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Possible College Gameday Shake-up

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  • Possible College Gameday Shake-up

    sucks if true:

    herbstreit---gone; but will remain head analyst of night games with musburger; if i remember last year, he would be at gameday, then have to fly to that nights game; a lot less traveling on his part

    fowler---out; no reason give, or what he would do next

    corso---out; same as fowler, no reason given or his next gig; i will miss the mascot head at the end of the show; my favorite part :(

    dr lou holtz---in as corso's replacement; dont like him at all

    tommy tubberville---in as herbstreits replacement; good move for both sides; liked the little i saw of him during recruiting season; less work than a head coach, and it lessens the work on herbstreits end

    karl ravich---in as fowlers replacement; i would go with rece davis, but i like ravich on baseball tonight; but, i prefer fowler for football

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    Epic fail.

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      2 hours of lou holtz rambling about notre dame, and how they will go 12-0=fail of epic proportions

      i actually looked forward to this every saturday; now, i will sleep in if wvu has a afternoon/night game

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        That sucks, Holtz is so damn annyoing. They may be in the Grove for a game next year, too.


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          Fowler is the man. I liked him a lot on Gameday. Replacing Corso with Holtz is a huge downgrade and would be a pretty big disappointment from a viewing standpoint.
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            Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
            That sucks, Holtz is so damn annyoing. They may be in the Grove for a game next year, too.
            they will never go to wvu with holtz

            someone would take him out

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              Originally posted by JRTPlaya21 View Post
              Epic fail.
              That pretty much sums it up.


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                I really like the original gameday crew. Sure, Lee is kinda annoying and dumb, but he is mostly tolerable and he and Herby work well together.

                I like Herby's insights and he usually balanced out Lee's craziness.

                And Fowler is awesome. One of my favorite "moderators/leads" on sports day shows.


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                  horrible news.


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                    I'm surprised they didn't go with Rece Davis to replace Fowler. Seems like a perfect fit.

                    PS: I think they're the same person.


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                      Why? Corso was the man, and Fowler deciphering the madness was where it was at.

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                        This is awful but I could see it coming. Herbie is more into the broadcasting now, Corso is getting older and may not be able to take the traveling anymore. Fowler shocks me because he seems to love it and writes great blogs on the gameday trips.

                        As for the replacements, I cna't see it being Ravech Baseball season is still going on when the Season starts. Lou Holtz will be just awful, but tuberville should be solid. What about Dez Howard?

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                          I will stop watching gameday if this happens.


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                            This blows. They worked well together. And Corso was a legit version of Dick Vitale. Plus their commercials were pretty funny.

                            And I've never wished death upon someone that didn't deserve it, but Lou Holtz is pushing it.......JK. Kind of.
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                              Terrible, terrible stuff right here. The Fowler/Corso/Herbstreet trio was my favorite pregame crew on any show in any sport.
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