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  • BF51 Mock Draft- Enter the Jordyz

    Haven't done one of these in a while. Probably pointless to do one before the Senior Bowl, but I won't get a chance to watch the game anyway so here we go. A few trades, listed before the picks (obviously).

    New England Patriots trade the 7th pick and the 96th pick to the Carolina Panthers for the 13th pick and the 43rd pick.

    Cincinnati Bengals trade the 9th pick to the New England Patriots for the 13th pick and the 70th pick.

    Tennessee Titans trade the 24th pick to the Detroit Lions for Roy Williams (WR).

    San Diego Chargers trade the 27th pick to the Atlanta Falcons for the 48th pick and the 69th pick.

    New York Giants trade the 31st pick and the 128th pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for the 35th pick and the 102nd pick.

    Oakland Raiders trade the 34th pick to the Minnesota Vikings for the 47th pick and a 3rd pick in 2009.

    New England trades the 43rd pick to the Dallas Cowboys for Bobby Carpenter and the 62nd pick.

    1) Miami Dolphins- Chris Long, DE/OLB, Virginia

    -Seems like the consensus pick for the moment. While a lot of people consider Dorsey or McFadden, my actually debate was between the two Long's and Matt Ryan. I want to go Ryan here. I think it makes the most sense honestly, but I have a feeling that Parcells and co. will want to go with a vet ala Trent Green.

    2) St. Louis Rams- Jake Long, OT, Michigan

    -Not the sexiest pick, but probably the wisest. They can't have another season of Marc Bulger on his back.

    3) Atlanta Falcons- Darren McFadden, Runningback, Arkansas

    -Chalk me up as someone that thinks McFadden is the more likely pick. Mularky is going to need a workhorse, and McFadden is someone that will excite the city, something I don't think Matt Ryan would do.

    4) Oakland Raiders- Glenn Dorsey, Defensive Tackle, Louisiana State

    The absence of McFadden makes this a simple choice between Dorsey and Ellis. I chose Dorsey.

    5) Kansas City Chiefs- Sedrick Ellis, Defensive Tackle, Southern Cal

    -Another seemingly consensus pick. I wouldn't rule out Matt Ryan here as well. The Chiefs just have way too many needs though, even if Croyle isn't the answer.

    6) New York Jets- Vernon Gholston, Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

    Gholston reminds me of Vernon Davis except he actually knows how to play football.

    7) Carolina Panthers (f/ NE)- Ryan Clady, Offensive Tackle, Boise State

    While a jump up for Ryan is possible, it's more likely that the Panthers would get in front of the Ravens for Clady. Not a whole lot going for them currently at the anchor positions.

    8) Baltimore Ravens- Matt Ryan, Quarterback, Boston College

    Let me be the first to say that I love the football staff they are putting together in Baltimore. If they can get Ron Rivera as their defensive coordinator I will love it that much more. I was always a Billick supporter, but Harbaugh is someone that really deserved a HC job, and he's putting good people around him.

    9) New England Patriots (f/Cin)- Leodis McKelvin, Cornerback, Troy State

    After trading down the Pats trade right back up for the player they probably would have taken at #7. I think the Bengals will be looking to move down a bit after it looks like Gholston and Ellis will both be out of reach.

    10) New Orleans Saints- Kenny Phillips, Safety, Miami

    - While cornerback or linebacker seems to be the more popular pick, I like the versatility that Phillips offers their defese. They've got a lot of young corners (not sure any are that good but they are young) but nobody that really stands out at the safety position. Phillips will be great insurance against the deep ball and a playmaker in the secondary.

    11) Buffalo Bills- Mike Jenkins, Cornerback, South Florida

    - Too early for a #2 receiver. Jenkins gives them a corner with speed that can play good man-to-man. Something worth going for in a top 15 pick.

    12) Denver Broncos- Keith Rivers, Linebacker, Southern California

    - Probably not ideal with Clady and Phillips gone, but Rivers is a nice consolation prize. He's having a real nice Senior Bowl week and really establishing himself as the top linebacker.

    13) Cincinnati Bengals- Derrick Harvey, Defensive End, Florida

    -Probably the player they would have taken at #9, Harvey gives the Bengals speed off the edge and a legit pass-rush threat. Should minimize the loss of Justin Smith.

    14) Chicago Bears- Brian Brohm, Quarterback, Louisville

    -Not entirely sold on quarterback in the 1st round with the Bears, but wih the board falling as it is I'm not sold on runningback either. Otah is always a thought, but I just don't see him as being a player Angelo would go for. Brohm is getting hit with some tough criticism lately, but I still think he's a lock for the 1st round, and probably falling no further than #20 to the Bucs. He's a safer pick, and someone that can compete for the starting spot right away.

    15) Detroit Lions- Jonathan Stewart, Runningback, Oregon

    -Lions fans probably won't like it, but I think the pick is runningback. If Jim Colletto is serious about being a run-first team, they need a new runningback. I've never been a Kevin Jones fan and outside of a few burst, he's never given me a reason to be. Mike Martz said himself that he would build an offense around Frank Gore. Wonder why he decided to build on offense around Jon Kitna instead of Kevin Jones....

    16) Arizona Cardinals- Reggie Smith, Defensive Back, Oklahoma

    Ok no more comments, most of these are pretty obvious anyway.

    17) Minnesota Vikings- Jeff Otah, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

    18) Houston Texans- Felix Jones, Runningback, Arkansas

    -I think Houston wants to trade back here, I'm just not sure who does it.

    19) Philadelphia Eagles- Malcolm Kelly, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

    20) Tampa Bay Bucs- Desean Jackson, Wide Receiver, California

    21) Washington Redskins- Calais Campbell, Defensive End, Miami

    22) Dallas Cowboys (f/Cle)- Aqib Talib, Cornerback, Kansas

    23) Pittsburgh Steelers- Gosder Cherilus, Offensive Tackle, Boston College

    24) Detroit Lions (f/ Ten)- Dan Conner, Linebacker, Penn State

    25) Seattle Seahawks- Rashard Mendenhall, Runningback, Illinois

    26) Jacksonville Jaguars- Phillip Merling, Defensive End, Clemson

    -I honestly don't get the hype on Merling, but 50,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong I suppose.

    27) Atlanta Falcons (f/SD)- Andre Woodson, Quarterback, Kentucky

    -I think Woodson proved why Brohm didn't go to the Senior Bowl. That said, the kid just has too much upside and college production to be ignored. I hope he's not a victim to too much over-picking, because he's going to be a good NFL quarterback.

    28) Dallas Cowboys- James Hardy, Wide Receiver, Indiana

    29) San Francisco 49’ers (f/Ind)- Kentwan Balmer, Defensive End, North Carolina

    -There weren't any good pics of Balmer, so here's a pic of Melissa Stark. Mmmm....Melissa Stark......

    30) Green Bay Packers- Sam Baker, Offensive Tackle, Southern Cal

    31) Kansas City Chiefs (f/NY)- Chris Williams, Offensive Tackle, Vanderbilt

    Roar!! My picture is way too big!!

    2nd Round
    32) Miami Dolphins- Frank Okam, Nose Tackle, Texas

    33) St. Louis Rams- Pat Sims, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

    34) Minnesota Vikings (f/Oak)- Early Doucett, Wide Receiver, Louisiana State

    35) New York Giants (f/KC)- Tracy Porter, Cornerback, Indiana

    36) New York Jets- Mario Manningham, Wide Receiver, Michigan

    37) Atlanta Falcons- Carl Nicks, Offensive Tackle, Nebraska

    38) Baltimore Ravens- Jack Ikegwuonu, Cornerback, Wisconsin

    39) San Francisco 49’ers- Devin Thomas, Wide Receiver, Michigan State

    40) New Orleans Saints- Curtis Lofton, Inside Linebacker, Oklahoma

    41) Buffalo Bills- Ali Highsmith, Outside Linebacker, Louisiana State

    42) Denver Broncos- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Safety, Tennessee State

    43) Dallas Cowboys (f/NE)- Chris Johnson, Runningback, East Carolina

    44) Chicago Bears- Anthony Collins, Offensive Tackle, Kansas

    45) Detroit Lions- Antoine Cason, Cornerback, Arizona

    46) Cincinnati Bengals- Erin Henderson, Outside Linebacker, Maryland

    47) Oakland Raiders (f/Min)- Lawrence Jackson, Defensive End, Southern Cal

    48) San Diego Chargers (f/Atl)- Dajuan Morgan, Safety, North Carolina State

    49) Philadelphia Eagles- John Carlson, Tight End, Notre Dame

    50) Arizona Cardinals- Ray Rice, Runningback, Rutgers

    51) Washington Redskins- Adarius Bowman, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State

    52) Tampa Bay Bucs- Tony Hills, Offensive Tackle, Texas

    53) Pittsburgh Steelers- Quentin Groves, Outside Linebacker, Auburn

    54) Tennessee Titans- Fred Davis, Tight End, Southern Cal

    55) Seattle Seahawks- Roy Schuening, Guard, Oregon State

    56) Cleveland Browns- Red Bryant, Nose Tackle, Texas A&M

    57) Miami Dolphins (f/SD)- Terrell Thomas, Cornerback, Southern Cal

    58) Jacksonville Jaguars- Andre Caldwell, Wide Receiver, Florida

    59) Indianapolis Colts- Phillip Wheeler, Linebacker, Georgia Tech

    60) Green Bay Packers- Patrick Lee, Cornerback, Auburn

    61) New England Patriots (f/Dal)- Earl Bennett, Wide Receiver, Vanderbilt

    62) New York Giants- Thomas Decoud, Safety, California

    63) New England Patriots- Chris Ellis, Outside Linebacker, Virginia Tech

    3rd Round
    64. Miami Dolphins- Patrick Chung, Safety, Oregon
    65. St. Louis Rams- Branden Albert, Guard, Virginia
    66. Kansas City Chiefs- Brandon Flowers, Cornerback, Virginia Tech
    67. New York Jets- Kendall Langford, Defensive End, Hampton
    68. San Diego Chargers- Marcus Harrison, Nose Tackle, Arkansas
    69. Cincinnatti Bengals (f/NE)- Demario Pressley, Defensive Tackle, North Carolina State
    70. San Francisco 49ers- Chad Henne, Quarterback, Michigan
    71. Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore Ravens)- Trevor Laws, Defensive Tackle, Notre Dame
    72. Buffalo Bills- Jordy Nelson, Wide Receiver, Kansas State
    73. Minnesota Vikings (f/Den)- John David Booty, Quarterback, Southern Cal
    74. Carolina Panthers- Joe Flacco, Quarterback, Deleware
    75. Chicago Bears- Jamaal Charles, Runningback, Texas
    76. Detroit Lions- Jason Jones, Defensive End, Eastern Michigan
    77. Cincinnati Bengals- Tom Zbikowski, Strong Safety, Notre Dame
    78. New Orleans Saints- Xavier Adibi, Outside Linebacker, Virginia Tech
    79. Houston Texans- Heath Benedict, Offensive Tackle, Newberry
    80. Philadelphia Eagles- Tavares Gooden, Outside Linebacker, Miami
    81. Arizona Cardinals- Charles Godfrey, Cornerback, Iowa
    82. Minnesota Vikings- Quentin Demps, Free Safety, UTEP
    83. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Johnson, Quarterback, San Diego
    84. Washington Redskins- Mike McGlynn, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh
    85. Tennessee Titans- Kevin Smith, Runningback, Central Florida
    86. Seattle Seahawks- Martellus Bennett, Tight End, Texas A&M
    87. Cleveland Browns- Tashard Choice, Runningback, Georgia Tech
    88. Pittsburgh Steelers- D.J Hall, Wide Receiver, Alabama
    89. Jacksonville Jaguars- Chevis Jackson, Cornerback, Louisiana State
    90. Chicago Bears (f/SD)- Chilo Rachal, Guard, Southern Cal
    91. Green Bay Packers- Steve Slaton, Runningback, West Virginia
    92. Dallas Cowboys- Marcus Griffin, Safety, Texas
    93. Indianapolis Colts- Donnie Avery, Wide Receiver, Houston
    94. New York Giants- Ezra Butler, Linebacker, Nevada
    95. New England Patriots- Chad Rinehart, Offensive Tackle, Northern Iowa
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    Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.

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    Very nice 1st round Buccaneers pick and the 3rd round pick is sure to get great reviews as well. Regarding Hills in the 2nd, I would rather see defense addressed rather than OT. So a guy like Flowers, Pressley, Lee, Godfrey, Laws, Ellis, Jones etc might be a better alternative.


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      Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
      Very nice 1st round Buccaneers pick and the 3rd round pick is sure to get great reviews as well. Regarding Hills in the 2nd, I would rather see defense addressed rather than OT. So a guy like Flowers, Pressley, Lee, Godfrey, Laws, Ellis, Jones etc might be a better alternative.
      I originally had Groves going there, but changed it because I think Hills is a good fit for their scheme and can't see them going into next year with the same tackles as this year.

      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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        Haven't been impressed with Jackson as of late. I feel like he's going to end up being a 3rd round prospect. Lots of nice, and rising, prospects on the board. Red Bryant comes to mind. And Chris Johnson is still my dark horse, or in Oakland's case, pale horse pick in Rd2 if he's there.

        I'm also not a fan of the trade. Lacks value on the Oakland end of things, I believe.


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          Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
          I originally had Groves going there, but changed it because I think Hills is a good fit for their scheme and can't see them going into next year with the same tackles as this year.
          I can definitely see your point and I agree that it is very easy to make a case for an offensive tackle in the first 3 rounds of the draft. But unless a bluechip prospect is available to the Bucs, I just think giving Donald Penn another year to develop (with Petitgout as great back-up) would be better than selecting Tony Hills. With so many legitimate needs to be addressed within the first 3 rounds including QB, WR, OT, DE, DT, CB and to an extent RB it should be interesting to see how things actually pan out.


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            I don't understand the second Patriots trade at all. I can't see them throwing away a pretty high pick after trading down to trade right back up, when they could wait it out at 13 and probably still get either McKelvin or Jenkins. It kind of defeats the purpose of trading down. That's the only real complaint I have.


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              Nicely done on KC's picks.Ellis and Williams would make me so happy


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                If I was *** i'd open mouth kiss you for that mock.


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                  15) Detroit Lions- Jonathan Stewart, Runningback, Oregon
                  I'm having suicidal thoughts after seeing this.

                  R.I.P. L.E.F.
                  "I am the one who knocks!"


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                    Sorry, but I really don't like that Cards' mock.

                    Reggie Smith is not only a huge reach at 16, but he doesn't even fill a need really. The guy is a FS / CB tweener. We are set at FS with Antrel Rolle being moved and set to compete with Aaron Francisco for the start there. Both of these are capable of being above average Free Safeties and therefore we don't need Smith there. We also have two very good #2 CBs in Eric Green and Roderick Hood. We need a #1 CB but is Reggie Smith that? I don't see many people suggesting he can be a #1 CB so I really don't get this pick at all.

                    What makes it worse is that you then select a CB in Round 3. Why? If Reggie Smith is to be used as a CB, would you think that the Cards, with all of their needs, would then take a guy who would be at best a dime corner in Round 3, especially when we often play 3 Safeties anyway or can easily move Antrel Rolle back to CB for the few plays we are in dime for? We have way too many needs to do that.

                    As for the second round pick, again, I don't think Ray Rice is second round value. The RB class is very deep in talent and I can't see teams reaching for RBs around this area when there is so much depth unless they fall in love with a guy. I'm pretty sure that Rice isn't a guy the Cards would fall that in love with, and I'm pretty sure he'd be there in the third round anyway. (Only 1 other RB goes in the picks in between.)

                    When you look at Arizona's drafts, with the notable dishonorable exception of Levi Brown, the Cards usually take guys who fall (E.G. Alan Branch, Ben Patrick...) rather than reaching up anyway.
                    Will post for +rep.


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                      Best Seahawks mock ever.
                      "Oh **** it's Kam, RUN!!!"


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                        we have only two corners under 30 ... thats not so many , but i like your picks .

                        ahh . a question : what about Mayo ?


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                          Really think Carl Nicks is a little better for the Jets in the second, it's clear that we need to address OL and as much as Manningham is good value there Nicks is a far larger need. I can see the logic so I won't say it's a bad pick, but it's worth keeping in mind that our OL is atrocious and we're trying to keep a young QB on his feet in the pocket at this point. Third rounder works but didn't he lose around 20 lbs? Looking at your picks I guess it's worth trying to develop him if we don't grab a guard or Ezra Butler who would be a nice fit.

                          I like the trade down with Cincy it definitely makes sense, and the first three picks are all very solid. However, I'm not sure I'm sold on Zbikowski in the third. They grabbed two young safeties in the draft last year and are very high on both, each showed some nice things this past season. Just not sure if they'd take a third young safety in two years when it seems the two they took last season could be capable of starting, or at least not in the mid-rounds. Just a thought. Also, don't rule out a RB if someone drops or OL for the Bengals, as they seem to be committed to improving the run game.


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                            Originally posted by GermanSaint View Post
                            we have only two corners under 30 ... thats not so many , but i like your picks .

                            ahh . a question : what about Mayo ?
                            We'll get 1 or 2 in FA. We just need a better talent evaluator.


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                              Okay packers draft, i like Lee, and Baker at 30 is good value but i feel with all the young depth we have at OL, that we wont take one in the first. Dont really want Slaton

                              Sig thanks to Bonekrusher



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