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    Hey just thought I would put up some of my thoughts on some of the Wildcats new recruits any info you guys have of the smae guys or others would be great stuff to.

    Keola Antolin- RB/ATH- Las Vegas, NV ( 5’8, 183lbs, 4.47 40
    Looks fast and has rather good COD skills, low center of gravity (due to being 5’8), great hands played quite a bit of receiver in high school, 35 inch vertical, size will definitely hurt him playing the Pac-10, however he has quite some power as he weighs 183 pounds but is listed as putting 225 up 20 times.

    Juron Criner- WR- North Las Vegas, NV: 6’4, 200lbs, 4.6 40
    Great looking leaper and his size will definitely help him win some jump balls, however he is definitely a Randy Moss type of receiver and won’t be throwing many blocks as he is listed as only having 6 reps at 225, also played basketball at hi high school.

    Robert Golden- CB- Fresno, CA: 5’10, 182, 4.5 40, 34 inch Vertical
    Cason’s replacement, terrific jamming corner that can really play physical with receivers, very much in the Al Harris mold, lacks the closing speed necessary to catch up with a receiver if he beats the jam, comes out of the DB factory Edison in California and is widely considered the best DB to come out of the school in several years.

    Solomn Koehler- DT- Kaneohe, HI: 6’2, 305lbs, 4.9 40, 33 reps at 225
    Great DT that can really eat up double teams, amazing athlete for a man of his size, needs to perfect his technique with moving his hands and feet better (which should be no problem), once he gets his full moves down he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

    Matt Scott- QB- Corona, CA: 6’3, 205lbs, 4.5 40
    Athletic young QB with the rare combo of a great throwing motion that is almost flawless a cannon arm and the athletic ability to tuck and run if necessary, has been known to tuck it to early instead of letting the play develop, will need to slightly tweak his decision making but should be an instant star after Tui leaves.

    Vuna Tuihalamaka- OLB- Torrance, CA: 6’1, 220lbs, 4.7 40
    To be honest I don’t know much of anything about this guy so anyone with info please enlighten me but he looks to have decent size, albeit he seems to have a rather slow 40 time for an OLB I woulda expected it to be in the 4.5 range.

    these are just a few of the recruits as i previously stated and to tell you the truth I'm really intrigued by Keola Antolin as he can really catch the ball which means he fits the spread offense's scheme quite well.

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    probably put it in the recruiting thread and people can help you
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