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The Mid-Eastern Athletic prospects are complete...

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  • The Mid-Eastern Athletic prospects are complete...

    Bobbie Williams, S, Sr. (6’0”/190 lbs.)
    Ronnie McCullough, LB, Sr. (6’1”/230 lbs.)
    Travis Roland, CB, Sr. (5’9”/187 lbs.)
    Dennis King, DE, Sr. (6’3”/280 lbs.)
    Josh Baloon, LB, Sr. (6’1”/230 lbs.)

    Delaware State
    Shaheer McBride, WR, Sr. (6’3”/190 lbs.)
    Russell Reeves, LB, Sr. (6’3”/225 lbs.)
    Kelly Rouse, LB, Sr. (6’3”/240 lbs.)

    Florida A&M
    Anthony Edwards, RB, Jr. (5’11”/212 lbs.)
    Willie Hayward, WR, Sr. (6’4”/190 lbs.)
    Vernon Wilder, LB, Sr. (6’0”/248 lbs.)
    Dannel Shepard, LB, Sr. (5’9”/180 lbs.)
    Jason Beach, S, Jr. (6’2”/198 lbs.)

    Kevin Beverly, RB, Sr. (5’11”/190 lbs.)
    Kendall Langford, DE, Sr. (6’6”/290 lbs.)
    Wakeem Goode, LB, Jr. (5’11”/214 lbs.)

    Brian Johnson, QB, Sr. (6’0”/190 lbs.)
    Philip Daley, LB, Sr. (6’1”/215 lbs.)

    Morgan State
    Chad Simpson, RB, Sr. (5’10”/205 lbs.)
    Jarrell Guyton, LB, Jr. (6’0”/225 lbs.)
    Kofi Nkrumah, CB, Sr. (5’10”/195 lbs.)
    Terrell Floyd, DE, Sr. (6’4”/265 lbs.)

    Norfolk State
    Maguell Davis, LB, Jr. (6’3”/232 lbs.)
    Dennis Marsh, DT, Jr. (6’5”/300 lbs.)
    Anthony Olumba, CB, Sr. (5’10”189 lbs.)

    North Carolina A&T
    Davion Hemphill, LB, Jr. (6’1”/210 lbs.)
    Antonio Johnson, DE, Sr. (6’3”/225 lbs.)

    South Carolina State
    DeShawn Baker, RB, Sr. (6’1”/222 lbs.)
    LaTravis Henderson, LB, Jr. (6’1”/230 lbs.)
    Eric Turner, DT, Sr. (6’4”/260 lbs.)

    Winston-Salem State
    Brandon McRae, RB, R-Soph. (5’10”/225 lbs.)
    Thaddeus Griffin, LB, Sr. (6’2”/225 lbs.)
    William Hayes, LB, Jr. (6’3”/260 lbs.)
    De’Ron Middleton, CB, Jr. (5’10”/175 lbs.)
    Demetrius Rivers, CB, Sr. (5’10”/175 lbs.)
    Nathaniel Biggs, S, Sr. (6’0”/195 lbs.)

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    Just curious...

    I appreciate you doing all this stuff, but I think we are all curious to know your sources

    Have you ever actually intensely scouted a junior linebacker from Sacred Heart or a senior cornerback from Monmouth or anyone else on these lists for that matter?

    Is this purely based on stats and measurables or do you actually have film on these guys?

    I'm just feeling a little suspect here because even a website like (Not trying to promote or anything) which lists every prospect for the next 3 drafts doesn't even list these guys from Robert Morris, Sacred Heart, La Salle, Delaware State etc...

    Again, I am not trying to criticize your work, I appreciate it and I bet it took alot of effort, but I am just curious to know where your getting this information from



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