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  • Different Picks for 07

    1 Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell QB LSU 6-6 255
    They might take Calvin, but that is not the man they need. They can build the franchise around Russell.
    2 Detroit Lions Joe Thomas T Wisconsin 6-7 310
    He will help them. That will invest tons of money in the two tackle spots but Backus will be a valuable asset on the right side.
    3 Cleveland Browns Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech 6-5 235
    Not a need at all I know. He WILL improve the Browns by about 4 wins.(along with the rest of this draft) The Browns could be a surprise team next year with their great young coach.
    4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame 6-4 225
    They reload their offense with Quinn. He is almost as ready as Leinart was. And with Gruden coaching him. He will be a stud soon.
    5 Arizona Cardinals Alan Branch DT Michigan 6-5 330
    Anderson could be an option, but they already have Bert Berry. So they take a big, tough body to let their LB's run free to the ball.
    6 Washington Redskins Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas 6-5 278
    Big physical rush end will help the Skins awful pass rush. He is chosen over Adams because of his long term potential.
    7 Minnesota Vikings Gaines Adams DE Clemson 6-5 260
    Could have gone one pick higher, but the Vikes are estatic that he falls in their laps. Will give them a speed-rushing threat.
    8 Houston Texans Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma 6-0 220
    Is a workhorse and will change the AFC south. If healthy, the Texans will be .500 minimum.
    9 Miami Dolphins Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State 6-3 230
    Probably will get reemed for this but the Phins need an all-around playmaker for when JT retires. Timmons brings it from any spot.
    10 Atlanta Falcons Amobi Okoye DT Louisville 6-2 312
    Will eventually replace Rod Coleman. For now he will reek havoc with him.
    11 San Francisco 49ers Leon Hall CB Michigan 5-11 195
    Fits the Nolan profile and will be a good player in that system. Low bust potential.
    12 Buffalo Bills Patrick Willis MLB Mississippi 6-1 235
    Should go top 10 because of his talent. But this draft is top heavy and because of team need the best defender comes off the board at 12. The Bills get a newer version of Ray Lewis.
    13 St. Louis Rams Paul Poluszny OLB Penn State 6-2 230
    Has average speed for a 'backer, but undeniable instincts. Could be their middle backer and move Witherspoon outside. Poluszny is a ballhawk.
    14 Carolina Panthers Reggie Nelson FS Florida 6-0 195
    Could be the next great safety in the league. Shouldn't have fallen this far. A true playmaker.
    15 Pittsburgh Steelers Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh 5-11 190
    Gives the Steelers a true cover corner and will change their defense when he blossoms.
    16 Green Bay Packers Marshawn Lynch RB California 5-10 223
    Great fit. If he starts could be the NFC rookie of the year. He would get carries and be very productive.
    17 Jacksonville Jaguars Levi Brown T Penn State 6-5 325
    A stud O-lineman who could take over for Mo Williams if he leaves or play guard until he does.
    18 Cincinnati Bengals Laron Landry SS LSU 6-2 205
    Leader and playmaker who will be a stud. In the mold of Brian Dawkins. Tough, Physical and fast.
    19 Tennessee Titans Dwayne Jarrett WR Southern California 6-5 210
    VY gets a top target and a new toy that will only help him improve. Jarrett could be a huge steal at this point.
    20 New York Giants Chris Houston CB Arkansas 5-10 180
    Will be a fast riser by the time the draft comes. Some sources have him running the fastest time at the combine.
    21 Denver Broncos Jarvis Moss DE Florida 6-5 255
    Falls to their laps, one of the best atheletes in the draft and the broncos improve their D with this pick.
    22 Dallas Cowboys Michael Griffen FS Texas 6-0 210
    The pick replaces John Lynch in the long term and gives the Broncos a true playmaker in the present. Its win-win.
    23 Kansas City Chiefs Ted Ginn WR Ohio State 5-11 185
    Can't pass him up. Most Chief fans will scoff at this, but if Ginn is there why not take him? He would be valuable as a receiver and return man.(especially after Dante Hall)
    24 New England Patriots Sidney Rice WR South Carolina 6-2 200
    A big physical receiver that will give Tom Brady a big target for a change. He will thrive as Brady feeds him the ball and makes him productive as a rookie.
    25 New York Jets Marcus McCauley CB Fresno State 6-1 200
    Take a risk and McCauley could pay off big time. If he played his senior year like he did his junior year, he would have been a top 10 lock.
    26 Philadelphia Eagles Jon Beason OLB Miami 6-0 230
    Fast playmaker. Who will give the Eagles swagger on D. He and Omar Gaither are both fast young studs.
    27 New Orleans Saints Fred Bennett CB South Carolina 6-2 195
    Athletic player who would give the Saints more freedom to blitz on defense. Has goo long term potential and has good size.
    28 New England Patriots Brandon Meriweather FS Miami 6-0 192
    Not a Pats type player, but Corey Dillon had a bad rap before he became a Patriot. A fast playmaker who would bring youth to their D.
    29 Baltimore Ravens Dwayne Bowe WR LSU 6-2 220
    Too good to pass up. Will team with Mark Clayton and give them a dangerous receiving core. Physical but drops some balls.
    30 San Diego Chargers Robert Meachem WR Tennessee 6-2 210
    Gives Rivers a new threat and makes the Bolts' offense even more dangerous.
    31 Chicago Bears Ben Grubbs G Auburn 6-3 305
    Best OG in the Draft give the Bears depth and a future stud. Might not start right away with the guards they have.
    32 Indianapolis Colts Adam Carriker DE Nebraska 6-6 290
    Could play all over their line and give the Defense great flexability and spell Mathis and Freeney. Powerful and can play DT.

    Be as rough as you want. I know some of these picks will not go over well!

    Feedback Please!

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    Good Houston pick.


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      bad Oakland mock.
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        Re: Different Picks for 07

        22 Dallas Cowboys Michael Griffen FS Texas 6-0 210
        The pick replaces John Lynch in the long term and gives the Broncos a true playmaker in the present. Its win-win.

        get some teams mixed there or what man lol although i do like what it does for my team....


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          Interesting pick, but I think DT is a bigger need and Demarcus Tyler is a better DT than Carriker.


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            I can only hope...


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              Anderson is a great pick nice job
              RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                Atlanta has John Babineaux replace Rod Coleman. Okoye could be a good pick but I just don't see where his value is at #10 overall.

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                  9 Miami Dolphins Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State 6-3 230
                  Probably will get reemed for this but the Phins need an all-around playmaker for when JT retires. Timmons brings it from any spot.

                  we play the 3-4 NOT the 4-3

                  where is F????


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                    Quinn will not be a Buccaneer unless he falls to the 2nd round


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                      I'm not gonna reem you.... I love the pick for the phins! Some people think he won't be able to play the OLB in the 3-4, I think he can. He has the perfect frame to add some pounds while still maintaining his explosive nature. We do still play a little 4-3 so this guy will play marvelously in that while still bringing pressure in the 3-4 from the outside. He is a physical and statistical freak and will be a stud in the NFL, and while he isn't the perfect fit for us, he is a playmaker and that's fit enough for me.

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                        I wouldnt mind quinn to the bucs, if we go offense which is basically all we can take without reaching from 3 or 4 we have never had a franchise qb and maybe thats why we have never had great success..other than 2002 of course


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                          I Love the Ginn pick but Herm likes the bigger WR's so Bowe, Rice or Meachem would more then likely be the pick



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