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College Footballs Best and Worst Unis

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  • College Footballs Best and Worst Unis

    I dont agree with Nds green Uni being one of the worst.I like it better than the blue.I also dont think that Utahs Uni is all that bad.
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    Wow. I disagree with a lot of those. Wofford? I actually kinda like Clemson's jerseys too. That pic doesn't look great, but I like the way they look when I watch their games. And I think Arkansas should be on any list of the top 10. I won't even get into an argument with people about Oregon. I love our jerseys. And I agree about ND. The green unis are sick. And if you don't like them, I don't see how you could say the blue ones are the 5th best. There's not a huge difference between them like these rankings would indicate.


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      Georgia Southern's are lame and are a rip off of Bama's. Wofford's are pretty plain too. I happen to like Utah's too. And McDonald's University, I mean Iowa State, certainly has bad ones.

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        How does Florida State not have one of the top ten best uniforms? Homer or not, they're unis are very nice.


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          FSU and Penn State not on the list?

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            BYUs Jerseys look similar to Yales..


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              This guy is obviously a fan of Plain Jane Jerseys.. I didn't see Penn State or Hawaii? WTF?


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                Wow Georgia Southern over Alabama when it's practically the same thing. Good call SI!

                Wofford has a football team? Anyway those unis look cheap.

                Utah's aren't that bad and neither are ND's greens.


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                  ND's green uni's are badass, wtf? I like them waaay better than the blue ones. Oregon at number 1 worst is pretty funny, but some of their unis are awesome. No FSU just baffles me.


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                    They should switch the list make the bad the good, and the good the bad. I love Oregon, Clemson, Rhode Islands, etc. jerseys.

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                      wow i absolutly love clemsons jerseys... but man i never noticed how nice yale's actually were

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                        Haters. Clemson jerseys are so nice(Not being a homer).

                        South Carloina new jerseys look good too.


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                          Penn State and Bama have some of the most traditoinal unis in CF, that is bs they aren't in the top 10.


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                            I like the ND green uni's.

                            I like Clemsons as well.

                            What a terrible list.


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                              No FSU? No Penn State? No Alabama?

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