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  • Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
    Yo what can you guys tell me about LB Zack Kane. He just was added to Temple's Roster.
    Was a sleeper recruit coming out of high school, lots of Cane fans liked his 'intensity', played with an edge on the field. Most had him pegged for the Inside LB spot with his plus size and though we definitely recruited 3-4 LBs that year with more talent than him, he had that psycho mentality that you hope may develop into something interesting at the MIKE spot.

    Got into some off field stuff and we never got to see him play, though I don't think many Cane fans were that upset over losing him with the numbers we had the spot plus him being somewhat of a reach of a recruit.

    I personally liked his film and thought he would at the very least be a monster of a special teams player.


    • Originally posted by JoeyJr09 View Post
      Kane has some upside as a MLB. He was always a project because hes thin for a LB but he can turn into an ideal run thumper inside with the right weight training and development.

      He should sit for a year and then work as a ST gunner for another year or two but by his JR season he should be ready to be a pretty good full time MLB.

      With all that said, he has temper and off the field issues that got him suspended frm his HS team and cost him a shot at coming to Miami.

      Boom or Bust type.

      Hollywood, not sure what isnt adding up about the DUI. Been confirmed, just no name released. Whats the big deal? FSU police isnt Miami-Dade County. People arrestted on that campus are not released to the public unless/until the kid gets reported to TPD. That might not have offered. We dont know the details. Hard to say something isnt adding upwhen zero details have been released to even attempt to add up.
      I didn't know that about them not getting reported to the TPD, how long does that usually take? I was going off the fact that it is public info when someone gets a DUI and it not being leaked yet is what seems strange to me...

      Also, even if it has not been released to the PD yet, these things usually never take this long for the name to get out. It supposedly happened last weekend, people would be talking and we should know something based on who did not return with the team and practiced yesterday...
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      • They wont kick the kid out of practice. Why on earth would they do that? Kid is still part of the team. Just cause hes gonna be suspended a few games doesnt mean he is kicked out of practices.

        The incdent might never go to TPD and might never be made public. For instance. Say the kid that got arrestted is under 21. He blew under a 0.08. So technically a DUI because of age but he really wasnt drunk. He would be booked by FSUPD who would give Miami a courtesy call before doing anything further. FSUPD and Miami could have worked out a wink, wink agreement to keep this out of TPD and make it a campus arrest. So the only way it goes public is it Miami releases it.

        We might never know who it was. Might just have to guess based on who gets suspended. Its not like Randy ever releases the reasons for the suspension.

        If this was a campus arrest. Your never gonna hear confirmation on who it was.


        • Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
          Do we have a confirmed list of all the receivers that were there?

          I think losing AJ would be the only one that would hurt a little, that kid is a special player.
          I think AJ is poised for a big year because he slimmed down to become more athletic and separate from DBs. That and he had some uncharacteristic drops last year which probably won't be a problem anymore. But even still, we have a lot of options at WR. We lose AJ and that just means more time for Byrd, Streeter, Hankerson, etc. Same with any of the other guys.

          FYI, Zach Kane is up to about 230. That's more than enough size.

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          • It sounds bad for me to say this but I hope it was Hankerson if it was any of the WR's.


            • I believe Hankerson doesnt do any of that because he stays here with his kid.

              Note to Randy, dont recruit guys with kids. Its enough to juggle football and school. Hankerson has way too much physical ability to suck as bad as he does.


              • Hankerson needs to hit the JUGS machine harder.

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                • Originally posted by etk View Post
                  Hankerson needs to hit the PINE machine harder.
                  fixed it for you


                  • Ok so I just got back from the spring game a couple hours ago. Way too much detail to get into but here is the quick rundown.

                    The Good:
                    -The OL was nothing short of dominant
                    -Damien Berry was the MVP and Mike James looked great
                    -Taylor Cook just locked up the backup job. Very impressive
                    -The CBs were solid outside of 2 PI penalties.
                    -Whipple used the underneath routes to perfection and it opened up some deep passes and long runs. Very basic but effective.

                    The Bad:
                    -Jacory Harris forced way too many throws and could have easily had 3-4 INTs
                    -Our DL could get zero pass rush.
                    -Not enough out of the TEs.
                    -zero game changing plays from the D outside of the Brandon Harris tip that led to the INT.

                    -Louis Nix and Alec Ogletree spend the entire game with Ray Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Prince Kent.
                    -Louis Nix had a sit down meeting with Clint Hurtt and what appeared to be Nix's family after the game. Lasted for about 15 minutes or so and the family seemed very comfortable.
                    -Ivan McCartney watch the entire game with his friends and immediately tracked down Wesle McGriff after the game and spend about a half hour with McGriff all over the field getting introduced to the players and coaches and shacking hands with all of them. He was the only recruit allowed on the field making me believe he committed to them after the game.
                    -Surprise visit from LeMarcus Joyner who spent alot of time with other recruits and talking with alot of the former Miami players that were there. Also saw him spend some time with Jahkari Gore.
                    -Linder and Bernard both were there.
                    -We are not recruiting Gideon Ajagbe. It's official. He was there and he was deperate to talk to players and coaches. They made him wait in line like every other fan just to say hi to the players. We made zero effort at all with him.
                    -Did not see any of MNW, BTW, Luc or Glenn there but there was over 10,000 people so they might have been at a different part of the studium.
                    -Cody Riggs was there as well.

                    I've got pictures of most of the stuff I've mentioned to back it all up so I'll be posting it all up now. Might take awhile, there's tons of pics.

                    Any questions on anything your curious about just ask away and I'll let you know what I saw if I can.


                    • My favorite part of all of that is hearing that the OL was dominant. Who do you think the starting 5 will be?


                      • any other notable fla recruits there?


                        • Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
                          My favorite part of all of that is hearing that the OL was dominant. Who do you think the starting 5 will be?
                          Too early to tell. Figs is still out.

                          Depending on how he responses I'd guess it would be:

                          LT- Fox
                          LG- Franklin
                          C- Trump
                          RG- Figs
                          RT- Pipho

                          With Gunn, Washington, Horn and Jones rounding out the 9 deep that Stoutland wants.

                          BTW..Cory White is going to be a monster. Very impressive from a physical standpoint. Kid is gonna grow into a hell of a OT.


                          • Originally posted by BRAVEHEART View Post
                            any other notable fla recruits there?
                            There was tons but way too many to keep tabs on. They had an entire section. I just focused on the ones having the most interaction with players and coaches.


                            • any Christian Jones or Christian Green sightings, or are they FSU/UF guys?


                              • Pictures!!!

                                Ray Ray Armstrong leaving the stadium

                                JJ and Coop after the game

                                Prince Kent (Ogletree sitting behind of his right)

                                Orlando Franklin

                                Jacory with the WRs

                                Mike James

                                Mike James

                                Marcus Robinson

                                Marcus Forston

                                Marcus Forston

                                I have about 50 more to come so keep checking back.



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