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Go Cowboys 1st of Year (With Analysis)

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  • Go Cowboys 1st of Year (With Analysis)

    Some things I am not happy with but this is my first one of the year so there is room to grow. Just a first for now, but if I have time may add a 2nd to it.

    1. Miami Dolphins – Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

    He may be a bit undersized for a 3-4 Nose Tackle, but what he may lack in size, he more than makes up in speed and technique. He obviously isn’t the flashiest pick; many don’t even have him as their top Defensive Tackle. But his hardworking attitude and the fact that he always seems to be around the ball make him a very safe pick for the Parcells’ run Dolphins.

    2. St. Louis Rams – Jake Long, OT, Michigan

    Jake may be one of the best Left Tackle prospects in the draft since Orlando Pace. (Who just happens to be a Ram) Depending on whether Pace decides to retire or not could decide where Long plays this year. If Pace stays look for Long to get a couple chances at Right Tackle until Pace retires, then making the switch back to the left side.

    3. Oakland Raiders – Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

    He is arguably the best player in the draft, a guy that can take over for the Raiders day one. The real question here is whether or not the Raiders think that Rhodes or Fargas (who have both stepped up lately) will be able to stay at the top of the Depth Chart over McFadden. Either way look for DMAC to get a lot of touches.

    4. Kansas City Chiefs – Glenn Dorsey, DT, Louisiana State

    The Chiefs have had their fair share of booms and busts on the defensive line in the past few drafts. Dorsey though is a guy that could swing it into a straight boom. His production is slightly lower than one would expect out of a guy his size. Because of his size though he can take up a lot of bodies which would allow other defensive lineman to get one-on-one shots along the line, he can also take up the guards inside to help the linebackers make plays.

    5. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

    I am the first guy to criticize Matt Ryan, but he seems to be the most pro-ready Quarterback in this draft. But that also doesn’t mean that he is truly the #1 QB in this draft, but on the plus side for anyone looking to draft him is that he has taken many snaps under center. (Unlike some of the other top QB’s that usually stay in the shotgun.)

    6. New York Jets – Chris Long, DE/OLB, Virginia

    Chris just has a natural ability to get to the QB. Whether or not he can play from a two-point stance will be seen when he is drafted. But because he is very football smart he should be able to pick up the position very fast. He would be a force coming from either an Outside Linebacker or from an End position.

    7. New England Patriots (F/San Francisco) – Dan Conner, LB, Penn State

    On draft day this pick could very well be called a reach, but most of the Patriots 1st round picks end up being called that. He isn’t the fastest guy, some may say that he isn’t the best linebacker in the draft, but this guy is just a football player. He is football savy and can read plays very quickly which allows him to make up for his speed. (He is not a 5 second 40 kind of guy, but compared to slot receivers and running backs he is just not able to keep up with them.)

    8. Baltimore Ravens – Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

    With the future of Jonathan Ogden uncertain the Ravens need a true Left Tackle. They have Marshal Yanda but he is a much better Right Tackle. For Clady’s sack he should be happy if he gets to sit out a year behind Ogden. He has a powerful first punch and would be able to protect who ever the Ravens decide to run out there at QB.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals – Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

    Gholston is just an all around animal in the trenches. He will be able to supply a pass rush that may take the pressure off some of the younger defensive backs in the Bengals defense. He is also strong enough at the point of attack to not force the linebackers (who they hope to have back) to make all of the plays. A tandem of Justin Smith and Vernon Gholston would likely give many a QB a sleepless night or two.

    10. New Orleans Saints – Keith Rivers, OLB, Southern California

    Rivers is a player that could have gone sooner and is considered by many to be the best linebacker in the draft this year. He is a stud that can cover a slot receiver or even rush the passer. An Inside Pass Rush would help but Rivers is almost too good to pass up.

    11. Buffalo Bills – Calais Campbell, DE, Miami (FL)

    Ever since Bruce Smith started to decline and left the Bills they have lacked the kind of pass rush they once had. Campbell is a powerful guy who can get to the QB without a whole lot of support. (Which he showed the past year at “The U”) They have also had some good luck with kids from Miami in the past. Another player from “The U” will keep the streak of Miami players in the first round alive.

    12. Denver Broncos – Kenny Phillips, SS, Miami(FL)

    Phillips is a just a ball hawk at safety. He hits like a truck and he can run with receivers. He is a great guy to come in and replace the ageless John Lynch. (Who we all know has to retire sooner or later……Doesn’t he?) Phillips can play either safety, but he is in the perfect mold to replace Lynch.

    13. Carolina Panthers – Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh

    The Panthers do not have a whole lot of glaring needs, but offensive tackle has to be one of them along with defensive end. The fact that both positions have a lot of depth this year forces me to lean towards the position that I feel will lose the most by the time they pick next. So instead of going with Lawrence Jackson I will go with Jeff Otah.

    14. Chicago Bears – Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

    With fans in Chicago calling for the heads of both Brian Griese and Rex Grossman sooner or later the Bears front office will need to comply with their wishes. Some thought they had a spark with Kyle Orton but that lasted a very short time. Brohm can come in and give the fans someone to root for, and a guy they can rally behind because he knows how to have a winning team. He comes from a football family which doesn’t hurt his stock at all.

    15. Detroit Lions – Lawerence Jackson, DE, Southern California

    Jackson is the other guy on that USC front seven, you remember the guy that was thought the highest of until the juniors declared. Well Jackson would have been competing for the top defensive end spot with Chris Long, instead he is fighting to stay in the top 20. He is a well rounded guy who can rush the passer or stuff the run, his technique is not the best but his pure talent will make up for until he learns some better technique.

    16. Arizona Cardinals – Reshard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois

    With “Edge” not being at the same caliber he was when he was a part of the “big three” in Indy, the Cardinals need a back to compete with him and eventually take over the job. Mendenhall has much more speed than many would think by looking at him, and he also is tough enough to take hard hits up the middle.

    17. Minnesota Vikings – DaJuan Morgan, FS, North Carolina State

    If they somehow can’t work a trade to get a shot at Kenny Phillips watch for them to take a long look at Morgan, he has very good size for a safety and can run with receivers. He doesn’t get beat because of a lack of talent as much as for a wrong step once in a while.

    18. Houston Texans – Jack Ikewounu, CB, Wisconsin

    He does have a very minor character issue which can be resolved simply by talking to the teams. He is one of the most lockdown corners in this draft. He took guys like James Hardy, Mario Manningham, etc… and made them look like chumps. He is the perfect guy to come play nickel back if Dunta Robinson can come back fast or can step in as a starter if he can’t.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles – Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

    Such a great DE is hard for them to pass up here. Could have gone with Leodis McKelvin but with Howard and Kearse possibly on the way out Harvey just seems to have fallen right into Jim Johnson’s lap here. Look for him to be used in a lot of passing situation for the first year at least.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DeSean Jackson, WR, California

    Michael Clayton was a colossal disappointment this year. Add that to the fact that Joey Galloway has to be getting towards the end of his career. (Even though he continues to produce) Jackson gives the Bucs a guy who can jump into the slot role this year be a home run threat from every standpoint of the game. He can also give them a spark in the return game if they end up using him there.

    21. Washington Redskins – Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

    With Jansen’s contract being to the point where the Redskins will contemplate cutting him, this pick would make that decision that much easier. Cherilus is in the perfect mold of a RT like he has shown in the senior bowl practices all week. He can handle most of the guys he will go against.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (F/Cleveland) – Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy

    With a success the last time he picked a kid from Troy in the first round look for Jerry Jones to think long and hard about picking him. McKelvin is a star in the making and a much better talent then Jacques Reeves and would of course step in as the nickel back from the start. The only real problem he has is holding on to the ball when he has a sure interception.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

    The Steelers biggest concern has to be on the offensive line. Williams is thought by many to be a finesse type of guy. But he is a mauler who has quick enough feet to hang with any defensive player that rushes him.

    24. Tennessee Titans – Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson

    Many believe that Receiver is their primary concern. It should be, but with only one off the board at this time maybe the Titans gamble and hope that one of their top 5 are still their in the second round. But as far as this pick Merling who came out early can solidify their pass rush on QB’s like Peyton Manning and David Garrard who they have to play twice a year.

    25. Seattle Seahawks – Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt

    Likely this year will end Mike Holmgren’s career. Because of that will he look to draft to fill what he wants to win this year or for the good of the team in the future? If he goes with Bennett it will be the best of both worlds. He will have a real go-to-guy at Receiver in Bennett this year and years to come.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

    When Jimmy Smith retired they lost their solid veteran presence at receiver. Combine that with the fact that now they don’t have a real go-to-guy and then you come to the idea of taking a receiver. With Garrard as the QB of the future in Jacksonville look for them to add another taller guy on the outside (not as tall but like Matt Jones, only a better receiver)

    27. San Diego Chargers – Sam Baker, OT/OG, Southern California

    People will argue that his arms are too short, his hands to small, his technique not good enough, but at the end of the day he gets the job done. His versatility will do nothing but help him in the eyes of NFL teams. The Chargers can always use help in the trenches.

    28. Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

    They got a lockdown corner not long ago; now look for Jerry Jones to look into Arkansas for some talent. Jones is the lighting to Marion Barber’s thunder. With Julius Jones on the way out look for Jones to be a big time playmaker for the Cowboys and even make an impact with the return game.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (F/ Indianapolis) – Frank Okam, DT, Texas

    He is very underrated by many in the habit of making mock drafts or even in rankings. He is thought by many to be another Texas DT that will fall because of bad conditioning or whatever reason some of those guys from Texas fall on draft day. But Okam is not Rodrique Wright (Drafted in the 7th round after teams found out he had been injured during training. Something many people following the draft did not know.) he is not lazy, he is actually a lot like Glenn Dorsey in the fact that he can plug up gaps and allow other guys to make plays.

    30. Green Bay Packers – Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida

    Charles Woodson is getting up there in years, combine that with the fact the Packers don’t have very many holes to fill will give them the opportunity of choosing the best player available. Jenkins has been pushed down the board of late with McKelvin starting to soar up boards. He is still one of the top corners in this draft, look for him to be another star in the Green and Yellow.

    31. New York Giants – Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina

    Balmer is one of the few good players Butch Davis inherited last year and he has commented saying he is one of the best he has ever seen. The Giants are somewhat weak up the middle Balmer can step in next to Osi and make that front 4 look like a stone wall.

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    Great Chiefs Pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)


    • #3
      its a decent giants pick...some giants fans are a lot more big on the possible idea of a DT 1st round than I am but I like Balmer. I personally think we should focus on the secondary which is clearly our weakest area- Reggie Smith might be the better choice but its sort of all relative

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        im ok with gosder only if we lose jansen. if jansen and samels both stay then id rather have leodis or drc with that pick.


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          For the Vikes, granted I don't know much about DaJuan Morgan at this point, but I would have Reggie Smith, Derrick Harvey, or Malcolm Kelly.


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            Mike Jenkins at the end of the 1st? if he last that long id rather have him over mccelvin, but you have both those guys going in the 20's when they both are gone by 20 more then likely

            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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              Let's hope it's the last of the year because the first round for the Titans sucks. Anything other than a receiver is a failure. Plain and simple.


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                I think the Falcons get out of that position at ALL costs if the draft goes that way and SCREWS us that bad.


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                  great denver pick, if lynch doesnt retire phillips may start over him anyway... one or the other would start as ss though im sure...
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                    Jack Ikewounu is out for 2008 with injury, doubt he goes first day much less 1st round. Like Dajuan Morgan but he is not a 1st round safety unless he blows up the combine. If Rogers Cromartie is there at 31 that is the guy I want the Giants to take. Balmer wouldn't be a bad pick there either. Any defensive player is A-Ok with this Giant fan.


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                      Honestly right now, if Rodgers-Cromartie is available when the G-Men select, I believe he will be our pick.

                      Originally posted by Halsey
                      I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                        the Bills have $74 million invested in Schobel and Kelsay
                        I'd rather go with Kelly or Jenkins there.

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                        my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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                          with the depth at CB, i dont mind a DT in the 1st at all

                          sims or balmer would be good to pair up with Stray, Osi, Tuck, and Kiwi


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                            Mike Jenkins will never make it to the late 1st, but it would be unbelieveable if he did

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                              Ok phins pick.

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