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Losing My Mock Draft Virginity

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  • Losing My Mock Draft Virginity

    She's a 2 Rounder. This is my first Mock Draft ever. In the top 10 I expect the Dolphins to trade their pick and New England to trade theirs, amongst many other teams, but I'm going with a no trade Mock Draft. I did the whole first round (just the picks) a couple days ago and looked at it, ran through many team boards and decided to change it up.

    Before starting I'd like to encourage you to read the explanation and leave the "terrible pick" type of statements out of it, it's a pretty ignorant thing to say (unless it can't be argued that it isn't an awful pick) because do you truly know what you're team is gonna do? No. That's the the whole idea of making Mock Drafts, it's not real, it's fun. Please keep the immature statements out of it. I look at a lot of Mocks and it's annoying and rude to see.


    1. Miami Dolphins- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU: I have seen more of Glenn Dorsey than any other player in this draft and he's my type of player. He absolutely loves football with more passion than any Defensive Lineman I've seen. That is exactly what they want in Miami these days. We saw the real Glenn Dorsey in the BCS Championship game. Concerns include injuries and for some people-his potential (which I think is completely wrong). He could play any Defensive Line position he has to in whatever Defensive front that they choose. I feel he is the best player in the draft when you combine all factors that determine a prospect's value. If they trade down they'll have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds or 4 picks and Marion Barber.

    2. St. Louis Rams- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC: I'm on the Sedrick Ellis bandwagon after seeing him up close (TV wise) during Senior Bowl Week. When I watched the Rams this past season, I liked the Rams defense, but really it's their style of defense under Jim Haslett. They are one of the few teams that attacks out of a 4-3. I think they are a stud D-Lineman and a pretty good DB away from being very good. What Sedrick Ellis will bring them is a situation where the Offensive Protection needs to decide should they double team him? or let him wreak havoc in a one on one? This is going to open up things for everybody else on that defense in pressure schemes. They've got a set of Linebackers that fly around and are very underrated, so this will help in run defense also. Concerns include that he doesn't fit as many schemes as Dorsey, he didn't have quite as much impact in games as Dorsey did when healthy, and I think that's significant because while Ellis cashes in on post season performance Dorsey did more in real games. But this is another man that you can see loves football immensely. I think he is the 2nd best player in this draft and as of now it's very close. Jake Long makes sense here too with the health of Orlando Pace combined with overall talent of the O-Line at a questionable status. Really though they have the offensive talent to score plenty.

    3. Oakland Raiders- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas: I think this is just a classic Al Davis pick. Barring any teams trading up for McFadden I think he goes for the flashy offensive star at a position of moderate need. With a developed passing game I think they'd be fine with Fargas/Jordan/Bush but this just screams of an Al Davis type of move. The only other player I see here is Chris Long, for obvious reasons.

    4. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College: I see some Falcons fans are now against getting a QB for a number of reasons. But the Falcons don't have a QB on their roster worthy of starting. Matt Ryan seems to be a sqeaky clean guy and a very clutch player. The measurables are probably not as good as the typical # 1 QB but really nobody else fits better. However, with Jeff Dmitroff as the new GM (a Patriots disciple) I can definitely see Atlanta as a "trade down candidate". Dmitroff I'm sure would like to acquire as many players as possible. They have two 2nd round picks and I don't know value for the 4th overall pick, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them at least try to trade down.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs- Jake Long, OT, Michigan: I had Jake Long going higher before, but decided this pick just makes too much sense. That scenario also included Ellis being picked here, but I think the best two players should be picked in the top 3 and the value of Long in this draft makes sense at # 5. If Brodie Croyle steps in as starting QB he's got his Left Tackle to protect his blindside and Larry Johnson will have improved running lanes. The acquisition of a top tier Offensive Linemen also makes his linemates better.

    6. New York Jets- Chris Long, DE, Virginia:
    People talk about the Jets adding Gholston because of that must have freakish athlete in a 3-4 defense. But what we have here is a toy for Eric Mangini to move all over the place. When I watched Virginia this year Chris Long was lined up at several positions in their 3-4 alignment. The Jets need that signature player for their 3-4 and it can come as an OLB or D-Lineman and what we have here is a both.

    7. New England Patriots (via SF)- Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio St: I would really be surprised if New England kept this pick, but if they do I think they would add a ton of athleticism to their front 7 with Vernon Gholston. I also debated Chris Long here in a Mike Vrabel type of role and I really have Gholston here because I think Mangini and the Jets are gonna fall in love with Chris Long. I think they'd slowly bring Gholston in, as they have done with Meriweather and Maroney to a lesser degree, or Chad Jackson who I think they will throw out there next year.

    8. Baltimore Ravens- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida- I just really think that with the offensive talent not worth the 8th pick, the Ravens go for defense. It's time to develop a new starting CB with the age of McCalister and Rolle. The Ravens have a history of stacking up defense 1st rounders, or developing a late round/small school type of player. Here we have a 1st round defensive player from a relatively small school (South Florida) til they burst on the scene last season. You will need to be a well rounded CB to play in Baltimore and that's why he fits.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals- Calais Campbell, DE, Miami (Fl)- Here is a guy who was a top 10 pick before the season, had a disappointing season and dropped to the mid to late first round. But what isn't disappointing is his athletic abilty, it never left. At around 6'8'' 275 he has the frame of a Mario Williams/Julius Peppers. Not as quick, but I think he is going to shoot up the boards at the NFL combine.

    10. New Orleans Saints- Keith Rivers, OLB, USC: There are plenty of Cornerbacks for the Saints to draft later and they need an impact linebacker so much. Rivers really solidified himself after weighing in at 237 lbs at the Senior Bowl. I think he will be an awesome fit for the Saints style of defense. Maybe a USC guy for Reggie Bush to compete against on defense will help him out too.

    11. Buffalo Bills- Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma: A trendy pick that you see a lot. Most of their many injuries were on defense and they've been drafting defense early in the draft as well. With each Wide Receiver 6 ft and under it seems, Bills Quarterbacks need a big athletic physical target to take pressure off of everybody.

    12. Denver Broncos- Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt- The Broncos now need some Offensive Line help and they get it here. Williams is an athletic lineman that will fit the Broncos Zone Blocking Scheme. He's also a former temmate at Vanderbilt of QB Jay Cutler which creates instant chemistry.

    13. Carolina Panthers- Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida- I don't know what in the world happened to Julius Peppers last season but he had 2.5 sacks. Looking at their roster they have 4 DE's, Mike Rucker is 32 and had 3 sacks, and then there's two young DE's. Charles Johnson won't turn 22 until June but did nothing so you at least have to think he's got a ton of potential. Darrell McGlover is another young DE who hasn't done much but has potential. With that said Carolina gets a bigger guy who could also play in a 3-4 in Derrick Harvey. If Peppers gets back to dominating and a pick like this works out, the Panthers Defense could have a dominating year. S Chris Harris put up monster numbers after being traded from the Bears. They have several young key players that have yet to hit their prime or are in it including Beason, Davis, Marshall, Gamble, Harris, Peppers, Lucas, Jenkins, and Kemoeatu. I like a lot of their players.

    14. Chicago Bears- Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College: Gosder projects better as Right Tackle than Left Tackle in the NFL and that's where Chicago's biggest O Line hole is. They can also move him to Left Tackle when John Tait is gone as he is one of several O Lineman that are aging on their team. I think he'd be a great fit and is tough and rugged just what the Bears need.

    15. Detroit Lions- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy: I'm gonna be honest I don't know much about him except that he's a good kick returner, has big program athletic and playing ability and hails from a small school.

    16. Arizona Cardinals-Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas- Maybe the Cornerback I've seen the most of, along with Antione Cason, and it's not that much. But with the move of Antrell Rolle to Free Safety they need a CB with no premier rush backers available. It seems they like big physical DB's in Arizona and he fits that mold.

    17. Minnesota Vikings- Kenny Philips, S, Miami (Fl): Dwight Smith is nothing special at Free Safety, Darren Sharper is getting old and their CB's are good but not great. I know a lot of Vikings fans like Philips here if he's on the board.

    18. Houston Texans- Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.:
    While Houston's O Line has definitely played better, and David Carr leaving is a big part of that, they still don't have a lineman that stands out at all. Every good team needs to be strong in the trenches. They've got that on the defensive side already. Clady is athletic and has some experience in a similar scheme at Boise St. and would be an awesome fit.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles- DeSean Jackson, WR, California: He may not be the best fit for a West Coast Offense but he can add a dynamic dimension to this offense. He will stretch the field deep, run screens, run routes well, all he needs is seperation and he will make plays. Not to mention his awesome return ability.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame: I will probably get criticism for this one but I think he'll fit well in Tampa. Had an impressive Senior Bowl week. It's early, I may move him back in the future but I really like him with the Bucs. A Tampa 2 type of DT plays extremely hard had like 100 tackles last year.

    21. Washington Redskins- Sam Baker, OT, USC: They have a good offensive line when healthy but right now they are aging and unhealthy. Baker is athletic and is a Left Tackle but most assume he could play at Right Tackle and Guard.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (via CLE)- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee St.: Big questions in the Secondary with Hamlin as a Free Agent, Williams not really good at anything except blitzing, Anthony Henry getting older but rumored to be going to Free Safety. The only thing you can count on there right now is Terence Newman so they get the athletic fast rising playmaker. Also showed he could play some safety while at the Senior Bowl.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh: This is a mammoth of a man who is a bit raw as a player. Hasn't been playing as long as most guys but has loads of potential. He can start out at Right Tackle, get his technique refined and move to Left Tackle if needed. There's big questions with the Pittsburgh O Line giving up tons of QB pressure and Faneca on his way out. Obviously a Pittsburgh guy.

    24. Tennessee Titans- Limas Sweed, WR, Texas: Sweed has been sort of dropping because he hasn't really recovered from his injury during the season but he should be ready to go at the combine and you know Tennessee will give Vince Young every chance to succeed especially after firing the heralded offensive coordinator Norm Chow. Teammates at Texas.

    25. Seattle Seahawks- Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon: The best player on a team with the most exotic uniforms in college goes to nearby Seattle to the most exotic uniforms in the NFL. Mo Morris is nothing special and Shaun Alexander is turning into a waste of money and talent for a combination of reasons. Stewart has the potetial to be an elite NFL RB and personally I think he should go a lot higher, but it's easy to get RB's these days. If he threw TD passes and played some Receiver he'd probably be in McFadden's spot. I suppose running out of the spread, minor injuries, only 1 great season hurts his stock a bit.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars- Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson: If either Campbell or Merling are on the board in rel life I think they will take one of them. They want the big physical freaks in Jacksoville and they get a beast of a man here with Bobby McCray a Free agent, Spicer/Heyward are either old or declining or are soon to be.

    27. San Diego Chargers- Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska. Seems to be a question mark at Right Tackle and Nicks is a very large man that can out physical opponents on the right side.

    28. Dallas Cowboys- Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas-Trendy pick, and for good reason. Jerry Jones has to get one of the RB's from Arkansas.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (via IND)- Kentwan Balmer, DL, North Carolina-
    49ers really need a D_Lineman to get this 3-4 going. Balmer fits at End and seems to have a lot of potential.

    30. Green Bay Packers- Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona: Well we need a CB to get ready for the future. What I like most is that Cason is a four year starter, it's tough to do that anywhere. He's racked up something like 70 tackles a year. Makes plays on the ball. He's an all around CB, but not great physical abilities, at least that's what we all hear. But really no one we have at CB is a great athlete, we're more about playing style and mentality.

    31. New York Giants- Philip Wheeler, OLB, Georgia Tech: I think this is the perfect scheme for Wheeler. Georgia Tech is a blitzing 4-3 team and his transition to the Giants would be awesome. They may have bigger needs but I just love the fit here and starting with the Senior Bowl he's mobing up boards.


    33. Miami Dolphins- Dan Connor, LB, Penn St.: They need a young inside LB for the 3-4.

    34. St. Louis Rams- Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma: Well I said they needed a DB along with Ellis.

    35. Atlanta Falcons- Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois: Warrick Dunn is unfortunately old and Norwood isn't a workload type of back.

    36. Kansas City Chiefs- Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana: One of the better Cover 2 CB prospects and they got a bunch of age with Law and Surtain.

    37. New York Jets- Pat Sims, DT, Auburn: Just realized I went with two D Lineman but Sims could play NT or End.

    38. Oakland Raiders- Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC: They need a Strong Side End and he's a local product.

    39. Baltimore Ravens- Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville: In my original version I had Brohm going to the Bucs but after looking through their forum they seem to think he doesn't fit their offense and any other team that picked him he'd be an automatic backup or they had bigger needs.

    40. San Francisco 49ers- Early Doucet, WR, L.S.U.:
    Probably a 1st round pick if he was healthy all year and still has a chance at it. He's tough guy, a screen machine and he goes over the middle.

    41. New Orleans Saints- Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn: Physical Cover 2 prospect.

    42. Buffalo Bills- Ali Highsmith, OLB, L.S.U: They need a guy that flies around at OLB to set off that Tampa 2 type of scheme.

    43. Denver Broncos- Erin Henderson, OLB, Maryland: Just keep Williams at MLB, Gold can't be that bad and evey time I watched them Nate Webster was awful. They get a new big SAM linebacker.

    44. Carolina Panthers - Chad Henne, QB, Michigan: Even if Delhomme is healthy they still need another QB especially for the future. Moore hasn't proved anything.

    45. Chicago Bears- Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan St.- I don't know much about him but I know he put up pretty big numbers. Berrian might be gone, Muhammed is old, and Hester isn't a starter yet, a QB needs people to throw to.

    46. Detroit Lions- Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn: They need a defensive end that actually fits the Tampa 2.

    47. Cincinnati Bengals- Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M: Give Palmer a big target, and if Johnson is gone they need to find receiving from Chris Henry and a pass catching Tight End.

    48. Minnesota Vikings- Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan: Brad Childress doesn't want WR's in the 1st well here's another in the 2nd to go with Sidney Rice. Manningham is deadly on the play action and they need that wiith that insane running game and a young developing QB.

    49. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston Texans)- Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas- Atlanta needs a OT bad and this will go well with Mendenhall and Ryan even though I'd like to go defense here. (lol just realized I got a Va Tech CB with the next pick)

    50. Philadelphia Eagles- Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech- A CB that comes from the always strong defense of Va Tech to the Eagles' in your face secondary.

    51. Arizona Cardinals- Lavelle Hawkins, WR, California: I know we'd all like to get starters in the 1st and 2nd round. He won't start but he could be killer in the slot. They have strong power players at every offensive skill position. They need more speed and this could really open up this offense.

    52. Washington Redskins- Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa- A physical athletic CB for Blache.

    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina: If Cadillac Williams bounces back and Graham is there this isn't an ideal pick but if it's still up in the air Jon Gruden could have a fun new toy to play with. Charlie Garner had a ton of receptions when they were in Oakland. Johnson will give them a ton of speed and mismatch ability in the passing game from RB.

    54. Pittsburgh Steelers- James Hardy, WR, Indiana: You want Big receivers Big Ben? You get all 6'7'' or whatever he is of James Hardy.

    55. Tennessee Titans- Fred Davis, TE, USC: Here's a guy they can put in the slot or line up at regular TE and catch passes, run a two TE set with Bo Scaife and do all kinds of things.

    56. Seattle Seahawks- John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame: Hasselbeck's gonna get killed if he doesn't have a TE to help him out asap. He's the blocker and receiver they want in a West Coast Offense Tight End.

    57. Cleveland Browns- Shawn Crable, OLB, Michigan: McGinest is old, Wimbley needs somebody opposite him. I think he'd be a great fit. They should just let McGinest coach these two and not play?

    58. Miami Dolphins (from San Diego Chargers)- Branden Albert, OG, Virginia: Now's the time to get a lineman and I originally gave them Jake Long.

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars- Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida: They need speed on offense, specifically at WR, Northcutt is a similar receiver and he let them in receptions amongst those big guys. They could use more of that.

    60. Indianapolis Colts- Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech:
    Tampa 2 scheme is based on quickness everywhere and they can move him all over the defensive line.

    61. Green Bay Packers- Roy Schuening, OG, Oregon St.: May not be a great fit for the Zone Blocking Scheme but we've been running different things. It's tough to pick players when needs and player talent doesn't match up.

    62. Dallas Cowboys- Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt: They could use another receiver and other needs/player talent doesn't match.

    63P. New York Giants- Justin King, CB, Penn St: They need another CB for the future.

    64P. New England Patriots -Thomas DeCoud, S, California: I think this is a Belicheck type of guy and a good fit to replace Harrison, but do they really need anything?
    I remember: Sean Taylor


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    Good first round pick.

    41. New Orleans Saints- Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn: Physical Cover 2 prospect.
    We run a man to man scheme so Brandon Flowers works better there.


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      I dislike the Buccaneers selections on quite a few different levels at the moment. Laws would be a good fit, but reaching for him in the 1st seems kind of pointless to me. RB is not a 1st day need. Earnest Graham is a more than adequate back who showed he can carry the load so even if RB became a need it would only be filled on Day 1 if a big namer drops, otherwise it is a 4th and later need.


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        Great Steelers draft...A+


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          Great job with Dallas, I think the first pick is definately and it comes down to Talib and DRC because both guys are bigger and fit our scheme really well, I like DRC more then Talib but Talib has size and weight that might work well with our physical style...but id love DRC, I really think he will be here at this pick, and we will have the first shot at taking him before any other team

          Felix Jones is a trendy pick, but i could also see that pick being a wr and a rb in the 2nd if charles or chris johnson is available...

          one a side note, Stewart is a perfect fit and hometown guy for Seattle but its no way he last that long...He is only going to have his stock increase from now to the draft, if Seattle wants him they have to trade up

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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            Great first round pick for the Saints but in the second give us Curtis Lofton, Erin Henderson, or Charles Godrey over Patrick Lee.

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              Hmm bears need a RT BUT they need to draft a LT because Tait is a way better RT than LT


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                Not bad for the Patriots. I prefer Keith Rivers to Vernon Gholston because he's more of an inside linebacker, which is what we need, but Gholston could sit behind Vrabel for a year or two and then take over.


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                  Good round 1 for Buffalo
                  In the 2nd, I like Erin Henderson and Quentin Groves better than Highsmith. But I'd be okay with that pick

                  Originally Posted by scottyboy
                  my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                  But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                    A+ for the effort, but I have to say that I do not like the Cards' mock.

                    Yes, we need a CB, but we need a guy who could go up against #1 WRs. We have two perfectly good #2 CBs in Eric Green and Rod Hood. What we lack is someone who can have some success as a #1 CB. Yes, I know that you are unlikely to draft a guy who can be that straight away, but I don't think Talib can ever be that guy. He profiles as a good #2 but the lack of speed concerns me against the top WRs. Frankly, if McKelvin and Jenkins are gone, unless we want to take a risk on DRC or Cason has the surprise combine that some are predicting, I believe we are best avoiding CB in the first. The way the board has fallen, the best available pick is definitely Jonathan Stewart, who may be able to breathe some life into our running game, which is just 3 yards here, 2 there and 4 to finish off. Edge lacks any real explosion now and is just a very good, workmanlike back whilst a team who is looking to adopt a run first approach needs more than that.

                    That is also the reason I don't like the 2nd round selection. I don't think Whiz likes to run 3 WR sets that much, and when we do, we are likely to have enough there even when we lose B.J. Steve Breaston has obvious deep speed on the outside and Anquan Boldin is a terrific receiver over the middle as well, whilst Jereheme Urban showed enough promise last year to deserve a second look. If we had Denny Green here, then the pick would make sense, but it doesn't with Whiz's traditional philosophy. Again, the way the board has fallen, personally I would prefer John Carlson. We need a TE who can block and receive in Whiz's offense and whilst we have two very capable receiving TEs in Ben Patrick and Leonard Pope, we do not have one who can realistically be counted on as a blocking TE. John Carlson is a 3 down TE who is capable of blocking and going out and making the catches which is why I think he is as much of a need pick as a value pick. Either that, or take a flier on a guy who could profile as a #1 CB down the road.
                    Will post for +rep.


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                      15. Detroit Lions- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy: I'm gonna be honest I don't know much about him except that he's a good kick returner, has big program athletic and playing ability and hails from a small school.
                      TERRIBLE PICK

                      Just kidding, I will explain . . . haha

                      McKelvin isn't a fit for the Lions Tampa 2. Aqib Talib is the better CB for us to select, and you have him going one pick later.

                      Jeff Otah would have also been a nice pick for Detroit.
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                        Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
                        Great first round pick for the Saints but in the second give us Curtis Lofton, Erin Henderson, or Charles Godrey over Patrick Lee.
                        **** I didn't even see Lofton on the board.


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                          Very good Vikings draft. I think Phillips has the ability to come in and play right away. Although Clady would be a very nice pick also. Manningham would be a very good compliment to Rice. Rice and Manningham would be a start for a very good WR corps for us.

                          I know you didn't forcast trades or anything. However, If Gholsten fell to where the Patriots pick, I would like to see the Vikings trade up for him. Not sure they would, but he would be excellent for our pass rush.


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                            Good Denver picks, though I'd rather have Mario Manningham in the 2nd.


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                              i like godfrey in rd 2 but baker over otah is craziness.



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