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3 Round Mock Draft (9,000 Words, yeah i'm a freak)

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  • 3 Round Mock Draft (9,000 Words, yeah i'm a freak)

    THis was basically what i did in my classes that were in a computer lab since the end of holiday break. I tried to take an objective look at all the teams but i know i can't make everyone happy. If you don't like the pick please elaborate on why, i will do an update to this later on. Also sorry if my explanations are repetitive for your team I made them over the course of a few weeks so i wasn;t alwyas concentrating on what I'd previously written on a team, just the picks which i had recorded elsewhere. Ok this was quite the labor of love but i really don't care if you tear it to shreads, thats why i made it, so off we go!

    ROUND #1

    1. Oakland: Jamarcus Russell – QB – Louisiana State

    Sorry Raider’s fans, I know you won’t like it but I just think this is the way Al will go. He just loves his big armed QB’s (see: Jeff George). With Moss looking to get out a Culpepper clone may be just enough to convince him to stay and play for the silver and black, at least when he wants to. You may want AP but although Al was willing to throw Art Shell under the bus he won’t turn on his big salary back Lamont Jordan.

    2. Detroit: Joe Thomas – OT –Wisconsin

    Although I was originally of the thought that Matt Millen would put his team on Brady Quinn’s shoulders I finally will fall prey to the skepticism of Thomas in Motown. Jeff Backus may be a fairly serviceable tackle but nothing like the franchise cornerstone that Thomas can become that will protect McCown or whoever is selected as the next “QB of the future” in Detroit.

    3. Tampa Bay: Calvin Johnson – WR – Georgia Tech

    Michael Clayton had a down year or two and Joey Galloway is getting older and quickly. Chris Simms will be shaky coming back to say the least and will need a big target who can haul in anything to give him confidence know Stovall is waiting in the wings but no combination of him, Ike Hilliard and Edell Shepherd can provide as good a target as CJ does as soon as he hits the field, probably as soon as he hits the Javits’ Center stage.

    4. Cleveland: Alan Branch – DT –Michigan

    Branch is a big man who can make a big presence and bring a real playmaker to the front line opening things up for Andra Davis to make plays. Despite Cleveland’s failures in the past with high defensive line picks (Gerard Warren, Courtney Brown) the Browns will keep going back to the well hoping that this time it works out for the best. Browns fans better hope it does, and quickly or the Browns will remain in the AFC basement and Branch will be tearing it up out in the Rockies with the Broncos.

    5. Arizona: Gaines Adams – DE - Clemson

    Pissed off that Thomas isn’t here for them the Cardinals will begin their new regime adding an impact DE. Adams is the type of electric player who can add a new dimension to this defense. His pressure on the QB will allow for many more turnovers from the big play guys behind him like Wilson, Dansby and Rolle. If Bertrand Berry can remain healthy the combo on the ends of Adams and Berry will be one of the top in the league.

    6. Washington: Amobi Okoye – DT - Louisville

    Just beginning his meteoric rise of draft boards this 19 year old beast will really provide an immediate upgrade to a very below average interior line. Although Snyder prefers to improve his team through big name free agents a player like Okoye will be able to anchor the line for a long time to come. In addition with all of the upgrades to the offense over the last few years it has been a concentration on Defense with their first pick the last two years (Rocky McIntosh, Carlos Rogers) and with the amount of Money paid to Greg Williams to keep him in town they will keep doing it, much to the chagrin on Al Saunders.

    7. Minnesota: Jamaal Anderson – DE - Arkansas

    As a big time playmaker he’s been getting lots of top five publicity, even as high as number two to Detroit. With a substantial “fall” to seven and the lack of production from highly touted Erasmus James and Kenechi Udeze the Vikes would most likely be sure to get this pick up in time, but hey you never know. Adding him to players like Kevin Williams will further strengthen the already stout run defense Note: I thought thoroughly about WR here but neither Ginn nor Bowe are deserving of this pick at this point in my opinion.

    8. Houston: Adrian Peterson – RB - Oklahoma

    Slam Dunk pick of this draft so far the Texans get to avenge passing on Bush last year by grabbing on of the best running back prospects outside of bush seen in years. Keeping another local kid in town would also silence the Vince Young proponents in Houston.

    9. Miami: Brady Quinn – QB – Notre Dame

    You would have to hit Tubby’s level of homerism to think either Harrington or Cleo Lemon are the long term answer here. Quinn provides a big name for the new regimes first pick and can sit behind Culpepper for a year or two if he’s healthy and step in if he’s not. If Quinn falls past Detroit at two which looks more and more likely everyday he will have the potential to have a Leinartian fall to at least the Dolphins at nine and maybe even all the way to Carolina or St. Louis.

    10. Atlanta: LaRon Landry – S – Louisiana State

    The Falcons desperately need another playmaker in the secondary and former all-pro Lawyer Milloy just doesn’t get it done any more. Chris Crocker also doesn’t inspire the utmost confidence if you’re a fan. Although D. Hall is the true definition of the “dirty bird” he is a force and a true shutdown corner in the making and add to that last years 2nd rounder Jimmy Williams and Landry and you have the beginnings of a dominant defensive backfield.

    11. San Francisco: Leon Hall – CB - Michigan

    I’m sure most San Francisco fans will certainly remember two years ago when the Niners will literally signing players off of the street to place in the defensive backfield. Shawnte Spencer is a solid young player but Walt Harris is not exactly a shutdown corner. I guess Nolan thinks more highly of his corners because of the guys they face in practice. Hall will not be a true shutdown corner but he is one of the more sure solid corners in recent years.

    12. Buffalo: Patrick Willis – ILB – Ole Miss

    Willis was on of the more impressive players in Mobile and would really improve the Bills porous run defense. London Fletcher-Baker is a solid player but he is getting older as is Takeo Spikes. With the emergence of Angelo Crowell in the last year or so the linebacker corps is getting younger and improving as in the Defensive line with last years picks. Although it may be a little high for Willis to be drafted, Buffalo showed last year that they aren’t afraid to reach for the players they want.

    13. St. Louis: Lawrence Timmons – OLB – Florida State

    With Brandon Chiller as a starter there is obvious room for improvement. Coakley and Will Witherspoon are aging and the defense is sub-par anyway so Timmons can come in and start immediately. With multiple rookies from last years draft starting already the Rams can continue building a stellar young defense which hasn’t been known is St. Louis since the pre-Mike Martz days. Rams fans can only hope that Timmons can make a play as big as Mike Jones’ Superbowl tackle on Kevin Dyson.

    14. Carolina: Levi Brown – OT – Penn State

    With one franchise cornerstone at tackle in place with Jordan Gross, the Panthers can solidify their line with the addition of Brown at right tackle. The Panthers have been perennial underachievers but with the two-headed monster in the backfield of DeAngelo and DeShaun Brown can be the powerful run blocker they need and help get Carolina to finally live up to expectations as Peppers, Jenkins, Rucker and others will continue to be one of the better Defenses in the league for at least a few more years.

    15. Pittsburgh: Adam Carriker – DE - Nebraska

    Just missing out on Levi Brown to replace the departing Max Starks the Steelers will turn to the Defensive side of the ball and grab one of the only true proto-type 3-4 Defensive players. The Steelers defensive took a step back as well as the offense. Carriker is an absolute force and can upgrade over Keisel immediately at Defensive end.

    16. Green Bay: Reggie Nelson – S - Florida

    If Nelson were here for the Packers it would be an absolute coup. Manuel has been disappointing to say the least. He could combine with Collins to form a very quick safety tandem that can grow together for years to come. Brett Farve’s decision to stay could force them to indeed go add another playmaker on offense but they may still go Defense. The fact that all the WRs besides Johnson are still on the board as well as Marshawn lynch are definitely appealing to Green Bay though I think the value and talent of Nelson here seals the deal.

    17. Jacksonville: Ted Ginn Jr. – WR- Ohio State

    Although they have used their last three first round picks on receiving targets (Mercedes Lewis (TE), Matt Jones, Reggie Williams) they still lack the complimentary speed receiver to go with the tall receivers already there. Ginn would provide that speed and his return ability will allow Jones-Drew to concentrate more on the running game with Taylor aging greatly. His speed will add another dimension to the offense for whoever is at quarterback for the Jags next season.

    18. Cincinnati: Michael Griffin – S - Texas

    Although they are very solid at corner and tend to cause a great deal of turnovers the Bengals’ secondary still tends to get burned more than just occasionally. Dexter Jackson is aging and Kevin Kaesviharn is not anybodies answer at safety. An infusion of more youth in the defensive backfield will really continue to improve the young defense and allow Marvin Lewis to finally be happy with the side of the ball he is renowned for, defense.

    19. Tennessee: Dwayne Jarrett – WR – Southern California

    Even though they have spent many picks and in the last few years on WR (Jonathan Orr, Courtney Roby, Brandon Jones) as well as spending big on free agents (David Givens) they still lack a true number two to go along with Drew Bennett. Bobby Wade developed chemistry with Young in the 2nd team offense but he is not the answer long term. Jarrett will give them a player Norm Chow is familiar with and will have no problem giving the ball too.

    20. N.Y. Giants: Marshawn Lynch – RB - California

    With the move of Tiki deeper and deeper into the media abyss known as Tiki land the Giants are in need of a true feature back. Brandon Jacobs is a mountain of a back with a great combination of speed and power but his big play ability does not come close to that of Lynch. By combining the two in a backfield the Giants will posses an enviable one-two punch which seems to be the trend of the NFL these days.

    21. Denver: Darrelle Revis – CB - Pittsburgh

    With the tragic death of Darrent Williams the Broncos are in need of a corner to play across from the true definition of a shutdown corner, Champ Bailey. Dominique Foxworth is no more than a nickel or dime back in the NFL and to force him to start would certainly lead to a weak link in the secondary. With the Broncos continuing to build a solid young nucleus Revis will help continue that. Revis also adds a dimension to the return game that Denver has been lacking in recent history.

    22. Dallas: Ben Grubbs – OG – Auburn

    Marco Rivera is getting up there and Kyle Kossier is only a marginal starter at best. Grubbs seems to be passing Blalock after the senior bowl as the top interior lineman in the draft. With the backfield of Julius Jones and Marion Barber III and a young QB in Tony Romo the presence of effective blockers up front is a matter of the utmost importance. Although Grubbs may not be the best holder on special teams, placing a big strong body like him in the middle of that line will act as a stabilizing force for a team that’s playoff caliber no matter who the new coach is.

    23. Kansas City: Arron Sears – OT - Tennessee

    With Bowe, Rice and Meachem all on the board here for the Chiefs to pass on a receiver seems absurd, but the retirement of Willie Roaf and the sub par play of Jordan Black make the offensive line a huge priority. By instead going with Meachem’s college teammate Herm Edwards will add a big, run blocking tackle to help clear lanes for LJ and allow him to improve on his rushing totals from the past year which were still good enough to rank him second in the NFL behind LT.

    24. New England (f/ Seattle): Dwayne Bowe – WR – Louisiana State

    One of this drafts hottest prospects, Bowe really separated himself in Mobile and could vault up the draft all the way to a potential top 10 pick. For the Patriots to land him here and add another top target to go along with last years 2nd round pick Chad Jackson as well as surprise stories Jabar Gaffney and Reche “Headlights” Caldwell they would finally have a solid receiving corps to compliment one of the leagues top QBs.

    25. New York Jets: Quentin Moses – DE/OLB – Georgia

    Moses showed during Senior Bowl practices that he is capable of playing stand up outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense. Despite his drop in performance from junior to senior year he still is a top talent and a great value at this point. With him and the newly rejuvenated Brain Thomas the Jets would have two top blitzing backers to put pressure on the quarterback. Although the Jets secondary was burned on occasion last season the greatest help to that is a good pass rush.

    26. Philadelphia: Brandon Meriweather – S – Miami (Fla.)

    Meriweather really rehabbed his stock at the senior bowl, even showing the ability to play corner. Michael Lewis has been on an unsuspected decline as of late and Brian Dawkins, while still being one of the top safeties in the game is in his thirties and cannot keep his current level of play up forever. Meriweather is a playmaker who can bring a mean streak to the City of Brotherly Love. Also of note is that his selection would help to continue Miami’s streak of years with a first round pick in a slightly more convincing fashion than Kelly Jennings going to the Seahawks with the 31st pick last year.

    27. New Orleans: Marcus McCauley – CB – Fresno State

    Although Marcus McCauley is in the midst of a free fall of his draft stock, after combine time that will change drastically. Despite highly regarded tall corners tending to fall more than expected (see Brandon Bowman) McCauley has an asset most with his height at the position lack, speed. When he measures and clocks in his first round grade will be renewed and the Saints are the perfect place for him as outside of Mike McKenzie they lack much CB depth.

    28. New England: Eric Weddle – S – Utah

    Weddle is a true Belichick player with his versatility to play both cornerback as well safety as well as getting a few plays a game on offense while at Utah. Rodney Harrison is continuing to age and will not be getting any younger this year either while Artrell Hawkins is a solid player he is not a top flight NFL player that Weddle could be.

    29. Baltimore: Jarvis Moss – DE/OLB - Florida

    With Adalius Thomas as good as gone in this offseason the Ravens will continue to maintain the top flight level of their defense by adding another top rusher to be opposite Terrell Suggs. Moss’ will not provide the versatility that Thomas did but he will provide speed off the edge and the pressure on the quarterback helping the very opportunistic secondary. Baltimore’s recent draft day success with players like Landry and Ngata will allow them to continue adding depth to one of the leagues top units.

    30. San Diego: Robert Meachem – WR - Tennessee

    Keenan McCardell’s career is officially over as an actual receiving force and other than Eric Parker, whose left? You have Vincent Jackson who is a developing player but is not nearly the top target that Robert Meachem provides for Phillip Rivers. A true receiving threat on the outside to go with Antonio Gates on the inside will really spread the defense from sideline to sideline and open up holes for the best player in football, LaDanian Tomlinson.

    31. Chicago: Justin Blalock – OG - Texas

    Although the Bears showed a need for an upgrade at the safety position in the Superbowl but Mike Brown will be back and that will help them out. The aging offensive line could use an infusion of youth as Reuben Brown is over the hill and not just in football terms. Although at the Senior Bowl Blalock showed he is far better inside than at tackle he still does contain that versatility to play multiple spots on the offensive line.

    32. Indianapolis: Quinn Pitcock – DT – Ohio State

    Despite their improved level of play in the playoffs there is still no confusing the Colt’s run defense with the 1985 Bears and they do need plenty of help. Bob Sanders return really elevated the play of the rest of the defense. Booger McFarland is a top flight tackle but his presence alone can not turn this defense around. With the return of Corey Simon next year and if the add Pitcock, Indy would have a very solid rotation with those three as well as Raheem Brock.

    ROUND #2

    33. Oakland: Joe Staley – OT – Central Michigan

    With their franchise quarterback locked up in the first round the Raiders look to solidify one of the leagues worst offensive lines with their second round pick. The line does have a lot of young promising players with Kevin Boothe and Pat McQuistan as well as former top five pick Robert Gallery, who has been a disappointment at the very least. If the young line can gel with the addition of Staley on the right side they can be a solid unit for a long time, if not it will be a long year for Russell or whoever is under center in Oakland.

    34. Detroit: Chris Houston – CB – Arkansas

    On the other side of Dre Bly there is nothing resembling a top flight NFL corner. Kitna can run the offense for another year but this defense needs help. Although Stanton and Smith would both be solid additions here as Dan Orvlosky is nobodies QB of the future Houston’s combination of speed and physicality allow him to seem to be one of the few CBs in this draft who could potentially garner the label of “shutdown corner”.

    35. Cleveland: Aaron Ross – CB - Texas

    Leigh Bodden is one of the most underrated corners in the NFL but on the other side of him is nobody. Much like Detroit with the pick before them they will be tempted by local product Troy Smith but will trust Charlie Frye with the team for one more year at least and instead turn their concentrations to the defensive backfield and their porous pass defense.

    36. Tampa Bay: Paul Posluszny – OLB – Penn State

    The Bucs once elite defense has been steadily declining as of late and “Puz” has fallen well below his projection. Despite his injury this season his athleticism and heady play make him what could be one of this drafts biggest steals. He will be able to come in and immediately provide an impact on Tampa’s defense where he will most likely replace Ryan Nece. With Posluszny and Gruden’s other highly regarded young linebacker, Barrett Rudd, the Bucs can begin their return to their former place as one of the leagues top defensive teams.

    37. Arizona: Tony Ugoh – OT - Arkansas

    The second Arkansas player to go thus far in the second round will help to anchor one of this young offenses only flaws, the o-line. With Ugoh and last years second rounder Deuce Lutui the Cardinals will have a solid foundation up front to both protect their young QB Matt Leinart as well as pave the way for former all-pro Edgerin James and J.J. Arrington. With more time in the pocket Leinart will be able to take full advantage of his top flight weapons in Boldin and Fitzgerald.

    38. New York Jets (f/ Washington): DeMarcus Tyler – DT – North Carolina State

    After building up the offense line early in the draft last year Eric Mangini will continue his motto of building through the trenches by adding Tyler and a former defensive end (Moses). Dewayne Robertson really came on at the end of the year as the Jets’ nose tackle but his size makes him much better suited for replacing the almost certain to depart, Kimo von Olhoffen. The presence of a true nose in the 3-4 will really open a lot more things for Jonathan Vilma to be a playmaker and help in his adjustment to the 3-4, forcing more blockers to Tyler instead of free to seal Vilma at the second level.

    39. Minnesota: Sidney Rice – WR – South Carolina

    Despite not having any overtly outstanding measurables, Rice is one of the better natural receivers in this draft. He will come in and provide a solid target and form a potentially dominant receiving corps of the future with Troy Williamson while immediately providing a sure-handed receiver for either Tavaris Jackson, Brooks Bollinger or whoever finds himself under center in 2007.

    40. Houston: Ryan Kalil – C – Southern California

    One of this drafts fastest risers, Kalil was one of the best players at the Senior Bowl. He outshone fellow oft-decorated center, Dan Mozes by a long stride and elevated his stock into the first to second round gray area. Drew Hodgdon and Seth McKinney are not long tern nor short term answers at center and Kalil will provide a solid blocker for the Texans first rounder, Adrian Peterson.

    41. Miami: Daymeion Hughes – CB – California

    Andre’ Goodman was a nice surprise but him and Will Allen are by no means a top notch tandem at corner. Hughes would immediately provide a nickel-back and his nose for the ball will help the Dolphins and their aging defense. With last years first rounder Jason Allen waiting in the wings and over-achieving Yeremiah Bell new coach Cam Cameron will be well on his way to the building of a solid secondary.

    42. Atlanta: Charles Johnson – DE - Georgia

    Another one of the drafts fastest risers Johnson clearly outperformed highly touted teammate Quentin Moses this season and could easily go before him. Johnson would be a solid end opposite John Abraham as well as being able to stand in for him when any of his multiple yearly injury plagues hit. New coach Bobby Petrino may be tempted to go with a player like his own Michael Bush to add another dynamic to the backfield along with the speed of Dunn, Norwood, and Vick.

    43. San Francisco: Anthony Gonzalez – WR – Ohio State

    San Francisco has a solid young running back, quarterback, and tight end but the top wide-outs on the team, Antonio Bryant and Arnaz Battle, are not getting it done. Gonzo is better suited as a slot receiver but with the lack of top targets available at this point in the draft he will be forced to go to the outside if he plays right away. The 49er’s have not had recent success with receivers most notably with their first rounder Rashaun Woods and have also recently taken on someone else’s baggage in Taylor Jacobs, a talented college receiver who only went so high in the draft because of the “old ball coach’s” homerism

    44. Buffalo: Ryan Harris – OT – Notre Dame

    Jason Peters is developing very quickly as a left tackle but on the other side is Terrence Pennington, and by no means is he a top quality tackle. With the potential departure of Nate Clements addressing the secondary seems a concern but with two rookie safeties as well as Youboty in the wings as well as Williams, McCargo and this years Willis the defense seems set for the future leaving the offensive line as the primary part of the team needing to be addressed.

    45. St. Louis: David Irons – CB - Auburn

    Nobody helped themselves more in mobile than Irons who outplayed every other South DB and routinely shut down the receivers including the highly touted Dwayne Bowe. St. Louis is very thin at cornerback, with last years first round pick Tye Hill and then essentially nothing else. Irons would step in and be called on as the nickel-back at the very least and possibly find himself in a starting role soon.

    46. Carolina: Greg Olsen – TE – Miami (Fla.)

    Once thought to be an even better TE prospect than Jeremy Shockey or Kellen Winslow Jr, Olsen failed to produce much at “The U” and finds himself in second round mix. Despite his underachieving ways his presence will be welcome in Carolina where Michael Gaines and Kris Mangum are not elite receiving options by any means. Jeff King is an intriguing player but the chance to land a player with the potential of Olsen cannot be passed up in favor of a late round developmental player.

    47. Green Bay: Stewart Bradley – OLB - Nebraska

    Another player who separated himself from the pack at the Senior Bowl, Bradley would be a great addition to the Packer’s defense. With two young stud linebackers already on hand in A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett as well as Abdul Hodge in the middle, Green Bay only truly lacks a weak-side backer to complete the corps. Bradley would provide that and give the Packers a forcible young defense that will keep Brett Farve happy and competitive.

    48. Pittsburgh: Josh Wilson – CB - Maryland

    The player who looks to be one of the stars of the combine could find himself even higher if he runs as expected. His pick here is one of great value for the Steelers and allows new coach Mike Tomlin to continue building his specialty, Defense. Ike Taylor is solid on one side but Townsend and McFadden leave something to be desired on the other. They are solid enough as of now and their presence will allow Wilson to learn how to harness his natural ability and become an NFL quality corner.

    49. Jacksonville: Troy Smith – QB – Ohio State

    Troy Smith reestablished himself as the third best QB in the draft with his week of practice down in Mobile. Although he was helped by his solid play, nothing aided his stock more than the weigh-in where he measured up at 6’0”. That alone returned him to early 2nd round status and with the turmoil at QB Smith can come in and become a solid backup if nothing else and if neither Garrard or Leftwhich pan out he can step in and start.

    50. Cincinnati: Jon Beason – OLB – Miami (Fla.)

    Although they well get Odell Thurman back next season the Bengals are very thin at linebacker. Being that he is from “The U”, Beason is sure to have legal baggage and fit in well with the linebacking corps already. If Pollack is ready to return from his potentially career ending injury and Thurman can come back from his suspension the defense in Cincinnati will be much upgraded as Simmons was the only constant force for them this past season.

    51. Tennessee: Eric Wright – CB - UNLV

    Once a promising young corner at USC, his legal troubles forced Wright to transfer to the city of sin. After just one season and nine games with UNLV Wright declared early for the draft and has a chance to find himself in the second round. Despite his late draft spot Wright is one of the few players who has the potential to develop to a true shutdown corner. With Renaldo Hill opposite Pac Man for now it will allow the fairly raw Wright to develop but eventually will provide a much better option than Hill.

    52. N.Y. Giants: Doug Free – OT – Northern Illinois

    Once a more highly regarded prospect than at the present his stock followed the rise and fall of Garret Wolfe’s Heisman campaign. When Wolfe was held under 100 yards for 3 straight games, Free’s stock took a hit. With Luke Penalty-Guit manning the left side there is great room for improvement. Kareem McKenzie is solid on the other side but Bob Whitfield is one of the worst offense tackles to see the field at any point as a starter this year and Free can fill the backup role immediately.

    53. Denver: Victor Abiamiri – DE – Notre Dame

    Elvis Dumervil was a nice surprise last year but he fits more as a situational pass rusher. The Browns line that migrated west is holding up solidly but could really use a stabilizing force on the edge and Abiamiri could provide that. With Victor on first and second down and Dumervil on third the Broncos could keep the d-line fresh and rotated and clearing the way for the very solid linebacking corps to make plays on the second level.

    54. Dallas: John Wendling – S - Wyoming

    A small school player with great athleticism, his combine should almost assuredly push Wendling into the second round. Dallas had a decent rookie campaign at FS by Florida State’s Patrick Watkins but he leaves a lot of room for improvement. Even Roy Williams lacks ideal coverage skills and is finding himself up in the box more and more. Wendling can provide depth at both safety positions and potentially step in for Watkins immediately.

    55. Kansas City: Johnnie Lee Higgins – WR – Texas – El Paso

    Kansas City lacks a true speed WR outside of Dante Hall who is much better suited purely as a kick returner. Samie Parker and Eddie Kennison are solid receivers but are strictly possession guys. Whoever is at QB for the Chiefs will benefit greatly from the presence of Higgins speed and route running and his ability to stretch the field will open up the underneath for Tony Gonzalez and one of the leagues top backs in Larry Johnson.

    56. Seattle: Kenny Irons – RB - Auburn

    As we learned this year when Shaun Alexander went down the Seahawks lack a solid back-up who can take carries and still be productive. Maurice Morris presented a nice change of pace back but when he was asked to step up as the feature back he failed and was abysmal as far as production goes. Irons comes from a running back factory at Auburn and has not only the ability to spell Alexander in the short term but to step up and be featured should he be injured.

    57. New York Jets: Brian Leonard – FB - Rutgers

    The Jets do need a feature back, which is a true statement. The only problem with taking a true half back here is that even Michael Bush, possibly the BPA at this point, do not have to ability to come in and be a feature back, they would merely just make the current three-headed monster an even more confusing four-headed one. While Leonard still does have the ability as a runner his versatility as a pass catcher and blocker out of the backfield make him a far better pick for the Jets needs at this point.

    58. New Orleans: Aaron Rouse – S – Virginia Tech

    The knock on Rouse has been whether he is a safety or a linebacker. At the senior bowl practices he looked lost in coverage at times but showed the speed and quickness to stay in the defensive backfield. In New Orleans his versatility would be utilized as opposed to having his lack of a true position held against him. After the typical time to adjust to the speed of the NFL Rouse could find himself starting either at strong safety or weak-side backer for the Saints where he would seem to provide an upgrade over both Stoutmire and Shanle.

    59. Philadelphia: Michael Bush – RB - Louisville

    Brian Westbrook is the ultimate weapon with his running ability and hands coming out of the backfield but if he is forced to take the pounding of an every-down back then his value will be lost. Bush provides a powerful, downhill runner who can spell Westbrook and bring a different dimension to the offense. Bush is raw as a runner and will only continue to get better assuming he can fully recover from his injury early this season.

    60. New England: Buster Davis – ILB – Florida State

    The linebacking corps of the Patriots is aging, especially in the middle where Bruschi and Vrabel are very solid but getting up there in age. Buster Davis is a wildly productive player despite being of such small stature. His tenacity and football I.Q. make him a very typical Patriots type player who will fit in the system and look to excel on special teams before taking over for on of the icons in the middle of the defense.

    61. Baltimore: Josh Beekman – OG – Boston College

    The offensive line is one of the few weak points on one of the AFC’s best team. Beekman is one of the better run-blockers on the interior in this draft and Jamal Lewis and Mike Anderson are not the players they used to be and could use all the blocking they can get up front. Beekman and last years rookie Chris Chester will anchor the interior of the line in the future and maintain a solid unit for as long as the leagues top tackle, Jonathan Ogden, anchors the left side.

    62. San Diego: H.B. Blades – ILB - Pittsburgh

    At the beginning of the year Blades was seen as one of the nations top linebacking prospects but fell off as his production as well Pittsburgh’s. His tutelage under Dave Wandstadt sets him up well for a career in the NFL and San Diego’s aging middle linebackers will welcome the infusion of the young talented Blades who can afford to learn the system for a year or two before stepping in.

    63. Chicago: Zach Miller – TE – Arizona State

    Desmond Clark is a solid but not spectacular option at TE for the Bears who had a season that can not be expected from him regularly. The Bears would be willing to let their current situation slide for the next season or maybe address it through free agency but Miller’s value here at the end of the second round is just too good for Chicago to pass up. Another receiving option for Grossman will help give him a prime target underneath and hopefully for Bears fans keep him from forcing the deep balls he doesn’t have as there will now be two top TEs available.

    64. Tampa Bay (f/ Indy): Justin Harrell – DT - Tennessee

    The Buccaneers continued to rebuild their defense with the pick of Posluszny earlier in round two and now need to turn their attention to the line as Simeon Rice is good as gone while upgrades over Chris Hovan and Ellis Wyms are desperately needed. While Harrell is not the type of player who can instantly provide a force on the line he will add to the rotation on the interior and bring a tough run stopper who if he can stay healthy looks to develop into another of the extremely productive defensive lineman graduating from Knoxville.

    ROUND #3

    65. Oakland: Paul Williams – WR – Fresno State

    Al Davis is probably on of the more gullible owners around when it comes to combine numbers and all things point to Williams as being one of this years fastest players. Davis’ love of speed and the addition of the big arm of Russell with the first overall pick all go to make Williams a likely addition to the Raiders and add to their offense the dimension they thought they were getting with Moss.

    66. Detroit: Drew Stanton – QB – Michigan State

    A player who the Lions probably thought they’d have to take with their second rounder if they wanted him falls all the way to their third rounder and makes Matt Millen look fairly intelligent, for now. Kitna is aging and apparently Marinelli and Martz are not sold on either McCown or Orvlosky as their future QB and Stanton was once seen as an early first rounder. Despite being inconsistent he is a remarkable talent and if he can succeed under anyone it will be in a QB friendly system such as Martz’s.

    67. Tampa Bay: Tanard Jackson – CB – Syracuse

    Jackson is probably best suited for the cover two scheme of anyone in this draft and Monte Kiffin is the godfather of the Tampa Two scheme. Jackson will be able to fill in and learn the scheme from some of the leagues best corners in Brian Kelly and Ronde Barber. If Phillip Buchanon can finally realize his potential and find his niche as Buccaneer then Tampa may have a top young duo in their defensive backfield and can turn their focus to other areas of need.

    68. Cleveland: James Marten – OT – Boston College

    Another one of the Senior Bowl’s big surprises, Marten showed the tenacity desired in an offensive lineman. He played both guard and tackle in college and that versatility will be taken advantage of at the next level. The Browns invested heavily in the O-line last offseason giving lucrative contracts to both tackle Kevin Schaffer and center LeCharles Bentley but they still under-performed. Marten provides an upgrade over Nat Dorsey on the right side should he be asked to start and if not offers great depth at multiple positions.

    69. Arizona: Jonathan Wade – CB - Tennessee

    Wade has great potential as he is just recently converted from receiver to the other side of the ball. He also is a former track star giving him great recovery speed. The big question is whether that speed will just be used to compensate for his rawness as a corner or used to turn him into a truly special player. With two younger playmakers in Antrel Rolle and Adrian Wilson already in place Wade will have time to develop and the Cardinals hope he will add to the promising young secondary already being installed.

    70. Denver (f/ Washington): Brandon Mebane – DT - California

    The Broncos continue to go defense and add to an already deep defensive line rotation. Mebane is overachieving as there is nothing about him that truly stands out. That fact will add a new dimension to a Broncos’ line filled with former high picks who under-achieved for much of their career and are just beginning to realize a small part of their potential as players along the defensive front four.

    71. Minnesota: Michael Johnson – S - Arizona

    Johnson is one of the best ball-hawking safeties in this draft class and has a ton of potential as he only played two years against top competition. The Vikings safety situation is solid for now but both Dwight Smith and Darren Sharper are up there in terms of age and aren’t producing as they used to anyway. Johnson can step in on special teams and provide an active physical force in the secondary.

    72. Houston: Rufus Alexander – OLB - Oklahoma

    With last years most successful defensive rookie already firmly entrenched in the middle in Demeco Ryans the Texans will look to upgrade over Orr and Wong on the outside. Kailee was very successful for the upstart franchise after their inception but now it would be well suited for Kubiak to replace him. Alexander is a very quick player who will be all over the field to make plays and even has the ability to drop back into coverage. Between Alexander, Ryans and Morlon Greenwood Texans will have a firm foundation for the future at linebacker.

    73. Miami: Earl Everett – OLB - Florida

    Donnie Spragan is not a solid option on the outside and Miami has had previous success with Florida players after Channing Crowder two years ago. If the Dolphins are sold on starting Spragan, which If I were them I wouldn’t be, then Crowder can move back to his natural position in the middle as Zach Thomas is still productive but not as much as he used to be and will soon be out to pasture. With younger more athletic linebackers Jason Taylor will be able to go for more big plays as he will have a lot of speed backing him up at the next level.

    74. Atlanta: Tony Hunt – RB – Penn State

    Atlanta has had alot of success with small and shifty runners and not as much more downhill backs like T.J. Duckett. That being said neither Dunn nor Norwood have the size to be an every-down back nor the power in short yardage situations. Hunt would provide the Falcons with a true north-south runner who has a reputation for getting the tough yards and would compliment the very quick backfield already in place.

    75. San Francisco: David Harris – ILB - Michigan

    Derek Smith has been a wildly over-productive player for his physical ability and is solid but not spectacular in the middle. Harris is a similar player in that this year he greatly exceeded expectations while being surrounded by some top defensive playmakers like Lamar Woodley and Prescott Burgess, both of whom are taken after Harris. With adding Manny Lawson last season and Harris this year the 49ers will continue to build a young base to the front seven and could continue to add depth along the line later in this draft.

    76. Buffalo: Fred Bennett – CB – South Carolina

    Nate Clements looks to depart for the highest bidder this offseason but that still leaves a solid corner in Terrence McGee as well as a high pick from last years draft who had some off the field issues and only got into three games in Ashton Youboty. With that top end quality at the position Bennett will not be asked to do too much at least right away but will provide solid depth and certainly see the field in his rookie season.

    77. St. Louis: Tim Crowder – DE - Texas

    Victor Adeyanju came on with a very impressive rookie campaign but in the NFL you can never have enough productive players in the trenches. Crowder also provides a vastly different type of player than either Adeyanju or Leonard Little as both of their fortes come in their ability to rush the passer. Crowder provides a must stouter presence against the run, something they lacked this past season though that could easily be attributed to the interior line.

    78. Carolina: Aundrae Allison – WR – East Carolina

    One of the top smaller school products in this draft Allison is still a little raw but with Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson already in place he won’t be called on much for a few years. His tours on the post season all-star game circuit helped vault him to last day one at least and despite the fact that he doesn’t really project as a true number one he will definitely be a fast and tough receiver for Jake Delhomme.

    79. Pittsburgh: Antonio Pittman – RB – Ohio State

    For some odd reason nobody is convinced of Willie Parker’s ability to be the feature back in Pittsburgh. He has yet to prove them correct but don’t look for that to stop the Steelers from adding a bigger more downhill style back to the mix at some point in that draft. Pittman is not the quintessential power back but provides a better short-yardage option than Parker. On a side note Pittman is the ultimate loser in the pack of running backs because he is a solid runner but stuck with a choice between two top end classes of backs alongside him.

    80. Green Bay: Craig Davis – WR – Louisiana State

    As was seen towards the end of last year the depth available at receiver for the Packers is very minimal behind Donald Driver and last years surprise rookie Greg Jennings. Davis is not the best route runner but would provide Farve with a real deep threat and slot receiver. Davis’ real value to Green Bay comes in his ability to return kicks. Vernand Morency and Noah Herron are not exactly top notch return men and Davis would be fall into that role immediately upon arrival before eve getting a shot in the lineup on offense.

    81. Jacksonville: Tarell Brown – CB - Texas

    Before the season Brown was seen as the top UT secondary prospect. Then teammate Aaron Ross had a breakout season and won himself the Thorpe Award for the nation’s top defensive back. Lost in Ross’ award winning season was Brown, a player with definite NFL talent. In Jacksonville there already is one of the league’s top corners in Rashean Mathis and a solid counterpart to him in Brain Williams. Behind those two though there is very little depth and Brown would most likely find the field early in the year in either nickel or dime situations.

    82. Cincinnati: Scott Chandler – TE - Iowa

    The Bengals may have themselves one of the leagues most frustrating situations at TE. After losing the solid but far from spectacular Matt Schobel to the Eagles last season Cincinnati could not find an answer to search for a starter. Reggie Kelly was a decent pass catcher and Tony Stewart was an adequate blocker but none of them scared defenses at all. Scott Chandler provides a massive athletic target for Carson Palmer that will take a lot of pressure off of the receivers by forcing the safety to play Chandler and freeing up the deep ball even more.

    83. Tennessee: Ryan McBean – DT – Oklahoma State

    An immensely talented player inside McBean failed to live up to potential on the inside but has amazing measurables and upside and that alone will land him a slot on Day One. McBean will have the chance to learn from some of the players already on the roster but injury concerns and other issues may send Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth packing this summer.

    84. N.Y. Giants: Jason Hill – WR – Washington State

    Plaxico Burress is Eli Manning's favorite target and the Giants added their deep threat last year in Sinorice Moss but with Amani Toomer nearing the end of a very productive career another reliable target is needed. Hill is a similar type player as he just catches the ball and gets the job done without wowing you with anything spectacular, but the numbers don’t lie. With almost 150 career receptions, 32 of which went for touchdowns Hill was a prolific receiver. His athleticism keeps him in the third round but he will be a solid option for Manning.

    85. Denver: Chansi Stuckey – WR - Clemson

    The very versatile Stuckey will provide Jay Cutler with a unique option. Although not the biggest receiver Stuckey is very fast and shifty and has can step in for Denver in the return game as well as on offense. His former position at QB allows for a multitude of trick plays and gimmicks that make him a very dangerous player every time he touches the ball. The Broncos lack of depth at receiver makes Stuckey a viable deep threat immediately.

    86. Seattle: Marshal Yanda – OG - Iowa

    Since the movement of Steve Hutchinson to Minnesota Seattle has lacked the road grader in the middle of the line to plow the way for Shaun Alexander. Yanda was very productive as a senior and despite being over 300 pounds still has a long way to go in terms of physical development. Once he fills out Marshal will provide a stabilizing interior presence on the offensive line who can block for Alexander and the Seahawks second round pick in Kenny Irons.

    87. Dallas: Kareem Brown – DT – Miami (Fla.)

    Brown is a player who really blossomed when given an expanded role in his senior season. With a massive frame Kareem can add to his already large body and become a solid force at the nose of the 3-4. Having spent his college career in the 4-3 Brown will be allowed to learn behind experience veteran Jason Ferguson until he moves on and Brown is ready to take over in the middle.

    88. Kansas City: Ryan Smith – CB - Florida

    The Chiefs do have one of the leagues top duos at corner in Ty Law and Patrick Surtain, the only issue is that both of them are over the age of 30. Smith had by far his best season as a senior as he had 8 picks for the national champs. His ball skills could see him go higher depending on his timed speed but if he fell here to the Chiefs they would give him an awful lot of consideration as the future at the cornerback position.

    89. New Orleans: Brandon Siler – ILB - Florida

    The Saints did add Mark Simoneau last summer when they traded Donte’ Stallworth to the Eagles. Although they did not miss Stallworth’s presence with the emergence of Colston, Simoneau was far from impressive in the middle of the defense. Siler lacks ideal speed for al linebacker but was very consistently productive in college and was a stabilizing force on the National Championship defense of the Florida Gators.

    90. New York Jets: Manuel Ramirez – OG – Texas Tech

    The Jets greatly upgraded their defense with their earlier picks and also added to their running game with Brian Leonard in the second. With the addition of Manny Ramirez in the third the Jets can continue building through the trenches and add to the already young line. Pete Kendall is the veteran presence on the line but he is not going to be around forever and Ramirez is a mountain of a man who can solidify Kendall’s guard spot and become one of the best run blockers in this class in a few years. The addition of Ramirez would leave right tackle as the only spot in question along the line in the present as well as the future for the New York Jets with Mangold, Ferguson, and Brandon Moore already in place.

    91. New Orleans (f/ Philly): Doug Datish – C – Ohio State

    This is really a tough pick as the positions of need for the Saints have already lost all of their value at this point in the draft. Although they added Jeff Faine from Cleveland after losing LeCharles Bentley, Datish provides a versatile player who can play all over the line and did in college. The Saints are set at one guard and tackle position with Jabari Evans and Jammal Brown but at this point can afford to add depth to the line and someone who can step in wherever he is needed.

    92. New England: Anthony Spencer – DE/OLB - Purdue

    One of the biggest surprises of my mock I feel in that Spencer fell this far. The chance that he lasts past the early second, especially after the combine where he looks to be a workout warrior, is highly unlikely. Spencer would add to the Patriots already deep linebacking corps and provide yet another rusher off the edge. With the way the Patriots let productive players leave when they become to expensive as well as the growth in the popularity of the 3-4 throughout the league make depth at the blitzing backer position a top priority for New England.

    93. Baltimore: Ikaika Alama-Francis – DE - Hawaii

    Although the Ravens are set as far as starters go along the defensive line you can look for last years top pick Haloti Ngata to eventually move inside and play the nose in the 3-4 and that could allow Alama-Francis to move into the starting position at end should he prove himself. Until then he would provide a great amount of dept, something that is always useful and necessary, especially in the trenches where big bodies need to be rotated to keep them fresh for the long haul.

    94. San Diego: Sabby Piscitelli – S – Oregon State

    With Marlon McCree’s costly mistake in the playoffs look for the fans to call for his head and have him sent packing. Even if he remains there is a need for an improvement at both safety positions as well as general depth. Piscitelli is exactly what you look for in a safety physically with solid size and great range but plays weak and is not the headiest player in coverage. Despite that he is the best safety on the board here and will come in and play on special teams immediately.

    95. Chicago: Justin Durant – OLB - Hampton

    The Bears go back to the small school well that brought them Daneil Manning last season and add Durant, a fast an aggressive playmaker who can really hit. The Bears already dominant defense will allow Durant to adjust to the speed of the top level of competition in the NFL. If Lance Briggs leaves as a free agent he could see some playing time early but with what is probably the leagues top corps already he will not be asked to do too much.

    96. Indianapolis: Michael Coe – CB – Alabama State

    That world champions seemed to have solved there defensive woes in the playoffs with the return of Bob Sanders, but the secondary could still use some depth. Coe provides versatility as most scouts are unsure if he will find himself at corner or safety at the next level. With the players in front of him on the depth chart Coe will have a chance to develop and adjust to the jump from his small school competition to the being the NFL team with a target on their back.


    QB - Tremt Edwards - Stanford
    RB - Swayne Wright - Fresno State
    RB - Brandon Jackson - Nebraska
    WR - Steve Smith - USC
    WR - Brandon Myles - West Virginia
    TE - Ben Patrick - Delaware
    DE - LaMarr Woodley - Michigan
    DE - Ray McDonald - Florida
    DE - Jay Moore - Nebraska
    DE - Dan Bazuin - Central Michigan
    OLB - Tony Taylor - Georgia
    ILB - John Abbate - Wake Forest
    CB - C.J. Gaddis - Clemson
    CB - A.J. Davis - NC State
    K - Mason Crosby - Colorado

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    Wow, great Bucs draft. I didn't look at the other picks but you are a tank regardless.

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      Let me not mince words.

      This is the worst Jaguars draft that I have ever seen.

      by BoneKrusher
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        Originally posted by The Unseen
        Let me not mince words.

        This is the worst Jaguars draft that I have ever seen.
        care to elaborate, make further suggestions. I'd like constructive criticism if at all possible. i mean i feel i at least validated the picks i made.

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          All 3 picks on Offense... I like Lynch, but we need LBs, and depending on what happens with FA, we need secondary help too.



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            Originally posted by dhoe20
            All 3 picks on Offense... I like Lynch, but we need LBs, and depending on what happens with FA, we need secondary help too.

            yeah i got through the first two picks before i found out about Arrington and Emmons being released. I'll add at leat one linebacker to the mix next go round

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              Originally posted by FlutiesDropKick
              Originally posted by The Unseen
              Let me not mince words.

              This is the worst Jaguars draft that I have ever seen.
              care to elaborate, make further suggestions. I'd like constructive criticism if at all possible. i mean i feel i at least validated the picks i made.
              I don't like Ted Ginn as a prospect, and I don't like him for the Jaguars. Drafting a fourth receiver in the first round is both a financial and opportunistic nightmare.

              I don't like Troy Smith as a prospect and for the Jaguars. I don't believe we need a QB if we keep Leftwich or Garrard.

              I can understand the argument for Brown, but I'd rather get a defensive guy or maybe a WR.

              by BoneKrusher
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                Looks pretty good, but there's no way I would have passed on Abiamiri in the 2nd for the Titans. If a guy like that falls in our lap in the 2nd, we'd be crazy not to take him. Our front seven was poor against the run and registered our lowest sack total in like 40 years. Abiamiri would fill a huge hole as an every down DE and allow Travis LaBoy to go into his more natural role as a rotational pure pass rusher. I think a decent CB can be had in the 3rd round, but good DE's are hard to find...I also think DE is a bigger need.


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                  Can we get Antony Spencer over Tanard Jackson?


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                    Originally posted by Fresh
                    Can we get Antony Spencer over Tanard Jackson?
                    maybe next time, don't really see him as the best fit in your system but i'll take a look at that for next time.

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                      Originally posted by Pit Bull #53
                      Looks pretty good, but there's no way I would have passed on Abiamiri in the 2nd for the Titans. If a guy like that falls in our lap in the 2nd, we'd be crazy not to take him. Our front seven was poor against the run and registered our lowest sack total in like 40 years. Abiamiri would fill a huge hole as an every down DE and allow Travis LaBoy to go into his more natural role as a rotational pure pass rusher. I think a decent CB can be had in the 3rd round, but good DE's are hard to find...I also think DE is a bigger need.
                      I remember the titans adding about 3 DE a year for a few years in a row so i wan't as concerned about that but looking at the depth chrt now i can see what you mean. In my next mock they will most likely at an end somewhere.

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                        Alan Branch is a reach at 4 for the browns.

                        If we want him we'll at least trade down a few picks.

                        Otherwise good 2nd and 3rd rounds although corner isnt a rnd 2 need.


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                          Originally posted by FlutiesDropKick
                          Originally posted by Pit Bull #53
                          Looks pretty good, but there's no way I would have passed on Abiamiri in the 2nd for the Titans. If a guy like that falls in our lap in the 2nd, we'd be crazy not to take him. Our front seven was poor against the run and registered our lowest sack total in like 40 years. Abiamiri would fill a huge hole as an every down DE and allow Travis LaBoy to go into his more natural role as a rotational pure pass rusher. I think a decent CB can be had in the 3rd round, but good DE's are hard to find...I also think DE is a bigger need.
                          I remember the titans adding about 3 DE a year for a few years in a row so i wan't as concerned about that but looking at the depth chrt now i can see what you mean. In my next mock they will most likely at an end somewhere.
                          Yeah, we drafted 3 a few years ago. Unfortunately, none of them are any good. Bo Schobel was cut, Antwan Odom hasn't done a thing, and Travis LaBoy is pretty good, but he needs to be a 10-15 snap per game situational rusher, and he's also a walking concussion.


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                            then if the raiders get woodley in the 4th i would be very happy with it. i would like cj or ad if jordan and/or moss are gone

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                              18. Cincinnati: Michael Griffin – S - Texas

                              He is not worth the 18 pick i would trade down if we were going to try to get him I would much rather have Revis

                              50. Cincinnati: Jon Beason – OLB – Miami (Fla.)

                              I dont like Beason here give us Rouse



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