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my mock draft v 1.1 (Trades, 2500+ words)

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  • my mock draft v 1.1 (Trades, 2500+ words)

    1.Oakland raiders: JaMarcus Russell QB LSU

    Honestly, 6-6, 260, cannon for an arm, and solid intangibles. He was born to be a raider, though they will look at all the top options, including CJ21, AD, Joe Thomas and Quinn, but in the end, Al loves athletes and Al loves seeing the fly 60 yards down field, and Russell gives him both of those.

    2. Detriot lions (trade the pick to number 11 san fransisco 49ers for the niner's 3rd, 4th and 5th rounder this year and a 2nd and 3rd rounder in 08) San fran 49ers: Calvin Johnson WR Ga Tech

    two reasons why the lions deal down so far A) Mike Martz believes (and perhaps rightfully so) that he can make his offense work with anyone, he did afterall, make Kurt warner and Marc Bulger into excellent QBs, and this draft is very QB deep. B)The Lions have so many needs, that Joe Thomas (as talented as he is) won't solve all their problems. so they deal down with the niners, who take maybe the best player in the draft in calvin johnson. a physical freak who put up great numbers with an erratic (to put it nicely) QB, CJ will only get better in the NFL, freakish speed, amazing body control, scary vertical jump, and a top character guy with all the intangibles, he’s in the mold of another great Niner reciever. and besides, that would be a freakish, freakish core young offense group.

    3. Cleveland Browns (TRADE with the cards for their 4th and 5th rounders) Joe Thomas OT wisconsin

    The Browns are eying either Peterson or Quinn here, and why not deal down 2 spots (tampa won’t take either of them), have to pay them a bit less, and get some picks? The Cardinals will pray the bucs Go Defense, but they won’t risk it, and trade up 2 spots to take Joe Thomas. Does this pick really need explanation? Thomas needs a team, and the cards need an elite young LT to guard Leinart and open up lanes for the Edge.

    4. Tampa bay buccaneers Gaines adams DE clemson

    oh my! imagine Gaines Adams learning from one of the great sack masters of the last 20 years in Simeon rice, and being molded into a great force, he'd be everything Mario williams should've been. though Alan Branch is a very real possibility to be sapp 2 here, they can't pass up the chance to rebuild the vaunted defense at the corners and work in. Jamaal Anderson would go here, so could leon hall, as could joe Thomas, but Tampa won with D, and they need to rebuild it.

    5. Cleveland Browns Adrian Peterson HB Oklahoma

    Adrian is a special RB, not in the same way Bush was last year, but he might be the best Pure RB to come through since bo Jackson. this Cleveland offense would look a lot better with AD, and he'd have an instant impact on a horrible Cleveland running game, they will look long and hard at quinn, but there is good QB depth in round two, including a certain Ohio state QB who would no doubt make a splash in cleveland, and there’s always a good QB to be taken, backs like Peterson come onces every 15 years.

    6. Washington redskins Alan Branch DT Michigan

    the redskins interior line was horrendous, and branch is big old space eater who would absolutely control that center area for the gregg Williams defense. They could go Jamaal Anderson here, and if adams falls here, they’ll pounce on him, and they could go leon hall, but in the end, with no picks until round 5, defensive tackle is too big a need (and considering the skins love of signing free agents, they’ll patch up CB and/or DE by draft day with possibly nate clements and/or Dwight freeny).

    7. Minnesota Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

    if Anderson or adams falls to them, Minnesota will jump all over it. Childress comes from the reid school where WR’s are rarely (read never) picked in round 1, but talented lineman? Hell, you can always have another of those, and Anderson would step in and produce, with a capital Pro, and besides, this draft is a lot deeper WR wise than DE wise.

    8. Houston Texans Laron Landry S LSU

    if Peterson falls here, you know they’ll jump on him, and if through some miracle Joe Thomas does, they’ll snatch him. They could trade up for Thomas or Peterson, and Quinn is a possibility (albeit a very remote one) as well. However, Laron Landry is a top-notch safety who, when thrown into a skilled young defense (with Mario Williams, Demeco Ryans and Dunta robinson) you have a solid Defensive core, plus you can help shut down peyton in your division.

    9. Miami dolphins (Trade to Carolina at #14 for their 3rd and 6th rounders) Brady Quinn QB Notre dame

    Miami is a tough team to project, as they have a lot of strong and weak points, so trading down for more picks is a logical choice. Jake Delhomme is no spring chicken, and Chris weinke has the notable handicap of being chris weinke, so, seeing Quinn slide a bit, the panther pounce all over the golden domer with the golden arm. A top notch college QB who will translate his success to the NFL, it also doesn’t hurt that the panthers that Quinn can either start right away (with that core of talent on carolina) or sit and wait till Delhomme gets injured/he’s ready.

    10. Atlanta falcons Leon Hall CB Michigan

    The falcons would fall all over themselves to get a guy like hall (plus it helps his name matches their other CB). Hall can play either CB or S, and he was only shut down by ted gin and Dwayne Jarrett, quite possibly the 2nd and 3rd best Underclass WR’s, he’d fill a need at either position, and he’s the top CB in a weak class.

    11. Detriot Lions (from san fran) Levi Brown OT

    Pity the lions, they trade down and loose out on the guy they were hoping would slide (doesn’t help morale he did either), and so they must look behind door number 3 and find big bad Levi Brown. Brown isn’t anywhere Near Thomas in terms of his talent level, but few Tackles coming out are. Brown’s excellent Senior bowl has propelled him from maybe top 20 to definite top 15, and he’d fill the void at LT the lions have.

    12. buffalo bills Darrelle revis CB Pitt

    they’ll go one of two ways here, they’ll either take revis/hall (if he falls here) or they’ll reach for P-willie, but with Nate clements gone in all but name, they’ll need another top flight CB. Revis has size and speed and talent, and is possibly the #1 pure CB in the draft.

    13. St Louis rams Amobi Okoye DT Louisville

    Amobi is a very unique DT and a talent, and the rams are in need of a Defensive Tackle, and perhaps no one is rising as quick as okoye right now, so he fills a need and is a solid pick.

    14. Miami Dolphins (from the panthers) Quentin Moses OLB/DE Georgia

    Moses is a great pick here for the Dolphins, if only based on his athleticism. He could Learn to be a DE from Jason Taylor, or a OLB from Zach Thomas, now combine that with Moses’s Athleticism…yikes, its buck nasty

    15. Pittsburgh steelers Adam Carriker DE Nebraska

    the steelers have few, if any real needs (aside from keeping ben off motorcycles), so getting carriker here is mainly for depth purposes. Though he’s a solid player and he’ll thrive in the steel city, he can play situational this year, and start solidly in 08.

    16. Green Bay packers reggie nelson S florida

    with both Lynch AND Jarrett on the board, pack fans are gonna be screaming…in anger. But Nelson proved this year all he does is make plays in the secondary, which the packers have lacked since the brett farve super bowl days. A hard hitting Monster of the back 7 who will blend with AJ hawk to make a solid young core.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars Ted Ginn Jr WR/CB OSU

    why ted, when they’ve taken a boatload of receiving players in the last drafts (and Jarrett being a better prospect)? Simple, this team is getting a QB, either in this draft or free agency (they could make a play at Quinn should he slip out of the top 5, but the panthers will pounce first), and that QB is gonna need all the help he can get. Now, Ted Ginn doesn’t even need to necessarily play WR (he was recruited as a CB, after all) and while it might take Ginn a few years to re-learn it, he can immeadiately contribute on kick returns, and if he doesn’t pan out as a CB, you know he’s electric as a WR, and vice versa.

    18. Cincinatti Bengals Zach Miller TE Arizona st

    this may come as a surprise to some; but cincy’s got some baaaaad TE’s, they had a shot at marcedes lewis and Leonard pope last year and dropped the ball, which is funny, cause their TE’s dropped the ball too. Miller is the best TE in the draft, plain and simple, and would add gasoline to an already explosive bengals offense. Imagine them with Palmer, ocho cinco, hoosh, rudi Johnson chris henry AND Miller, plus with Chris henry in and out of Jail like he’s got a summer home there, they need a top notch 3rd option for Carson Palmer.

    19. Tennessee Titans Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

    a slam dunk pick. Jarrett is big, strong with soft as hell hands and faster than given credit for. He’d make a good Safety blanket for Vince young, as well as doubling as an explosive big play man. The link to norm chow won’t hurt either, and seeing that they need a true #1, they might, just might make a play at Calvin Johnson, but Jarrett will help them IMMENSELY if they can’t nab CJ21 in a deal

    20. New york giants Marshawn Lynch HB California

    somehow, Lynch falls this far. The Giants snatch him up quickly, they need a second back to compliment Brandon Jacobs (in case he can’t handle the full load) and if he can, than Lynch’s versatility will help the G-men ease the pain of loosing tiki barber.

    21. Denver broncos Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio state

    the broncos Need a top flight young DT to anchor their line, and it goes into a duel of Pitcock and Demarcus Tyler (who should go higher than this), but in the end, Pitcock being all around solid sells the broncos, and they take the buckeye over Tyler.

    22. dallas Cowboys Daymeion Hughes CB California

    now why Hughes over a safety or blalock? Simple, if Anthony henry moves to safety (where he might fight better and be burned less) the boys will need a new CB. Hughes is definitely over-rated, but he will make a solid CB opposite Terrance Newman. Aaron ross is a possibility here, but with safety being very deep in this draft, you take a CB here and a good safety in round 2.

    23. Kansas city Chiefs DeMarcus Tyler DT NC state

    they could go sid rice here, they could go Justin blalock or levi brown, but in the end, a team that’s never had a defense to compliment that outstanding offense takes a big man in the center. Tyler slips this far only because the Bengals don’t take him, and the broncos go for petcock. A talented Defensive tackle who played in the core of a potent D-line last year looked even better this year.

    24. New England Patriots (from seattle) Marcus McCauley CB Fresno st

    New England has let one too many D-backs go, and McCauley will no doubt follow that trend in around 6 years, but for now, he’s a lock-down type CB whose team oriented, and the pats will slobber over getting a guy like McCauley to be the next asante Samuel or ty law.

    25. New york jets Kenny Irons HB Auburn

    This is a very, very tough pick, because the Jets pick early in round 2 as well.even if you accept Leon Washington can be a workhorse (he isn’t), this team needs a stud HB at the very least to aid Washington. Kenny Irons is a classic workhorse, who will only aid Washington and be an adequate replacement for Curtis martin.

    26. Philidelphia Eagles Michael Griffin S texas

    Griffin might be the best hard hitter in this draft, and possibly the best safety (if you include his special teams ability). He’d learn well from brian dawkins and play along side him, He’d be the next great texas defensive back in a line of top talent, griffin stands out with his kick block ability, and his ability to perform even surrounded by NFL talent. LB (either one) is a possibility, and don’t over rule a power back to compliment Westbrook.

    27. New Orleans Saints Paul Pusluzny OLB Penn st

    the poz is a penn st LB great. And the saints proved in the championship game that they need some run D. Pusluzny isn’t AJ hawk in terms of physical talent, but he’s AJ hawk (and maybe more) in terms of intangibles. He’d be the hard hitting monster OLB the saints have been hunting for since the mid 90’s.

    28.New England Patriots Patrick willis LB Ole Miss

    if Tedy Bruschi does in fact retire, the pats will need a replacement. P-willie is versatile enough to play both ILB and OLB, and he’s an elite in terms of off the field character. And even if bruschi doesn’t retire, they need to upgrade their middle corps before they can go get a WR, though Dwayne Bowe is a possibility here.

    29. Baltimore ravens Justin Blalock OG texas

    somehow, someway, Blalock falls into the raven’s laps. They are a deep, talented team, so this is mainly for depth, but Blalock could come in and start tomorrow if they needed him to, and he’s versatile enough to play both OG and OT, though in all likelihood, he’s a OG at the NFL level.

    30. San diego chargers Dwayne Bowe WR LSU

    its between Bowe and rice for this spot, and Bowe isn’t as big a project as Sidney rice is right now. Bowe’s big and physical and would act as a great option in the san diego offense, which is already explosive and highly talented.

    31. Chicago bears Aaron Sears OT Tennessee

    In spite of what looked like evil rex grossman, he wouldn’t have had some of the problems he did had he had a better O-line to protect him. Sears can play any position on the line, and would protect Rex (whose shown he’s injury prone) for a long time.

    32. Indianapolis Colts Laurence Timmons OLB Florida st

    if and when Cato June leaves, they will need a talented OLB, and Timmons will become the joeseph addai (talented young rookie who does all the right things) of this defense. They will go defense, and it will be either DE or OLB, depending if they can sign June and/or freeney.
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    i like the fins trade and pick

    credit to cardsalltheway


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      that is way to much to give up for to go from 11th to 2nd.

      Niners have lots of needs and i dont think they trade away 1 day one pick and 2 day 2 and then 2 day ones next year thats alot.

      For the vikings im happy with the guy.

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        somehow, someway, Blalock falls into the raven’s laps. They are a deep, talented team, so this is mainly for depth, but Blalock could come in and start tomorrow if they needed him to, and he’s versatile enough to play both OG and OT, though in all likelihood, he’s a OG at the NFL level.
        lol somehow and someway?

        at this point blalock is no longer a first rounder


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          14. Miami Dolphins (from the panthers) Quentin Moses OLB/DE Georgia

          Moses is a great pick here for the Dolphins, if only based on his athleticism. He could Learn to be a DE from Jason Taylor, or a OLB from Zach Thomas, now combine that with Moses’s Athleticism…yikes, its buck nasty


          Moses? seriously?


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            A bit early for Moses but the right idea.

            That is correct comahan
            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
            <3 dg


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              great trade for the lions, completely unrealistic but great nonetheless, but BAD pick, Levi Brown isnt worth the #11 slot in the draft and if the lions trade down you can guarantee they are targeting a DE, because the value is there.

              They would take Carriker at 11.


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                Great chargers pick. Bowe would fit great in our offense.


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                  I think I love you, thanks for giving us Lynch


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                    Good Titans Pick


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                      Good Saints pick.

                      Sveen's 2015 NFL Draft Spreadsheet


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                        Like you said, Landry wouldn't be option #1 for us, and his value at 8 is bad, I still like him, so im fine with the pick if there isnt a trade down.


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                          McCauley's not a good pick for New England. Daymeion Hughes available? Otherwise, Dwayne Bowe, I suppose.


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                            too many trades


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                              great redskins pick
                              RIP Sean Michael Taylor



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