain. One of Carolina, Denver, Cincinnati, or Cleveland will take him.....but it is very early.

      I do think that Miller, Fairley, Peterson, Green, and Dareus could be the top 5 picks if not Bowers. There are things like his first two years at Clemson and his attitude in the past that could make him go lower than his athleticism and junior year production would lead you to believe.


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        Depending on how the first overall pick goes there is a very realistic chance he could fall. That being said there is also a very realistic chance at this point of him being the first overall pick.

        Hypothetically the top of the draft could shake out in a number of ways which would make Bowers fall

        1. Nick Fairley
        2. Patrick Peterson
        3. Von Miller
        4. AJ Green
        5. Prince Amukamara
        6. Robert Quinn
        7. Blaine Gabbert

        1. Nick Fairley
        2. Marcel Dareus
        3. Robert Quinn
        4. AJ Green
        5. Patrick Peterson
        6. Julio Jones
        7. Prince Amukamara

        1. AJ Green
        2. Nick Fairley
        3. Marcel Dareus
        4. Patrick Peterson
        5. Von Miller
        6. Robert Quinn
        7. Cameron Newton

        Now Carolina, Denver, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona, Cleveland and SF could all take Bowers but there are definitely a number of scenarios where he could fall

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          I wouldn't be shocked to see him fall. There's some Gaines Adams/Jamaal Anderson signs there. He's a tough read.


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            It's a likely possibility but you all don't have ya stud DL coach anymore so those great results that he normally produced out of decent DL, will be nomore.


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              It looked a lot more likely about a month ago. Back then, there were only 3 team in the top eleven who ran a 4-3. But with hirings/firings it looks like both the Broncos and the Browns will be running the 4-3 and will be in need of starting DE so it seems a lot less likely that he'll fall.


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                just wanted to bump this thread and say if Bowers doesn't go 1 or 2, he starts to fall. Bills run a 3-4, Bengals possible pick but need a QB, Cards run a 3-4, Browns possible pick but need WR, Niners run a 3-4 and need a CB, it's very feasible that if Bowers doesn't go to Carolina or Denver he goes to Tennessee.

                It's not really his fault there are just alot of blue chip prospects this year, especially on DL.
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                  With the way those Dlineman tore up the combine, Bowers really needs to show out at his pro day.

                  He still at worst is going in the top half of the 1st, someone will trade up to get him.


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                    He's far more likely to go #1 overall than any chance he falls out of the top 5. The only way he falls out of the top 5, is if the doctors don't give him a clean bill of health about his injury. Then all bets are off.
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                      Very good chance at this point that he falls out of the top 5.

                      I think Patrick Peterson, Von Miller, Nick Fairley, AJ Green, and even Marcell Dareus are better prospects, and that isn't even taking into consideration the QB prospects.


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                        I think he will. There are too many "top-15" picks in this draft, they can't all fit there. This thread is about Bowers falling to Tennessee, but there's a chance he gets past Minnesota and Detroit, maybe even St. Louis if they like another DE better there. I know he's too talented for that, but without a trade there can be 15 players drafted in front of him easily.
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                          If he doesn't go top 3 he will drop to 8



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                            I'd rather have JJ Watt.
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                              QB is the Titans biggest need. They literally only have Rusty Smith at the moment for 2011. Now, the value may not be there at #8 necessarily, but defense doesn't trump QB as a need for the Titans.



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