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Flashback: Class of 2008

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  • Flashback: Class of 2008

    Interesting look back, from ESPN

    What stands out to you experts the most here?

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    nothing really? what are you looking for really...

    RIP, Sean Taylor.


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      I don't think Bowers would've been #1 if Pryor was playing in the under armour game and Bowers was in the army bowl. Too many politics in recruiting rankings. Rivals will rank you way higher if you go to their camps. Plus I don't like ESPN's recruiting team at all, I've heard some anonymous quotes from actual college scouts and coaches who ridicule ESPN's "scouts inc." Luginbill is pretty much a joke.

      In regards to 2008, man those WRs sure lived up to the hype so far. Such a loaded class. Patrick Peterson and Pryor as well. The RBs (most of them), linebackers, and offensive linemen especially have been disappointments. Tyron Smith is good I suppose, and Nigel Bradham at LB is great - a few exceptions do exist.
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