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2010 High School Player Draft (Finish your teams)

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  • 2010 High School Player Draft (Finish your teams)

    Make all picks in here. 2 hour clock from noon to midnight (eastern).

    Round 1
    1. PL- Seantrel Henderson, OT, Saint Paul, MN
    2. JFLO- Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, Plano, Texas
    3. Hines- Marcus Lattimore, RB, Duncan SC
    4. DG- Ronald Powell, DE, Moreno Valley, CA
    5. Sniper- Jeff Luc, LB, Port St. Lucie, FL
    6. djp- Robert Crisp, OT, Raleigh, NC
    7. Hollywood- Lamarcus Joyner, S, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    8. CL4H- Kyle Prater WR, Hillside, IL

    Round 2
    1. CL4H- Lache Seastrunk, RB, Temple, TX
    2. Hollywood- Matt Elam, ATH, West Palm Beach, FL
    3. djp- DeMarcus Milliner, CB, Millbrook, AL
    4. Sniper- Keenan Allen, S, Greensboro, NC
    5. DG- Sharrif Floyd, DT, Philadelphia, PA
    6. Hines- Chris Martin, DE, Aurora, CO
    7. JFLO- Jordan Hicks, OLB, West Chester, OH
    8. PL- Garrison Smith, DT, Atlanta, GA

    Round 3
    1. PL- Devin Gardner, QB, Detroit, MI
    2. JFLO- James Hurst, OT, Indianapolis, IN
    3. Hines- Joshua Shaw, CB, Palmdale, CA
    4. DG- Robert Woods, ATH, Gardena, CA
    5. Sniper- JR Ferguson, DE, Chatham, VA
    6. djp- Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, Portland, Oregon
    7. Hollywood- Corey Lemonier, DE, Hialeah, FL
    8. CL4H- Reggie Wilson, DE, Haltom City, Texas

    Round 4
    1. CL4H- Andrew Norwell, OT, Cincinnati, Ohio
    2. Hollywood- Christian Jones, OLB, Winter Park, FL
    3. djp- Michael Dyer, RB, Little Rock, AR
    4. Sniper- Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Calhoun, GA
    5. DG- Alex Ogletree, ATH, Newnan, GA
    6. Hines- Chris Dunkley, WR, Pahokee, FL
    7. JFLO- Roderick Smith Running Back Plain Field, IN
    8. PL- Darius White, WR, Ft Worth, TX

    Round 5
    1. PL- Jacques Smith, DE, Ooltewah, TN
    2. JFLO- Tony Jefferson Safety Chula Vista, CA
    3. Hines- Justin McCay, OLB, Shawnee, KS
    4. DG- Ivan McCartney, WR, Miramar, FL
    5. Sniper- John Fulton, CB, Manning, SC
    6. djp- Cecil Whiteside, OLB, Newport Beach, CA
    7. Hollywood- Louis Nix, DT, Jacksonville, FL
    8. CL4H- Jaylen Watkins, CB, Cape Coral, FL

    Round 6
    1. CL4H- Khari Fortt, OLB, Stamford, CT
    2. Hollywood- Todd Chandler, DT, Miami, FL
    3. djp- Tevin Jackson, OLB, Garland, Texas
    4. Sniper- Anthony Barr, MLB, Los Angeles, CA
    5. DG- Malcolm Jones, ATH, Westlake Village, CA
    6. Hines- Chaz Green, OT, Tampa, FL
    7. JFLO- Matt James, OT, Cincinnati, OH
    8. PL- Taylor Bible, DT, Denton, TX

    Round 7
    1. PL- Nick Forbes, LB, Frederick, MD
    2. JFLO- Adrian White, CB, Desoto, TX
    3. Hines- Latwan Anderson, S, Cleveland, OH
    4. DG- Corey Miller, DE, Duncan, SC
    5. Sniper- Kelcy Quarles, DT, Greenwood SC
    6. djp- Robert Bolden, QB, Orchard Lake, MI
    7. Hollywood- Christian Green, WR, Tampa, FL
    8. CL4H- George Uko, DT, Chino, CA

    Round 8
    1. CL4H- Brent Benedict, OT, Jacksonville, FL
    2. Hollywood- Jonathan Dowling, S, Bradenton, FL
    3. djp- Brandon Linder, OT, Ft Lauderdale, FL
    4. Sniper- William Gholston, OLB, Detroit, MI
    5. DG- Phillip Sims, QB, Chesapeake, VA
    6. Hines- Paul Jones, QB, McKees Rocks, PA
    7. JFLO- Leon Orr, DT, New Port Rickey, FL
    8. PL- Dillon Baxter, RB, San Diego, CA

    Round 9
    1. PL- Cullen Christian, CB, Pittsburgh, PA
    2. JFLO- Martavis Bryant, WR, Anderson, CA
    3. Hines- Kenny Stills, WR, San Diego, CA
    4. DG- Xavier Grimble, TE, Las Vegas, NV
    5. Sniper- Trey Hopkins, OL, Galena Park, TX
    6. djp- Trovon Reed, WR, Thibodaux, LA
    7. Hollywood- Terrence Mitchell, CB, Tampa, FL
    8. CL4H- Ahmad Dixon, S, Waco, TX

    Round 10
    1. CL4H- Gabe King, DE, Eugene, OR
    2. Hollywood- Shon Coleman, OT, Olive Branch, MS
    3. djp- Ricky Heimuli, DT, Salt Lake City, UT
    4. Sniper- Ian Silberman, OT, Fleming Island, FL
    5. DG- Corey Nelson, OLB, Dallas, TX
    6. Hines- TJ Clemming, DE, Paterson, NJ
    7. JFLO- Jordan James, RB, Corona, CA
    8. PL- Eric Reid, S, Geismar, LA

    Round 11
    1. PL- LaDarius Owens, LB, Bessemer, AL
    2. JFLO- Brandon Willis, DT, Duncan, SC
    3. Hines- Arie Kouandjio, Hyattsville, MD
    4. DG- Jawuan James, OT, Suwanee, GA
    5. Sniper- Brennan Clay, RB, San Diego, CA
    6. djp- Gerald Christian, TE, West Palm Beach, FL
    7. Hollywood- Jake Matthews, OT, Missouri City, TX
    8. CL4H- CJ Mosley, MLB, Theodore, AL

    Round 12
    1. CL4H- Torrian Wilson, OG, Miami, FL
    2. Hollywood- De'Joshua Johnson, WR, Pahokee, FL
    3. djp- Dion Bailey, S, Lakewood, CA
    4. Sniper- Andrew Rodriquez, OT, Aurora, NE
    5. DG- Javarie Johnson, OLB, Washington, DC
    6. Hines- Mike Hull, MLB, Cannonsburg, PA
    7. JFLO- Marquis Flowers, S, Goodyear, AZ
    8. PL- Nick Demien, OT, Wentzville, MO

    Round 13
    1. PL- Marvin Robinson, S, Eagle Lake, FL
    2. JFLO- Erick Mack, OG, St. Matthews, SC
    3. Hines- Cody Riggs, CB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    4. DG- Mack Brown, RB, Lithonia, GA
    5. Sniper- Jarrick Williams, S, Eight Mile, AL
    6. djp- TJ Stripling, DE, Decatur, GA
    7. Hollywood- Jeffrey Godfrey, QB, Miami, FL
    8. CL4H- Nickell Robey, CB, Frostproof, FL

    Round 14
    1. CL4H- Corey Brown, WR, Springfield, PA
    2. Hollywood- Greg Dent, DB, Belle Glades, FL
    3. djp- Chris Jones, WR, Dangerfield, TX
    4. Sniper- Adrian Coxson, WR, Baltimore, MD
    5. DG- Mike Davis, WR, Dallas, TX
    6. Hines- Christian Lombard, OG, Palatine, IL
    7. JFLO- Josh Shirley, OLB, Fortana, CA
    8. PL- Bronson Irwin, OG, Mustang, OK

    Round 15
    1. PL- DeAndrew White, WR, Galena Park, TX
    2. JFLO- Tyler Bray, QB, Kingburg, CA
    3. Hines- Michael Thornton, DT, Stone Mountain, GA
    4. DG- Cedric Ogbhuehi, OT, Allen, TX
    5. Sniper- C.J Fiedorowicz, TE, Johnsburg, IL
    6. djp- Christian Bryant, CB, Cleveland, OH
    7. Hollywood- Storm Johnson, RB, Buford, GA
    8. CL4H- Jesse Scroggins, QB, Lakewood, CA

    Round 16
    1. CL4H- Shakim Philips, WR, Wayne, NJ
    2. Hollywood- Ricardo Miller, WR, Ann Arbor, MI
    3. djp- Eduardo Clements, RB, Miami, FL
    4. Sniper- Fre'Shad Hunter, DE, Cary, NC
    5. DG- Giovanni Di Poalo, OL, Ventura, CA
    6. Hines- Jamel Turner, OLB, Youngstown, OH
    7. JFLO- Jeff Whitaker, DT, Warner Robins, GA
    8. PL- Dior Mathis, CB, Detroit, MI

    Round 17
    1. PL- Dominic Espinosa, OL, Leander, TX
    2. JFLO- Nick Rowland, OG, Peoria, AZ
    3. Hines- Evan Hailes, DT, Chesapeake, VA
    4. DG- Ashton Dorsey, DT, Tyler, TX
    5. Sniper- DeMarco Cobbs, ATH, Tulsa, OK
    6. djp- Dietrich Riley, S, La Canada, CA
    7. Hollywood- David Perry, DE, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    8. CL4H- Demetrius Wright, SS, Corona, CA

    Round 18
    1. CL4H- Nick Acree, DT, Fork Union, VA
    2. Hollywood- MLB Kevin Nelson, Gainesville, FL
    3. djp- Prince Shembo, ILB, Charlotte, NC
    4. Sniper- Erik Kohler, OG, Westlake Village, CA
    5. DG- Austin Woods, OL, Rockwall, TX
    6. Hines- Sean Parker, S, Harbor City, CA
    7. JFLO- Dyjuan Lewis, WR, Indianapolis, IN
    8. PL- Jay Guy, DT, Houston, TX

    Round 19
    1. PL- David Wilkerson, LB, Danville, CA
    2. JFLO- Louis Young, CB, Olney, MD
    3. Hines- Justin Hunter, WR, Virginia Beach, VA
    4. DG- Michael Taylor, MLB, Atlanta, GA
    5. Sniper- Tony Grimes, CB, Hollywood, FL
    6. djp- Denzel McCoy, DT, Duluth, GA
    7. Hollywood- Silas Redd, RB, Stamford, CT
    8. CL4H- Randel Telfer, TE, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Round 20
    1. CL4H- Shaydon Akuna, OLB, Kapolei, HI
    2. Hollywood- Kolton Houston, OG, Buford, Ga
    3. djp- AJ Cann, OC, Bamberg, SC
    4. Sniper- Calvin Barnett, DT, Tulsa, OK
    5. DG- DeAndre Hopkins, CB, Central, SC
    6. Hines- Chris Ward, OG, Santa Ana, CA
    7. JFLO- Justin Parker, MLB, Beaufort, SC
    8. PL- Markeith Ambles, WR, McDonough, GA

    Round 21
    1. PL- Spencer Ware, RB, Cincinnati, OH
    2. JFLO- Alex Smith, TE, Cincinnati, OH
    3. Hines- Braylon Heard, RB, Youngstown, OH
    4. DG- Evan Washington, OG, DeSoto, TX
    5. Sniper- Miles Dieffenbach, OL, Pittsburgh, PA
    6. djp- Adam Shead, OG, Cedar Hill, TX
    7. Hollywood- Hroniss Grasu, OC, Encino, CA
    8. CL4H- Zach Fulton, OG, Homewood, IL

    Round 22
    1. CL4H- Russell Bodine, OC, ForK Union, VA
    2. Hollywood- Graham Rowley, OG, Waialua, HI
    3. djp- Thomas Ricketts, OG, Wexford, PA
    4. Sniper- Connor Wood, QB, Houston, TX
    5. DG- Keion Payne, CB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    6. Hines- Jose Jose, OL, Miami, FL
    7. JFLO- Nathan Clarke, OL, Washington, DC
    8. PL- Quinton Spain, OG, Petersburg, VA
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    That is correct comahan
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    I'll do it.

    QB- Connor Wood (Texas)
    RB- Brennan Clay (Oklahoma)
    RB/WR- DeMarco Cobbs (Texas)
    WR- Da'Rick Rogers (Georgia)
    WR- Adrian Coxson (Penn State)
    TE- C.J Fiedorowicz (Iowa)
    LT- Ian Silberman (Florida)
    LG- Trey Hopkins (Texas)
    C- Miles Dieffenbach (Penn State)
    RG- Erik Kohler (Washington)
    RT- Andrew Rodriguez (Nebraska)

    DE- J.R Ferguson (Undecided)
    NT- Calvin Barnett (Oklahoma State)
    DT- Kelcy Quarles (South Carolina)
    OLB- William Gholston (Michigan State)
    ILB- Jeff Luc (Undecided)
    ILB- Anthony Barr (Undecided)
    OLB- Fre'Shad Hunter (N.C State)
    CB- John Fulton (Undecided)
    FS- Keenan Allen (Alabama)
    SS- Jarrick Williams (Alabama)
    CB- Tony Grimes (Undecided)
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      cred 2 BoneKrusher


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        I would probably do this. I'm not as into recruiting this year as I have been the previous two years, but I'm willing to give this a shot.


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          QB- Jesse Scroggins (USC)
          RB- Lache Seastrunk (Undecided)
          WR- Shakim Phillips (Boston College)
          WR- Kyle Prater (USC)
          WR- Corey Brown (Ohio State)
          TE- Randall Telfer (USC)
          LT- Andrew Norwell (Ohio State)
          LG- Torrian Wilson (Stanford)
          C- Russell Bodine (North Carolina)
          RG- Zach Fulton (Tennessee)
          RT- Brent Benedict (Georgia)

          DE- Reggie Wilson (Texas)
          DT- George Uko (Undecided)
          DT- Nick Acree (Virginia Tech)
          DE- Gabe King ( Undecided)
          OLB- Khairi Fortt (Penn State)
          MLB- CJ Mosley (Undecided)
          OLB- Shaydon Akuna (Undecided)
          CB- Jaylen Watkins (Florida)
          FS- Ahmad Dixon (Baylor)
          SS- Demetrius Wright (Undecided)
          CB- Nickell Robey (Georgia)
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            I am down as well.


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              QB- Jeffrey Godfrey
              RB- Storm Johnson
              RB- Silas Redd
              WR- Christian Green
              WR- De'Joshua Johnson
              WR- Ricardo Miller
              LT- Shon Coleman
              LG- Kolton Houston
              C- Hroniss Grasu
              RG- Graham Rowley
              RT- Jake Mathews

              DE- Corey Lemonier
              DT- Louis Nix
              DT- Todd Chandler
              DE - David Perry
              OLB- Matt Elam
              ILB- Kevin Nelson
              OLB- Christian Jones
              CB- Terrence Mitchell
              FS- Jonathan Dowling
              SS- Lamarcus Joyner
              CB-Greg Dent
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                Team JFLO

                Quarterback: Tyler Bray - Kingburg, California
                Running Back: Roderick Smith - Plainfield, Indiana
                Running Back: Jordon James - Corona, California
                Wide Receiver: Martavis Bryant - Anderson, South Carolina
                Wide Receiver: Dyjuan Lewis - Indianapolis, Indiana
                Tight End: Alex Smith - Cincinnati, Ohio
                Offensive Tackle: James Hurst - Indianapolis, Indiana
                Offensive Guard: Eric Mack - Saint Matthews, South Carolina
                Center: Nathan Clarke - Washington D.C.
                Offensive Guard: Nick Rowland, Peoria, Arizona
                Offensive Tackle: Matt James - Cincinnati, Ohio

                Defensive End: Jackson Jeffcoat - Plano, Texas
                Defensive Tackle: Leon Orr - New Port Richey, Florida
                Defensive Tackle: Jeff Whitaker, Warner Robin, Georgia
                Defensive End: Brandon Willis - Duncan, South Carolina
                Outside Linebacker: Jordan Hicks - West Chester, Ohio
                Inside Linebacker: Justin Parker - Beaufort, South Carolina
                Outside Linebacker: Josh Shirley - Fontana, California
                Cornerback: Adrian White - DeSoto, Texas
                Safety: Tony Jefferson - Chula Vista, California
                Safety: Marquis Flowers - Goodyear, Arizona
                Cornerback: Louis Young - Olney, Maryland
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                  K, that's 8. If you're interested in doing it post and let me know just in case someone disappears. Clock is from noon to midnight, 2 hours per pick. Draft order is in the first post, PL is on the clock (until 2 pm tomorrow).

                  My team:
                  QB- Phillip Sims, QB, Chesapeake, VA
                  RB- Mack Brown, RB, Lithonia, GA
                  FB- Malcolm Jones, ATH, Westlake Village, CA
                  WR- Ivan McCartney, WR, Miramar, FL
                  WR- Mike Davis, WR, Dallas, TX
                  TE- Xavier Grimble, TE, Las Vegas, NV
                  LT- Jawuan James, OT, Suwanee, GA
                  LG- Giovanni Di Poalo, OL, Ventura, CA
                  C- Austin Woods, OL, Rockwall, TC
                  RG- Evan Washington, OG, DeSoto, TX
                  RT- Cedric Ogbhuehi, OT, Allen, TX

                  DE- Ronald Powell, DE, Moreno Valley, CA
                  DT- Sharrif Floyd, DT, Philadelphia, PA
                  DT- Ashton Dorsey, DT, Tyler, TX
                  DE- Corey Miller, DE, Duncan, SC
                  OLB- Javarie Johnson, OLB, Washington, DC
                  MLB- Michael Taylor, MLB, Atlanta, GA
                  OLB- Corey Nelson, OLB, Dallas, TX
                  CB- DeAndre Hopkins, CB, Central, SC
                  FS- Robert Woods, ATH, Gardena, CA
                  SS- Alex Ogletree, ATH, Newnan, GA
                  CB-Keion Payne, CB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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                  That is correct comahan
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                    we doing back to back for 8 and 9? and whats the draft format?
                    Hi Mom. Send money!


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                      Yea snake draft, updated the first post with the info.

                      That is correct comahan
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                        Seantrel Henderson
                        Offensive Tackle
                        Saint Paul, MN


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                          With the second pick, Team JFLO selects...

                          Jackson Jeffcoat
                          Defensive End
                          Plano, Texas

                          BoneKruser with the DOPE sig


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                            Marcus Lattimore
                            Byrnes HS in Duncan, SC

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                              QB: Paul Jones McKees Rocks, PA
                              RB: Marcus Lattimore Duncan, SC
                              RB: Braylon Heard Youngstown, OH
                              WR: Chris Dunkley Pahokee, FL
                              WR: Kenny Stills Encinitas, CA
                              WR: Justin Hunter Virginia Beach, VA
                              OT: Chaz Green Tampa, FL
                              OG: Christian Lombard Palatine, IL
                              C: Jose Jose Miami, FL
                              OG: Chris Ward Sana Ana, CA
                              OT: Arie Kouandjio Hyattsville, MD

                              DE: Chris Martin Auroa, CO
                              DT: Michael Thorton Stone Mountain, GA
                              DT: Evan Hailes Chesapeake, VA
                              DE: TJ Clemmings Paterson, NJ
                              OLB: Justin McCay Shawnee Mission, KS
                              MLB: Mike Hull Cannonsburg, PA
                              OLB: Jamel Turner Youngstown, OH
                              CB: Joshua Shaw Palmdale, CA
                              FS: Latwan Anderson Cleveland, OH
                              SS: Sean Parker Harbor City, CA
                              CB: Cody Riggs Fort Lauderdale, FL
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