***Recruiting Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING***

The recruiting forum has gotten out of hand and we need to fix this right now. I admit that I myself may have slipped up in the past, but not anymore. The recruiting forum is not exempt from the rules for the rest of the forums. This is not a new rule, just a clarification of an existing one.


No factual information can be posted without a link to the source of that information. This means any time a player commits to a school, names a leader, drops a school from his list, etc. you must provide a link with your post. If you do not have a valid link supporting your information then keep it to yourself. Obviously, you don't need to link to your own personal opinions. Just make it clear that they are your opinions.

Acceptable Sources:

Most online newspapers and websites are acceptable. No premium information (info that you pay for) is to be posted. The only exception to that rule is if the information you are posting is in the header of a premium article, which is free for all to read. If the information is hidden behind the words "click here to subscribe," then don't even bother. Websites such as Buckeye Planet, IrishEvy, and MGoBlog are acceptable. However, only information from the articles/interviews/blog posts from these sites are permissible. Any information obtain on one of these sites' message boards should be assumed to be unreliable (even if you yourself trust it). Anything posted on Facebook is private information and should be treated that way.

Disciplinary Action:

Since this is a fresh reminder, everyone gets one freebie. The first time you break this rule, you will have your post deleted and that is it. If you break it a second time, your post will be deleted and you will get a warning. If you ignore the warning and break it a third time, you will receive an infraction.

Remember, these are Scott Wright's rules not mine. We want everyone to still have fun, but we can't keep ignoring the rules of the website.
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My Boys Highlight tape

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  • My Boys Highlight tape

    Markus McFolling RB Malone University

    Its a NAIA school so I doubt he gets any draft attention but I thought I would share the vid with you guys. He was beast in HS but didn't have the grades to move on to D1. He took the JC route and still didn't make grades so he chose to go NAIA.

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    Reminds me of Brandon Jacobs


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      it seems like he does an excellent job and reading his blocks and does the one cut and up field, which is what you want in a rb. The only negative i found so far in that short clip was he has great speed but wasnt able to hit the second gear till he got into the second level which is fine for college, but at the nfl level you need to hit that coming through the whole and than a third gear once in the second level. This is the primary reason i dislike brandon jacobs, and ron danye as nfl runningbacks



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