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  • 1/31 Mock Draft check it out

    As always I would love as much feed back as possible, but try to keep it constructive with some substance to it, rather than "wow that picks sucks you're ********" educated conversation is always more fun that immature insults. Anyway here you are, two rounds.

    #1 Dolphins-DE Chris Long, Virginia
    Now after Glenn Dorsey was the trendy pick for the Dolphins Chris Long is becoming the trendy pick. Someone will soon be next but I think when draft day comes Chris Long will be the pick. He is a high energy guy who can play in any scheme the Dolphins run, he has great bloodlines and he plays at a premium position as a pass rusher which Dorsey does not. Add it all up and Long makes the most sense.

    #2 Rams-OT Jake Long, Michigan
    The Rams desperately need defense, but when all of your resources are on offense you better make sure the offense can work. I just donít see how the Rams can go into another season with their offensive tackle situation the way it is. Bulger is too good a quarterback to be sacked as often as he is and Steven Jackson needs to be utilized in the offense as well. Jake Long will provide depth but also might be better than Alex Barron as he has been uneven to this point in his career. I think Jake Long is the best pick for the Rams.

    #3 Raiders-DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU
    Glenn Dorsey isnít the flashy, freak athlete pick that Al Davis loves but he is a beast, and fits a huge need for the Raiders. The Raiders have to improve their defense and Dorsey could be a building block as he is dominate up front. Of course I could be wrong and they will just draft McFadden.

    #4 Falcons-QB Matt Ryan, BC
    I still think at the end of the day the Falcons will take a quarterback and it will be Matt Ryan. You can claim the Falcons have bigger needs, I donít see how thatís possible but thatís ok, but even then there is a history in the league of when the new head coach arrives he brings in his quarterback via the draft. Of course I could be wrong and they will just draft McFadden.

    #5 Chiefs-OT Ryan Clady, Boise St.
    The Chiefs hope that Jake long falls to them but Ryan Clady is not a bad consolation prize. The Chiefs offensive line is horrendous, and after all those years of it being the best line in the NFL no question it is a shame to see it in this state. Clady is an instant upgrade.

    #6 Jets-DE/OLB Vernon Gholston, OSU
    The Jets defense was horrendous in 2007, ranked 29th against the run and they managed only 29 sacks all year. Say what you will but the best way to improve a defense is to create a good pass rush and Gholston can do just that. He can play as an end or as an outside linebacker in a hybrid scheme and will immediately upgrade the pass rush. Of course I could be wrong and they will just draft McFadden.

    #7 Patriots(F/SF)-RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
    If this scenario does not happen, which it probably wonít, I donít know what the Patriots will do, and they will probably trade down. However, with this scenario unfolding it is a dream for the Patriots. Do they really need McFadden? No, not really, but in drafting him they can continue to give the middle finger to the entire league. Thatís the Belichick way.

    #8 Ravens-CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy
    Call me crazy for this not being Brian Brohm, especially after I just said when the new coach arrives he hand picks his quarterback from the draft, but the Ravens are built to win right now and not in 4 years. This team does not have the time to wait 4 years for someone to develop, so I think they go for a veteran quarterback. That being said, the Ravens desperately need a corner as they canít stop the pass and both starters are on the wrong side of 30. McKelvin is shooting up boards and will continue to do so after he blazes the 40 at the combine.

    #9 Bengals-DT Sedrick Ellis, USC
    I wish I could find a home for Ellis higher up the board after his Senior Bowl week, but right now I just canít. However, Iím sure the Bengals are not complaining one bit. Ellis looked dominate all week and seems as if he is on his way to being a disruptive force on Sundays.

    #10 Saints-S Kenny Phillips, Miami
    I would still love to know how a team that was in the playoff race the last week of the season ends up with a top ten draft pick and could land Kenny Phillips, but I guess thatís just the NFC for ya. Regardless, the Saints luck out with Phillips still on the board, their real need in the secondary is corner but safety can be upgraded as well and Phillips is the best player available.

    #11 Bills-OLB Keith Rivers, USC
    You can say that the Bills might need a receiver or corner more, but linebacker is definitely a need and Rivers is too good to pass up. He solidified his position as the best linebacker in the draft during Senior Bowl week and the Bills must take this athletically gifted, very talented linebacker.

    #12 Broncos-OT Sam Baker, USC
    The Broncos need a safety, middle linebacker, defensive tackle and defensive end, but they should take the offensive tackle here. This is all I have to say on this matter: I watched the final Monday night game with the Chargers and Broncos and saw the Chargers defense in the backfield every play. If Cutler is going to become superman, which I believe he will, he must have some protection. In addition, during that game the side line reporter reported that Shannahan said the offensive line would be something the team actively addresses in the off season.

    #13 Carolina-QB Brian Brohm
    John Fox is not going to like this pick but he is more likely than not on his way out after 2008. Delhomme went down and we all saw what happened to the Panthers, and Delhomme is no spring chicken to begin with. The Panthers need a franchise quarterback of the future and at this point Brohm is worth taking.

    #14 Bears-RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
    Once again, I fully expect the Bears to get a veteran quarterback because they are built to win right now. Although I do have a question, why does no one ever mention running back as a need for the Bears? What has Cedric Benson ever proved to any of us? The Bears have the wrong Adrian Peterson and Cedric Benson is a disappointment so far. Benson can still be a bruiser though and Felix Jones can be the flash of lighting he was in college splitting carries with Benson.

    #15 Lions-OT Jeff Otah, Pitt
    Similar to the Rams, if you are going to invest all your resources in the offense can you at least put together a decent offensive line to allow the skill position players to do their job? The Lions offensive line was horrendous in 2007 as Kitna was sacked it seemed every other play. Jeff Otah is a mammoth human being and is a step in the right direction to fix the offensive line.

    #16 Cardinals-DE/OLB Quentin Groves, Auburn
    The Cardinals need a running back, but this draft is littered with them and they can find one in round 2. They also need a corner but the most value commodity on defense is a pass rush and I donít think they could pass on Groves, especially if they want to run a 3-4. Groves stock might not be this high right now but I fully expect him to launch up draft boards after the combine and workouts. He is in the 265 range and reportedly runs a 4.4, which is incredible, and is a natural pass rushing talent. It is only a matter of time before he is valued much higher.

    #17 Vikings-DE Calais Campbell, Miami
    You can make a case for a quarterback or receiver but I do believe McNabb will be taking the snaps for the Vikings and Childress wonít draft a receiver in the first round. The Vikings could use an upgrade at defensive end where their latest attempts at first round picks, Erasmus James and Kenechi Udeze, did not plan out as hoped. Campbell is a monster of a man and a freak athlete and has all the potential in the world to become an elite pass rusher at the next level.

    #18 Texans-RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
    Since the day this franchise entered the league they have needed a left tackle and a safety. While they could draft either position here with either Chris Williams or Reggie Smith, Jonathan Stewart is the better overall prospect and hits a need as well. The Texans stable of running backs is unimpressive at best and Stewart would be a great addition to this team to balance out the offense.

    #19 Eagles-WR DeSean Jackson, California
    A lot of people will have this as an offensive lineman or a defensive end but I still believe it will be a receiver. Not only will DeSean Jackson fit perfectly into a niche playing with Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis, but he will be another reliable weapon for young Kevin Kolb to go to as he learns and progressive into the quarterback the Eagles hope he will be.

    #20 Buccaneers-WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
    The Bucs have a number of people they could draft here but in my mind Malcolm Kelly is too good to pass up. Michael Clayton may have just as well retired after his rookie season and Joey Galloway is not getting any younger. The Bucs need depth and talent at their wideout position and they need it now.

    #21 Redskins-WR James Hardy, Indiana
    The Redskins could use a defensive lineman or a safety but they need a big time receiver to get their passing attack going and seems like there will be a run on receivers at this point in the draft and if the Redskins donít take one now they will miss their chance to nab one, and they need a big guy to compliment Moss and Randle-El. James Hardy might not be regarded this highly at the moment but I believe he will rise to at least the middle of the first round by the time it is all said and done. He is 6í7Ē and all his forty times reported on the internet are listed at 4.5-4.6 but when I watched Indiana on TV all the reports said he runs in the 4.3-4.4 range. I donít know which is the truth but if he runs a 4.3 or 4.4 at the combine or in workouts at 6í7Ē his stock will soar, probably higher than the twenty first pick.

    #22 Cowboys-CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tenn St.
    Nobody made more bank during Senior Bowl week than this guy and he could come off the board earlier than this. The Cowboys are beginning to have a serious probably at corner where not only do they lack depth but both starters are now over 30. Rodgers-Cromartie has a great size-speed combination and showed his coverage skills all week long and would be a great pick here.

    #23 Steelers-OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
    The Steelers offensive line was abysmal in 2007 and led to their downfall in the playoffs, and that was with Alan Faneca on the team, which he will not be next year. If the Steelers ever want to return to glory they have to start up front. Chris Williams is another prospect benefiting from a great Senior Bowl week and he is now firmly in the round one mix.

    #24 Titans-WR Limas Sweed, Texas
    The Titans receivers are the Achilles heel of this team. So many dropped passes and missed opportunities to bail their young quarterback out, and to think this is already a playoff caliber team. Limas Sweed was Youngís teammate in college and is a big target that can catch the ball. He already has chemistry with the franchise quarterback, so this pick almost makes too much sense to actually happen in real life.

    #25 Seahawks-RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
    Shaun Alexanderís career is close to being over and it will never be what it once was. He may stick around for another year or two and be a role player but he will never regain MVP form. Mendenhall can come in and split carries with him early on before becoming the main guy in the backfield.

    #26 Jaguars-DE Derrick Harvey, Florida
    The Jaguars donít have too many glaring holes but they could use an upgrade at defensive end. They have the best defensive tackle duo in the league and adding a solid pass rush to them would be scary. Also, as we have seen, the best way to beat the Colts is to put pressure on Manning. Harvey is a local kid who can fill that role for the Jags.

    #27 Chargers-OLB/ILB Dan Connor
    The Chargers have a hole at middle linebacker that most people do not talk about. They lost both starters after last season and did not replace either opting to go with unproven players. Connor might be better than Puz was last year, and he is versatile enough to switch to the inside position in the pros.

    #28 Cowboys-WR Mario Manningham, Michigan
    The Cowboys need a shot in the arm of youth at receiver. Owens and Glenn are getting older and while Owens is not declining yet Glenn is getting injured more often. Manningham has the speed to be a deep threat in the NFL and allow the Cowboys a smooth transition at receiver when Owens and Glenn ride off into the sunset.

    #29 49ers(F/IND)- QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky
    Andre Woodsonís stock is falling and this pick might surprise some people but hear me out. Alex Smith sucks letís be honest, and even though it seems like he will get one more chance I donít see him working out. The 9ers will be back in the market for a QB at some point but why wait until next year. Drafting Woodson will either light a fire under Smith in his 4th year like the drafting of Rivers did Brees, or Smith will be a bust and Woodson will have a year of experience under his belt instead of the franchise starting all over next season. And yes I realize Martz is a huge reason why Woodsonís stock is falling but Martz can make mediocre quarterbacks look goodÖsee Kitna, Jon.

    #30 Packers-CB Aqib Talib, Kansas
    The Packers do not have many glaring weaknesses but they could use corner back depth and someone for the future. Both Woodson and Harris are on the wrong side of 30 and they Packers will need someone to step in to replace them some time in the near future. Talib is a solid corner whose only concern is his speed but at this juncture in the draft he is worth the risk.

    #31 Giants-DT Kentwan Balmer, UNC
    The Giants have the best stable of pass rushers in the NFL. Now if they can get solid players to lineup between them. The Giants have always been somewhat thin at defensive tackle but this will solve that problem. Balmer is good value here as he could go higher and played very well at the end of his career.


    #33 Dolphins-OT Carl Nicks, Nebraska
    Parcells is smart and knows to win you must build from the trenches outward.

    #34 Rams-DE Phillips Merling, Clemson
    If the Rams do go oline in round one they have to go defense round two.

    #35 Falcons-CB/S Reggie Smith
    Lawyer Milloy is on his last leg and who knows how long Hall will be with the team.

    #36 Chiefs-CB Tracy Porter, Indiana
    Surtain and Law and well on the wrong side of 30.

    #37 Jets-WR Devin Thomas, Michigan St.
    The Jets need a big receiver to compliment Coles and Cotchery.

    #38 Raiders-OT Anthony Collins, Kansas
    If the Raiders want Russell to progress they better protect him.

    #39 Ravens- OT Gosder Cherilus
    The Ravens are thin at tackle and who knows what Ogdenís career plans are.

    #40 49ers-DE/OLB Jason Jones, Eastern Michigan
    The 49ers could use a hybrid pass rusher to play opposite Lawson.

    #41 Saints-ILB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma
    The Saints have been searching for a stud linebacker for quite some time.

    #42 Bills-TE Fred Davis, USC
    The Bills need a big target for whoever is playing quarterback.

    #43 Broncos-DT Pat Sims, Auburn
    The Broncos have to improve their rush defense to go anywhere.

    #44 Panthers- OLB Ali Highsmith, LSU
    The Panthers have had a problem at this position for a while now.

    #45 Bears-DT Dre Moore, Maryland
    The Bearsí defensive tackle situation during the season got ugly to say the least.

    #46 Lions-CB Brandon Flowers, Virginia Tech
    The Lions pass defense is horrendous to say the least.

    #47 Bengals-ILB Jerod Mayo, Tenn
    The Bengals problems at linebacker are very clear and need to be addressed.

    #48 Vikings-WR Early Doucet, LSU
    The Vikings need more receivers and Doucet would be a good compliment to Rice.

    #49 Falcons-RB Ray Rice, Rutgers
    The Falcons need a different type of back to compliment Norwood.

    #50 Eagles- DE Lawrence Jackson, USC
    Kearse is no spring chicken and the depth is lackluster.

    #51 Cardinals-RB Jamaal Charles, Texas
    Edge has hit the dreaded 30.

    #52 Redskins-DE Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech
    The Redskins have a whole at one end spot and a lack of depth and youth overall.

    #53 Buccaneers-WR Lavell Hawkins, California
    Two receivers? I know but Hawkins is really moving up now and is good value here.

    #54 Steelers-OG Roy Schuening, Oregon St.
    More help for that pathetic 2007 offensive line.

    #55 Titans-TE Martin Rucker, Missouri
    Another safety valve for Vince Young.

    #56 Seahawks-QB Chad Henne, Michigan
    Hasselbeck isnít going to play forever and Henne could go higher.

    #57 Browns-DT Red Bryant, Texas A&M
    Ted Washington is nearing 40Ö. They need a replacement.

    #58 Dolphins-CB Terrell Thomas, USC
    The defense is in shambles and riddled with age, they need a lock down guy.

    #59 Jaguars-WR Donnie Avery, Houston
    The Jags need a speed receiver to compliment those big guys, 4.28 40 qualifies.

    #60 Cowboys-RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina
    Julius Jones will not be back in 2008 and a 4.2 forty is rare.

    #61 Packers-OLB Erin Henderson, Maryland
    With not too many glaring weaknesses the Packers take the best player available.

    #62 Colts-OLB Philip Wheeler, Georgia Tech
    Fast athletic linebackers are a favorite of the Colts in their cover 2.

    #63 Giants-CB Charles Godfrey, Iowa
    Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters are well on the wrong side of 30.

    #64 Patriots-CB Justin King, Penn St.
    Even if Samuel is resigned the Patriots can take a chance on this athletic freak.

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    F Bucs Draft. We need a speed receiver and neither of the ones you gave us are that. Plus we just spent a 3rd on Stovall.


    • #3
      Good SD pick...S more of a need for the chargers though id rather have them take Smith if available.


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        great raider draft..Dorsey and Collins..would make me more barry Sims..
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          Harvey fits the Tampa 2 better than Campbell, give us him. I like Early Doucet, though.


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            Originally posted by Tampa 2 4 life View Post
            F Bucs Draft. We need a speed receiver and neither of the ones you gave us are that. Plus we just spent a 3rd on Stovall.
            quoted for extreme truth

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              ok phins draft.

              I like Thomas but he is more of a zone prospect and lacks the pure speed and change of direction skills to be a man-to-man guy like we need. Justin King would be the better option there in that situation. I also wouldn't mind Phillip Wheeler there either.

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                I like the Giants draft. Balmer would be a pretty good value there, but I prefer Cason in the 2nd
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                Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                  Good KC picks.


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                    Solid kc picks for sure! Some other picks i question Groves is not a first rounder unless he KILLS it at the combine. Talib is not the physical type corner that Cb's GBS system uses.
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                    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                      I don't think that ILB is a need for the Chargers at all. Cooper and Wilhelm both played very well for the most part and the team really likes Waters and Siler. I think Cherilus or Smith would be better.


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                        Perfect pick and explanation for Buffalo, in round 1. Not many people understand that if Rivers is there, we have to take him
                        Okay pick for Buffalo in round 2. I wouldnt mind Doucet either.

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                          I don't see the Steelers using two picks on the O-Line. Definetly one (chris williams was a solid choice) but two is a stretch, maybe sum running back help cause its obvious Davenport can't even be an effective backup.

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                            I dont really care for the Eagles draft.I think the Eagles would be more inclined to grab a CB with return ability over a WR with return ability. Lawrence Jackson in the 2nd isnt bad but not great either.I'd give Philly Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the 1st and someone like Martellus Bennett (TE-Texas A&M).
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                              LOVE the Balmer pick, but like scottyboy said I would prefer Cason round 2




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