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Jan 5th --- MOCK

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  • Jan 5th --- MOCK

    X = Coin Flip
    Y = To be determined
    *= Underclassmen

    1st Round
    1. Miami - 1-15 – * Vernon Gholston - Rush – Ohio State
    Parcell’s traditionally runs a 34 defence, the most important piece of that defense Is OLBs. If he chooses coaches that want to run a 43 Gholston can be a all-pro there as well. A Physical freak, has shown potential to take over games. Hard to find weaknesses with Vernon Gholston.

    2. St. Louis - 3-13 - Chris Long - DE - Virginia
    Considered a very safe pick, along with Adam Carriker will help build up the dline as a area for strength for the Rams. Leonard Little is on the wrong side of 30. Great pick to bring some attitude and toughness to a traditionally “soft” defense.

    3. x - Atlanta - 4-12 - Matt Ryan - QB - Boston College
    Atlanta has to find some building blocks to build around, from a value standpoint this is a reach. From a need prespective its not, depending on who gets the head coach job this could change.

    4. x - Oakland - 4-12 - Glen Dorsey - DT – Louisiana State
    Sapp is gone, interior pass rush is needed. One of the worst run D’s in the league… hard to pass on a prospect many consider one of the top DTs to come around in the last 10 years. Especially when you have the 2nd worst run D in the league.

    5. x - Kansas City - 4-12 –*Ryan Clady – OT – Boise St.
    Kansas City likes there Olineman athletic, Clady is predicted to test well. I think he moves a little bit better than Long. Many think he is a better LT prospect than Jake Long, Chiefs need to address the oline.

    6. NY Jets - 4-12 – *Darren McFadden - RB - Arkansas
    With a lot of the 34 prospects seeming like reaches at this point, David Harris playing phenomenal football last year and with Thomas Jones having an above average year, and closing in on the feared age of 30 the Jets opt for possibily the best player in the draft, the ultimate gift for QB Kellen Clemens and someone to help keep that Defense off the field.

    7. New England (San Fran - 5-11) - *James Laurinaitis - LB – Ohio State
    With all their LBs closing in on, or being on the other side of 30 this pick is necessary if they would like to continue to run the 34 defense with efficiency. Laurinaitis would be a prototypical inside backer with the knack for making plays.

    8. Baltimore - 5-11 - Mike Jenkins – CB- South Flordia
    Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards and Holmes…. To win the divison the Ravens will need to cover these guys, McAlister is getting up in age and Rolle’s best days are behind him. They seem set at Saftey with Ed Reed and Dawan Landry but its time to address the corner issue and start looking to the future. I don’t think they will draft a QB, but rather give next season to Troy Smith. They could go Jake Long here but being traditionally a defensive first team I think they’ll choose to select the best Corner in the draft and go find a Otackle later in the draft… as this is a very,very deep Tackle draft.

    9. Cincinnati - 7-9 – Jake Long – OT - Michigan
    Willie Anderson has been the definition of stability for his entire career. However he missed significant time last season and is getting up in age. They need to protect the franchise in Carson Palmer, and help out there run game. At this point its to hard pass on Long who can combine with Levi Jones to have one of the best tackle tandems in the entire league. They feel they can address some of their defensive problems later in the draft, great value in this pick.

    10. New Orleans - 7-9 - * Malcolm Jenkins - CB - Ohio St.
    Its time to get someone who can play opposite of Mike McKenzie and eventually take over for him. They’ve looked to FA to find someone, but they have failed in doing so. Ohio State has a proven track record of Dbs and Saints cannot pass up possibly the best corner in the draft at this spot.

    11. Buffalo - 7-9 –* Kenny Phillips - DB - Miami
    You’d like to add a playmaker to your WR corps with this pick, but there truly isn’t a player out there that is good enough to be selected this high. Playing in the AFC East you need to build a team to beat the patriots, Donte Whitner has been great at SS for them… with both top CBs off the board and Jim Leonhard starting at FS the Bills opt for the best safety in the draft, a real playmaker and the next great Cane. Phillips offers the bills great versatility as he can walk out and cover the slot, play deep in the cover 2 or come up and lay lumber in the run game. Safety is no longer a undervalued position.

    12. Denver - 7-9 - Sedrick Ellis – DT – Southern Cal
    Denver’s run defense was anything but spectacular. Ellis brings a great set of tools to the table, he can either play the 1 or 3 and overall looks to be a great penetrator in the NFL. Arguably the biggest need the Broncos have. They feel they can address Oline,WR, RB and S later in the draft.

    13. Carolina - 7-9 – Brian Brohm – QB - Louisville
    Carolina is really entering a stage of flux. Its time to get a franchise signal caller and build a team around him. Brohm is a polished field general who will be able to distribute the ball so the panthers playmakers.

    14. Chicago - 7-9 – *Rashaad Mendenhall – RB - Illinois
    Carolina takes the guy they really want, however with Cedric Benson being a disappointment behind an above average oline they Bears opt for possibly the best all around back in the draft. Mendenhall has a great burst and is very impressive coming out of the backfield. He can be an elite back in the nfl, with him around Benson will be allowed to step back into the backup/platoon role and provide a great 1-2 combo, much like back when Thomas Jones was in Chicago. Mendenhall and Benson’s skills compliment each other very well. Chicago grabs a signal caller later in the draft, as Andre Woodson is to big of a reach at this point…

    15. Detroit - 7-9 – Calais Campbell – DE - Miami
    Its hard to find a word to describe how bad the Lions defense was last year. Some of that probably has something to do with them always being on the field and Mike Martz not wanting to ever run the ball, but some blame has to be put on the defense itself. Calais was a consensus top underclassmen before the year began, he had a subpar season at Miami but he still is going to be a great pro. With his athletic ability and his ablilty to hold the point in the run game will be prototypical for playing Strong side end in the Cover2. His ability to help out in the run game as well as being a plus pass rusher gives him the nod over some better pass rushers.

    16. Arizona - 8-8 - * Derrick Harvey – DE - Florida
    34 or 43 Harvey offers some nice versatility for the cardinals, They had a pretty good run Defense last season, but now its team to start putting QBs on their back. Harvey would make a great rush end opposite Smith. Or if the Cardinals want to go the 34 route Harvey could be a great compliment opposite Calvin Pace.

    17. Minnesota - 8-8 - Fred Davis – TE – Southern Cal
    Sure they could add a pass rusher, but there isn’t a true pass rusher who would be a great pick at this point. Its hard to find De’s at this point who would be much of a upgrade over Ray Edwards, Udeze and Brian Robison. With having AD in town they are going to have the box constantly stacked until Jackson can prove he can move the ball downfield. What better way to stretch the defense then with the best Tight end in the draft? Much like Chad Lewis helped Donovan McNabb’s development in Philly; Davis will do the same for Tarvaris. There isn’t really a WR worth taking in this spot, Desean Jackson would be a viable option but he doesn’t offer the same benefits that Davis offers. Wrs can be found later in the draft. Davis will help move the chains and offer Jackson a security blanket when he is consistently facing 8 and 9 man fronts. Deep threat Wrs can be found later.

    18. Houston - 8-8 - * Jonathan Stewart – RB- Oregon
    Mass x Velocity = Jonathan Stewart….. although he doesn’t get many opportunities to show it in Oregon’s offence Stewart is a very good downhill runner. Adding a back with this type of talent will make Kubiak’s running game lethal. Deep year for Oline, and its really way to hard to pass this type of talent up at this point.

    19. Philadelphia - 8-8 – Keith Rivers – LB – Southern Cal
    A talent made for Jim Johnson’s defense, a guy who can step out of the box and run with WRs, bring the heat on the blitz or drop back and play zone. It takes a year or 2 to learn the complicated system Johnson runs so a year being a situational player behind Takeo and Rivers will be set loose. A LB that can play all downs, would be a great weakside and would fit perfectly with Gaither and Chris Gocong.

    20. y - Tampa Bay - 9-7 – *Desean Jackson – WR - California
    The WCO is dependant on WRs making YAC, Jackson is one of the best at that, he could get overdrafted because of his return ability but don’t get fooled, he is a polished WR as well, and runs some of the best, most consistent routes in the nation. With the success Joey Galloway has had in Tampa its hard to believe Jackson cannot be his successor as they are both very similar players.

    21. y - Washington - 9-7 – Lawrence Jackson – DE – Southern Cal
    How many years have they been looking for pass rushers? Jackson has been great for USC for it seems forever. Brings some great skills the the table and can be a great Strongside End if Carter is the answer at Weakside.

    22. Dallas (Cleve - 10-6) - * Aqib Talib - CB - Kansas
    A true playmaker, has special teams potential… good tackler, can be a great nickel back early and then step in for Anthony Henry.

    23. y - Seattle - 10-6 - * Felix Jones - RB - Arkansas
    Shaun Alexander is over the hill, Maurice Morris will never be more than an average starter in the nfl. Felix Jones offers a unique blend of talents and can really be eased into the starter role much like Alexander was nearly 7 years ago. Felix is a break away threat and can make things happen, its time to address RB for Seattle.

    24. y - Pittsburgh - 10-6 - Jeff Otah - OT - Pittsburgh.
    If Otah shows well in workouts/Senior bowl he will be long,long gone by this point. A prototypical Steelers lineman, and in typical Steelers fashion build through the trenches.

    25. y - Tennessee - 10-6 – Dre Moore - DT - Maryland
    If he has the type of Combine many expect this will probally be where his value will be. A big penetrating body, Tennessee has other needs, but its hard to add a WR at this point as they Titans have an abundance of young WR talent on the roster. Its really just a matter of having Vince progressing and working with the WRs he has. With Haynesworth looking to fetch big money on the open market DT becomes a need…. If the Titans keep Haynesworth whats wrong with having 2 massive human beings manning the middle?

    26. y - NY Giants - 10-6 - * Reggie Smith - DB - Oklahoma
    Versatile, S or CB he is a great talent, could start opposite Aaron Ross at Corner or opposite Gabe Wilson at Saftey. With the giants stable of DE’s its not really necessary to add this type of talent to the secondary but this selection could take an already good pass defense to elite levels.

    27. y - San Diego - 11-5 - * Malcolm Kelly - WR - Oklahoma
    A hard team to mock for because, even though they have sure a talented roster they could go several ways to provide depth… they could add a Otackle to bookend with McNeil and slide Olivea inside to guard, they could opt to provide some extra Dline depth. In this senario I think its hard to not add a talent like Kelly, a big tall,strong body who has great body control. Kelly is a good blocker and would be a good fit for Sand Diego. With Buster Davis, Vincent Jackson and Gates it would provide Rivers will enough talent to atleast move the chains.

    28. y - Jacksonville - 11-5 - * Phillip Merling - DE - Clemson
    A freak physically, the last 5-7 years the Jags have built a team on these type of raw/physically gifted prospects. DE should be addressed early by Jacksonville, they would build an even more dominant Dline with this monster coming off the edge.

    29. y - Green Bay - 13-3 - * Antoine Cason - CB - Arizona
    Al Harris and Charles Woodson, although one of the best tandems in the league are not getting any younger. Its time to get some young talent in there so they can begin grooming for the future, Cason can contribute early.

    30 y - Dallas - 13-3 - * Duke Robinson - OG – Oklahoma
    Add to an area of strength, With Duke, Gurode and Big Leonard Davis who would want to play this team and dual with them in the trenches? Kyle Kosier is adequate to good but the Duke can be an elite Guard. Romo just signed a massive contract and they need to protect him, although the biggest dividends with this selection would be paid in the run game. You could add a tackle if you wanted to strengthen the oline here, but I don’t think your going to get as big of impact with any of the remaining tackles as you will with this big,mauling man from Oklahoma.

    31. y - San Fran (Indianapolis - 13-3) – Shawn Crable - LB - Michigan
    Alex Smith looks horrible, but Mike Nolan will not draft another QB in the first round…. The only way this is a QB is if Nolan is fired. That said this pick will probally be another pick to bolster the defense, Crable would be a good fit in the 34 but he may be a little to similar to Manny Lawson. Ideally you would like to add a Dlineman as having a average at best Dline is what Is keeping this Defense from being good. I think at this point its too hard to pass up adding another Outside pass rush threat, and they hope they can address the Dline later on.
    32. y - New England - 16-0 (forfeited pick)
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    Poor Falcons pick


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      Ko Simpson starts when he doesn't break his ankle, so I'd like the Bills to go elsewhere with the pick. Not exactly a proven player but enough to ward off picking a safety amidst other pressing needs. Keith Rivers or maybe even Sed Ellis would be better if you don't like the WR talent


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        Originally posted by energizerbunny View Post
        13. Carolina - 7-9 Brian Brohm QB - Louisville
        Carolina is really entering a stage of flux. Its time to get a franchise signal caller and build a team around him.
        Or they could stick with the Pro Bowl QB they have returning from injury and the promising rookie who looked good in three starts. Especially since 2008 is "win or collect unemployment" time for both the coach and GM.


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          good giants pick, along with explanation. nice work
          We ALL bleed scarlet
          New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
          UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
          Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
          BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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            great raider pick

            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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              Leonhard is the 3rd string FS.
              Ko Simpson is our starter.

              We should go with Keith Rivers/Sedrick Ellis there.

              Originally Posted by scottyboy
              my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
              But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                Good Steelers pick (obviously) :)


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                  Mike Jenkins is a good pick for the Ravens, would rather have Malcolm, but it's okay, either one will do well. Good Texans pick as well.

                  Baltimore: 7-4


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                    NO CHANCE KC passes on Long!!!!!!!


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                      Love It!!!!

                      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                        obviously, I'm just throwing a senario out there...

                        I don't think its that extreme to see Clady go ahead of Long.... I think when its all said and done after the combine and workouts the consensus will be on Clady that he has the higher ceiling then Long. Obviously it looks kind of foolish right now but alot crazier things have happened. I've been very impressed with that footage i've watched of Clady though and its entirely possible he ends up being taken higher.

                        As far as Brohm goes, who says the franchise won't look to find Delhomme's replacement? IMO this franchise is closer to being a team picking in the top 10 then they are a playoff team.

                        As for Kenny Phillips, imo throwing the entire BPA out on this pick... he is a steal at this point, although I wouldn't be surprised to see him dip further.
                        The Cover2 is dependant on a great pass rush and saftey's that can cover deep... I'm not completely sold on Ko Simpson, i'm not sure he can be that guy and Sedrick Ellis is a very similar prospect to John McCargo. Somehow if you want to win in that divison you need to disrupt that Patriots offence.

                        However Keith Rivers would be a great fit in that system.


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                          for the Lions here's my list

                          1. Antoine Cason
                          2. Aqib Talib
                          3. Calais Campbell


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                            Solid Mock. Clady over Long is an interesting pick though I'm not sure it would happen. You said in your explanation that the Cheifs like athletic lineman but I think they lean more towards big strong lineman. When there OLine was dominant they had Roaf, Shields, and Waters. All big physical guys who excell at run blocking. Hey but who knows. Clady's upside may give him the edge. All in all I like this mock.


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                              Not sure how Keith Rivers continues to carry a 1st round grade, he isnt the biggest linebacker in the world, is pretty much an olb only and didnt have a good year. Trojan logic i guess.



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