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    Dallas trade both first round picks and a fourth to the New England Patriots for the 7th overall selection

    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long - DE - Virginia - He is a perfect fit for what Miami want to do and his versatility is almost too good to pass up on especially when a team is rebuilding the way miami is.

    2. St. Louis Rams - Glenn Dorsey - DT - L.S.U. - Adam Carriker can be put back on the outside where he will help solidify this leaky defense, his presence in the middle wont be missed when dorsey steps in.

    3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan - QB - Boston College - The Falcons need a signal caller, and Matt Ryan seems like the right pick, they could take McFadden but it would be pointless without a passing game.

    4. Oakland Raiders - Sedrick Ellis - NT - U.S.C. - The Raiders fell in love with this guy at the senior bowl and he will be a perfect candidate to fill the big shoes of Warren Sapp.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long - OT - Michigan - This team Desperately needs some OL help on every level so this is a fail safe pick that will only help them get better.

    6. New York Jets - Vernon Gholsten - DE - Ohio State - Will be moved to OLB in this 3-4 and will be a vital cog in the success of that defense for years to come.

    7. Dallas Cowboys (From NE) - Darren McFadden - RB - Arkansas - JJ gets his superstar at a very reasonable price and he has a perfect compliment for the truck that is marion barber.

    8. Baltimore Ravens - Brian Brohm - QB - Louisville - McNair is old and Boller is still not showing he can do it, so they pick probably the safest and most NFL ready QB to help solidify their future.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Kentwan Balmer - DT - North Carolina - Has tremendous upside and this defense is in need of alot of holes plugging and this guy is going to go a long way towards helping that.

    10. New Orleans Saints - Leodis McKelvin - CB - Troy - They need some speed on that defense and their need someone opposite Mike McKenzie who can actually cover.

    11. Buffalo Bills - DeSean Jackson - WR - Southern Cal - A good speedy receiver who wil help stretch the field hopefuly taking some of the attention away from lee evans.

    12. Denver Broncos - Kenny Phillips - S - Miami - Lynch is getting old and Foxworth can be put back to corner, this should help make bly and baileys jobs easier.

    13. Carolina Panthers - Ryan Clady - OT - Boise State - They are in need of some offensive tackle upgrading and this guy can sit for a year if needs be but he is a future star.

    14. Chicago Bears - Jeff Otah - OT - Pittsburgh - Nothing else can happen with this team until they start upgrading that terrible offensive line, Benson has talent but he isnt god.

    15. Detroit Lions - Mike Jenkins - CB - South Florida - They have a glaring hole at this position so this guy will be a big upgrade and should help this defense get better.

    16. Arizona Cardinals - Aqib Talib - CB - Kanas - Rolle has been moved to safety and their Cb's are nothing to get excited about so this pick makes sense for a defense that is almost complete.

    17. Minnesota Vikings - Derrick Harvey - DE - Florida - They have nothing outside of the Williams' so Harvey will offer some outside threat taking some of the heat off the two fellas on the inside.

    18. Houston Texans - Rashard Mendenhall - RB - Illinois - Not a huge need but its a case of BPA, he will be a total stud in that already young talented offensive unit.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles - DRC - CB - Tennessee St - This is ideal for Philly, he can be groomed behind some fantastic mentors and then when the time comes he can step into the starting job.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Phillip Merling - DE - Clemson - Merling is incredibly versatile and can slot inside on passing downs, stop the run, get to the QB from outside, a truly unique prospect who will really help this defense.

    21. Washington Redskins - Calais Campbell - DE - Miami - DE is a big need for this defense and campbell is a unique prospect who has fallen under the radar but he has incredible size and should be a solid choice.

    22. New England Patriots (From DAL) - Dan Connor - ILB - Penn St - Tenacious ILB who will be incredible with a few years of mentoring from the likes of bruschi and seau, he will be special.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Branden Albert - OG - Virginia - Guy is a steam roller and with alan faneca on the way out he is a perfect pick up for a team that likes to power the ball down the opponents necks.

    24. Tennessee Titans - Malcolm Kelly - WR - Oklahoma - Guy can catch anything which will really help when it comes to playing with a QB like VY who puts the ball in the vacinity alot of the time.

    25. Seattle Seahawks - Jonathan Stewart - RB - Oregon - Similar to Alexander but likes the contact, he will split carries his first year then he will push Alexander out of the picture the next year.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Keith Rivers - OLB - U.S.C. case of BPA and he will really help this defense, they lack OLB talent, this would be a tremendous and unexpected pick up.

    27. San Diego Chargers - Chris Williams - OT - Vanderbilt - They need a RT badly and this guy can slot in and take over the reins immediately helping take LT to probably another couple of rushing titles.

    28. New England Patriots (From DAL) - Gosder Cherilus - OT - Boston College - OT is a glaring need for the Pats and this guy will be a fantastic pick up for them as both their tackles could be upgraded, RT especially.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (From IND) - Limas Sweed - Alex Smith could do with a big reliable target and i know sweed is not a popular player but he is a good solid reliable WR.

    30. Green Bay Packers - Felix Jones - RB - Arkansas - Nice compliment for Ryan Grant and will add to this already very talented and very dangerous offensive unit, expect big things.

    31. New York Giants - Ali Highsmith - OLB - L.S.U. - REALLY need an OLB, the Kiwi experiement hasnt shown signs of being the right choice and after him their really isnt much at all.

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    Malcolm Kelly and Keith Rivers are kindof low, Buffalo would probably prefer a taller WR like Kelly. I don't think Packers would go RB in first for just a "complement" back. No Reggie Smith? He would be picked by New England, if not them SD, if not them the giants. Balmer is a little too high IMO, but that could change after the combine. Sweed is a borderline first right now IMO with that injury and not being able to go in the Senior Bowl. idk about Highsmith in the first, mayock ranked him lower than expected (but i dont trust mayock as much after this week). Highsmith is vastly undersized, but a great player, so i don't really have that big of a problem with it. Overall looks pretty good.
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      awesome KC pick


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        Ehhhh...not so good for Pats. Not a huge Cherilus fan as a first rounder (I have him in the second round usually as far as actual talent, maybe early third) and that's from a BC fan. Also, I'd like Keith Rivers over Dan Connor.


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          I like the Chargers pick but would definitely prefer Reggie Smith.


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            Good Houston pick. Personally Hate the Ravens pick....give us McKelvin or Jenkins.

            Baltimore: 7-4


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              Merling or Campbell would be good, solid fits for the Buccaneers so good selection.


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                Bills dont need another small, fast WR. We have more than enough of those. We need a big, physical, red-zone target WR, a LB, CB, TE, and DT/DE.

                I would really prefer to go with Keith Rivers here.

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                  Good KC pick and good overall draft. :)

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                  His soft D really turns me off
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                    ok phins pick

                    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                      Like the Chargers pick but think secondary is a bigger issue.


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                        i will be updating the mock very soon any way, the carolina signings have made some players availible and i will be altering it soon


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                          im down with Calais in dc.


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                            Detroit should not pick a CB in the first. We run a cover 2 defense, there is no need to draft CB in the first.

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                              I dont really think the GB front office is looking to compliment Grant with anybody

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