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5 guys you want your team to get

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  • 5 guys you want your team to get

    Alrightname 5 guys you want to committ to your team. Make sure your team actually has somewhat of a chance....

    Will Hill
    Daryl Stornum/Baldwin

    Will Hill would pretty much make this class for me, although if i could take one onther player it would probably me Arthur Brown, but im not sure if i see him going too far from home yet.

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    Micheal Brewster OG - Interior line help is a need

    T.J. Bryant CB/WR - RoJo will most likely be at WR leaving a gap next year at corner.

    Will Hill/ATH - I don't how legitimate a shot SC has at him, but after watching highlights of him I was blown away. He can play any skilled position in college.

    Gerrell Robinson/WR - If Arizona doesn't win 8 games next year Gerrell has stated he will decommit from his current "soft verbal" status. He's 6-4 225, runs a sub 4.6, and scouts have already said he's miles ahead of any receiver last year.

    Micheal Floyd/WR - An all around WR who's fast and very physical as well. Don't know how much of shot SC has. but I would love to land him with Shoemate in this class.

    Honerable mention-

    Blake Ayles/TE
    Xavier Brewer/CB
    Nolan Brewster/S
    Brandon Washington/OG
    Ethan Johnson/DE

    I left out Darrell Scott because of the talented RB depth. SC just signed a stud RB in Curtis Mcneal so that makes Scott pretty much a goner.
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      Lol, you freakin USC fans should wait until the top 10 comes out and pick 5.

      1. QB - Terrelle Pryor
      2. OL - Vinson Painter
      3. WR - Kenny Tate
      4. RB - Demetrius Bronson
      5. LB - Shayne Hale

      Pipe dream (yet possible): Jon Major


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        For BC-

        Will Hill-He can do almost anything, and his best positions (DB and QB) will be a need especially after next season. I like him best at DB, he would be a great addition for BC.

        Darrell Scott-Is a dream, BC doesnt really have a shot, butBC hasn't had a big-time RB since William Green, and Scott has the size and speed combination to be that threat. Josh Haden may be the more realistic guy. Plus, Our top 3 RBs are gone after next season so help will be needed.

        Michael Brewster-Is a beast. We lost a lot of our OL to graduation this year, and will lose even more next year. Brewster looks like a great guard and BC could really use him.

        Masengo Kabongo-Great looking DT prospect. Has substantial interest in BC as it is, so this is a reality. Has the quickness to fit our scheme as a DT to go along with great size for a high school junior.

        Jonathan Baldwin-Has elite potential as a wideout with reported 4.4 speed to go along with his 6-6, 220 pound frame. If he chooses football over basketball I would love a target like that at BC. We have very little at WR and our top 2 for '08 are seniors.

        We also will need some LB help, we are thin and about to graduate quite a few LBs. However I really like incoming frosh Will Thompson and Dan Williams, at least one of them could see the field very soon. Plus we have a few underclassmen LBs who look promising and havemt seen the field yet, so I would take DT, RB, WR, QB, OL, and DB over LB.
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          Originally posted by reigle9 View Post
          Lol, you freakin USC fans should wait until the top 10 comes out and pick 5.

          What? I've only listed the best guys that have shown interest in SC, or that SC has offered.


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            I'm saying you're USC, you'll end up with 5 of the top 10 overall.


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              Elway, I don't know about you, but I want USC to land some stud linemen on Defense and Offense this year more than any 5 star skill position player.

              'SC is stocked with skill positions. It's the lines that they could build on.


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                Originally posted by Jericho@SC View Post
                Elway, I don't know about you, but I want USC to land some stud linemen on Defense and Offense this year more than any 5 star skill position player.

                'SC is stocked with skill positions. It's the lines that they could build on.
                I included 3 stud lineman on that list.
                I left out some lineman because we already have gotten 2 OT's, and most likely will land Khaled Holmes who will play guard in college. Also on D-line we have gotten 1 DE and have a great chance at guys like Jurrell Casey(soft verbal) and Jammar Jarrett.


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                  1. Darrell Scott
                  2. Will Hill
                  3. Arthur Brown
                  4. Khaled Holmes
                  5. Darryl Sonum

                  Originally posted by supermario86
                  Stanton will be a pro bowler his 5th year book it.


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                    Will Hill
                    I'm a state.


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                      Originally posted by Newbs24 View Post
                      1. Darrell Scott
                      2. Will Hill
                      3. Arthur Brown
                      4. Khaled Holmes
                      5. Darryl Sonum
                      Khaled isn't much of a prospect actually Newbs. He's very soft and weak for an O-lineman at this point.(his bench is around 265)Though he has only gotten this far in the media by playing for Mater Dei and having good enough size.Im not saying he isnt a good player, but if your putting together 5 guys that you want this year, well Khaled shouldn't make the cut.


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                        Filer and Floyd, who I think are the best of the probable commits. I'd love to see Arthur Brown, Julio Jones, Will Hill, they all have offers but are all longshots.

                        "A real man makes his own luck." Billy Zane, Titanic

                        Originally posted by Emmitt Smith
                        Donít quit, donít even quit.


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                          Ohio State

                          1. Mike Adams (already got him)
                          2. Terrelle Pryor
                          3. Mike Brewster
                          4. Devoe Torrence (personal fav)
                          5. Aj Greene (best player available)
                          Browns & Buckeyes <3


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                            Has there been a new interview with Greene since he said the reports of him wavering on his commitment were completely false?


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                              1. Will Hill
                              2. Darrell Scott
                              3. J.B. Shugarts
                              4. Jonathan Baldwin
                              5. Arthur Brown



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