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3 Round Mock Draft!!

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  • 3 Round Mock Draft!!

    Round 1

    1 ATL MCFADDEN, Darren RB Arkansas
    2 MIA DORSEY, Glenn DT LSU
    3 STL CAMPBELL, Calais DE Miami (Fl)
    4 MIN BROHM, Brian QB Louisville
    5 N.O PHILLIPS, Kenny S Miami (Fl)
    6 BUF JACKSON, DeSean WR California
    7 K.C LONG, Jake OT Michigan
    8 DAL KELLY, Malcom WR Oklahoma
    9 PHI CONNOR, Dan LB Penn St
    10 NYJ LONG, Chris DE Virginia
    11 OAK BAKER, Sam OT USC
    12 CAR WOODSON, Andre' QB Kentucky
    13 HOU CHERILIUS, Gosder OT Boston College
    14 N.E GHOLSTON, Vernon LB Ohio St
    15 DEN ELLIS, Sedrick DT USC
    16 DET KING, Justin CB Penn St
    17 NYG STEWART, Jonathan RB Oregon
    18 ARI JENKINS, Malcom CB Ohio St
    19 CIN RIVERS, Keith LB USC
    20 JAC BENNETT, Earl WR Vandibilt
    21 WAS HARVEY, Derrick DE Florida
    22 CHI RYAN, Matt QB Boston College
    23 TEN LAURINAITIS, James LB Ohio St
    24 T.B OHER, Michael OT Ole Miss
    25 G.B SLATON, Steve RB West Virginia
    26 BAL GROVES, Quentin LB Auburn
    27 SEA SMITH, Reggie CB Oklahoma
    28 S.D MALAUGA, Rey LB USC
    29 PIT CLADY, Ryan OT Boise St
    30 S.F JACKSON, Tyson DE LSU
    31 DAL CASON, Antonie CB Arizona
    32 N.E N/A

    Round 2

    33 ATL BRENNAN, Colt QB Hawaii
    34 MIA SWEED, Limus WR Texas
    35 STL THOMAS, Terrell CB USC
    36 MIN BOWMAN, Adarius WR Oklahoma St
    37 N.O OKAM, Frank DT Texas
    38 BUF HENDERSON, Erin LB Maryland
    39 K.C TRIBBLE, DeJuan CB Boston College
    40 CLE IKEGWUONU, Jack CB Wisconsin
    41 PHI DOUCET, Early WR LSU
    42 NYJ YOUNG, Eric OG Tennessee
    43 OAK MOORE, Dre DT Maryland
    44 CAR HEFNEY, Jonathan S Tennessee
    45 ATL RICHARDSON, Barry OT Clemson
    46 S.F HARDEY, James WR Indiana
    47 DEN WHEELER, Phillip LB Georgia Tech
    48 DET JACKSON, Lawrence DE USC
    49 NYG TALIB, Aqib CB Kansas
    50 ARI BLAKE, Tommy LB TCU
    51 CIN PRESSLEY, DeMario DT North Carolina St
    53 WAS FLUELLEN, Andre DT Florida St
    54 CHI HILLS, Tony OT Texas
    55 TEN DOUGLAS, Harry WR Louisville
    56 T.B JENKINS, Mike CB South Florida
    57 G.B RUCKER, Martin TE Missouri
    58 BAL FLOWERS, Brandon CB Virginia Tech
    59 SEA CARLSON, John TE Notre Dame
    60 S.D BURTON, Keenan WR Kentucky
    61 PIT JONES, Felix RB Arkansas
    62 IND BOWMAN, Zack CB Nebraska
    63 DAL HART, Mike RB Michigan
    64 N.E HALL, Vince LB Virginia Tech

    Round 3

    65 ATL BARRETT, Josh S Arizona St
    66 MIA PORTER, Tracy CB Indiana
    67 STL BELL, Beau LB UNLV
    68 MIN MERLING, Phillip DE Clemson
    69 N.O GOFF, Jonathan LB Vandibilt
    70 BUF LOWERY, Dwight CB San Jose St
    71 K.C HALL, D.J WR Alabama
    72 CLE ELLIS, Chris LB Virgina Tech
    73 PHI ZBIKOWSKI, Tom S Notre Dame
    74 NYJ DAVIS, Fred TE USC
    75 N.E RODGERS-CROMARTIE, Dominique CB Tennessee St
    76 CAR TAMME, Jacob TE Kentucky
    77 HOU DEMPS, Quentin S UTEP
    78 S.F DAVIS, Bruce LB UCLA
    79 DEN DECOUD, Thomas S California
    80 DET BENEDICT, Heath OT Newberry
    81 NYG JACKSON, Malik LB Louisville
    82 ARI GODDEN, Tavares LB Miami (Fl)
    83 CIN ADIBI, Xavier LB Virgina Tech
    84 JAC BOOTY, John David QB USC
    85 WAS URRUTIA, Mario WR Louisville
    86 CHI PATRICK, Allen RB Oklahoma
    87 TEN IWEBEMA, Kenny DE Iowa
    88 T.B AINGE, Eric QB Tennessee
    89 G.B WILLIAMS, Trae CB South Florida
    90 BUF CRABLE, Shawn LB Michigan
    91 SEA FRANKLIN, William WR Missouri
    92 CHI BUTLER, Ezar LB Nevada
    93 PIT JUSTICE, Steve C Wake Forest
    94 IND DAVIS, James RB Clemson
    95 DAL BRYANT, Red DT Texas A&M
    96 N.E CHOICE, Tashard RB Georgia Tech

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    No need for LB in the 3rd... Give the Bears James Davis instead of Allen Patrick as well.

    ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


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      I can't say I like the players drafted to Dallas. But no one can deny that the afore mentioned players all fit and could contribute.


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        give the Packers Shawn Crable or James Davis in the 3rd round. Give the Packers Reggie Smith in the first.


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          Beautiful skins draft.

          Harvey is a local guy, and would help provide some pass rush. Fluellen is a freakin monster, he and Montgomery could anchor this defensive line for a long time. Don't
          know much about Urruita from Louisville, but he's a 6'6 WR so hell I'll take em. Be a nice complementary option to Moss, and let Randle El get mismatches in the slot.
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            Not a fan of us taking a WR but if we did, Malcom Kelly would be a great option (big, physical, fast and good hands)

            the 2nd 1st round pick is solid

            Mike Hart in the 2nd is ok, but with such deep talent at RB this year and us only needing a change of pace back, I think we'll wait till the 3rd or 4th for anyone not named McFadden - I assume you don't think BJ Raji declares, b/c if he did we'd take him there. In this scenario, I'd like to see us go with a Ballhawking FS.

            In the 3rd Red Bryant is a solid option and a great fit

            Overall - Good Cowboys Draft

            Mad props to Houshyamomma on


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              For the Titans...

              I'm not a fan or MLB in the first, due to the lack of playing time he sees in our defense. But a talent like Laurinitis at 23 can't be passed over in my eyes, especially comparing him to the talent that's left on the board. Good pick.

              Harry Douglas in the second is good. He's a fast receiver, and speed is somthing we need in our WR's. Though, I have a HUGE crush on Martin Rucker. Either of those two picks would be great. Good pick.

              Iwebema in the 3rd is great value. Odom and LaBoy are FA's this season, so LE may be a need. Can he play LDE though? Not that it matters, since we may resign one, if not both, of the vet DE's. Great value and need pick. Good pick.

              Awesome Titans mock!
              Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

              Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
              Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                I think next to the Broncos, it's evident the Giants don't need a great RB to run the ball well. Derrick Ward? Come on? Brandon Jacobs and Ward are a great combo behind our O-Line. No need to add a 1st round RB. Aqib Talib in the 2nd is a great pick. Not a fan of Malik Jackson though. I don't think we draft a LB unless it's in the first. We already have three 3rd round LB's in Gerris Wilkerson, Reggie Torbor and Zak DeOssie.


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                  terrible miami draft

                  Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                    Originally posted by Smokey Joe View Post
                    No need for LB in the 3rd... Give the Bears James Davis instead of Allen Patrick as well.
                    Love the draft for the Bears. I like Allen, so Im happy w/ him there, but I think another OL or a WR

                    Originally posted by BeansDooma
                    who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                      I am liking that Detroit draft.
                      R.I.P. L.E.F.
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                        Good first 2 picks for the Vikes. Not likin the 3rd round. We need a DE, but thats the wrong one. We need a passrusher.


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                          <3 McFadden.


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                            Fills several needs, so good job.


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                              Jonathan Goff a 3rd rounder? Chris Williams not a day 1 pick? OMG



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