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  • Predict your class

    Alright lets see who can predict their final class best. Just include who you feel will be in your class come next Feb. Next signing day we'll be able to see who was closest...

    Brandon Kay
    Sam McGuffie
    Daryl Stonum
    Fred Smith
    Jon Baldwin
    Zebrie Sanders
    JB Shugarts
    Lane Clelland
    Omar Hunter
    Dexter Heyman
    Marcus Witherspoon
    J.B. Fitzgerald
    Robert Blanton
    Spencer Adams
    Brandon Smith

    Already Committed

    Now name 5 others you could see in this class, but may be less confident of...

    Will Hill
    Vaughn Dotsy
    Brandon Moore
    Darrell Scott
    Christian Wilson

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    USC Trojans-

    Matt Kalil-commited
    Matt Meyer-commited
    D.J. Shoemate-commited
    Chris Polk-commited
    Curtis Mcneal-commited
    Maurice Simmons-commited
    Daniel Campbell
    Jurrell Casey-soft verbal
    Khaled Holmes
    Wes Horton-commited
    Kavario Middleton
    Tyron Smith-commites
    Max Mariner
    Gerrell Robinson
    Blake Aayles
    Ethan Johnson
    Deion Walker
    Arthur Brown
    Greg Grimes
    Everette Thompson
    Will Hill
    Alameda Ta'amu
    Domonique Blackman
    T.J. Bryant

    my list is in good shape still
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      QB- Dayne Crist (this is my longshot for the class) if not him Brandon Kay
      RB- Darrell Scott
      RB- Jonas Gray
      H-Back- Christian Wilson
      WR- Darryl Stonum
      WR- Fred Smith
      WR- Vaughn Carraway
      TE- Brandon Moore
      WR/TE- Jonathan Baldwin
      OL- Dan O'Niell commited
      OL- Graham Pocic
      OL- Lucas Nix
      OL- Kurt Wermers
      OL- Zerbie Sanders
      DE- Nick Perry
      DT- Omar Hunter
      LB- JB Fitzgerald
      LB- Marcus Witherspoon
      LB- Brandon Beachum
      CB- Boo Boo Cissoko commited
      CB- Robert Blanton
      S- Will Hill
      S- Brandon Smith

      Class seems alittle big but I think Super Mario goes pro and with 3 guys booted that opens up some more spots. Plus, some guys won't come back. If that is how our class ends up I would be very happy. I expect the biggest crap shoot will be our OLine. Also, Beachum might be tough to pull so either him or Dexter Heyman. Jonathon Bladwin might also go the basketball route so either him or Hubie Graham at the TE spot.

      EDIT: The McGuffie situation is gonna be weird to watch. If I were a betting man, he will commit to Michigan and then when Darrell Scott commits (in my ideal situation) Sam will decommit. Just a hunch.
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      Originally posted by supermario86
      Stanton will be a pro bowler his 5th year book it.


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        Ha, were all getting some Will Hill!


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          Originally posted by elway777 View Post
          Ha, were all getting some Will Hill!
          Yep. Ask Rutgers and Florida also and then will also say that Will is going there. It is gonna be an exciting recruitment with him. It will be an LOI day decision. Whoever has the best year and is hottest at that moment might get his pledge.

          Originally posted by supermario86
          Stanton will be a pro bowler his 5th year book it.


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            Darrell Scott intrigues me the most. I think it comes down between Texas and Michigan for him.


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              I like Newb's list for Michigan. I wouldn't count on Shugarts ending up there. I would count on seeing a lot of the guys OSU doesn't offer in Ohio (who are all extremely talented) ending at Michigan. IE- Brandon Moore, Zebrie Sanders, Brandon Beachum, maybe 1-2 other guys too.

              Heres my very realistic OSU list.

              1. Qb- Terrelle Pryor. This one is real hard to read. I like OSU here, due to the basketball/football connection, but West Virginia scares me with Rodriguez staying there.

              2. RB- Devoe Torrence. Committed

              3. WR- Devier Posey. Committed
              4. WR- Cordale Scott.
              5. WR/TE- Jake Stoneburner. Committed

              6. TE- Kevin Koger

              7. OL- Mike Adams. Committed
              8. OL- Mike Brewster.
              9. OL- Kyle Long (as long as he doesn't play baseball)
              10. OL- JB Shugarts

              11. DE- Nathan Williams

              12. LB- Andrew Sweat
              13. LB- Shayne Hale
              14. LB- Mike Zordich

              15. DT- Garret Goebel

              then after that choose 2 from this group depending on offers, and where other kids wanna end up at..

              WR- Kenny Tate
              WR- Mike Floyd
              DB- Danny Mcarthy
              CB- Johnny Adams
              WR/DB- Isiah Pead
              DT- Willie Mobley
              Browns & Buckeyes <3


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                Newbs fyi we have nowhere near 23 spots open. Right now its around 15-17, possible 18 if Mario goes. It won't get up much more over 18 when all is said and done.

                I like your projects if it worked out like that, I'd def. call that a best case class. I know Beachum visited the other day, I hope he got an offer, I really like him a lot.

                G-Stock I'm not sure about Shugarts, and I know he likes OSU a lot, but with Mallet here, and McGuffie likely coming, we will become a major player in his recruitment. He has said he would like to block for Mallett.
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                  Am I the only who thinks Mcguffie will be an aggie?


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                    Originally posted by elway777 View Post
                    Am I the only who thinks Mcguffie will be an aggie?
                    I actually think he will also go to A&M. I was gonna say OU but with Calhoun, Johnson and Murray I think that is too much competiton for him. I also think Shugarts will come down to OU and LSU. I also think whoever gets his last official visit will have a great shot. Seems to have a short term memory when it comes to trips. I also wouldn't count USC out for Long.

                    Michigan was said to have 17 or 18 schollies for the Class of 08 when they filled their class for 07. Germany, Richards, Paul and Butler are all not gonna be on the team this year. Rumors about a QB and a RB/CB also transfering out add to the numbers. Plus, Quentin Woods was said to be a very long shot at qualifying. That is 6 or 7 schollies that opened up. I think it will be a 24-25 man class.

                    Originally posted by supermario86
                    Stanton will be a pro bowler his 5th year book it.


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                      These are my numbers

                      Grad 9- Henne, Hart, Long, Crable, Adams, Kraus, Engelmon, Campbell, C. Graham

                      Unused 2

                      Transfer 1- Forcier

                      Unrenewed Fifth (Possibly) 2- DeBenedictis, Gallimore

                      Kicked Off 3- Germany, Butler, Richards

                      That leaves 17, only 15 for sure though. Now if more players leave (NFL/Transfer) then obviously we'll have more. I could have left a guy or two off but i think this may be pretty accurate.


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                        DeBenedicts is already gone as well. I forgot about him.

                        Originally posted by supermario86
                        Stanton will be a pro bowler his 5th year book it.


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                          QB-Dayne Crist
                          RB-Carlton Thomas
                          WR-John Goodman(committed), Michael Floyd
                          TE-Kyle Rudolph(committed), Joseph Fauria
                          OT-Lane Clelland, Art Forst
                          OG-Braxton Cave(committed), Keneth Page
                          OC-Mike Golic(committed)
                          DL-Sean Cwynar(committed), Hafis Williams, Ethan Johnson, Brandon Newman
                          LB-Davis Posluszny(committed), Anthony McDonald(committed), Steven Filer, Brendan Beal, Darius Fleming
                          CB-Jeremy Brown, Robert Blanton
                          S-Daniel McCarthy
                          Chinese Democracy starts on November 23rd 2008!!!


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                            Gew... I hate to do this...

                            Gabbert the gem, but even that one is iffy.

                            QB - Blaine Gabbert
                            RB - Michael Shaw *
                            RB - Keola Antolin *
                            RB - DeAndre Johnson
                            RB - Barry Garrard
                            WR - Russell Ellington *
                            WR - Suppo Sanni *
                            WR - Wes Kemp
                            TE - Ben Cotton *
                            TE - Hubie Graham (iffy)
                            T - ?
                            G - ? Sean Cwynar isn't out of the picture, believe it or not.
                            C - James Ferentz *

                            DE - Reilly Reiff (iffy)
                            DE - Jake McDonough *
                            DT - Mike Martin
                            OLB - Nate DeJong *
                            MLB - Sam Maresh isn't out of the picture entirely
                            OLB - Victor Jones
                            CB - Jack Swanson *
                            CB - Adam Robinson *
                            S - ?
                            S - ?

                            Potentially the worst class in the Big Ten.

                            * = Solid

                            We need to offer more of the Ohio kids.

                            A lot of new names will emerge this year as well, the rivals100 will look A LOT different than it does now, and with all the early commitments, Iowa will be getting on a lot of those late-blossoming kids.

                            Cwynar going to ND was the biggest blow this class could have had.


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                              ATH - AJ Alexander
                              LB - Brandon Beachum
                              RB - Demitrius Bronson
                              RB - Jonas Gray
                              LB - Shayne Hale
                              CB - Jarred Holley
                              S - Dan McCarthy
                              WR - DeJuan Miller
                              LB - Nick Moody
                              OL - Vinston Painter
                              OL - Graham Pocic
                              QB - Terrelle Pryor
                              WR - Kenny Tate
                              TE - Mark Wedderburn
                              DT - Hafis Williams
                              LB - Michael Zordich



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