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  • Four Rounds - No Trade

    Four round, no-trade. Cleveland ahead of Tampa Bay in round 1. Had been meaning to get out 2 mocks before the combine, but will have to push off the mock with trade for post-combine. Probably will get a few more “intriguing” comments, but it’s early, so who knows, and the offseason movement should change a lot. Just watch, by this time next week, everything may be blown out of the water already.

    1st Round

    1. Oakland Raiders

    Doingthisinsteadofowrk: Horrible Raiders pick. I will say that, if the slowly developing talk of them looking into acquiring a young veteran QB is true, then this nod would probably go to Calvin Johnson. Until then, the pick is still a franchise QB. Make no mistake about it, I believe Jamarcus Russell to be a deserving top pick. When you combine the physical tools with the mechanics, along with the snap and steady development he’s shown, he is one of two legitimate elite prospects in this draft, in my opinion (the other being Calvin Johnson). There is a definite need for a franchise QB there.

    Pick: QB Jamarcus Russell, LSU

    2. Detroit Lions

    A bevy of different rumors floating around gives one signal – if they had a preference, it would be to move down and accumulate picks. I’m not sure there’s a trade partner I see, but anyhow, it’s a no-trade mock. With the recent personnel announcements, one position finally takes a small lead over the other. For a long time, I was tossing DE/OT back and forth. While they could definitely use OL talent, with James Hall on the way out, they need an impact defensive end. Gaines Adams has the pass rushing potential to be a star, but relative to his draft value, he needs to run at least a low 4.7 number to maintain such a high positioning. If they fail to sign a WR, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Calvin Johnson emerge as an option.

    Pick: DE Gaines Adams, Clemson

    3. Cleveland Browns

    This is a make-or-break offseason for the current leadership. They need to get immediate help that still parlays into long term impact. For me, that rules out QB. There’s four key areas that I see: CB, RB, OL, DL. CB isn’t that big of a concern relatively, so it can wait. Phil Savage was involved in the drafting of Jonathan Ogden and knows the value of elite OL talent, so Joe Thomas is a thought. But the feeling for now is that, while Thomas is a good OT talent, he’s not an elite OT talent, and that might not be the move that’s made. Carriker was a long thought here … but in the end, I’m not that bold. Haloti Ngata makes me think that Alan Branch is not a fit, and Jamaal Anderson is going the direction of slimming down, so I don’t see that either. As such, the nod right now is towards a RB, even though there does seem to be some growing rumors against that. In 2000, Phil Savage was involved in the decision to select Jamal Lewis. Yes, Jamal was a durability concern as well, but what led to him rising was the fact that he had a stellar workout. It’s easy to forget that Thomas Jones was easily the top back throughout most of that draft season. Marshawn Lynch’s claims of a 4.3ish time seems to be garnering support. It’s not something that surprises me, as I thought he had the top end speed, but a lot of people questioned it (heck, I see somewhere where they have him as 4.55). Now, I don’t think anyone buys the low 4.3 time he claims, but mid-high 4.3’s seem possible. If he runs that well, he’ll soar up the boards. As I’ve long noted, I’ve felt he was the best back in the draft. If it wasn’t for the ankle this year, I think his status would’ve been defined as a top pick very early. To me, he’s a combination of Laurence Maroney and Joseph Addai. If he doesn’t come in with a 4.3 time, then the nod would go to Adrian Peterson over Joe Thomas. Why not Peterson, considering I expect Peterson to run a low-mid 4.4 time? In the end, will Savage take a guy that, based on similar talents, will likely start to decline in 4-5 years?

    Pick: RB Marshawn Lynch, California

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Another team that’s facing a make-or-break offseason for the current leadership. In a no trade scenario, this one is the easiest one on the board. While there’s plenty of defensive needs, along with offensive line needs, the nod goes to the much needed WR talent in Calvin Johnson. He is a legit elite talent and should allow Michael Clayton to settle into a more comfortable role as the number 3 guy.

    Pick: WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

    5. Arizona Cardinals

    Whisenhunt could go a number of ways with this pick, but if Joe Thomas is on the board, the nod goes there. I’ve never been a big believer that Joe Thomas is an elite tackle. That said, he is a good tackle prospect. While Levi Brown is working his way up, he isn’t here yet, and Thomas fills a big need. I wouldn’t rule out the Cardinals passing on Thomas/Brown and going DE here … but for now, the nod is OT.

    Pick: OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin

    6. Washington Redskins

    A number of ways Washington could go here, with the nod towards the DL. One school of thought is that, with Gregg Williams playing more cover 2, a speed end makes more sense. I’d counter with that Gregg is a very flexible DC that has played in a variety of different ways based on the personnel. When you look at the Redskins needs at DL, they could use a base end and an interior pass rusher. There’s one talent that could fit both roles, and that’s Adam Carriker. At 290-300 pounds, he has freakish talent and I do think could work his way up this high. If a CB works his way up here and the Redskins haven’t addressed it in the offseason, that becomes a valid option.

    Pick: DL Adam Carriker, Nebraska

    7. Minnesota Vikings

    The feeling is still that they won’t reach for a WR … and as such … I don’t see the WR move here. That leaves defensive end and safety as potential options. The nod, in the end, goes to safety, where someone might be needed right away. Reggie Nelson has the playmaking abilities that could lead to his nod here over a defensive end such as Charles Johnson.

    Pick: S Reggie Nelson, Florida

    8. Houston Texans

    It’s odd how the areas being discussed (RB and OL) are areas that usually, a team with such a scheme, wouldn’t draft early. They could use some DL help … but a third DL pick in the first round with so many other needs? Possible, but as of now, leaning against it. While LB, CB could use help, it’s not likely with the 8th pick. S is a thought, but with Nelson off, Landry isn’t of value here as of now. On offense, outside of RB and OL, WR can wait, TE isn’t a need. That leaves QB. In the end, I think Smith and Kubiak work hard as heck to deal down. As of now, the lean is still against Brady Quinn … and thus it comes down to RB and OL. The feeling of late that I’ve gotten seems to be that, they will consider RB early in the draft, but they might not lean for it first round. It’s close … but the nod here goes to Levi Brown to help the OL. Brown has been steadily rising after dropping off for awhile. He has LT potential … but has to be utilized and developed correctly.

    Pick: OL Levi Brown, Penn State

    9. Miami Dolphins

    With OL value off the board, they are left looking at WR, QB and top defensive players. I’m still not sold on all the increasing Brady Quinn talk, as it seems more of a diversionary tactic. That said, who knows, and I could understand drafting Quinn. But as of now, not leaning that way. Secondary help can wait … although if they go secondary here, I won’t be stunned. I’m left with Alan Branch, edge talent, and WR. I’m just not a huge fan of the Alan Branch fit for Capers … although he could work. Would a raw Ginn Jr. or Bowe get consideration? Perhaps … but I’m not sure they jump for it. Thus, in the end, I opt to go back to an old pick that I made a month or so ago. The nod is to Jarvis Moss, who has dynamic edge abilities and grades closer to Demarcus Ware than is given credit for, and post-Mayock, has seen his support in the message board rise. Could be an ideal fit for the scheme, akin to Jason Taylor, and gives them a young edge talent to mold. Yes … they did generate 47 sacks last year … so it isn’t a pressing need, but only 4.5 sacks came from guys younger than 29.

    Pick: OLB/DE Jarvis Moss, Florida

    10. Atlanta

    Ideally, I think they’d like to find offensive line talent. But the top talents are off the board, and I don’t think anyone really buys someone working his way up here. What’s left? They could opt for defensive line talent, running back, safety help, and arguably, they could even go WR. I don’t buy WR … as of now, because the skillset needed can likely be addressed later (and the return of Brian “Dwayne Jarrett” Finneran should boost things in terms of consistency). I don’t believe Landry is of value. That leaves defensive line, where options like Branch, Johnson, Anderson could all be considered and RB, with Peterson. As of now, this is the floor for Peterson that I see. While defensive line may be tempting, Peterson may be too good to pass up. Let me state my position on Peterson clearly. I think he could be a good back. The problem is, based on past history of similar backs, there’s a strong likelihood that Peterson will start declining in 4-5 years (not saying he’ll take a sharp drop in ability, but I do believe signs of his decline could happen at that time). If I’m drafting high, even at a position that goes through as much turnover these days as RB, that’s a big risk, on top of his already existent durability issues, especially since RB’s drafted high are usually asked to be workhorses sooner than later. That said, it might make sense for a team like Atlanta because, well, they are close in the weaker NFC and they could view their window as being the next, well, 4-5 years.

    Pick: RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma

    11. San Francisco 49ers

    In my trade mock, I’m working with a Niners trade down. First, let’s look at the Niners. They could use DL talent … in particular, at NT. DE talent should be considered, but it isn’t as glaring. An edge talent is a possibility along with interior backers. Secondary help could be added. Offensively, the main focus would be on finding a lead WR. Pre-Turner moving to San Diego, the buzz seemed to be against WR, although I would personally go that route. We’ll see what happens with the buzz post-Turner. That means defense, where Alan Branch sticks out. But I’m just not sold that I buy it. He’s best utilized as a 3-4 DE for them, but it’s not a pressing need, and I’m just not sold that he’s the type of guy Manusky, and Nolan, would want. They need edge help, but I don’t see it through the draft, and the LB move here would be a reach. At the end of the day, I’m looking secondary here. I just don’t believe Landry is considered value here. There’s a growing belief that Chris Houston’s claim of low 4.3, potential sub 4.3 is legit. Make no mistake, though, Houston rising wouldn’t be the case of simply a top 40 time (see Fabian Washington), as Chris is a well-rounded CB. I do believe a CB will go higher than most anticipate, I’m just not sure where. Oh, and I don’t see Amobi Okoye as a fit either. I love Houston, but I can see the booing come from this, as CB isn’t a pressing need.

    Pick: CB Chris Houston, Arkansas

    12. Buffalo Bills

    They need to shore up their run D, and while that is a product of the entire defense playing better (see Indianapolis Colts playoffs), front 7 help could be used. The most immediate area where it could be looked at is LB, where Fletcher-Baker is gone and Spikes is declining, and could be gone. Crowell is the only definite starting LB, although Ellison, by all accounts, impressed. The defensive tackle play was subpar. Kyle Williams still seems more of a number 3 DT, and Tripplet was disappointment, McCargo is coming off injury. An end could be considered, but I’m still not sold on that move this high with Hargrove there. While CB is a need overall, it shouldn’t be a high drafting need based on scheme. But you can’t rule it out. Offensive help will likely wait a bit, as there aren’t any glaring needs. While LB is tempting, I’m just not sold Timmons/Willis work their way up enough for the Bills to reach on it. Keep in mind that Whitner was considered, at lowest, as a potential mid-first. I’m not sold Timmons/Willis will rise high enough for them to take that gamble. Thus, the nod here is Amobi Okoye over Alan Branch. Branch is tempting, but I’m just not sold on them opting that route. I still think Okoye looks more Booger McFarland than Warren Sapp long run.

    Pick: DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville

    13. St. Louis Rams

    They’ve drafted DT’s in the first a lot in recent history (Lewis, Pickett, Kennedy). Would they be gunshy? Branch has some concerns … but DT is arguably their most pressing need, considering Glover’s age, Kennedy’s struggles, and Wroten being an unknown. The nod here is going back to the well and drafting Branch. They could look a top edge talent if one is of value. LB can likely wait.

    Pick: DT Alan Branch, Michigan

    14. Carolina Panthers

    Coming off a poor year, this is a leadership that’s facing a make-or-break situation. They could use another receiver, potentially a TE, a DE, LB, and S. At the end of the day, I still can’t see them passing on Brady Quinn. They need a QB of the future. Quinn could very well work his way back up the boards a bit, but this is about where his value is right now.

    Pick: QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers

    What’s the nod? Tomlin is intentionally trying to murky things up. With the RB’s off and OL likely a reach here, the only offensive area they might consider is WR … but I’m not sure the need warrants a first round move. Thus, the look is defensive, with the idea that they’ll keep the 3-4 base but eventually, some day, likely move to a 4-3 look. Where do they go? They could use an edge talent, CB, and a guy who could perhaps be a 3-tech down the line. The nod here as of now, is a slight, slight lean towards CB coming off the subpar play last year of Ike Taylor and their overall lack of depth at the position. No, a CB isn’t usually a top consideration for the 4-3 cover 2 look that Tomlin might go to someday, but he knows that he has a team that with their 3-4 personnel, has a window right now. Improving the secondary play could be critical in their success. The nod goes away from the local CB and goes to Aaron Ross, if he can run a good mid-4.4ish time.

    Pick: CB Aaron Ross, Texas

    16. Green Bay Packers

    The running backs are off the board. Offensively, that leaves WR as a potential look. Defensively, they could use a safety, CB depth, and there’s rumblings that they are considering DL. DL certainly has value here, but is it pressing enough? CB depth can be addressed later. I’m left with two LSU guys, Landry and Bowe. In the end, the nod goes to the WR. Bowe could be a tremendous fit for the offense. He provides immediate help for Favre, and when Rodgers steps in, he has, potentially, a good WR trio to work with in Bowe/Jennings/Driver.

    Pick: WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars

    There’s a lot of talk about WR here, but I’m not sure I buy it. For their needs, they could likely find a solid WR in the 2nd or 3rd round. I’m looking defense here. They could use some pass rush help, and that could come at DE. They could use some CB depth, and perhaps an impact safety. At the end of the day, I’m looking at Charles Johnson, who has a slipped a bit, Jamaal Anderson, and Laron Landry. Safety talent can be found but top pass rushers are harder to find. I prefer Johnson, but the feeling here is that they would prefer Anderson. I’m still on a wait and see mode with Anderson, who has risen more because of the idea that he will have an excellent workout. He played well this past year … but I don’t think, based on his play alone, that would be enough to warrant a top 10 pick if he didn’t have a stellar workout.

    Pick: DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas

    18. Cincinnati Bengals

    With the tagging of Justin Smith, defensive end takes a backseat here. If there’s an impact DT, they might look, but there isn’t. A lot of talk on LB’s … but I just don’t see it here as of now. They could use a pass-catching TE … but it can wait and the value this high would be iffy. That leaves the secondary, where CB and safety help could both be used. The nod goes to Laron Landry here. It’s about where I have his value (a couple spots high … but close).

    Pick: S Laron Landry, LSU

    19. Tennessee Titans

    They could go a number of directions. The feeling for now is that LB isn’t that pressing with Tulloch there, and safety likely won’t be looked this high (and the value is likely not here). Defensive tackle value is likely lacking. They could use defensive end help. Offensively, they could use a WR. Thus, I’m looking WR/DE. I don’t like this pick, but the nod goes to Ted Ginn Jr. I don’t like it because I’m not sure how much immediate help Ted Ginn Jr. provides to Vince Young. When you look at the WR skillset that they are lacking, it’s an explosive talent like Ginn Jr. Charles Johnson/Anthony Spencer could get consideration here.

    Pick: WR Ted Ginn Jr., the Ohio State

    20. New York Giants

    The team has several areas of need. If there was OL value, they could consider it. Heck, they could use another target for Eli, and RB is a clear area of concern. Defensively, they could use an impact DT if there was one. A playmaking LB is a thought. At the end of the day, for Spagnuolo to run the aggressive scheme that is being anticipated, he needs top CB play, which they lack. Revis could very well go higher, but I’m not sold on his speed warranting it, which could lead to a drop. The nod, though, is to Josh Wilson making a big rise at the combine. He’s already shown his abilities at the Senior Bowl, and he has better toughness than people would think with his size. He’s got the skills to be the man up on the edges.

    Pick: CB Josh Wilson, Maryland

    21. Denver Broncos

    I expect the Broncos to be active on draft day, either charging up for someone, or dealing down and potentially accumulating future picks. But it’s no-trade for now. They could use defensive line help, end or tackle. Getting youth at safety is a thought. I wouldn’t rule out a WR pick … but with Ginn Jr. off the board, I find that less likely. RB value is off, and OL can wait. Without tackle value here, and with safety something that can be dealt with later, the focus is on DE. A lot of options, but the nod goes to Charles Johnson, who I love, but slips a bit in this mock. If he works out as well as some expect, he could be long gone though.

    Pick: DE Charles Johnson, Georgia

    22. Dallas Cowboys

    The hiring of Wade Phillips keeps the 3-4, which was the right move. Offensively, with T.O. likely returning, the main offensive concern is on the OL. Defensively, they could use secondary help. The nod still goes to CB, but that could change. Darrelle Revis may be the type of big corner that Wade likes, allowing Henry to move to safety.

    Pick: CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh

    23. Kansas City Chiefs

    With Ginn Jr. and Bowe off the board, I’m not sold on a move for WR here for now. They could use offensive line help. Defensively, LB/DT would be thoughts. DT value is iffy here, and LB can likely wait in this draft. The nod here goes to Joe Staley. The mistake would be to think that Staley is just an athlete playing OT. Yes, he’s raw, but the overall package is there. If he was simply an athlete, I’m not sold on a potential rise, as 40 times mean little for the OL. But the tools and awareness are there to be a top tackle, and I think he could be good value here come draft time.

    Pick: OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan

    24. New England Patriots

    The franchising of Asante Samuel removes CB from a first round thought. That said, I wasn’t thinking CB anyways. They need to add CB talent … but that can be done later. A lot of talk on safety … but I think James Sanders improvement down the stretch, no matter what happens with Harrison, may push this focus aside … and I’m not sure there’s value here either. They could use OL help, but recent history suggests that this will be done later … and it’s iffy if there is value anyways. Thus, it’s LB or WR I’m looking at. The WR options aren’t the ones that would be expected, but LB is a more pressing need. They could go inside or out. Banta-Cain is a FA, and an uncertain return, but Vrabel’s versatility is better suited on the edge. The nod goes to an ILB. There’s mixed opinions on how well Brandon Siler runs, but if he runs well enough (high 4.5/low 4.6), I think he solidifies a first round grade. If he runs much lower, watch him tumble. But if he has the footspeed, he’s a LB that’s solid against the run and decent enough in coverage, with good potential to improve their. Belichick seems to have a good rapport with Urban Meyer, and Siler can probably play in the 240-245 range without losing much.

    Pick: ILB Brandon Siler, Florida

    25. New York Jets

    The Jets could use impact 3-4 DL talent, pass rushing help, CB talent, and a big RB. Those seem to be the top areas, with TE/OL potentially drawing consideration depending on value. Ideally, they would find a NT, but the value isn’t here. My guess is that Mangini waits on CB talent based on his history and the talent available, and big RB value is a slight reach here. That leads me looking at Justin Harrell as an impact 3-4 DL option or an edge talent like Abiamiri or Spencer. The nod goes to Anthony Spencer, who could be an excellent 3-4 OLB that can put his hands down in pass-rushing situations. He could arguably go higher.

    Pick: OLB/DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue

    26. Philadelphia Eagles

    Mocking for the Eagles is always a chore. OL/QB/RB aren’t likely here. I don’t buy the safety fits … and not sold on the value either. Do they buck the trend and go LB here? Current guess is no. Willis is a thought, but he might not see the field as a starter as a rookie, and he might just be a 2-down backer. CB was a long thought, and a previous option, but is it a first round move? WR was the second option, as someone like Jarrett may intrigue for the system … but history leads me against that for now. DT value, relative to what they need, is likely lacking unless Tank Tyler works his way back up. As such, the nod is to Abiamiri. They are looking to get more stout on the DL, and Abiamiri has the potential to be a dominant 2-way end. Howard is aging, Kearse is a durability question (and aging), and Thomas is a FA. This could fit into their drafting for the future trend as well. The darkhorse pick was Ikaika Alama-Francis … and it was a tough call.

    Pick: DE Victor Abiamiri, Notre Dame

    27. New Orleans Saints

    There are few offensive needs warranting a top look. At best, the only thing that comes to mind is TE. Defensively, they could use help in the interior of the line. Grant’s tagging protects the edges, but a DT is a thought. LB talent could be upgraded, and CB talent is needed. The nod here goes to Patrick Willis, who might only be a 2-down backer which is why he doesn’t get graded highly, but could very well fit their needs and is rumored to be the guy they are targeting, and potentially, willing to move up for.

    Pick: MLB Patrick Willis, Mississippi

    28. New England Patriots

    I don’t think the Patriots keep both picks. But it’s a no-trade mock. After adding Siler, they could still look to LB, but with Abiamiri off, I don’t see the OLB fit here. CB can wait, safety value is a bit better here, but the feeling is they still wait, along with OL. That leaves WR. Gaffney/Caldwell, in ideal situations, are secondary options. Chad Jackson did very little last year, Troy Brown could be gone. Kelvin Kight/Brandon Childress – well, they are what they are. Drafting a receiving option makes sense, especially someone that can be a deep threat. The big concern about Chad Jackson was that, despite his physical tools, he has questionable football speed, and in turn, is a questionable deep threat option. Along with a deep threat, they also like fluid guys with good quickness. Based on the 2-sample view of Ben Watson and Chad Jackson, I raise the value of overall tools. Finally, solid hands are needed. There’s only one guy that rises to meet the criteria listed that could merit a late first/early 2nd grade. The nod here goes to the Buster Davis from LSU.

    Pick: WR Craig Davis, LSU

    29. Baltimore Ravens

    For a team coming off an excellent campaign, they have a lot of areas they could look. With Mason aging, WR can’t be ruled out, as it could be arguably the best value on the board. OL is a consideration. A QB of the future is a thought, and a young lead back is needed. Defensively, they could use a cornerback to slide Rolle into the slot role, and they could use LB depth. Where do they go? The nod here is to RB, and in particular, Tony Hunt. First, I don’t see this as a reach, as I have Hunt as a late first/early 2nd grade. 2nd, he does somewhat fit the mold of a highly productive, smart talent that they usually take early in the draft. He’s a versatile talent that reminds me a bit of Steven Jackson, without the shake. His 40 time will determine if this ends up being solid value. A low 4.5ish time would probably be fine.

    Pick: RB Tony Hunt, Penn State

    30. San Diego Chargers

    The hiring of Norv gives them their offensive coach needed to develop Phillip Rivers, and the hiring of Cottrell keeps the 3-4, which is what they were better suited for. They could look for OL talent, tackle or guard, as Olivea could slide inside. They could look for another receiver to help Rivers develop. They could look for a safety. It comes down to Michael Griffin or Dwayne Jarrett here. At the end of the day, developing Rivers should rank as the top priority, and with McCardell not certain to return, they really only have Jackson/Parker at WR, with Gates at TE. Adding someone like Jarrett would upgrade things, and Jarrett fits the mold of WR’s that Norv likes. Safeties can be found, and Michael Griffin isn’t a slam dunk value here to force the moe.

    Pick: WR Dwayne Jarrett, Southern California

    31. Chicago Bears

    With Briggs franchised, I don’t see LB here as of now. DL isn’t likely here, and if we sign an OG (or keep Brown, per the rumors indicate), I don’t see OL, as I don’t see Angelo drafting someone who would have no shot to start in year 1. Not sold on WR, although it is possible I guess. CB is a likely no. I’m looking TE or safety, and developing Rex is still the priority. The nod goes to Zach Miller over Greg Olsen, as I think Miller has a higher floor. To be real honest, I’m not a big fan of taking any TE this year in the top 2 rounds, as I don’t see the differential in talent, nor the top level talent itself. I’m a fan of Desmond Clark, having seen him in his days at Wake Forest. But he will be in his 30’s next year, and his contract expires after 2008.

    Pick: TE Zach Miller, Arizona State

    32. Indianapolis Colts

    As they gear up for their defense, they are limited with only 2 day 1 picks. Thus, they need to get value. RB/QB seem unlikely. TE is a thought, but it can likely wait. A young number 3 receiver to develop has to be considered an option. Offensive line is a thought, as Saturday is aging, and Lilja/Scott are both RFA’s. Defensively, a DT is a thought. LB could draw consideration, although they do have Keiaho/Hagler. CB might draw some consideration. A lot of intriguing values on the board. The nod here goes to the Vols Justin Harrell, who I think could work his way into this area. His skillset fits, and he offers some more size inside while still able to get a push.

    Pick: DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee

  • #2
    2nd round

    33. Oakland Raiders

    After adding their franchise QB, a number of ways they could go. RB value here is iffy. WR is a thought, as is OL. Defensively, they could use an impact safety. A lot of tempting options. The nod goes to refurbishing the OL. Tackle value is tempting, but Gallery may get another go around and Ugoh is a risk. Someone like Ben Grubbs can step in right away and help shore the interior.

    Pick: OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn

    34. Detroit Lions

    After adding a pass rusher, they could look Mebane here if Redding is gone. A CB is a thought. They seem to desire a LB through FA, so I’ll lean against that for now. OL help is needed. While I don’t think that CB tops the chart as a need, at this point, the value may be too good to pass up. The nod goes to Leon Hall, who drops because of some talk about a 4.6 40 talk. If he can run in the 4.4’s, then he’ll be up there as the top corner off the board.

    Pick: CB Leon Hall, Michigan

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    I’ve long been a huge fan of Mebane, who I feel is underrated on account of not doing anything great. But he does a little of everything, and he does it well. He could be the disrupting 3-tech for the Buccaneers, and he reportedly made a good impression with them at the Senior Bowl.

    Pick: DT Brandon Mebane, California

    36. Cleveland Browns

    After adding a RB, they could look OL/DL here, along with CB. If there’s potential impact DL talent, I think they have to consider it. Ikaika Alama-Francis could well work his way up on account of his workouts, and he has the potential to be a top 3-4 DL talent. OL was a long thought, but it can wait, and this draft has CB depth.

    Pick: DL Ikaika Alama-Francis, Hawaii

    37. New York Jets f/ Washington

    They added an edge talent early on. They could conceivably look ILB, but I don’t buy it here, as a good, big ILB can likely be found later. CB is a consideration, and they could use impact DL talent. OL could be a thought, as could a big back and TE. The nod here goes to Daymeion Hughes, who could be an excellent fit for the scheme due to his awareness and instincts.

    Pick: CB Daymeion Hughes, California

    38. Arizona Cardinals

    After adding their OT, that pretty much settles the offense, unless they look for a RB of the future. As of now, I lean against that. They could use defensive line help, a playmaking LB, and a playmaking safety. The nod here goes to Lawrence Timmons, who slips somewhat.

    Pick: LB Lawrence Timmons, Florida State

    39. Houston Texans

    After adding OL earlier, RB/WR/QB could draw offensive consideration. Defensively, they could use a DE/DT/CB/S help, and adding another LB wouldn’t hurt. The nod here goes to local kid Michael Griffin as the playmaking safety they might desire.

    Pick: S Michael Griffin, Texas

    40. Miami Dolphins

    After adding an edge talent, they could look OL/DL/CB/S/WR. This could go a number of ways, but Robert Meachem could be too good to pass. He can run better than say, a 4.45 (which seems to be what’s rumored), he could go much higher.

    Pick: WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee

    41. Minnesota Vikings

    After adding a playmaking safety, they could look WR/TE/OL here. I don’t see the WR that would stand out as a fit for what Childress wants. Thus, I’m looking OL/TE. While I think OL has better value with Arron Sears or Tony Ugoh, the nod goes to Greg Olsen to give them a better receiving option.

    Pick: TE Greg Olsen, Miami

    42. San Francisco 49ers

    They could go a number of directions after opting for CB earlier. S is a thought, an edge talent could be added, and a NT would be nice. Also, they could use a WR. If he checks out background wise, the nod goes to Brandon Meriweather, who the staff got to know at the Senior Bowl. Rice was tempting, but not sold on it.

    Pick: S Brandon Meriweather, Miami

    43. Buffalo Bills

    After opting for DT earlier, they could look LB/CB/OL here potentially. The nod goes to LB and Paul Posluszny, with Crowell probably sliding to the middle. There’s likely going to be a good OL talent in the 3rd/4th range that could help soon. Rice garnered some consideration.

    Pick: LB Paul Posluszny, Penn State

    44. Atlanta

    After adding a lead back earlier, they’ll likely go back looking at the lines. OL talent upgrade is needed, and Tony Ugoh or Arron Sears could draw consideration. The nod goes to Arron Sears, who grades higher for me and offers much needed size and some versatility.

    Pick: OL Arron Sears, Tennessee

    45. Carolina Panthers

    After adding their QB of the future, they now focus on more immediate needs. Tanard Jackson might draw consideration at safety, a position he does project well to. There are several potential LB options, and a couple end options. WR talent could be added. I’m not sold on Jackson here, and I considered Crowder here for end, but not sold. Thus, I look WR or LB. The nod goes to Jon Beason, who is very versatile (which could help), and also plays bigger than his size. Sidney Rice is tempting, but not sold.

    Pick: LB Jon Beason, Miami

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers

    After adding a corner, they could look for an edge talent, offensive line help, perhaps a WR. Guard value will likely be good till the 3rd/4th, so I wait on that for now. I’m looking WR/Edge here, and the nod goes to Sidney Rice as the tall, jump ball receiver to help Ben Rothlisberger. I like Rice, but if he doesn’t run a top 40 time, his weaknesses right now would get magnified. Plan B was Dan Bazuin.

    Pick: WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina

    47. Green Bay Packers

    After adding a WR earlier, they could contemplate RB/S/CB here. Safety value is iffy, and CB is a depth move, so the nod goes to RB, where Lorenzo Booker could be an explosive talent that could excel in the scheme.

    Pick: RB Lorenzo Booker, Florida State

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars

    After adding a DE earlier, they could look S/CB, and perhaps WR as well. Johnnie Lee Higgins could offer the explosiveness that is lacking with their current core, while perhaps offering a bit more consistency as well.

    Pick: WR Johnnie Lee Higgins, UTEP

    49. Cincinnati Bengals

    After adding Landry earlier, CB could be a thought here. I think Eric Wright is the best talent, but they could be wary of the background. A lot of options exist, and a smooth athlete like Jonathan Wade could draw consideration here.

    Pick: CB Jonathan Wade, Tennessee

    50. Tennessee Titans

    They added Ted Ginn Jr. earlier, which means most of the rest of the picks likely will go defense. They could use help almost everywhere. As promising as Cortland Finnegan is, they could probably use another talent there. It comes down to CB/DE here, and the nod goes to CB. Cortland Finngean is promising, but still an unknown, and Adam Jones can’t avoid trouble. If his background check is good, then Eric Wright gets the nod here. He’s a very complete corner, who talent wise, in my opinion, is one of the top 5 CB’s in the draft.

    Pick: CB Eric Wright, UNLV

    51. New York Giants

    After adding a CB earlier, they could look LB/OL/RB. The belief here is that they will be fine going into the year giving Gerris Wilkinson a shot. They may grab a challenger, but it won’t be glaring. That leaves RB/OL, and the value of Tony Ugoh may be too good to pass up here.

    Pick: OL Tony Ugoh, Arkansas

    52. St. Louis Rams

    After adding a DT earlier, they could look at MLB/DE/WR. The move here is to continue the improvement against the run with the selection of David Harris at MLB.

    Pick: MLB David Harris, Michigan

    53. Dallas Cowboys

    They addressed the secondary earlier and now could look towards the OL/DL. Demarcus Tyler may be a gamble they take, as NT talent is hard to find, and they could use an improvement there.

    Pick: NT Demarcus Tyler, NC State

    54. Kansas City Chiefs

    They added Staley earlier. While I think they could use more OL help, that’ll do for now. They could look WR/DT/LB. The nod here is to WR and Anthony Gonzalez … if he can run as well as some project. He was utilized as a possession target at Ohio State, but he does have the speed to be a big play threat. His “polish” might be attractive to them as well.

    Pick: WR Anthony Gonzalez, the Ohio State

    55. Seattle Seahawks

    It’s a critical draft and offseason for Tim Ruskell because he has to add the necessary talent to help extend the window for the Seahawks chances as their core begins to age. They could use talent at a lot of places, ranging from OL to DL to DB and TE. The nod here goes to Ryan Kalil, as Chris Spencer can stay at guard.

    Pick: C Ryan Kalil, Southern California

    56. Denver Broncos

    After selecting a DE earlier, they could look a number of directions. DT value seems iffy here. OL doesn’t seem necessary, and same goes for TE. I wonder about a move for a LB, but lean against that for now. Thus, I’m looking S and RB. If Antonio Pittman can run in the low 4.4’s, high 4.3’s, he might be off the board already. Safety talent was tempting, but safeties can be found, and the value is iffy here.

    Pick: RB Antonio Pittman, the Ohio State

    57. Philadelphia Eagles

    After going DE earlier, they could go a couple directions here. Adding a LB might be a thought. S help would be nice as well. The nod here goes to Stewart Bradley, a big LB that runs well for his size and could be a consideration at MLB down the road.

    Pick: LB Stewart Bradley, Nebraska

    58. New Orleans Saints

    After adding a key LB earlier, they could still look LB again. But that likely can wait. CB needs to upgraded, TE value is iffy, and DT value is iffy. The look here for now is at CB. The nod here, though, goes to Travarous Bain, whose top notch athleticism could lead to him rising up the boards a bit.

    Pick: CB Travarous Bain, Hampton

    59. New York Jets

    After adding an edge talent and a CB earlier, where do they go? A big back is still needed, additional OL help could be considered, a TE is a thought, defensive line talent would be nice. The nod here goes to Brian Leonard, who very well could be off the board already, but I’m just not sure where.

    Pick: RB Brian Leonard, Rutgers

    60. New England Patriots

    They added an ILB/WR earlier. They could look almost anywhere now. OL value and fit seems iffy, and that can likely wait. Had Brian Leonard fallen another spot, he would’ve garnered long consideration here, but without him, the backfield can likely wait. I’m looking edge talent or secondary, and the nod in the end goes to the secondary, where Michael Coe may have the requisite instincts and awareness to garner some contemplation here. He can play corner in the NFL, but he could also project some to safety.

    Pick: DB Michael Coe, Alabama State

    61. Baltimore Ravens

    After adding a RB, they could look at a number of options. CB would draw some consideration here. Same goes for LB. OL help could get a look. WR can’t be ruled out. QB of the future deserves some consideration. The nod goes towards taking a gamble here, as Marcus McCauley’s toolset may have him on top of the board here. They’ve done well coaching up guys there with good tools.

    Pick: CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State

    62. San Diego Chargers

    After adding a WR earlier, they could look at OL/S here. There are some tempting OL options, but the nod here goes to Eric Weddle, who could help improve their secondary play.

    Pick: DB Eric Weddle, Utah

    63. Chicago Bears

    They added a TE earlier. They could look at a number of options now. OL help is possible, a WR could draw consideration. DL depth could be added, as could LB talent. A safety is a thought, and CB depth can’t be ruled out. The nod here is to John Wendling shooting up the boards post-workouts and garnering consideration as a late 2nd/early 3rd grade, and being the type of guy that could be molded by this coaching staff.

    Pick: S John Wendling, Wyoming

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers f/ Indianapolis Colts

    After adding a WR/DT, they could look OL, DE, LB, DB. The need for pass-rushing help has to rank highly, and the nod here goes to Dan Bazuin, who is an excellent athlete that could potentially go higher, and could very well excel in the scheme. Lamarr Woodley was tempting, but Bazuin’s upside is a bit better.

    Pick: DE Dan Bazuin, Central Michigan


    • #3
      3rd Round

      65. Oakland Raiders

      They could look WR/RB/TE/LB/S here potentially. The nod here goes to Dwayne Wright as the big, between the tackles RB that can wear down opposing defenses and open up the vertical game.

      Pick: RB Dwayne Wright, Fresno State

      66. Detroit Lions

      They took the falling Leon Hall earlier to go with Gaines Adams. That’s a lot of defensive help. The nod here now goes to the offensive side, where offensive line help would be nice. Someone like Andy Alleman could work his way here and be a guy that starts sooner, than later.

      Pick: OL Andy Alleman, Akron

      67. Cleveland Browns

      They added Ikaika Alama-Francis to go with Marshawn Lynch earlier. They could look for offensive line help, defensive line help, and cornerback. The nod here goes to Tanard Jackson, who could have the instincts and awareness necessary. Background check will be big.

      Pick: CB Tanard Jackson, Syracuse

      68. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

      They’ve added a DE to go with Mebane, and they got their WR earlier. Offensive line help could be sought here, along with LB/S considerations. The nod goes to Rufus Alexander as a talent that could fit well for the scheme.

      Pick: LB Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma

      69. Arizona Cardinals

      They’ve down their usual job of adding some top names in Joe Thomas and Lawrence Timmons. They could look to the defensive line or safety here. The nod goes to Lamarr Woodley.

      Pick: DE LaMarr Woodley, Michigan

      70. Denver f/ Washington

      They’ve added a RB/DE so far. The nod here turns to safety, where Michael Johnson’s upside could draw the nod.

      Pick: S Michael Johnson, Arizona

      71. Miami Dolphins

      They added an edge talent to go along with a WR. They could look offensive line, QB, defensive line, and secondary here. A QB will likely be brought in to protect against Daunte Culpepper not regaining his former skill level. The nod here goes to Trent Edwards, who might end up going higher, and seems to be the type of QB that might intrigue Cam Cameron.

      Pick: QB Trent Edwards, Stanford

      72. Minnesota Vikings

      A TE and a playmaking safety helps address some key areas, but they still could use a WR and maybe better pass rushing help, along with perhaps looking at the OL. The nod goes to WR, where Paul Williams tools may be too tempting to pass up.

      Pick: WR Paul Williams, Fresno State

      73. Houston Texans

      They’ve added an impact safety and potential OL help. More OL help could be added, a QB could be looked at, a RB is a thought, WR help is warranted, pass rushing help would be nice, and CB depth could get consideration. In short … almost anything. The QB of the future has to be brought in at some point, and the belief here has always been that they’ve been looking at Kevin Kolb, just not sure where. There stands to be a good chance that Kolb, who has the tools to eventually be a stellar QB for the offense, is gone by their next pick, so the nod goes QB here.

      Pick: QB Kevin Kolb, Houston

      74. Buffalo Bills

      They added a LB to go with the DT. CB could be a thought here, but offensive line value may be too good to pass up. The nod goes Justin Blalock, who is arguably the BPA.

      Pick: OG Justin Blalock, Texas

      75. Atlanta Falcons

      Sears and Peterson help begin the process of reshaping this offense. They could use more OL help, defensive line help, perhaps a WR, and secondary help. If there’s DL help, I would think it would rank at the top of their charts, and the nod goes to Tim Crowder.

      Pick: DE Tim Crowder, Texas

      76. San Francisco 49ers

      They Niners are hoping that Meriweather and Houston dramatically improve the secondary. What next? They could use edge help, DL help, and a WR. The nod goes to another guy they met at the Senior Bowl in Quentin Moses, who has taken a tumble.

      Pick: OLB/DE Quentin Moses, Georgia

      77. Pittsburgh Steelers

      They’ve added Sidney Rice and Aaron Ross. Offensive line help, a big back, and edge help could be sought. The edge value seems iffy here, so I’m looking at Michael Bush or Manuel Ramirez. Michael Bush isn’t Jerome Bettis in any way shape or form, but he might draw some consideration here as a complement to Willie Parker if he works out well enough.

      Pick: RB Michael Bush, Louisville

      78. Green Bay Packers

      A running back was added earlier to go with WR. This pick likely would go defense, with safety, cornerback, and potentially DL drawing considerations. A high potential safety like Marvin White could get the nod here.

      Pick: S Marvin White, TCU

      79. Jacksonville Jaguars

      Johnnie Lee Higgins and Jamaal Anderson are two intriguing talents to start with. They could look CB or S here. Tough call here, but the nod goes to Dashon Goldson as a versatile defensive back. Kevin Payne was a thought.

      Pick: S Dashon Goldson, Washington

      80. Cincinnati Bengals – forfeited to get Ahmad Brooks

      81. Tennessee Titans

      They’ve gone CB and WR so far. They could look to a number of places. A TE might draw consideration. Defensive line help is much needed, inside and out. A LB and safety could also get some nods. The nod here goes to Antonio Johnson here as a DT to develop. That said, Robaire Smith and Haynesworth will decide if DT goes here, because if both come back, then DT isn’t likely, IMO.

      Pick: DT Antonio Johnson, Mississippi State

      82. New York Giants

      They’ve added corner and OL so far. A RB and a playmaking LB to fight for PT could get some consideration. The nod here goes to Ahmad Bradshaw … if he can run the mid 4.4 time that some believe.

      Pick: RB Ahmad Bradshaw, Marshall

      83. St. Louis Rams

      They’ve added DT/MLB. They could look for a pass rushing threat or a 3rd receiver here. The versatility and upside of Chansi Stuckey, and potential return help, gets the nod here.

      Pick: WR Chansi Stuckey, Clemson

      84. Carolina Panthers

      After adding Quinn and Beason, they could look DE/S/TE and perhaps OL here. A WR could draw consideration as well. The nod goes to the defensive line, where an end like Jay Moore could fit the mold of talent they want at DE.

      Pick: DE Jay Moore, Nebraska

      85. Kansas City Chiefs

      After adding OL help and a WR, they could still look at OL, perhaps DL, and perhaps LB. The nod here goes to Ryan McBean over Quinn Pitcock.

      Pick: DT Ryan McBean, Oklahoma State

      86. Seattle Seahawks

      The Seahawks added interior OL help earlier. They could look TE, DL, DB here. It comes down to Eric Frampton or Scott Chandler. I think they could use someone a bit better in coverage than Frampton, so the nod goes to Chandler.

      Pick: TE Scott Chandler, Iowa

      87. Denver Broncos

      They’ve added Charles Johnson, Antonio Pittman, and Michael Johnson so far. What’s next? A CB could be a thought. If there’s DT value, then they might look. Marcus Thomas has major questions, but his talent is so great that the feeling here is that someone will still gamble on him earlier than expected. The nod here goes to Denver taking that gamble with their 2nd 3rd rounder and hoping that he learns his lesson. If he did, it’s a potentially great steal.

      Pick: DT Marcus Thomas, Florida

      88. Dallas Cowboys

      They’ve added a CB and a NT. While more defensive help could be sought, it’s likely this pick is on offense, and in particular, on the OL. The nod goes to the tough, but sound, Dustin Fry, who can play guard.

      Pick: OL Dustin Fry, Clemson

      89. New Orleans Saints

      They’ve added CB and LB. Another CB could draw consideration. A DT could get a look. A pass catching TE is a thought. While I’m not big on Quinn Pitcock, he could be a solid value and fit here that’s worth considering. That said, the nod goes to Mason Crosby.

      Pick: K Mason Crosby, Colorado

      90. New York Jets

      They added their big back complement (Brian Leonard), their CB (Daymeion Hughes), and an edge talent (Anthony Spencer). They could use more DL help, perhaps a big ILB, a TE, perhaps more OL help, and WR can’t be ruled out. The nod goes to Ray McDonald, who has taken a tumble, but could be an excellent 3-4 DE option.

      Pick: DL Ray McDonald, Florida

      91. Philadelphia Eagles

      They keep their third in this iteration. They’ve added a big linebacker in Stewart Bradley and a defensive end in Victor Abiamiri. A safety could be sought, a NT could be an option, and TE depth could be looked for. A WR can’t be ruled out. The nod here goes to Eric Frampton as the option to challenge Sean Considine.

      Pick: S Eric Frampton, Washington State

      92. New England Patriots

      They added Brandon Siler, Craig Davis, and Michael Coe so far. They could perhaps use an edge option to develop, more DL help could be a thought, OL could get a look, and another RB might be a consideration. The nod here goes to Brian Robison, who might be the type of guy that Belichick would like to mold for the OLB spot.

      Pick: OLB/DE Brian Robison, Texas

      93. Baltimore Ravens

      They’ve gone RB and CB to start the show. What’s next? A QB could get consideration. LB depth could be sought. A WR could get a look, and so could offensive line. Debating a number of options, but I end up at QB, with Drew Stanton or Troy Smith. Back and forth, and the nod goes to Troy Smith this time around.

      Pick: QB Troy Smith, the Ohio State

      94. San Diego Chargers

      They added a safety to go along with Dwayne Jarrett. They could look a number of directions here, but the offensive line could use more work. A big, physical tackle like Chase Johnson and James Marten, who I like a lot, could get the nod and slide Shane Olivea end, or they could go with a guard like Manuel Ramirez and keep Olivea outside. The nod goes to tackle here, and the option is the size of Chase Johnson over James Marten.

      Pick: OT Chase Johnson, Wyoming

      95. Chicago Bears

      The Bears added Zach Miller and John Wendling. WR/OL/QB/LB/CB/DL could all get looks here. The nod goes to Earl Everett as a potential system fit and quality value.

      Pick: LB Earl Everett, Florida

      96. Indianapolis Colts

      They added Justin Harrell earlier. They could look a lot of places here, OL/CB/LB/WR all as possibilities that come to mind. The nod here goes to David Irons as a polished player that could come in and help sooner than later.

      Pick: CB David Irons, Auburn


      • #4
        4th Round

        97. Oakland Raiders

        The Raiders have added Dwayne Wright, Ben Grubbs, and Jamarcus Russell so far. What’s next? WR could draw some looks, as could safety, and perhaps linebacker. More OL help could be a thought. TE could be a possibility. The nod here goes to Ben Patrick.

        Pick: TE Ben Patrick, Delaware

        98. Detroit Lions

        Gaines Adams, Leon Hall, Andy Alleman take care of some key needs. The nod here goes to Kenny Irons as a RB to protect against Kevin Jones perhaps being out.

        Pick: RB Kenny Irons, Auburn

        99. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

        Dan Bazuin and Brandon Mebane addressed the DL. Calvin Johnson added the much needed WR. Rufus Alexander added a potential top LB. What’s next? DB and OL help could be sought. But … with Drew Stanton on the board, I have to wonder if Jon Gruden takes a peek. Stanton has all the tools and has slipped a bit here, and he could be the project that Gruden desires.

        Pick: QB Drew Stanton, Michigan State

        100. Cleveland Browns

        They added a CB in the last round, to go along with DL and RB help added earlier. They could use more DL help and perhaps OL help. The value of someone like Josh Beekman may be too good to pass up here.

        Pick: OL Josh Beekman, Boston College

        101. San Francisco 49ers f/ Washington Redskins

        The Niners have added Houston and Meriweather for the secondary, and Quentin Moses as potential edge help. They could look at ILB, 3-4 DL, WR, and perhaps OL here. With additional 4th rounders, they may opt for the best value as well. The nod here is a gamble in the hopes that Kareem Brown reaches his potential.

        Pick: DL Kareem Brown, Miami

        102. Arizona Cardinals

        They’ve done a good job at adding some quality names like Lamarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, and Joe Thomas. They could look for safety help here. The nod goes to CJ Gaddis as a potential free safety to pair with Adrian Wilson.

        Pick: DB CJ Gaddis, Clemson

        103. Minnesota Vikings

        They’ve added Reggie Nelson, Greg Olsen, and Paul Williams. What’s next? Potentially, OL help. A talent like Marshall Yanda, who can project inside, might be an interesting fit, but the nod here goes to the big Manuel Ramirez.

        Pick: OG Manuel Ramirez, Texas Tech

        104. Houston Texans

        They’ve added Levi Brown, Michael Griffin, and Kevin Kolb so far. What’s next? A RB will be a look at some point, and Brandon Jackson might end up going higher. Jackson is a guy that zone teams seem to be targeting, and if he’s here, I think they jump on it.

        Pick: RB Brandon Jackson, Nebraska

        105. Miami Dolphins

        They’ve added Trent Edwards, Robert Meachem, and Jarvis Moss. They could look OL/DL/secondary. The guess here is OL, with Marshall Yanda’s OT potential.

        Pick: OT Marshall Yanda, Iowa

        106. Atlanta Falcons

        They’ve added their lead back in Peterson, some offensive line help in Sears, and some defensive line help in Crowder. They could go any number of directions here, with OL/WR/DT/DB at the top. The nod is additional OL help with the big, physical James Marten, who can be a decent LT option.

        Pick: OT James Marten, Boston College

        107. San Francisco 49ers

        The Niners have added Houston, Meriweather, Moses, Kareem Brown. What’s next? I lean WR here, with the nod going to Jason Hill. Last year, Hill might’ve garnered late first/early 2nd consideration, and he could be a steal here.

        Pick: WR Jason Hill, Washington State

        108. Buffalo Bills

        They’ve added Blalock, Posluszny, and Okoye. What’s next? CB could be sought after, and Fred Bennett fell a bit and could get the nod here.

        Pick: CB Fred Bennett, South Carolina

        109. Green Bay Packers

        They’ve added Bowe, Booker, and White. They could use CB depth here, maybe someone like AJ Davis.

        Pick: CB AJ Davis, NC State

        110. Jacksonville Jaguars

        The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up Jamaal Anderson, Johnnie Lee Higgins, and Dashon Goldson to start. CB depth could be sought, but this pick could go a number of directions. I’ll lean corner and gambling on Tim Mixon here.

        Pick: CB Tim Mixon, California

        111. Cincinnati Bengals

        They attempted to shore up the secondary with their first two picks in Laron Landry and Jonathan Wade. Perhaps a pass catching TE gets the nod here, someone like Martrez Milner, who I really like out of this year’s TE crop.

        Pick: TE Martrez Milner, Georgia

        112. Tennessee Titans

        Wright, Ginn Jr., and Antonio Johnson meet some key needs. A defensive end could be looked at here, as could LB/S. The nod here goes to Tim Shaw, who I believe could potentially work as a middle linebacker for them, and offers a potential pass rusher in situational usage.

        Pick: LB Tim Shaw, Penn State

        113. New York Giants

        The Giants added Wilson, Ugoh, and Bradshaw so far. What’s next? Perhaps a linebacker like Justin Durant, who could arguably go higher.

        Pick: LB Justin Durant, Hampton

        114. St. Louis Rams

        Branch, Harris, and Stuckey address key areas. A pass rusher to add to the mix is still a possibility, and I wonder if Justin Hickman may get the nod here.

        Pick: DE Justin Hickman, UCLA

        115. Carolina Panthers

        They’ve added Quinn, Beason, and Jay Moore. What’s next? They could look to safety, perhaps another LB, perhaps OL, perhaps WR, perhaps TE. The nod here goes to Kevin Payne.

        Pick: S Kevin Payne, University of Louisiana-Monroe

        116. Pittsburgh Steelers

        They’ve added Rice, Ross, and Bush. They could use OL help and perhaps edge help. The nod here goes to Allen Barbre as a rising OG.

        Pick: OG Allen Barbre, Missouri Southern State

        117. Seattle Seahawks

        The Seahawks went Kalil/Chandler earlier. They could use DL help, perhaps a RB, perhaps safety. Safety value is questionable, and the line needs likely can’t be met here. Thus, I look to a RB, where Darius Walker might have the versatility to excel in the scheme.

        Pick: RB Darius Walker, Notre Dame

        118. Denver Broncos

        They took a gamble on Marcus Thomas earlier, and along with Charles Johnson, the DL could be upgraded. A safety like Michael Johnson adds options for them, and a RB like Pittman addresses a potential need. They could look a million and one directions here. The nod goes to adding offensive line depth with Purdue’s Mike Otto.

        Pick: OL Mike Otto, Purdue

        119. Dallas Cowboys

        They’ve added Revis/Tyler/Fry, which addresses their key offseason concerns. What’s next? The nod goes to providing help on offense, with the addition of Aundrae Allison as an option for Tony Romo. Another OL is a consideration here.

        Pick: WR Aundrae Allison, East Carolina

        120. New Orleans Saints f/ Kansas City Chiefs

        They’ve added Patrick Willis, Travarous Bain, and Mason Crosby. They could go with numerous options here, but the nod goes to Turk McBride as a potential impact DT.

        Pick: DT Turk McBride, Tennessee

        121. San Francisco 49ers f/ New York Jets

        They’ve added Houston, Meriweather, Moses, Brown, and Hill. A number of options here. The nod goes to the bigger Zak DeOssie as someone to help suck up the junk inside.

        Pick: LB Zak DeOssie, Brown

        122. New Orleans Saints f/ Philadelphia Eagles

        Willis/Bain/Crosby/McBride addresses some key areas. They could look another DT and perhaps a pass catching TE here. The nod goes to Whitworth’s Michael Allan making a rise here.

        Pick: TE Michael Allan, Whitworth

        123. New Orleans Saints

        Btw, I do think that, with all these picks, New Orleans probably moves up to target someone. Anyhow, what’s next for the Saints? If Anthony Waters works out well enough, he could reclaim a value around here. He certainly has the top tier tools.

        Pick: LB Anthony Waters, Clemson

        124. New England Patriots

        Siler, Davis, Coe, and Robison were the previous picks. They could look secondary here again. Additional OL help could be sought. If Doug Free is here, I think he might draw an inquisitive eye.

        Pick: OT Doug Free, Northern Illinois

        125. Tennessee Titans f/ Baltimore Ravens

        Wright, Ginn Jr. Antonio Johnson, Tim Shaw addresses some key areas. They could look safety/DE here. Could Baraka Atkins get a look?

        Pick: DL Baraka Atkins, Miami

        126. San Diego Chargers

        Jarrett, Weddle, and Chase Johnson all targeted needs. Now, they have a bit more flexibility with what they go after. I wonder if another safety could get a nod, someone like Piscitelli to pair with Weddle.

        Pick: S Sabby Piscitelli, Oregon State

        127. Chicago Bears

        The Bears have added Zach Miller, John Wendling, and Earl Everett. Offensive line could garner consideration here. A QB value could get a look. The nod here goes to Adam Koets.

        Pick: OT Adam Koets, Oregon State

        128. Indianapolis Colts

        After adding Harrell and Irons, they could perhaps look at LB/OL/WR here. The nod goes to Samson Satele to be groomed as an interior OL talent.

        Pick: OL Samson Satele, Hawaii


        • #5
          That's the dream 1st round pick... He's exactly what our defense needs.

          Round 2 CB is a must and I could see Wade happening so great pick there.

          Round 4 I don't see happening though, our coaches have stated they want a TE that can already block and teach them how to catch. I'd rather see RB/OL/DL/S.


          • #6
            Interesting mock, nicely written up. I'd definitely take it from a Vikings perspective.
            What if everyone simultaneously disobeys?
            It aint a game if no one plays, oh.


            • #7
              Love all four of the Bills picks. Dont mind Okoye and would love to grab poz ikn the second considering i believe he has last round one talent while getting blalock in the thrid and fred bennett are great values respectedly. Great mock for a bills fan that is for sure.

              Only skimmed the rest of the mock other than Buffalo's picks and my only disagreement is Marshawn Lynch to the Browns. I can see them possibly trading down and grabbing him but selecting him with the thrid pick in the draft is an enormous reach.

              Overall great mock!


              • #8
                very nice jets mock, good analysis!


                • #9
                  I think this draft is incredibly unrealistic, adn that there are some MAJOR reaches. But, that being said, I LOVE the Lions draft.

                  Gaines is great at 2.
                  There's NO WAY Leon hall falls into the second round but id love to have him there.
                  Id MUCH rather have Blalock, a first round talent, over Alleman, a 4th/5th round type talent.


                  "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



                  • #10
                    moss may be a reach but a solid pick. love the meachem pick and the edwards and yanda picks are good. B+ for miami.

                    credit to cardsalltheway


                    • #11
                      I really dont think the bucs would pick a QB in the top four, even though stanton would be great value, also i think michael griffin would be a way better fit over mebane plus he fills a bigger need


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by asmitty45
                        I think this draft is incredibly unrealistic, adn that there are some MAJOR reaches. But, that being said, I LOVE the Lions draft.

                        Gaines is great at 2.
                        There's NO WAY Leon hall falls into the second round but id love to have him there.
                        Id MUCH rather have Blalock, a first round talent, over Alleman, a 4th/5th round type talent.
                        How is it unrealistic? I am, as always, projecting. How can there be reaches when the values are far from set. Which pick do you disagree with then.

                        If Hall runs the high 4.5 time/low 4.6 time that many are now saying, watch him tumble. Now, if he runs a 4.4 time, yes, then he'll be in the top mix. As for Blalock, I like Alleman overall as a guard better, and there's enough momentum right now with Alleman to be looked at as a 2nd/3rd round talent. Blalock isn't a first round talent. At best, 2nd.


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                          Originally posted by Chucky
                          I really dont think the bucs would pick a QB in the top four, even though stanton would be great value, also i think michael griffin would be a way better fit over mebane plus he fills a bigger need
                          I disagree in that, depth on the DL is much more significant, especially when the defense lacks a top notch 3-tech option. Safety help can be filled later or found. But certainly could go the other way.


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                            Some of the key names left on board and short comments on why they are still around IMO.

                            DT Quinn Pitcock – Nearly had him in the 3rd, so this was a tough one. But he’s just not that great in any particular area. That said, he’ll be one guy that’s revisited at a later date.
                            CB Ryan Smith – Size, or the lack thereof.
                            WR David Clowney –Blazing speed could warrant higher nod, but just isn’t that good in, well, anything.
                            CB Kenny Scott – Could go higher, but deep corner class and the late season issue could hurt.
                            LB Buster Davis – Footspeed concerns.
                            CB Tarell Brown – Off-field concerns in a deep CB class could hurt him.
                            TE Matt Spaeth – Not really dynamic enough to warrant a definite nod earlier.
                            WR Steve Smith – Drops because of speed concerns
                            S Josh Gattis – Coverage concerns.
                            S Aaron Rouse – Can he cover well enough?
                            LB HB Blades – Undersized, and some speed concerns.
                            LB Jon Abbate – Undersized.


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                              Can the niners get just 1 WR?



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