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Mork's Final Pre-Combine/Free Agency Draft (4 Rounds)

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  • Mork's Final Pre-Combine/Free Agency Draft (4 Rounds)

    OK, I've made a decent bit of changes since my last mock I linked on here. I apologize to those of you who don't like following a link to a mock off-site, but I was working on it there and didn't have time to re-type all of it here as the Combine starts tomorrow. Anyways, here is my final mock before the Combine and start of free agency:

    Let me know what you think of the draft overall and how you like your team's picks.

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    Rams draft

    1. :evil:
    2. :)
    3. :|
    4. :D


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      I like the Browns pick alot


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        pretty ordinary Buc draft


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          Marcus Thomas is a big no-no. Other than that, not bad. The Falcons are very strict, on character, unlike some organizations.


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            Carricker or Revis to the 9ers before Willis but other than that its ok

            me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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              Eagles draft is not good at all. Read my sig and that will help you with your first and third round picks. Rouse is OK in the second, though. I would go DE in the first for the Eagles since you have us with Rouse in the second, and Anthony Waters, MLB in the third.


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                As a Ravens fan I'd rather have Ikaika Alama-Francis or Ray McDonald over Pittman and Blades and if Ginn is there at our 1st round pick I dont see how we could not take him.

                Using the available players at our picks in your mock, this draft would be much better for the Ravens:

                1st: Ted Ginn Jr WR OSU or maybe even Meachem or Rice (we are in need on a playmaker on offense)
                2nd: Josh Wilson CB Maryland
                3rd: Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii


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                  love KC's draft


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                    I don't see the Patriots passing on Ted Ginn at #28. He's a better prospect than Anthony Spencer, and we don't really need an outside linebacker as much as an inside guy - Vrabel is better suited to play on the outside, Junior Seau's a free agent who's 38, and Tedy Bruschi may be retiring. I also don't see us passing on someone like Joe Staley in the second. Not too high on Bain...Brian Leonard, Jay Moore, Ikaika Alama-Francis, or Ray McDonald there...Justin Warren is so slow that I don't think New England would draft him.


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                      Bears Draft
                      1.Ben Grubbs G-I like it, its a solid pick. :D
                      2. Zach Miller TE-Definately a good pick tho not a position of need :D
                      3.Juwan Simpson OLB-Ehh i dont really like this anymore (since we franchised Briggs) Guys like Doug Free, James Martin, Branden Frye, Sabby Piscatelli, and Steve Smith might be better.
                      4.John Beck QB- i dont like this pick. Marcus Thomas, or Michael Coe would be better.
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                        Chargers draft
                        1) Ted Ginn - dream come true
                        2) Josh Wilson - interesting pick and possible I guess, but safety is a much bigger need. How about John Wendling instead
                        3) Josh Gattis - if you give us Wendling in the second then this need has already been addressed. Preferably a linebacker here, but you could go corner too. Maybe even running back like Darius Walker, but then you would have to change your fourth round pick. Also this is a little high for Gattis, 4-5th round
                        4) Deshawn Wynn - Good pick and pretty good value

                        Decent mock


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                          1.) OK-IF we lose Hollis Thomas

                          2.) MLB is good, don't know much about him.

                          3.) Davis is an OK pick.

                          4. a) We don't need a S at all in this draft. Give us Medlock.

                          4. b) We took one MLB why take another?

                          4. c) Great pick.


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                            Brown is good value in the first
                            I don't really like Johnson in the second
                            Crosby is ok, but I don't think we will draft a kicker that early
                            McBride is decent


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                              Very solid Packers draft; addresses RB, KR/PR, and TE :D

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