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After the Senior Bowl practices, 2 round mock

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  • After the Senior Bowl practices, 2 round mock


    Minnesota receives 11th overall selection
    Buffalo receives 17th and 83rd (82nd) overall selections

    Seattle receives 14th overall selection
    Chicago receives 25th and 57th overall selections

    Jacksonville receives 16th overall selection
    Arizona receives 26th overall, 58th overall and a 2009 third round pick

    St. Louis receives the 28th overall selection
    Dallas receivers the 34th overall selection and a 2009 third round pick

    1. Miami Dolphins – Chris Long (6’4 285) | DE/OLB | Virginia
    This isn’t the best year for the Dolphins to be picking #1 overall, but they can still make some good of it. The ideal situation in Miami would be to draft a stud, #1 overall worthy QB here, but that just isn’t possible this year. Because of that, I really think Chris Long will be the pick. It just makes perfect sense here. New VP Bill Parcells loves players like Chris Long, and with Parcells’ ties to Virginia head coach Al Groh I think the intrigue will be enough to make the whole organization bite. Long is a great athlete for his size, and I could definitely see him wreaking havoc as a pass-rushing OLB in Miami’s newly-designed 3-4 defense.

    2. St. Louis Rams – Jake Long (6’7 315) | OT | Michigan
    This is really a toss-up between Glenn Dorsey and Jake Long for me. If the Dolphins don’t take Chris Long, he would have to be the pick, but if not I can see it going either way. While they really need a pass rush, they also have a decimated offensive line right now and Pace’s injury and Barron’s contract situation aren’t making anything easier. Long is a great prospect though, and they obviously have no problem taking a star offensive tackle high in the draft.

    3. Atlanta Falcons – Darren McFadden (6’2 215) | RB | Arkansas
    This coin-toss is going to be a very important one, as the team that winds up with the 3rd overall pick (Oakland or Atlanta) will likely draft McFadden. Oakland has their back-up plan set with either Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis, but I don’t know if Atlanta is so sure about taking Matt Ryan if both McFadden and Jake Long are off the board. The Falcons future is really going to depend on that coin flip, but this would be the ideal situation, sitting at #3 with McFadden on the board.

    4. Oakland Raiders – Glenn Dorsey (6’2 300) | DT | LSU
    Although Sedrick Ellis has had a great week in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, I believe Dorsey will remain as the #1 rated DT on most, if not all team’s boards. Dorsey has just played like a man possessed all year, and cemented his top 5 status. Oakland needs a presence like Dorsey on their defensive line, and they really can’t go wrong taking him.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs – Sedrick Ellis (6’1 308) | DT | USC
    Kansas City is in a good spot here, as there are two elite defensive tackles in the draft right now. Whether they wind up with the #4 or the #5 pick, it’s likely that either Dorsey or Ellis will be there. They need an interior lineman awfully bad, so it’s quite the no-brainer. If Jake Long is on the board this will be a different story, though.

    6. New York Jets – Vernon Gholston (6’4 265) | DE/OLB | Ohio State
    The Jets are in a great position right now to draft Gholston, who looks like a very solid pick for them. They are looking for that hybrid 3-4 outside linebacker right now, and Gholston seems to fit perfectly into that ever-growing scheme. He’s got a great build, but he will need to work on his acceleration and gain a wider variety of pass-rushing moves if he is to be as successful as his potential indicates.

    7. New England Patriots (f/SF) – Mike Jenkins (6’0 200) | CB | South Florida
    The Patriots could certainly entertain trade offers if one of the elite, top 5 prospects were to fall, but if not they should just be happy where they are and fill a need. They would be doing just that by drafting Jenkins, who is widely regarded as the top corner available this year. They may lose Asante Samuel this offseason, which would make the need for a cornerback even more pressing.

    8. Baltimore Ravens – Matt Ryan (6’5 220) | QB | Boston College
    Despite what their fans think, the Ravens would be ignorant to pass on Ryan if he slips by Atlanta. They may like Troy Smith and think he could be a decent QB in the league, but Baltimore needs to rid themselves of ‘decent’ QBs and find one to be the face of their franchise. Matt Ryan has tremendous skills and mechanics, all he really needs to work on is his decision making, and making the correct reads. Those things can be taught, and everything that can’t it appears Ryan already possesses. This would be a great pick for Baltimore, signifying a new start with a new head coach.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals – Keith Rivers (6’1 236) | OLB | USC
    The Bengals need defensive help pretty much anywhere they can get it, and Rivers looks like the best linebacker in the draft. Cincinnati’s defensive rankings speak for themselves, and they should certainly draft the best defensive player on the board when it’s their turn to pick. Rivers looked great this week in Mobile, and is proving his top ten value.

    10. New Orleans Saints – Leodis McKelvin (5’10 190) | CB | Troy
    McKelvin is helping himself immensely this week at the Senior Bowl, impressing day after day. He’s got great instincts and all the physical tools, but he needs to focus more and work on his ball skills. He’s got raw potential to be a great corner in the NFL, and I could definitely see the Saints biting on him here.

    11. Minnesota Vikings (f/BUF) – Kenny Phillips (6’2 210) | S | Miami (Fl)
    Minnesota would be smart to trade up in order to draft Phillips, who is the top safety in the draft as of now. Phillips is raved about by his Miami coaches, comparing him to the likes of former Miami greats Ed Reed and Sean Taylor. Minnesota needs a safety, and I’ve heard they’ve really got their eye on Phillips. Trading up would not be a big deal if they got Phillips, especially since Denver would take a hard look at him with the very next pick.

    12. Denver Broncos – Ryan Clady (6’6 318) | OT | Boise State
    With Minnesota trading up to snag Kenny Phillips right before Denver’s pick, they would have to go with plan B; the best offensive lineman on the board. It looks like they will have quite a few options, as Clady along with Chris Williams and Gosder Cherilus are looking as if they could go top 15. Williams and Cherilus are benefiting from good weeks in Mobile at the Senior Bowl, but I believe Clady will prove during the combine that he is still the second best tackle prospect in the draft.

    13. Carolina Panthers – Chris Williams (6’6 320) | OT | Vanderbilt
    Carolina is facing a tough situation this offseason, as both of their starting offensive tackles have expiring contracts. They will only have the means to sign one, and it will likely be Jordan Gross, leaving the left tackle spot open. During Senior Bowl week Chris Williams played both right and left tackle, and everyone loved his versatility between the two positions. He looks highly athletic for his size and a potential book-end left tackle. Carolina could look to trade down here, but Williams is very tempting.

    14. Seattle Seahawks (f/CHI) – Jonathan Stewart (5’11 230) | RB | Oregon
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Stewart’s stock will be at an all-time high after the combine. He is a physical freak and the numbers he puts up at the combine will amaze people. He lifts like an offensive lineman but runs with the best of them. Stewart is very impressive, and will force a team like Seattle to trade up if they want to snag him before anyone else can. This would be a smart move for Seattle, as I feel Stewart is a true playmaker and will make a difference from day one in the league.

    15. Detroit Lions – Aqib Talib (6’2 205) | CB | Kansas
    Talib has been a well-known talent for the past two years at Kansas, but with the emergence of their program he has become an even better prospect. He’s got great size, which is proving to be more and more important in today’s NFL. He’s quick and moves his hips well, which will bode well for him when draft day comes. Detroit’s secondary lacks a playmaker like Talib, making this a very sensible pick.

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars (f/ARI) – Calias Campbell (6’8 280) | DE | Miami
    Campbell is a guy who was rated as a top five prospect before the season, but failed to perform as well as most expected this year. That doesn’t change the fact that the only person you can physically and athletically compare him to is Julius Peppers, or that his natural talent level is incredibly high. His stock has fallen some, but I’m sure Jacksonville would love to keep him in Southern Florida.

    17. Buffalo Bills (f/MIN) – Dan Connor (6’2 233) | LB | Penn State
    I really think that the Bills are looking to reunite former teammates Paul Posluszny and Dan Connor once again in Buffalo, and trading down with Minnesota would be the perfect way to do that. They gain a third round pick and only move down six spots to get the guy they really want.

    18. Houston Texans – Rashard Mendenhall (6’1 224) | RB | Illinois
    This pick is very popular right now, and for good reason. Houston is relying on Ahman Green for now, but his mediocre performance and inevitable aging are two signs that the Texans should look to draft his replacement, and that they should do it soon. Mendenhall is very talented, and showed that off this season at Illinois, rushing for over 1,600 yards and racking up 17 touchdowns on the year.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles – Gosder Cherilus (6’6 315) | OT | Boston College
    Cherilus had first round expectations coming into this season, but didn’t exactly stand out this year. But with his performance during Senior Bowl practices, Cherilus has seen his stock rise and is now looking like a legitimate first rounder. He was really dominating out there in Mobile, and Philadelphia is looking for an offensive tackle like him.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brian Brohm (6’4 225) | QB | Louisville
    Despite Louisville’s down season, Brohm is still one of the most talented players in the draft. He’s really getting overlooked right now by many people, and that will cause him to slip some in the draft. But, if he were to fall right here in Tampa’s laps, I doubt they could pass up on the thought of taking their future quarterback right then and there.

    21. Washington Redskins – Phillip Merling (6’5 280) | DE | Clemson
    This is really the perfect pick for Washington, but I’m not sure if they realize it. Merling would be a great addition to their defense, as he is athletic enough to get after the quarterback, but his great size makes him ideal for a 4-3 end. He’s great against the run as well, making him hard for Washington to pass on.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (f/CLE) – Malcolm Kelly (6’4 220) | WR | Oklahoma
    I really don’t think that with the best wide out on the board Jerry Jones could go in any other direction. Terry Glenn barely played last season, which causes concern for his future, and Patrick Crayton made some critical mistakes in the latter part of the season that could lead to his departure from Dallas.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jeff Otah (6’6 340) | OT | Pittsburgh
    Otah is a very intriguing prospect, as his potential is very high, but there’s a lot of technical things and wrinkles that need to be smoothed out with his game. But, the fact remains that the potential is there, and the Steelers need a large, powerful lineman like Otah.

    24. Tennessee Titans – DeSean Jackson (6’0 175) | WR | California
    Jackson is a deep-threat on every play, and would be the weapon that many think Vince Young is lacking. I think he is lacking the ability to throw the ball straight, but hey, that’s just me. Personal opinion aside, Jackson could bring a lot of excitement to the Titans offense, and is the best WR on the board at this point.

    25. Chicago Bears (f/SEA) – Andre Woodson (6’4 234) | QB | Kentucky
    The Bears traded back to get some assets for later rounds, but now they’re in somewhat of a pickle. The top-tier offensive lineman are off the board here, so they could either reach, go for a position of need and draft Felix Jones, or take somewhat of a risk and draft Andre Woodson. I love the idea of the Bears taking Woodson, as it would bring competition to the one position that has been criticized the most for Chicago. Even if Woodson isn’t the QB some thing he could be, it may light a fire underneath one of their underachievers there in Chi-town.

    26. Arizona Cardinals (f/JAX) – Reggie Smith (6’0 196) | CB/S | Oklahoma
    By trading back the Cardinals pick up another second rounder, giving them more depth, which is one of their main concerns. They wouldn’t really lose much value here either, as there were no cornerbacks taken between pick 16 and 26, and that is their biggest need. I don’t think they trade down unless the top three corners are off the board.

    27. San Diego Chargers – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (6’1 183) | CB/S | Tennessee St
    Can you imagine the Chargers with TWO Cromarties in their secondary? The talent there would be amazing, pairing up the cousins with Eric Weddle and Quentin Jammer. DRC could play either safety or corner for San Diego, which ever they choose, both being positions of need. Kentwan Balmer would be very intriguing if he were to fall this far as well, but DRC’s potential is incredibly high.

    28. St. Louis Rams (f/DAL) – Kentwan Balmer (6’4 308) | DT | North Carolina
    If Balmer were to fall this far I could definitely see the Rams jumping up to grab him. While there’s no team between them and Dallas with an immediate need for a defensive tackle, you never know what can happen. Balmer has really improved his stock during the Senior Bowl, but I don’t really see too big of a run on DT’s happening.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (f/IND) – Limas Sweed (6’4 220) | WR | Texas
    There’s no doubt that San Francisco needs a top receiving threat, and they will likely be looking to add that threat this year through the draft. Limas Sweed is highly talented, but due to an injury that sidelined him for the entire 2007 season, his stock has slightly fallen. He is still a huge target, and would be great for the young 49ers offense.

    30. Green Bay Packers – Tracy Porter (5’10 185) | CB | Indiana
    Tracy Porter has really impressed throughout the week in Mobile, and it seems he has risen his status to the late-first/early-second round area. He’s very naturally gifted, and it shows through in his play. He has garnered a lot of attention recently, and he is going to go higher than many expect.

    31. New York Giants – Phillip Wheeler (6’2 245) | OLB | Georgia Tech
    Wheeler really raised some eyebrows when he stepped on the scale at the Senior Bowl weigh-in on Monday, as he wasn’t expected to be 245. He plays very quick, but many people don’t know that he can deliver a load when he hits and seems smaller than he really is. Wheeler is looking more and more like a first round pick every day, and the Giants desperately need another linebacker to complete their crew.

    32. New England Patriots – Forfeited

    33. Miami Dolphins – Carl Nicks | OL | Nebraska
    34. Dallas Cowboys (f/STL) – Patrick Lee | CB | Aubrun
    35. Kansas City Chiefs – Sam Baker | OT | USC
    36. Atlanta Falcons – Anthony Collins | OT | Kansas
    37. New York Jets – Felix Jones | RB | Arkansas
    38. Oakland Raiders – Derrick Harvey | DE | Florida
    39. Baltimore Ravens – Quentin Groves | DE/OLB | Auburn
    40. San Francisco 49ers – Pat Sims | DT | Auburn
    41. New Orleans Saints – Curtis Lofton | ILB | Oklahoma
    42. Buffalo Bills – Martellus Bennett | TE | Texas A&M
    43. Denver Broncos – Thomas DeCoud | S | California
    44. Carolina Panthers – James Hardy | WR | Indiana
    45. Chicago Bears – Roy Scheuning | OG | Oregon State
    46. Detroit Lions – Ali Highsmith | LB | LSU
    47. Cincinnati Bengals – Frank Okam | DT | Texas
    48. Minnesota Vikings – Devin Thomas | WR | Michigan State
    49. Houston Texans – Erin Henderson | OLB | Maryland
    50. Philadelphia Eagles – Mario Manningham | WR | Michigan
    51. Arizona Cardinals – Jerod Mayo | ILB | Tennessee
    52. Washington Redskins – Brandon Flowers | CB | Virginia Tech
    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Early Doucet | WR | LSU
    54. Pittsburgh Steelers – Donnie Avery | WR | Houston
    55. Cleveland Browns – Dre Moore | DT | Maryland
    56. Tennessee Titans – Fred Davis | TE | USC
    57. Chicago Bears (f/SEA) – Andre Caldwell | WR | Florida
    58. Arizona Cardinals (f/JAX) – Chris Johnson | RB | ECU
    59. Indianapolis Colts – Lawrence Jackson | DE | USC
    60. Dallas Cowboys – DeJuan Morgan | S | NC State
    61. Miami Dolphins (f/SD) – Earl Bennett | WR | Vanderbilt
    62. Green Bay Packers – Tavares Gooden | OLB | Miami (Fl)
    63. New York Giants – Charles Godfrey | CB/S | Iowa
    64. New England Patriots – Ezra Butler | OLB | Nevada
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  • #2
    Good trade and 1st round choice for the Bills.
    WR is a larger need, so I'd rather go with Hardy.

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    • #3
      would rather have Collins then Baker in the 2nd.good 1st pick for KC


      • #4
        Originally posted by Hitemhard05 View Post

        7. New England Patriots (f/SF) Mike Jenkins (60 200) | CB | South Florida
        The Patriots could certainly entertain trade offers if one of the elite, top 5 prospects were to fall, but if not they should just be happy where they are and fill a need. They would be doing just that by drafting Jenkins, who is widely regarded as the top corner available this year. They may lose Asante Samuel this offseason, which would make the need for a cornerback even more pressing.
        No, they should take the best player available like they always do.


        • #5
          Im pretty sure that Kiffin and Al would choose Ellis over Dorsey.both being USC guys.Not to mention Dorsey could be in a similar situation like Branch was last year.But I still like Oaklands draft.

          Okam over Moore?That makes no sense at all.
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          • #6
            Okay 1st for the Ravens. Good 2nd.
            Good Texans pick.

            Baltimore: 7-4


            • #7

              Loomis has stated we will continue to draft BPA.

              GREAT 2nd round pick though.


              • #8
                Talib: the right pick at CB for the Lions.

                And, good position pick in round 2. Give your mock an: A.
                Left NFLDC: 20080918.


                • #9
                  Weak Mia draft... rather have Baker and Gooden at those spots instead of Nicks and Bennett.

                  Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


                  • #10
                    Very good Vikings draft, after that trade we would still have a third rounder and Kenny Phillips fills a need in a big way.


                    • #11
                      Amazing Chargers Pick Best Iv Seen So Far In All Mocks!


                      • #12
                        i think the Eagle would take Jeff Otah over Gosder Cherilus


                        • #13
                          I'd love to get Rivers in the first for the Saints but I like McKelvin. Fantastic second round pick.

                          Overall, a very solid mock for every team.

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                            Dream draft for the Raiders!


                            • #15
                              Not a fan of passing up on Jackson in the 1st but I suppose Doucet partly makes up for it in the 2nd.



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