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Contest: Win a Spot On the "DC" Podcast Live Mock!

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  • Contest: Win a Spot On the "DC" Podcast Live Mock!

    Last year we held a contest for one lucky forum member to join us on the Draft Countdown Podcast for a Live Mock Draft and it was a big success so we’re doing it again.

    Last year Brandon Nall joined Scott, Chris Steuber and I (Podcast) and this year it could be you!

    Here are the requirements:

    1. You must be available from 7:45PM EST to 11:15PM EST on Tuesday, April 17th.

    2. You must be knowledgable about the NFL and NFL Draft and be willing to talk on the air.

    3. You must be a member of the Draft Countdown Forums.

    4. You must be an avid listener to the Podcast! Below are 10 questions based on previous DC Podcasts (Which you can find on iTunes and at Blog Talk Radio) from this NFL Draft season. Send your answers in a Private Message to me, Shane P. Hallam, on the forums. They are due Sunday by 9:00 AM EST. The first person to get all 10 correct will earn the spot. If no one gets all 10 correct, whoever has the most will get the spot. In case of tie, the person who sent their entry earliest will get the spot. Any questions should be posted in this thread and I'll reply.

    Podcast Quiz:

    1. Which prospect on the small school podcast described one of their strengths as having a high football IQ?

    2. Which prospect guest told Scott and Shane that after football he wanted to be get into the Lodging industry?

    3. Name two players that Scott and/or Shane (while in Mobile,) PREDICTED would excel during Senior Bowl week and emerge to help their stock.

    4. What 40 time did Joe Adams tell Scott and Shane he would run at his pro day?

    5. Who did Joe Everett select for the San Diego Chargers in the first Live Mock Draft?

    6. Which guest told Scott and Shane that player/team interviews "get to football" by the time players get to the combine?

    7. Who were two Cornerbacks Travelle Gaines predicted to run among the fastest 40 times at the combine?

    8. What was the final score of Scott and Shane’s Scouting Combine Prop Bet contest? Who won?

    9. Who did Scott and Shane joke was the star of the indoor practice for the South squad at the Senior Bowl, who made a catch "every time you turned around"?

    10. Who did Scott predict was an offensive player who could go in Round 1 that nobody has predicted during the Potential Surprises Show?
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    Read the directions! Don't post answers in this thread. If you need the answers you just posted Caddy, I can give them to you to submit properly.

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