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    You gave us 2 DB's, 2 OL, and a punter. First off, Ryan Plackemeier was the best rookie punter of the previosu draft class and has the potential to be a top punter for years.

    Second, this is the way things will happen:

    2: OG or TE
    3: TE or OG
    4: DB or DL
    5: DL or DB
    6: QB or FB or BPA
    7: BPA or QB or FB

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    Originally posted by yodachu
    Everyone pwns the Rams.


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      Dude this is awful. You have the Dolphins passing on Brady Quinn, Jamaal Anderson, and Ted Ginn in favor of Leon Hall. That is just plain awful. You have us passing on 3 better prospects and all at more pressing positions. Horrible 1st pick.

      Moses is a solid pickup in round 2.

      Stanton would be ok in round 3 if Quinn is gone by the time we pick. However, reports are that the team loves Quinn and that there's even talk of us trading up to land him if we need to. There's no way we pass on him which makes a Stanton not neccesary. Ryan Kalil makes more sense. 1st of all he shouldn't slip out of the 1st at all. He is way too talented. But if for some reason he does, the Dolphins will look at him in the 2nd and there's no way they pass on him in the 3rd.

      Darius Walker in the 4th? Are you kidding me. I'm all for getting RB help but not thru the draft. There's always tons of guys to look at as FAs and Ricky is coming back this season. Walker is a luxury we don't need. We have way too many holes to be wasting a 4th rounder on a 2nd/3rd RB. Ray McDonald (how the hell do you have him in the 5th?), Ikaika Alama-Francis (He's a legitimate 2nd round talent),and Mason Crosby (the best kicker in the draft and a lock Day 1 pick) are all much better picks.

      In the 6th. The pick is OK. Not a big deal. However we took a 4th round OT last season (Joe Toledo) and a 5th round OT the year before (Anthony Alabi) LeRon McClain would make alot of sense because Cam Cameron loves to use his FB and the Dolphins don't having a NFL caliber starting FB on the roster. Jacoby Jones and CJ Gaddis are also 4th/5th round talents that you have all the way in the low 6th so the Dolphins could snatch on of them up.

      In the 7th. You have us getting Moses in the 2nd as an OLB so there's no need for Sartz. He would be a wasted pick and I dont think he has a good 3-4 skill set. Antonio Johnson should be gone no later then the 4th round and yet you have him dropping all the way to the 7th. The Dolphins could grab him there.

      Overall, you have an awful Dolphins draft. It is without a doubt the worst draft I've seen for the Phins.

      Howeverm it has potential to be one of the best Phins drafts I've ever seen if you actually knew what the hell you where doing. I mean the fact Ray McDonald is a late round pick shows how flawed your mock is.

      Overall, the Dolphins draft should look like this:

      1- Brady Quinn, QB
      2- Quentin Moses, OLB
      3- Ryan Kalil, C
      4- Ray McDonald
      6- LeRon McClain
      7- Antonio Johnson

      The pick sI've got made would be an absolute best case for the Dolphins and yet somehow you managed to mess it up and give them one of the worst drafts ever.


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        Calvin Johnson - Great pick
        Quinn Pitcock - Crappy pick, plays NT not UT
        David Irons - Good fit but too high
        Tony Ugoh - Good pick
        Roman Fry - Bad pick
        Marcus Paschal - Don't no him
        C.J. Ah - Don't no him
        Tavo Tapulo - Another guy I don't know


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          Joe Thomas - He's not my ideal pick, but he's a realistic one. I can't fault you for it
          LaMarr Woodley - I like him a lot as a player, I just don't feel he is what the Lions are looking for in terms of scheme. I also think there are better players available on the board. I think the Lions would most likely take Charles Johnson if he fell that far, and if not Johnson, then Abiamiri.
          Buster Davis - He is undersized and I'm not sure if he is what the Lions are looking for in terms of a Tampa 2 MLB. We already have one undersized LB, not sure if we'd want too. I'd suggest Josh Wilson in that situation.
          Jordan Palmer - If the Lions don't draft a quarterback in the first two rounds this year, I don't think they draft one at all. Also, not sure that Palmer is the kind of quarterback they are looking for. I'd give them Marshal Yanda, who you have going one pick later.
          Cedric Gagne-Marcoux - I can guarantee that 22 centers won't be drafted in the first five rounds, and if there are, the Lions will pass on center. However, with Doug Datish on the board, not sure why we got Gagne-Marcoux. Give the Lions Zak DeOssie there.
          Kenneth Darby - I think this is a fine pick. We need a running back for insurance and I think Darby is a solid 6th Round pick up.
          Antonio Johnson - Defensive tackle isn't the biggest need, but Johnson seems to be the best player available. I'll take it.


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            i hate the Packer's mock.

            1st round- Dwayne Bowe- receiver isn't a huge need so why do we reach for one?
            2nd round- Anthony Gonzalez- we just goat a receiver in the first!
            3rd round- Kareem Brown- i'm not a fan of taking a DT as we have great depth there, but alright pick
            4th round- Andy Allemen- Guard is not a need at all
            5th round- Zach DeOssie- we have Barnett and Hodge at Mike already so unless he moves outside we have no need for him

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              irons over weddle? Ugoh over kalil? pitcock over moses? ikaika in the fifth round? just overall awful mock,


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                Awesome 1st rounder.
                2nd I'd rather see Rufus Alexander or Anthony Spencer(BPA).
                GREAT 4th and 5th rounders.
                6th I don't know the guy but if he can play guard I like it, we're fine at Center.


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                  Very bad Chiefs mock


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                    the packers are not going to draft two WR in the first two rounds. they will probably take a WR in the first and a RB in the second


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                      Love the cowboys first pick, but he'll be long gone
                      pretty bad 2nd rounder ILB isn't 2nd round need switch too Beekman
                      ^would affect third rounder switch it to Jason Hill or Tim Crowder but decent pick if we went G
                      Kolb and Crosby are good picks


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                        7 round piece of junk...a total waste of time IMO.


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                          I'm glad you didn't give the Eagles a WR. But here is what I would fix if I were you. The Eagles would pick Griffin in the first, Leonadr in the second, and Bazuin in the third. After that, we would go after Tony Taylor in the fifth and Soliai in the sixth. Your 7th for the Eagles is good, but we could go in the direction of O-line or future QB. I would want a CB, but I know Andy Reid can't go a single draft without picking a linemen on offense.
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