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  • 1 Rounder with explanations

    1. Miami- DE Chris Long
    I guess they take the safe player with the least risk.

    2. St. Louis Rams- DE Vernon Gholston
    They could go with Dorsey/Ellis, but I think a passrushing DE is more valuable than a passrushing DT.

    3. Atlanta Falcons- RB Darren McFadden
    Sure, they need a QB, but I don't believe for a second that any of the QB's this year are worth a top 3 pick. I believe McFadden will have a bigger impact than Matt Ryan in year 1 and will give fans an exciting weapon to cheer for. Warrick Dunn is getting older and less productive and Norwood doesn't seem to be a true feature back. The Falcons are in a semi rebuilding mode. They have a lot of pieces, but are missing the core players to bring them back to prominance. They'll have their pick of Chris Williams or Brian Brohm in the 2nd round.

    4. Oakland Raiders- DT Glenn Dorsey
    I thought about going with Sedrick Ellis, but then I realized that Lane Kiffin has no say in personnel matters. Al Davis could care less about the California connection that Ellis has and goes for the nationally recognized player in Glenn Dorsey.

    5. Kansas City Cheifs- DT Sedrick Ellis
    Surprise pick here, with many screaming for Jake Long. They build the DLine and now have Allen, Hali, and Ellis as pass rush monsters. They pass on Long because they can get a run blocking OT in round 2. I have them taking Carl Nicks in the 2nd round

    6. New York Jets- OT Jake Long
    Long goes to the Jets who shift him to Right Tackle. That should boost the run game and give whoever their QB is some help.

    7. New England Patriots- CB Leodis McKelvin
    Asante Samuel and Randall *** are free agents. Brandon Meriweather isn't a true CB, and Ellis Hobbs isn't a #1 CB. Although there might be some departures in the front seven, they can find guys later in the draft to fill in those spots.

    8. Baltimore Ravens- QB Matt Ryan
    The top QB available goes at a more reasonable pick at #8. Baltimore is hurting for a QB, so this pick really needs no explanation.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals- DE Derrick Harvey
    This pick was going to come down to the best defensive player available for their defensive line. They had no pass rush which gave their secondary a hard time. Harvey is the best pass rusher available and adds versatility to their defense by being able to play standing up. They'll retain Justin Smith which makes it easier to pass on Calais Campbell or Phillip Merling.

    10. New Orleans Saints- LB Keith Rivers
    Clearly they need help on defense, most obviously at CB, but after McKelvin the CB's are pretty bunched up and most are 2nd round values. They take the best available defensive player at a position where Scott Shanle is their starter at WLB. He totalled 69 total tackles last year. They'll go with a CB in round 2.

    11. Buffalo Bills- LB Dan Connor
    They could use a big WR opposite Lee Evans, but there is considerable depth at WR in round 2. They go with another LBU player after having success with Paul Posluszny, even though it might be a bit of a reach.

    12. Denver Broncos- S Kenny Phillips
    I wanted to go with a DE like Merling or Campbell, but they have Moss, Crowder, and Dumervil. Safeties Lynch and Ferguson are both old, and Abdullah isn't a great safety. Phillips will still go in the 1st round after he puts up a solid combine. He's a safe player and not as overrated as many will say he is. It's a weak class for safeties, so Denver picks the best one.

    13. Carolina Panthers- OT Ryan Clady
    Like Scott said, both starting OT's are free agents. They take an immediate need in hopes of filling other holes later.

    14. Chicago Bears- OT Jeff Otah
    They need a QB....desperately, but Brohm doesn't have the arm strength for the windy city. They need help on offense, and Otah is a mauler who could help Cedric Benson in the run game.

    15. Detroit Lions- CB Mike Jenkins
    Even with all the CB depth, the Lions must address it in the 1st round. Jenkins is the only other CB who deserves a 1st round grade, so they take the best available CB.

    16. Arizona Cardinals- RB Jonathan Stewart
    This seems to be the hot pick lately. James might be done in Arizona. On the off chance that he stays, Stewart would be a better compliment than Mendenhall.

    17. Minnesota Vikings- DE Calais Campbell
    Everyone wants them to take a WR in round 1. Not me. They need a DE and Campbell has the upside to be a monster. His upside is higher than Merling's in my opinion.

    18. Houston Texans- RB Rashard Mendenhall
    All signs point to the Texans trying to find a partner to trade down with. However, I'm not going to predict trades. Rashard Mendenhall fits a need position and also provides the best value.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles- WR DeSean Jackson
    He's going to blow up at the combine and will be the first WR taken. McNabb wants a playmaker, and Jackson is one of the best. He had a down year, but he's still going to be the #1 WR.

    20. Tampa Bay Bucs- DT Kentwan Balmer
    I thought Balmer would be more of a 3-4 DE, but after he weighed in a bit heavier than I thought he would, I think he can be a legit 4-3 DT. They could use a WR here, but again, it's a deep WR draft in rounds 2 and 3.

    21. Washington Redskins- WR Malcolm Kelly
    I originally had Phillip Merling here, but one of the posters said they were going to stay away from DE in round 1. Malcolm gives them a WR with size, something that they don't have. I think they can wait on a WR til round 2, but the pick makes sense.

    22. Dallas Cowboys- RB Felix Jones
    They're going to take Felix Jones either at 22 or 28, but with Mendenhall already gone, they're forced to take Jones at 22 in fear that Seattle might take Jones at 25.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers- OL Branden Albert
    I couldn't think of a good pick here, so I'll trust Scott.

    24. Tennessee Titans- WR Limas Sweed
    I have a feeling that Sweed will be the pick. Some will want Sweed's stock to drop because of his injury, but that's rubbish. Sweed will run better than expected and be picked in the 1st round.

    25. Seattle Seahawks- TE Martellus Bennett
    They were really hoping on taking a RB here, but none are worth it at 25. In my opinion, Bennett is the best combo TE in that he's an accomplished blocker and receiver. He's a huge target at 6'7 and is a big time athlete (declared for NBA Draft and played basketball at A&M). I think he'll run better than 4.80 and rise above Carlson and Davis.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Phillip Merling
    Bobby McCray is as good as gone and they could really use a DE to replace him. Paul Spicer is getting older so they could groom Merling as his replacement.

    27. San Diego Chargers- DB Reggie Smith
    Their secondary is not as big of a weakness as it once was, but they still need help at free safety. Smith can also play CB and Drayton Florence is a free agent.

    28. Dallas Cowboys- CB Dominique Rogers Cromartie
    They take the small school prospect in round 1. Why? Well they could use a CB and Jerry Jones wants to stroke his own ego by taking a small school sleeper who could be very very good. He'll look like a genious if he pans out, and nobody really cares if he wont because there's so much drama surrounding the Cowboys with TO, Romo, Jessica. DRC is worth the risk.

    29. San Fransisco 49ers- WR Mario Manningham
    The 49ers need a big playmaker and Manningham is just that. He might be a better value in the 2nd round, but he's going to blow up at the combine and rise to a bubble 1st.

    30. Green Bay Packers- CB Brandon Flowers
    Like Scott said, they have little depth at CB...but this draft doesnt. Flowers is a big hitter at CB and will fit in nicely with the physical style of Woodson and Harris.

    New England Patriots- Forfeit

    31. New York Giants- S Dajuan Morgan
    Gibril Wilson is a free agent and James Butler and Michael Johnson are the only safeties behind him. Morgan is physical and can play either safety position.

    I know some picks are not the ones you want, but that's how it worked out. If there are players you want that are still available, tell me which ones they are and I'll consider changing it.
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    Great pick for the Bolts and nice reasoning.


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      hmmmm. i like our second pick, but wr might be a better option at 22, but felix jones is a solid pick


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        Originally posted by GDWTheSickness View Post
        hmmmm. i like our second pick, but wr might be a better option at 22, but felix jones is a solid pick
        i really really really wanted to put malcolm kelly there because it does make the most sense, but i just have a feeling that felix jones will be a cowboy


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          Right idea with the Giants pick, might be a little early for Morgan though. I would probably lean more towards either Erin Henderson or Antoine Cason there myself.


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            Originally posted by Giants Pride View Post
            Right idea with the Giants pick, might be a little early for Morgan though. I would probably lean more towards either Erin Henderson or Antoine Cason there myself.
            i felt it was a bit early as well, but they have so many CB's on the roster and little depth at safety. morgan is going to rise after the combine and will solidify himself as a late 1st-early 2nd round talent.


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              I wouldnt mind going with Mike Jenkins or Malcolm Kelly there.

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                The redskins wont draft a DE on day one, our DC has said repeatedly that he is not concerned about pass rush, he values DB's over D-linemen a corner or WR is much more realistic.
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                  Seeing as how Al coached at USC Im pretty sure he doesnt care about the media favorite Dorsey.
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                    great SD pick.


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                      Right idea with the Morgan pick but maybe a little early though.


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                        Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
                        Seeing as how Al coached at USC Im pretty sure he doesnt care about the media favorite Dorsey.
                        al davis is crazy.


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                          Originally posted by DI View Post
                          Right idea with the Morgan pick but maybe a little early though.
                          i like the pick. morgan is ranked as the number #1 safety by mayock and others and if that reigns true after the combine we could be lucky to have him @ 31.

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                            I can live with Ellis in the 1st


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                              Great work...Ellis and Long I think could be better selections for the Falcons needs, but man it'd be nice to get a weapon like that. We really need to find out what we're going to be able to address in Free Agency, cause without an offensive line a weapon like McFadden would mean nothing.



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