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  • Knowshon Moreno/Tomlinson

    I think there might have been a thread on him earlier, but I was watching some of his highlights on youtube, and I gotta say this guy really reminds me of Ladainian Tomlinson.

    I'm not saying he's as fast, as shifty, or overall as good, but his compact build and running style makes you think you're watching LT when he's carrying the ball. Plus Moreno seems pretty good at receiving for a RB.

    I'm excited to see how good this kid can be. It's refreshing to watch how intense he is on the field. Anyone else have thoughts on him?

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    Fantastic player who has great vision, speed and knack for carrying tacklers a couple extra yards. I think he's going to have a great future.


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      I've heard Caddy comparisons but how fast is Knowshon excatly?


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        Kid is electric...I love how he runs, he's simply intense...He has that Marion Barber esque fire. So much energy...he's one of those guys that keeps coming back no matter how much or how hard, you hit him. He gets stronger and stronger as the game goes on. He's always the first guy up after the tackle. I love this guy. haha.

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          How much does Moreno weigh? He might be a bit small for the NFL. I think he is a fantastic college player, and if he puts on a bit more weight I don't see why he would not do well in the big leagues.

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            ah yeah i remember him saying that he idolized walter payton and loved how he always ran back to the huddle and stuff... the weight thing shouldnt be a problem hes only a 2nd year freshman rashard mendenhall gained 20 lbs over the course of his carrer and noone in the beginning could have predicted he'd be a top 3 back in any given draft...


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              He's 5'10 205-210 as a RS Freshman so he'll be fine. Should be 215-220 when he comes out which is ideal size.
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                I see the comparison.


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                  He reminds me ALOT of Terrel Davis. This kid is awesome.



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